Making the Duramax GREAT AGAIN! GOODBYE PAP CAP + Fixing My Rust Problem!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
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  • Street Speed 717
    Street Speed 717  Month ago +229

    Pap cap or no pap cap???

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson 8 days ago

    Your parking garage hijinks gave me anxiety! 😳😂🤣

  • Jon Ward
    Jon Ward 8 days ago

    I don't know how to message u I would love to take the truck cap off your hands

  • Supreme mode The savage

    I want it

  • Exodus05
    Exodus05 22 days ago

    That obs you were talking about does not have an older style headlight it is the cheap work truck style

  • Matt Boodman
    Matt Boodman 26 days ago

    Hey man I sent you a message on Instagram about the cap

  • Matt G
    Matt G 28 days ago

    Street Speed 717 Does your truck's tires brummmm going down the road? Mine does. Just wondering if it's normal or do I need better tires or a certain brand of tires.

  • Trumby
    Trumby 28 days ago

    Stainless snorkel

  • Theo-greking
    Theo-greking 28 days ago

    Shouldn't you keep it for next winter?

  • colorfulcrayon47
    colorfulcrayon47 28 days ago

    I want the pap cap

  • xxFaZeGaMeR900
    xxFaZeGaMeR900 29 days ago

    hey mike what about the rusty brakes/calibers

  • The Triforce Eagle
    The Triforce Eagle 29 days ago

    imagine if that car goes to some 10 year old kid that just wanted a hat

  • john gregson
    john gregson 29 days ago

    As a 6' 5" 300+ pound person, I'll be waiting for the truck giveaway lol

  • MrAuthority
    MrAuthority 29 days ago

    I ordered 2 Pictures For my new apartment when I move. Cant wait to get them

  • Noah Flores
    Noah Flores Month ago

    Love the dirtymax. What year is it.

  • Miguel Angel Bravo lll

    Where is grandpa???

  • Brandon Perron
    Brandon Perron Month ago

    12:13 😂😂😂😂

  • Jack Skidmore
    Jack Skidmore Month ago

    Put the chase back on

  • NathanRomeo
    NathanRomeo Month ago

    That gt350 tho 😍

  • GunsNBudder
    GunsNBudder Month ago

    LOL @12:15

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson Month ago

    Truck looks good again

  • David Cipollone
    David Cipollone Month ago

    Why don't you Line-X your bed?

  • Hayden Putnam
    Hayden Putnam Month ago

    Put the baja rack back on!!!

  • Ryan Pocobello
    Ryan Pocobello Month ago

    Surprised you don’t spray a bed liner In there ?

  • KittensFor You666
    KittensFor You666 Month ago

    Pap cap

  • Ghost killa7575
    Ghost killa7575 Month ago


  • Cvb Daytona Crownvicboy

    In my opinion I think stacks would look badass on that truck

  • Allen
    Allen Month ago

    i like the red color of the 350 and the plate is the best

  • Drum Method
    Drum Method Month ago


  • Hunt Gaming/Productions

    no level ur mirrors

  • Don Petillo
    Don Petillo Month ago

    U need that sick roll bars with the lights and all the stuff u had made back on.

  • amari odom
    amari odom Month ago

    keep the cap youll need it for next year

  • Isaiah Akers
    Isaiah Akers Month ago

    It’s funny cus I associate 717 area code with Amish...

  • oPraxy
    oPraxy Month ago

    Grandpa or the vw are they dead?
    McLaren has to come back it’s spring

  • Jonathan Ellis
    Jonathan Ellis Month ago

    I say keep the cap for next winter I hope I win I’m only in Jersey lol

  • BackRoad Z71
    BackRoad Z71 Month ago

    StreetSpeed717, what brand are your antennas?

