In N Out Burger Double Double Animal Style Recipe On The Weber

  • Published on Feb 13, 2012
  • A really good clone recipe for the famous Double Double Animal Style Burger from In n Out cooked up on my Weber Kettle.
    Link to blog I got the recipe from:
    In N Out's Secret Menu:
    Craycort Grates:
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  • BubbaTheBulldog
    BubbaTheBulldog 9 days ago

    There’s NO MUSTARD at In n Out! Looks like a good burger you are making. But it is NOT even close to an In n Out burger.

  • BubbaTheBulldog
    BubbaTheBulldog 9 days ago

    That does not look like an In n Out burger.

  • The Backyard Griller
    The Backyard Griller 14 days ago

    My goodness that looked so good, great job sir!

  • Eyesoftheworld2029 Eyesoftheworld2029

    That's pretty similar to The Big Mac secret sauce minus the ketchup and replace it with mustard

  • Jamison Moeckel
    Jamison Moeckel Month ago +1

    Yo I think its time to revisit some of these old ones and see if you can do better and also get alot of views right? I think its time to redo a few of your old burger vids and this might be the very first place I start.

  • Mr Self destruct
    Mr Self destruct 4 months ago

    They don’t use sweet relish people!!! It’s finely diced dill pickle!

  • john hammer
    john hammer 4 months ago

    Weber grills (very well made Buggy whip)

  • David McKean
    David McKean 5 months ago

    You should redo this one Greg and make it as detailed as the videos you do now.

    DMONICUS6 6 months ago

    In and Out burgers SUCK!

  • gostillerz
    gostillerz 6 months ago

    When I heard you describing the guys steps, I automatically knew it was Kenji haha. That guy is hardcore. He has a new recipe you should try. Cheese is folded some.

  • Kyle Lopez
    Kyle Lopez 6 months ago

    Too much mustard

  • Amocoru
    Amocoru 6 months ago +1

    It looks delicious but that's not even close to a double double.

  • Michael Waterman
    Michael Waterman 6 months ago

    One of your patties would likely be like 2 of theirs

    ILLUSIONofLIES 6 months ago

    Grilling mustard?

  • glennard coleman
    glennard coleman 6 months ago +1

    I heard in and out is coming to Denver.

  • alex gee
    alex gee 7 months ago

    In n out is lame taseless burgers!! What u cooked in this vid as nothing to do with the way the make itvin n out resturants. I ate few times in the van nuys blv branch and its no good

  • Sammy Stephenson
    Sammy Stephenson 7 months ago

    Been watching for a long time. I definitely appreciate how you realize with burgers I Big component is how they are cooked. I was wondering if you have thought of making a video on your take on what you think is a ballistic burger. Unless I have missed a vid. I’m sure either way, it’s great.

  • Monica Medina
    Monica Medina 7 months ago

    Good job 👍 as always 🍔

  • Julia Dawnyel
    Julia Dawnyel 7 months ago

    Mouth watering

  • motoxrydr
    motoxrydr 8 months ago

    You can get a stock burger with grilled onions. Does not have to be animal style.

  • Robbie Ragsdale
    Robbie Ragsdale 9 months ago

    Can you do arbys roast beef

  • Marcus Thomsen
    Marcus Thomsen 9 months ago

    wow that reduced onion looks likes a jelly?!

  • GreatDayEveryone
    GreatDayEveryone 9 months ago

    The patty melt with pepper sauce is the thing I crave from whataburger. Only been to TX 2x

  • GreatDayEveryone
    GreatDayEveryone 9 months ago

    I think I would just taste mustard

  • Seth Johansson
    Seth Johansson 9 months ago

    Hello. I would like to make an order, please. I pay 2000 dollar. Pls send to Sweden. Ty.

  • Enida Bonghit
    Enida Bonghit 10 months ago

    1:58 is when the recipe starts.

  • milnusthegnome
    milnusthegnome 10 months ago

    I love your stuff dude, you are the KING of BBQ!

  • Troy Turner
    Troy Turner 11 months ago

    I havent had a double double in 15 years!

  • Dylan p
    Dylan p 11 months ago

    Don't even know why but knowing you mix things in one direction triggers me. Love the video tho lmao

  • Hog Wild BBQ
    Hog Wild BBQ 11 months ago


  • goober pea
    goober pea 11 months ago

    Have u ever heard of a little show, called "Branded" Dude?

  • Voodoo Alpha
    Voodoo Alpha 11 months ago

    Patty is too thick, use 2 oz patties. Use famous Dave's burger seasoning. Its the closest you will get to taste. In and out buns are baked especially for them by a local bakery. Only in n our and johnny rockets get these buns. Closest you can buy is Hawaiian sweet burger buns.

  • Everyday BBQ & Cuisine

    This one REALLY looks good, brother! That animal style is definitely getting a try on my Griddle!

  • Rick Miclat
    Rick Miclat Year ago

    Too much mustard they do a circle pattern with an A in the middle now

  • james ludan
    james ludan Year ago

    who cleans the griddle?

