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  • Опубликовано: 9 янв 2019
  • Save earth or leave it. Watch #IO on #Netflix January 18, 2019.
    Sam, one of the last survivors on a post-cataclysmic Earth, is a young scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, rather than abandon their world. But with the final shuttle scheduled to leave the planet for a distant colony, her determination to stay is rocked by the arrival of another survivor, Micah. She must decide whether to journey with him to join the rest of humanity and begin life anew, or stay to fight for Earth’s survival. IO stars Margaret Qualley, Anthony Mackie, and Danny Huston and premieres January 18, 2019 only on Netflix.
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    IO | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Комментарии • 4 352

  • Alberto Bertolin
    Alberto Bertolin 11 часов назад

    Ugh. This movie has been done a thousand times. You could literally replace Io with ANYTHING and the movie remains the same. Its just another survival movie that offers nothing new in story or cinematography. Even the direction looks cliched and overdone.

  • anthony green
    anthony green 11 часов назад

    Will Smith got young!

  • Colin B
    Colin B 11 часов назад

    so what you're saying is, it only takes one white girl making bad decisions to ruin an entire planet

  • Bailey Alexis Snow
    Bailey Alexis Snow 11 часов назад

    Netflix sure does release a lot of apocalypse/disaster movies...
    Birdbox, How it Ends, that thing with Michael Peña...
    Wonder if they know something we don't...

  • Ghafar
    Ghafar 11 часов назад +1

    "This guys a gangster, his real names clearance"

  • Oof Man
    Oof Man 11 часов назад

    Birdbox but you can’t breathe

  • Erick Balda
    Erick Balda 13 часов назад

    Is just me or look like the history from ReCore

  • caroline mueckler
    caroline mueckler 13 часов назад

    Um.... The 100 much??

  • Jamal Khurshid
    Jamal Khurshid 13 часов назад

    Yay! Another amateur B-grade, Low budget movie that got the green light to be on netflix. The little budget they do get is given to some hollywood star which leaves no money remaining for production. Yipeeee!

  • MACEDONIAbitola
    MACEDONIAbitola 18 часов назад

    Have you NOTICED how they are FEEDING this NARRATIVE many movies have WHITE LADY with BLACK MAN what kind of PROPAGANDA is happening in the WORLD 🌎 👀

  • Ian Genuine
    Ian Genuine 18 часов назад

    Thought it was will Smith...not papa doc

  • Colin Chicoine
    Colin Chicoine 18 часов назад

    Yea propaganda!

  • Moe Money
    Moe Money 18 часов назад

    I totally thought this was going to be a Netflix Hancock series.

  • Louis Penn
    Louis Penn 19 часов назад

    Earth is already toxic af, just need to change the air now

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 19 часов назад

    LOL already the trailer reveals that she gives up trying to stay on Earth and then they have to race to the last shuttle. What a copout

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 19 часов назад

    Yes, when Earth is abandoned, the people staying behind won't be old codgers who don't wanna leave or scientists trying to still find a way to save things, but one teenage girl.
    Man I hate young adult novels made TV shows/movies

  • Miracle wright
    Miracle wright 19 часов назад

    This is basically the show “The 100” in movie form lol seems like it’s gonna be good

    QUENTIN30 CDUB 20 часов назад

    "everybody's got a gimmick theses day"

  • noax
    noax 20 часов назад

    oh thats the girl from the shitty death note movie.

  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez 20 часов назад

    How was it before?
    I was a black man in a country called Amerikkka. The police and the government wanted us DEAD. For being to close to little white girls like you.

  • Elijah Vivio
    Elijah Vivio 21 час назад

    Im sorry, IO, IO? The most hostile moon to life in our solar system?

  • gary James
    gary James 21 час назад

    I farted

  • Gawghels
    Gawghels 21 час назад

    They should go on a Friday to get Whisper of the Worm...

  • Glen Bisbee
    Glen Bisbee 22 часа назад

    Isn't io from destiny 2

  • Distant Signal
    Distant Signal 22 часа назад

    At this point, the "humanity is destroying Earth" has become a boring trope like nuclear winter in the1980's, but I'll watch it because I love post apocalyptic settings. Damn you, Netflix for sucking me back in!

  • Azrul Tarmizi
    Azrul Tarmizi 23 часа назад

    January 18??? People are gonna watch Punisher at that time

  • Zerostar369
    Zerostar369 23 часа назад

    All the racists see is an interracial sex scene. God forbid they are just two regular people. Who the hell here chose what race they are?

