Game of Thrones: The Buzz at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (HBO)

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • Get an inside look at San Diego Comic-Con with the cast of Game of Thrones.
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  • Gulash
    Gulash Year ago


  • Cody 'I'm a savage in there' Stephens

    Brienne of tarth loves being famous

  • James Kuz
    James Kuz Year ago +1

    Was Stephen Dillane there?

  • Savage Rojan
    Savage Rojan Year ago +2

    I want Season 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,..........................

  • Abin Benny
    Abin Benny Year ago

    So happy to be watching this as it's happening....many of my friends are just catching up..
    I made them watch this.

  • notroira club
    notroira club Year ago


  • Junel Colobong
    Junel Colobong Year ago

    0:50 Varys with hair got me there

  • Ultimate Book Maniacs

    "Alliances are being forged, Alliances are being broken."
    I wonder which alliance will be broken. Surely not Jon and Dany's.. Maybe Sansa and LF's??

  • NightS King
    NightS King Year ago


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Year ago

    Jeez I hated books because of school then I started reading George's books and now reading these stories R amazing

  • dustysnoop
    dustysnoop Year ago

    Sansa sentencing little finger to death in episode 7. Arya kills him

  • dustysnoop
    dustysnoop Year ago

    Sansa has a beautiful red cunt

  • Game of Thrones S07E05 Leaked

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  • Piyush Koranne
    Piyush Koranne Year ago

    don't fight in the north or in the south just keep calm bitches it's comic con

  • Akshay Sharma
    Akshay Sharma Year ago

    Alfie Allen deserves some credit for playing reek so well. In this video I was startled that he could actually speak confidently :D

  • Jason Brody
    Jason Brody Year ago

    Ser Davos *_* ^^

  • Noelle
    Noelle Year ago

    Fuuuuck I would have done anything just to be there. Game of thrones is my life, fucking sucks living where all the action isn't 😭😭😭

  • stephen schneider

    Heard Bruce Willis was charging 600 dollars for a signed headshot and 800 for a picture with him.

  • Nelwinx
    Nelwinx Year ago


  • Dunder Mifflin
    Dunder Mifflin Year ago

    First daenerys didn't attend the red carpet because she was at a frank ocean concert, and now she didn't attend comic con. What's going on!?

  • Darson
    Darson Year ago

    Best serial ever!!!

  • brutalistix
    brutalistix Year ago

    1:41 cockless lies

  • AndromedaOrion1
    AndromedaOrion1 Year ago

    1:37 guy is the son of Dog and Jon Snow

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. Year ago

    Hey, if youre interested in a interesting Game of Thrones story click here :

  • StoneAgeStark
    StoneAgeStark Year ago

    Practical Folks @ 00:29! Search "Power Hour" on their channel, latest one is pretty good

  • Ayushri Subba
    Ayushri Subba Year ago

    Omg how is San Diego it's my dream. Ok bye

  • Ak47
    Ak47 Year ago

    where is tormund grrrrr

  • Angela Atmadjaja
    Angela Atmadjaja Year ago

    ohhh godd i wanna shake their hands to aàaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Dr Johny
    Dr Johny Year ago

    They took down some torrent sites... Lul. I got HBO so i don't care.

  • Teto
    Teto Year ago

    Jofreyin oraya geldiğini düşünüyorum
    Adama neler yaparlardı acaba

  • Practical Folks
    Practical Folks Year ago

    :28 It's us! As Cersei and Littlefinger.

  • Finn Bazz
    Finn Bazz Year ago

    If Gendry dies in the same episode of his return, that would be the biggest "fuck you all" in TV history.

  • Kristen Febey
    Kristen Febey Year ago

    I can't believe Grayworm's accent is a lie....

  • Harry Tozer
    Harry Tozer Year ago

    Lit love got and I'm 14 ahaha

  • Video Kod
    Video Kod Year ago +4

    Before signing the photo
    Bend on the knee!

  • greke Sinot
    greke Sinot Year ago

    I want to see everyone

  • greke Sinot
    greke Sinot Year ago

    Daar wil ik heen

  • shashank khorgade

    why dont u all came in INDIA ?

  • House Lannister
    House Lannister Year ago

    They should bring all of the Lannisters to the Comic Con! :(

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Year ago

    Tormund... I just fucking love this guy..

  • Yassine DZ
    Yassine DZ Year ago

    A look behind the Scenes GAME OF THRONES 2017 here

  • Dunder Mifflin
    Dunder Mifflin Year ago

    First daenerys didn't attend the red carpet because she was at a frank ocean concert, and now she didn't attend comic con. What's going on!?

  • Беззубик
    Беззубик Year ago +3

    Годнота, годнота.....

  • Droideca88
    Droideca88 Year ago

    Being completely honest here, Writing and character development has gone down from the first couple of seasons, i feel like writing has been interchanged with cinematogrophy and great battle scenes, This season has so far been pandering to fans. I agree that the Battle scenes and set pieces look great but the writing has turned into melodramatic bullshit

  • Dogifish
    Dogifish Year ago

    Dany ruined season 7

  • ellie,muffasa and others

    Episode 5 is out

  • Ripleyw Snipley
    Ripleyw Snipley Year ago +2

    Kingslayer has the biggest plot armor.