  • Ortiz Isidro
    Ortiz Isidro Year ago

    Your the best dude u made crack up
    The whole video

  • Dave McBroom
    Dave McBroom Year ago

    That ain't 60/40, and it ain't 80/20. :)

  • viddyo
    viddyo Year ago

    You can get grilled onions on any burger, "stock" or otherwise, and I believe Animal Style is twice the spread/ twice the onions, but I could be wrong.

  • Gary Rumer
    Gary Rumer Year ago

    Looks delicious.

  • Red's BBQ and Pizzeria

    Question for you Greg, your ballistic griddle and the griddle q, from amazon, what’s the difference?? I’m in the market and just thought I’d ask the expert !!!

  • Dennis Statza
    Dennis Statza Year ago

    they replicate the McDonalds did their thing, in their very first drive-ins

  • Ramnon Ameneshwa
    Ramnon Ameneshwa Year ago

    With a little bit of mustard the sauce will be perfect

  • Chuck Hess
    Chuck Hess Year ago

    The secret menu is available on their website.

  • Mike Mcdonnell
    Mike Mcdonnell Year ago

    Sauce is similar to big mac

  • Brian Mayfield
    Brian Mayfield Year ago

    Can you discuss the various grill gear that you use? I have a no-frills Weber but none of the extra griddle / flattop attachments that you use. Oh and that burger smashing press thing as well. You know, to make the perfect smash patties with the parchment paper.

  • duck brewster
    duck brewster Year ago

    burgers and fries oh me oh my

  • jason johnson
    jason johnson Year ago

    "what do they call it spread or whatever"? Really?

  • kabukiwookie
    kabukiwookie Year ago +3

    In-In-out... I love the burgers, I dont care for the fries. If they made onion rings. Wow.

  • Lar Moran
    Lar Moran Year ago

    Gonna try this tomorrow, cheers

  • Darcy Swanson
    Darcy Swanson Year ago

    greasy flat burger

  • seropserop
    seropserop Year ago

    They put A LOT more salt

  • Caleb Hicks
    Caleb Hicks Year ago +1

    Thanx 4 idea, now I can use that idea at Five guys

  • Philip O'Bryan II

    Sauce is off, too much mustard and portion sizes are off on the size of the meat patty's. YES, it DOES makes a difference. One of the secrets is the uniformity in the taste of each bite, based on the ingredients and portion sizes. Nice try though.

  • ThatCanadianGamer

    Mmmmmm 😇

  • Blue Bee
    Blue Bee Year ago

    now in youtube type mercy for animals commercials

  • Kowboy USA
    Kowboy USA Year ago

    In N Out burgers are the best. (We have In N Out in Phoenix, AZ, too. 3 that I know of)

  • just google-it
    just google-it Year ago

    Going advertising. Who needs to pay for it when we got you

  • Antony Manuel
    Antony Manuel Year ago

    Where this guy come from any guess?

  • Jaughn Deau
    Jaughn Deau Year ago

    In LA, the lines are long until about the last 15-30mins of being open. Hard to find low lines in the drive thru. In AZ, its another story. Its as though people have gotten over the pizzazz of InO, so you can find empty drive thrus at various times thru the day

    • Andy MacPherson
      Andy MacPherson Year ago

      In New Zealand the lines are pretty long. Long and bountiful lines. We have a long history of drug abuse. But we are not quitters.

    • Ballistic BBQ
      Ballistic BBQ  Year ago

      Long lines down here in SD too.

  • SuperJakethesnake22
    SuperJakethesnake22 Year ago +1

    This guy works hard on his videos how does he not have more subscribers

  • brettfavreify
    brettfavreify Year ago

    This is the height of fine dining.

  • Trevor Seines
    Trevor Seines Year ago

    Patties too thick

  • d307p
    d307p Year ago

    I made these last Saturday on my Weber Summit Charcoal using a Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan as a griddle. Wife said they were excellent. Trying one of your different burger recipes each weekend. Thanks for the videos.

    • Andy MacPherson
      Andy MacPherson Year ago

      I made these with fire and iron, (and a tiny bit of my left little finger). Your wife said they were almost as good as your ones. That positive comment inspires me to try harder next time. By the way, you have a nice kitchen.

    BIG HUNGRY Year ago

    he sure was in a hurry to end that video so he can eat LOL!

  • Latasha Dooley
    Latasha Dooley Year ago

    Making me hungry 😊

  • Blake Aquadro
    Blake Aquadro Year ago

    Famous burger idea.....The Galley Boy from swensons

  • jayaybe1
    jayaybe1 Year ago

    I'm coming to your place right now!

  • You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin

    I used to live in San Diego. The IN-N-OUT close to the Mile Of Cars is so busy.

  • Thomas Kahle
    Thomas Kahle 2 years ago

    mayo, two tablespoons+ two teaspoons? would that be the same as 3 table spoons?

  • Christopher Harrison Dipl. Ac., L. Ac.