  • Brian Schaeffer
    Brian Schaeffer День назад

    Anyone else getting annoyed by this interracial agenda their constantly pushing? Like why not have a black couple or latino or even white idgaf I'm just sick and tired of them constantly trying to push this interracial agenda everyone the world will not certainly be one color one day and that's a fact lol so quit the shit Netflix and everyone else involved in this agenda

  • IIWelshGrimreaperII
    IIWelshGrimreaperII День назад


  • Eman M
    Eman M День назад

    Why do all these tragedies start in America or are focused in America, the damn country is so desperate to be victimised haha

  • Zagaro Diarra
    Zagaro Diarra День назад


    MAN WOLF День назад

    More race mixing propaganda from the Jews down at Netflix

  • Dave Clarke
    Dave Clarke День назад

    Passengers 2???

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool День назад

    We probably won't even see IO until the very last scene for two min lol.

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor День назад +1

    It’s rewind time

  • Marc Bedragare
    Marc Bedragare День назад

    Call me nuts, but I think a movie about Io would be more interesting than a movie about trying to get to where you can try to get to Io.

  • Isobel Shaw
    Isobel Shaw День назад

    This is just a spin on The Martian but using a woman, Earth etc

  • Sweet Cheeks
    Sweet Cheeks День назад

    Let me guess. Another Hollywood movie that has a Black man fucking a white woman. So predictable

  • peter tuann
    peter tuann День назад

    Dumb idea, get off planet earth and live in O'Neil cylinders, much better than Io.

  • Ed D
    Ed D День назад

    People complaining about the interracial's Anthony fucking Mackie. He's a decent actor and does great non mainstream stuff like this movie. I'm actually more upset that he's kind of typecast as the black guy in an interracial relationship. I don't think they've ever paired him with a black woman...

  • J Martinez
    J Martinez День назад

    Leaders of the free world!

  • TheCEODon
    TheCEODon День назад

    Except wildlife will thrive especially vegetation once humans are gone and left all the co2 and increased average global temps.

  • T6Wiehl
    T6Wiehl День назад

    Earth so toxic because of summit

  • Alex
    Alex День назад

    Earth is already toxic. Its called the internet.

  • Ready Set Terrible
    Ready Set Terrible День назад

    Im just gonna enjoy the show..... hows that for being a rebel . fuck yeah !

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial День назад

    Hey same day Glass is in theaters

  • Phoumy Sit
    Phoumy Sit День назад

    Will Smith is awful in this.

  • Jax Ace
    Jax Ace День назад

    I’m just here for Anthony Mackie

  • Jerik Apuli
    Jerik Apuli День назад

    Is this gona be a a movie or a series

  • SCruz Andrew
    SCruz Andrew День назад

    Yup, another Netflix production with 2 actors and green screen... expect as just much entertainment.

  • G Money
    G Money День назад

    Black Man Good Orange Man Bad. Netflix and it’s PC pro-pedophilia agenda. “I wanted to be a teacher”....but the rich white man fucked it all up for me. No need to blame the yellow or brown man.

  • walkablewinner100
    walkablewinner100 День назад

    This guys a astronaut His real names Clarence

  • Kako Karma
    Kako Karma День назад

    can you imagine youre the only survivor seeking for other life and suddenly from some flying crap falls out a black guy (probably he had stolen that thing before).... so sad

  • Big Bang Duke
    Big Bang Duke День назад

    why do we always need to travel to some other worst and crappy place. Toxic or not, Earth looks way more nicer than Io and its sulfuric volcanoes. Someone, somewhere wrote another poor script with the cookie cutter generic sci-fi "if anyone can hear this, Im still alive" crap. If only Netflix would allow for more audacity...

  • Drew Jennings
    Drew Jennings День назад

    Alot of post apostolic movies coming from netflix

  • Allesandro Martinez
    Allesandro Martinez День назад

    Papa doc really turned his life around

  • john smith
    john smith День назад

    the world that once we called home appears that turn against us! lol no mfucker we fuck it!!

  • Native2087
    Native2087 День назад

    Y'all let me down wit Birdbox, I'll pass lol

  • James Vasquez
    James Vasquez День назад

    Ok. #Netflix is into #interracial couples, but one in particular:
    1.- Birbox : white woman - black man
    2.- IO: white woman - black man
    3.- Little Boxes: white woman - black man
    4.- The After Party: white woman - black man

    I double dare you #Netflix to make a movie with a
    White man with a Black Woman or a white woman with White man

  • Olokunful
    Olokunful День назад

    The poster looks like its a Direct to DVD movie...Oh. Nevermind

  • PePe MeMe
    PePe MeMe День назад

    In the future earth will be toxic, sorry to break it to you sweetheart but it’s already toxic.