    • Klaus Barbie
      Klaus Barbie Year ago

      Ripleyw Snipley they said that about Stannis too...

    SHEEMBA Year ago

    Hard to believe next year is going to be the last year. I really should go

  • Ɉủʼnȶắ Ṁĩɩdƫệṙṁ

    0:47 Hey its Luke from Modern Family!

  • Ardiansyah Azhary

    Lol 0:04

  • sohail ladhar
    sohail ladhar Year ago

    Chris hemsworth for rhaegar please.

  • Primera Espada
    Primera Espada Year ago +1

    There is no law prohibiting women to become knights you dumb bitch.Not even in the Middle Ages.

  • NG Tech
    NG Tech Year ago +2

    It's sad that only united states gets all the cool stuff... Wish i was born in the United states 😍

  • Lau Va
    Lau Va Year ago

    Alfie's dog tho. ❤️🐶

  • hArambe The INFINITE #daRealSosaBoi #OGfinessn

    let me suck a titty juice out of sansa

  • Wakas Patel
    Wakas Patel Year ago



  • storm2vega
    storm2vega Year ago +1

    If Kit Harington was present, the entire hall H would be screaming "King in the North".

  • Hotsaucedeluxe
    Hotsaucedeluxe Year ago +14

    Varys looks fucking weird with hair.

    • I Z
      I Z Year ago

      Looks almost normal

    • Greg Langridge
      Greg Langridge Year ago +1

      Hotsaucedeluxe and without

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N Year ago

    0:57 prime example of a westeros sjw right there..

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song Year ago

    1:08 - 1:23
    WHAT ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha. Jk. How thoughtful of you! Ms. Turner!

  • thedifferent14
    thedifferent14 Year ago

    For me, season 7 isn't predictable at all. It's all the puzzle pieces from the last 6 seasons coming together. The time for the characters to wonder around soul-searching is over. They're at the point when they're skills and everything they've learned is being put to use to achieve their ultimate goal, most of them ones they've had since season 1. Arya's a warrior, Sansa is a lady, Daenerys is in westeros, Jon is accepted by the north as King, Bran is the 3 eyed raven, Cersei has the power she's always wanted: the throne, and the Night King is ready to kill everything and everyone. There's no more time to fool around. The final players are in the game and it's time for a showdown!

  • agentcollado23
    agentcollado23 Year ago

    wish I was there

  • Dita Devito
    Dita Devito Year ago +5


    President of India was Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

    • Aman Panda
      Aman Panda Year ago +1

      So funny that i forgot laughing

  • olivia McGrath
    olivia McGrath Year ago

    I legit got emotional when i watched this.

  • pirrracy
    pirrracy Year ago

    They love the fans so much... autograph? Sure: cash or card?

  • Fabian Rydel
    Fabian Rydel Year ago +7

    This season is killing it

  • Megha Malhotra
    Megha Malhotra Year ago +10

    A man still wants to know what Podrick did to those girls.

    • jon targaryen
      jon targaryen Year ago +1

      but you dont look like man imo

    • budihamzahX3
      budihamzahX3 Year ago

      Megha Malhotra ask gendry to do that to you, maybe?

    • Ki Jan
      Ki Jan Year ago +1

      Megha Malhotra Bran knows it

  • Plural
    Plural Year ago +1

    and then the depression comes of realizing there is only 1 season left

  • Jon Stark Targaryen
    Jon Stark Targaryen Year ago +2

    Jack gleeson is probably the most intelligent of all of them. Such a shame that people dont appreciate him as much, especially when he did the phenomenal speech at oxford. Love him so much as a person. Best actor, hands down.

  • alex alex
    alex alex Year ago

    I love it !!! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Darshit Navadia
    Darshit Navadia Year ago +1

    1:57 when you realise you were trapped...!!

  • RüsseltierTV
    RüsseltierTV Year ago

    0:51 Varys looks so different wtf

  • Jag Hayer
    Jag Hayer Year ago +4

    At 1:37 looks more like the Hound than Jon Snow lol

  • You rude
    You rude Year ago +1

    R.I.P for people who wants to meet them in Europe

  • YouShallPassGas
    YouShallPassGas Year ago

    Too bad my ass is on the east coast where NOTHING HAPPENS EVER

  • renewer
    renewer Year ago

    Ugh, bunch of dorks.

  • bluedrangon69
    bluedrangon69 Year ago

    one black guy on "game of thrones" panel , his role in the movie happen to be a slave, LOL.
    that is messed up dude.

  • J. Wilder
    J. Wilder Year ago


  • Vegeta
    Vegeta Year ago +2

    but the question remains
    where the heck is gendry

    • Johm Hillesheim
      Johm Hillesheim Year ago +1

      Why does it matter? he is a minor character and he already did what he was supposed to do.
      If he shows up again on the show, it will be fan service, nothing more.