    There really isn't any reason to salt the burger if you are using mustard since the mustard has plenty of salt

  • Christian Ledezma
    Christian Ledezma 2 years ago

    Looks good but in n out doesn't use pepper on the burgers

  • Jason Bean
    Jason Bean 2 years ago

    I might have added a bit of pork for a bit more fat. either way, it looks great!:)

  • faffaflunkie
    faffaflunkie 2 years ago

    You can buy a spread that is sold as *thousand island dressing* from an outfit called _Smart & Final_ that tastes just like the stuff at _In-N-Out._

  • Robert Hanan
    Robert Hanan 2 years ago

    animal style double, double still cheaper that a big mac and much, much better and better for you, maybe.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 2 years ago

    please try wayback burger please

  • Big OG 2 Braids
    Big OG 2 Braids 2 years ago

    only Arnold I know is "Hey, Arnold" and good ol Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Patrick Maldonado
    Patrick Maldonado 2 years ago

    don't care about other people's comments looks good eat just be your own kook and everything will be all good.

  • Dr.A
    Dr.A 2 years ago

    Spot on recipe. Tastes just like the real thing.

  • Fantomas
    Fantomas 2 years ago

    Not sure if I'd eat something called "Animal style".

  • Gnumber Nine
    Gnumber Nine 2 years ago

    burgers are a bit large, but why not.

  • yagabagadaga Y
    yagabagadaga Y 2 years ago

    Gotta have the wrapper all greasy and the frys with the sauce, they know you are a Animal if you always get the sauce first and have it opened and ready......MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • David Rosas
    David Rosas 2 years ago

    That was a normal double double. All in out burgers already come with spread. Animal style is fries added onto the burger. Mustard fried has to be asked for. This is not animal style

  • Creative Visions 07
    Creative Visions 07 2 years ago

    Looks like you got this recipe from spongebob squarepants😂😂

  • bobbelonie
    bobbelonie 2 years ago

    MAN!!! You're channel is like unsatisfying porn to me!! You must be so happy...

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 years ago +45

    im fat because of your channel thanks dude

  • spelling with james non educational

    yay I'm 800

  • R S
    R S 2 years ago

    doesn't look anything like in and out burger nor does it appear that it would taste like one. How did it come out

  • Big Papi
    Big Papi 2 years ago

    3 by 3 Animal style, well done fries and a Neo shake for me. The burger taste profile I think is Lawries Season salt and granulated garlic plus S&P

  • John Gates
    John Gates 2 years ago

    Nice Video!
    I typically eat Burgers on the road a few times a year...I was looking for something like your recipe..
    Like how you start out w all the onions and bring them down to a minimal Caramelized onion...
    Ill let you know how all turns out..

  • md Mahfuz Hassan
    md Mahfuz Hassan 2 years ago

    i don't get how it's grilled onion when he fried it with oil on a pan

  • Sheldon Miller
    Sheldon Miller 2 years ago

    love your burgers my man- there's a place called red hot ranch in chicago that has fabulous burgers- extremely close to in n out which we don't have here. Anyway hello from another burger lover to yourself. Kuma's Korner and Lockdown are two pretty well known burger places in chicago, but Au Cheval and Red Hot Ranch (on Ashland Ave) are my two favorite spots. I'd like to suggest you do the Au Cheval burger- it's really, really good.

  • Eric Littlejohn
    Eric Littlejohn 2 years ago

    u can't replicate in n out silly

  • Norman May
    Norman May 2 years ago +8

    When I see the all important toasted bun I often wonder if anyone realizes why so many fast food joints offer them. They're not special in any way. But the secret behind them was revealed to my mother back in the 1950's when she worked at a famous fast food restaurant chain. (It was the one where they had the car hops in brown and orange outfits.) Are you ready for the answer....... It's because you can serve day old buns that are a little stale and nobody will be the wiser. That's right. Toasting takes the stale taste and consistency away and you think you are getting something fresh.

    • yeah _
      yeah _ Year ago

      Uh well toasting can make a stale bun taste better but toasting buns is always good anyways.. Toasting brings out extra flavors from the maillard reaction, adds a nice bit of crunch, and definitely helps to stop the bun from going soggy when you have ingredients like a juicy patty, tomatoes, sauce, etc.
      Toasted buns are mandatory on any burger in my opinion.

    • Björn Hallström
      Björn Hallström Year ago +1

      Tastes better, stops them from going soggy and you don't need really fresh bread? Seems like toasting them is great.

    • Pastafarian
      Pastafarian Year ago +3

      Always toast your buns because it keeps them from getting too soggy and gross from the grease

  • Sami bigs
    Sami bigs 2 years ago

    I reckon butter on that toasted bun will taste good not sure

  • random flake
    random flake 2 years ago +6

    has anyone ever tryed to cook a fry a burger for half hour in butter its goes sooooo soft and succulent

  • Random Rantz
    Random Rantz 2 years ago

    but did you RE CREATE IT?!

  • Random Rantz
    Random Rantz 2 years ago

    never mind! I found it

  • Michael Nichols
    Michael Nichols 2 years ago

    Why the charcoal grill? This could be made indoors on a cast iron grill with no loss of flavor. And much less mess...

  • Ryan Howell
    Ryan Howell 2 years ago

    Perfect Burger

  • P.S. Organizer
    P.S. Organizer 2 years ago

    Do you ever do these types of videos or thought about doing something like this, but with different versions of pizza? You are a good cook, think that would be awesome.