  • Maximum1A
    Maximum1A Month ago

    You really need to get rid of those mirror covers...they are hideous! Other than that the Vette looks sic 👍🇺🇸

  • Porkchop
    Porkchop Month ago

    Whatever did happen to that rack that was on the truck

  • RP Motorsport
    RP Motorsport Month ago

    Bobby’s truck has the work truck grill, that’s why it’s different, Cheyenne’s and W/T trucks had those

  • Nicholas Murphy
    Nicholas Murphy Month ago

    Awww I think it looked good with the cap though... I mean I don’t love or hate caps but looks better I think with the cap

  • centralpaxj
    centralpaxj Month ago

    I like the cap. I took a 4 hour roundtrip to Lancaster yesterday to pick one up for my truck that color matched almost perfect for cheap.

  • Christian  Elliott
    Christian Elliott Month ago

    Maybe you should stop buying so much garbage and spend some money on getting those poles in the middle of your garage removed.

  • Ice_wallow_come6969

    Yes the grill will fit Bobby’s obs, you just got to re-wire for the newer style headlights

  • Streetcat/426
    Streetcat/426 Month ago

    I think you should keep the pap cap! 8)

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony Month ago

    I still want the flag hitch and I'll wait 8 weeks!

  • Foxrider1270
    Foxrider1270 Month ago

    shes got her summer body on

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman Month ago

    Save pap cap till next winter?

  • Brandon Mays
    Brandon Mays Month ago

    Grandpa update

  • Rickster K
    Rickster K Month ago

    If y’all make street speed hoodie I will buy it

  • Kenzo Mike215
    Kenzo Mike215 Month ago

    That's Crazy how Different it Looks without it on there Now!! Its like getting a P/U Truck for some new Content lol

  • Malyn Taylor
    Malyn Taylor Month ago

    I bet the guy who won the c5 is like "well damn"

  • Ram1500
    Ram1500 Month ago +1

    If its a hot girl ya but if not. My pet definitely😇😅😅😅😅

  • Michael Nagy
    Michael Nagy Month ago

    We need grandpa back dude weather is good in pa now

  • Upshift Z71
    Upshift Z71 Month ago


  • GiltzGuardian
    GiltzGuardian Month ago

    Nothing needs added to this car it’s beautiful as is 😍

  • messylaura
    messylaura Month ago

    if you not cleaning the rust off properly and coating it you might be sealing in rust to carry on unseen

  • Francois L
    Francois L Month ago

    You should keep the in storage or something.

  • Andrew Mattson
    Andrew Mattson Month ago

    Much rather watch this channel over the other car channels. I like your attitude my man keep it up

  • Jake Vote
    Jake Vote Month ago

    Is his setup really just a go pro?

  • Breyer Roberts
    Breyer Roberts Month ago

    I know y'all have blue line American flag keytags, but can you make a red line keytag for firefighters?

  • Martise Jones
    Martise Jones Month ago

    You finally going to get the bed liner protecter on the dirty max Great it will look better lol

  • Drew Pope
    Drew Pope Month ago


    TERMINATOR • Month ago

    Keep the cap

  • First Nameshhs Last Nameyagav

    Whaaa new truck?? Whos this?

  • brock kavanagh
    brock kavanagh Month ago

    i would save the pet

  • Christoforos's Automotive

    What set up you got for the turbo ?

  • Back The Blue
    Back The Blue Month ago


  • Mike Fahy
    Mike Fahy Month ago

    Why paint the shocks????

  • Forrest Neeld
    Forrest Neeld Month ago

    I have been watching since u had 11k subscribers. And I still don’t give a shit about no projects u do on your channel. Get a corvette pleaseeeeeeeee

  • skyler canant
    skyler canant Month ago

    How long did it take u to get up there

  • ledegraw
    ledegraw Month ago

    Def not a fan of the mirrors should be the carbon same as the hood , the car is loud in color but the mirrors stand out like elephant ears .

  • Mr. Weathers
    Mr. Weathers Month ago

    I’d definitely save my pet! No questions asked!!
    Also, you should get the Dirtymax repainted with Truck Bed Liner. It comes in all sorts of colours and looks badass!!