    • Diksha Ku.
      Diksha Ku. Year ago

      Phenomenal One he will come I. Upcoming episode....just wait!!

  • abdul salam
    abdul salam Year ago

    1:37 who else thought that is jon snow? leave about danny, I like the girl over there but not danny😉😉😉😂😂

  • Αλε Σιδε
    Αλε Σιδε Year ago +1

    Alfie Allen: It's gonna be bigger and better..

  • The Light One
    The Light One Year ago

    Game of thrones is illuminati

    • Sword DCUO
      Sword DCUO Year ago +1

      E Ric Your nan is the illuminati

  • Lee Hi
    Lee Hi Year ago +1

    I wish I could be there..

  • Thomas Felix
    Thomas Felix Year ago +1

    a man still wants to know what podrick did to those girls

  • mosho64
    mosho64 Year ago +23

    Don't you dare Kill Dany in season 8 I know you will have to kill a major character but it's not Dany don't kill Dany!!

    • Scarecrow
      Scarecrow Year ago

      mosho64 there are a lot of game of thrones fans who loved ned and robba stark. They alive?

    • Shayla Marie
      Shayla Marie Year ago

      lol sansa isnt a mary sue wtf

    • We feast in the flesh of our enemies
      We feast in the flesh of our enemies Year ago +2

      ScienceIsNotBiased ...Sansa must die in her place...Sansa is the ultimate Disney Mary Sue there

    • mosho64
      mosho64 Year ago +2

      wow you didnt get my point , he said dany should be killed cuz shes annoying i said she may be to you but a lot of GOT fans love her
      so thats my point that shes not alwas annoying to some people , not that she should not be killed only cuz shes beloved

    • Burnt Orange
      Burnt Orange Year ago +2

      Ripleyw Snipley Why? Atleast he's less arrogant.

  • Julio Hernandez
    Julio Hernandez Year ago +1

    I wanna go to a got comic con😳

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer Year ago


  • We feast in the flesh of our enemies

    Where is Kit and Emilia?Peter?Lenna?My sexy man ...Nicolai?

    • Keivan Farzanehkari
      Keivan Farzanehkari Year ago +6

      FreeGreekNorthIpirus bobostitsa Emilia is busy filming her Han Solo movie, Lena is probably taking care of her baby daughter, and I suppose Peter is also taking care of his pregnant wife.

    • One man crew productions
      One man crew productions Year ago +5

      Too busy fucking lol

  • Le o
    Le o Year ago +8

    Varys with Hair looks 20 years older 😅

  • Kareem Wilson
    Kareem Wilson Year ago

    Where's the actor that played Gengry, also where is Gengry?

  • lalalandd1113
    lalalandd1113 Year ago

    Where are my practical folks fans at?

  • sonic power
    sonic power Year ago

    Varys with hair makes me uncomfortable lmao he should just go bald

  • Ferlando Carlos
    Ferlando Carlos Year ago

    GOSTARIA de estar lá e ver tudo isso ao VIVO!!!!

  • fronk
    fronk Year ago +44

    Alfie allen, best actor in the show imo

    • I Z
      I Z Year ago +1

      Agree, you instantly know when he is Reek and when he is Theon

    • porras
      porras Year ago +2

      uNCLE He has the hardest job, yet he is so damn good.

    • mag1ngarr0w
      mag1ngarr0w Year ago

      people definitely appreciate him ^.^

    • One man crew productions
      One man crew productions Year ago +19

      Pedro Pascal , Charles Dance , Lena , Peter Dinklage , Nikolai Waldau , Stephen Dillane, Iwan Rheon and Jack Gleeson and Jerome Flynn are all equally incredible in their own places and calling Alfie the best would be a bit disrespectful.
      But but but I'll agree that what he did with Reek and the whole transition and character development is equally beautiful acting as well. And the fact that nobody appreciates Alfie is sad. He's an incredible actor.

  • DragoonGalaxy
    DragoonGalaxy Year ago +2


    • Nikita Grevtsov
      Nikita Grevtsov Year ago

      Hell yeah, I love leaks. Can't wait to witness another amazing battle in glorious breathtaking 360p.

    • One man crew productions
      One man crew productions Year ago

      +DragoonGalaxy lol badass man. we want our ep5. I don't get why we have to wait a week. I don't think they'd earn less if they'd release like two per week.

    • DragoonGalaxy
      DragoonGalaxy Year ago +4

      S man797 fuck your true fans. do I give a shit?

    • Le o
      Le o Year ago +8

      DragoonGalaxy shut up.
      True Fans wait a week & dont need any leaks

    • Pioneerz
      Pioneerz Year ago +2


  • Cleiton Ferreira
    Cleiton Ferreira Year ago +1

    Brasileiros aqui nos comentários?

  • Disneylands Tested


  • Disneylands Tested

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow 🙆

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Year ago

    0:46 luke from modern family

  • Johne Rhezl
    Johne Rhezl Year ago +41

    Now that Sophie said it, I missed that cunt Jeoffrey too 😂