Making the Duramax GREAT AGAIN! GOODBYE PAP CAP + Fixing My Rust Problem!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • The 2019 GRAND SPORT GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Go to or click the link! Every $5 spent is an entry! Good luck-
    Thanks to Lakey Inspired for the vlog music!
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  • Street Speed 717
    Street Speed 717  7 months ago +226

    Pap cap or no pap cap???

  • Omar Zowila
    Omar Zowila 3 months ago

    This video was uploaded on my birthday

  • Jefe Said So
    Jefe Said So 5 months ago

    What’s your audio setup ?

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson 6 months ago

    Your parking garage hijinks gave me anxiety! 😳😂🤣

  • Jon Ward
    Jon Ward 6 months ago

    I don't know how to message u I would love to take the truck cap off your hands

  • Supreme mode 101
    Supreme mode 101 6 months ago

    I want it

  • Exodus05
    Exodus05 6 months ago

    That obs you were talking about does not have an older style headlight it is the cheap work truck style

  • Matt Boodman
    Matt Boodman 6 months ago

    Hey man I sent you a message on Instagram about the cap

  • Matt G
    Matt G 6 months ago

    Street Speed 717 Does your truck's tires brummmm going down the road? Mine does. Just wondering if it's normal or do I need better tires or a certain brand of tires.

  • Trumby
    Trumby 6 months ago

    Stainless snorkel

  • Theo-greking
    Theo-greking 6 months ago

    Shouldn't you keep it for next winter?

  • colorfulcrayon47
    colorfulcrayon47 6 months ago

    I want the pap cap

  • xxFaZeGaMeR900
    xxFaZeGaMeR900 6 months ago

    hey mike what about the rusty brakes/calibers

  • The Triforce Eagle
    The Triforce Eagle 6 months ago

    imagine if that car goes to some 10 year old kid that just wanted a hat

  • john gregson
    john gregson 6 months ago

    As a 6' 5" 300+ pound person, I'll be waiting for the truck giveaway lol

  • MrAuthority
    MrAuthority 6 months ago

    I ordered 2 Pictures For my new apartment when I move. Cant wait to get them

  • Noah Flores
    Noah Flores 6 months ago

    Love the dirtymax. What year is it.

  • Miguel
    Miguel 6 months ago

    Where is grandpa???

  • Brandon Perron
    Brandon Perron 6 months ago

    12:13 😂😂😂😂

  • Jack Skidmore
    Jack Skidmore 6 months ago

    Put the chase back on

  • NathanRomeo
    NathanRomeo 6 months ago

    That gt350 tho 😍

  • GunsNBudder
    GunsNBudder 6 months ago

    LOL @12:15

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson 6 months ago

    Truck looks good again

  • David Cipollone
    David Cipollone 6 months ago

    Why don't you Line-X your bed?

  • Hayden Putnam
    Hayden Putnam 6 months ago

    Put the baja rack back on!!!

  • Ryan Pocobello
    Ryan Pocobello 6 months ago

    Surprised you don’t spray a bed liner In there ?

  • KittensFor You666
    KittensFor You666 6 months ago

    Pap cap

  • Nishio 75
    Nishio 75 6 months ago


  • Cvb Daytona Crownvicboy

    In my opinion I think stacks would look badass on that truck

  • Allen
    Allen 7 months ago

    i like the red color of the 350 and the plate is the best

  • Drum Method
    Drum Method 7 months ago


  • Hunt Gaming/Productions

    no level ur mirrors

  • Don Petillo
    Don Petillo 7 months ago

    U need that sick roll bars with the lights and all the stuff u had made back on.

  • amari odom
    amari odom 7 months ago

    keep the cap youll need it for next year

  • Isaiah Akers
    Isaiah Akers 7 months ago

    It’s funny cus I associate 717 area code with Amish...

  • oPraxy
    oPraxy 7 months ago

    Grandpa or the vw are they dead?
    McLaren has to come back it’s spring

  • Jonathan Ellis
    Jonathan Ellis 7 months ago

    I say keep the cap for next winter I hope I win I’m only in Jersey lol

  • BackRoad Z71
    BackRoad Z71 7 months ago

    StreetSpeed717, what brand are your antennas?

  • Maximum1A
    Maximum1A 7 months ago

    You really need to get rid of those mirror covers...they are hideous! Other than that the Vette looks sic 👍🇺🇸

  • Porkchop
    Porkchop 7 months ago

    Whatever did happen to that rack that was on the truck

  • RP Motorsport
    RP Motorsport 7 months ago

    Bobby’s truck has the work truck grill, that’s why it’s different, Cheyenne’s and W/T trucks had those

  • Nicholas Murphy
    Nicholas Murphy 7 months ago

    Awww I think it looked good with the cap though... I mean I don’t love or hate caps but looks better I think with the cap

  • centralpaxj
    centralpaxj 7 months ago

    I like the cap. I took a 4 hour roundtrip to Lancaster yesterday to pick one up for my truck that color matched almost perfect for cheap.

  • Christian Elliott
    Christian Elliott 7 months ago

    Maybe you should stop buying so much garbage and spend some money on getting those poles in the middle of your garage removed.

  • Amin yashed
    Amin yashed 7 months ago

    Yes the grill will fit Bobby’s obs, you just got to re-wire for the newer style headlights

  • Streetcat/426
    Streetcat/426 7 months ago

    I think you should keep the pap cap! 8)

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony 7 months ago

    I still want the flag hitch and I'll wait 8 weeks!

  • Foxrider1270
    Foxrider1270 7 months ago

    shes got her summer body on

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman 7 months ago

    Save pap cap till next winter?

  • Brandon Mays
    Brandon Mays 7 months ago

    Grandpa update

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 7 months ago

    If y’all make street speed hoodie I will buy it

  • Kenzo Mike215
    Kenzo Mike215 7 months ago

    That's Crazy how Different it Looks without it on there Now!! Its like getting a P/U Truck for some new Content lol

  • Malyn Taylor
    Malyn Taylor 7 months ago

    I bet the guy who won the c5 is like "well damn"

  • Ram1500
    Ram1500 7 months ago +1

    If its a hot girl ya but if not. My pet definitely😇😅😅😅😅

  • Michael Nagy
    Michael Nagy 7 months ago

    We need grandpa back dude weather is good in pa now

  • Upshift Z71
    Upshift Z71 7 months ago


  • GiltzGuardian
    GiltzGuardian 7 months ago

    Nothing needs added to this car it’s beautiful as is 😍

  • messylaura
    messylaura 7 months ago

    if you not cleaning the rust off properly and coating it you might be sealing in rust to carry on unseen

  • Francois L
    Francois L 7 months ago

    You should keep the in storage or something.

  • Andrew Mattson
    Andrew Mattson 7 months ago

    Much rather watch this channel over the other car channels. I like your attitude my man keep it up