  • N8 Dawg
    N8 Dawg Month ago

    No cap, and save the pet.

  • ledegraw
    ledegraw Month ago

    Got that leaking back light careful she may sink.

  • Netanel Lebowitz
    Netanel Lebowitz Month ago

    Hey mike, thank you for all you do. After watching your for a long time, I decided to get my first car as a manual. So I bought a 2011 Toyota Camry 6 speed manual transmission. :)

  • Chris Ware Jr
    Chris Ware Jr Month ago

    Crowd killer

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith Month ago

    Put it on half speed and fast forward to Shane talking. I’m dying 😂😂

  • ArtOfSpeedd
    ArtOfSpeedd Month ago


  • Famous75 Gaming
    Famous75 Gaming Month ago

    Yay no cap, also get a pray in bed liner

  • Famous75 Gaming
    Famous75 Gaming Month ago

    Yesss I hated the cap

  • Diesel_junkiie Diesel_junkiie

    Truck looking good as always bro go follow my page I’d love to feature ur truck ➡️ @the_officialdieseljunkiie on IG

  • Official Ankle Therapy

    damn mike you’ll save your dog and let me fall off a bridge thats tough

  • Irvine860
    Irvine860 Month ago +1

    Mike, how does it feel that a couple of 19 year olds have a bigger following than you in less than a year lol lol lol lol you suck ass

    • Irvine860
      Irvine860 Month ago +1

      What are you gonna do for a real job once you take the sunglasses off lol

  • HorseCrazieGirl15
    HorseCrazieGirl15 Month ago

    Would it cost extra to get bulldog hair on my shirt?

  • RedRevalations
    RedRevalations Month ago

    Been trying to get a truck for cheap like y’all found and it’s almost impossible man

  • Robert Stafford
    Robert Stafford Month ago

    Why is your name Street Speed ”717”?

  • Silas Ludlam
    Silas Ludlam Month ago

    Call me hartless but i'd save the strager, not big on pets.... sorry
    Love the truck been watching from the blue gasser.

  • Blake Justice
    Blake Justice Month ago

    Use por15 to coat the dmax frame

  • Honda Kid
    Honda Kid Month ago

    I can really see the Dirtymax in destroyer grey🤔

  • Michael Vitello
    Michael Vitello Month ago

    What if you win, and you are a cop 😉

  • Lucas Dewaard
    Lucas Dewaard Month ago

    Can us Canadians get a Canadian flag key chain?

  • Ray Parker
    Ray Parker Month ago

    Flex seal your bed. I've heard it can take a LOT OF DAMAGE

  • Mikel Ellsaesser
    Mikel Ellsaesser Month ago

    Mike I'm so disappointed in the shipping cost on the Corvette give away. I got a tee shirt and a key tag and it cost me almost twenty one dollars for shipping. And when I bought a tee shirt and key tag from u it cost me six dollars. I was going to get more stuff for the car give away, but I can't afford the shipping cost. I was looking forward to getting more things too. Sorry about my ranting. Have a good giveaway. Later Mike.

  • Damian Lucero
    Damian Lucero Month ago

    Love the duramax

  • Greg Forristall
    Greg Forristall Month ago

    dibs on the stock rims!!!!!

    RC AWSOMNESS Month ago

    im a canadian

  • Michael Jakul
    Michael Jakul Month ago

    I just took mine off my dmax and had the same reaction lol

  • theGREEK7887
    theGREEK7887 Month ago

    imma miss the cap

  • Reeventon Lambo
    Reeventon Lambo Month ago

    Line X the bed of the Duramax

  • Japopo
    Japopo Month ago +1

    I was looking at the vinyl tailgate flag and it looks like it only comes in one size because I did not see a drop down menu or another item that was a different size. The only one I saw on the web site was for full size trucks. Also I can't wait for new reversible hoodies to come out