  • NoneOffUrProblem
    NoneOffUrProblem День назад

    Poor Asher Mir, he now is getting invaded by noobs

  • Odd One
    Odd One День назад

    Why is Netflix having beastiality in their movies? Disgusting and degenerate.

  • caleb m
    caleb m День назад

    If I controlled rewind... oh wait wrong video

  • Joe Hendrix
    Joe Hendrix День назад

    I am legend..only, not exciting

    METTY SAMA День назад

    Eh Idk, like it looks freaken cool and the idea though kind of done before in a way (iamlegend) but i have an open mind but the girl just looks boring like her delivery is just meh same with the guy, maybe its the script??? Idk but i want to like this movie lets hope they have better delivery in the actual film.

  • TheDrAmazin
    TheDrAmazin День назад

    Is this not a remake?

  • Sirisak Yonaree
    Sirisak Yonaree День назад

    Metro IO

  • Alien X
    Alien X День назад

    This is wrong falcon has become dust then how is this possible

    Spoiler:All dead hero's will come back😂

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever День назад

    Flashpoint : IO

  • DayTripper
    DayTripper День назад

    Is that Hawk guy?

  • Alien X
    Alien X День назад

    1.4Kdislikes Tom Holland fans😂

  • truth be damned
    truth be damned День назад

    First Bird Box, now this? I just canceled my Netflix account...

  • atomicturist
    atomicturist День назад

    You at Netflix DO REALIZE that IO is: 1 Devoid of significant gravity, 2. Devoid of radiation protection, 3. In Jupiter's radiation belt, 4 MOTHERFUCKIN' TOXIC :)

  • armada2390
    armada2390 День назад

    So....they won't need a suit or oxygen in IO?

  • Jozef Leonor
    Jozef Leonor День назад

    so... the division and death stranding became a movie

  • Raúl Villanueva
    Raúl Villanueva День назад

    That looks awesome

  • Torin Shields
    Torin Shields День назад

    Cabal again?!?
    That noise making, ground breaking, concentration shattering machinery.

  • Noah WouldntYouLikeToKnow
    Noah WouldntYouLikeToKnow День назад

    Watch out for the Vex

  • Radical Greek Beard 2
    Radical Greek Beard 2 День назад

    Lowest IQ pairing

  • Niggasdontdiewex
    Niggasdontdiewex День назад

    The earth is already toxic... Been toxic since the white people came

  • T100 Germinator
    T100 Germinator День назад

    The yin and yang

  • mattyy101
    mattyy101 День назад

    No white men again

  • jack flash
    jack flash День назад

    Why does this look REALLY boring?

  • Mikhail Angela
    Mikhail Angela День назад

    I was kinda more looking forward to survival genres not really romance

  • Emeraldfusion 4
    Emeraldfusion 4 День назад

    So this is the universe falcon snapped too. Wonder where the others went🧐

  • Jakey Jake
    Jakey Jake День назад

    Like the planet from destiny?

  • Nickita Wint
    Nickita Wint День назад

    Put some respect on Anthony Mackie’s name ! Always trying to put black actors in the same boat, stop it. As if him and will smith can’t coexist within the same space.

    MARSHMILO День назад

    Another generic post apocalypse yawn fest

  • Dirty Slav
    Dirty Slav День назад

    Venus would be a better place for escapism

  • Dbx125
    Dbx125 День назад

    Why does it seem like 70% of Netflix original movies are about post-apocalyptic worlds?

  • archmad
    archmad День назад

    Dont let the black man die

  • Benjamin Keslar
    Benjamin Keslar День назад

    Io offers no real advantage over Luna, Mars, Europa, Enceladus, Titan, or Venus/Earth’s upper atmosphere in the described situation.

  • Nazer Ansari
    Nazer Ansari День назад +1

    I really want this to be good!

  • Marcus Rodrigues
    Marcus Rodrigues День назад

    Why would they put shit into the trailer like “they moved the launch site” well fuck now the damn movies spoiled

  • Noble713
    Noble713 День назад

    Blacked: Fallout Edition

  • whyisblue923taken
    whyisblue923taken День назад +1

    He wanted to be a teacher because of Cranbrook... That's a private school!

  • Marcus Fenix
    Marcus Fenix День назад

    I legit thought the movie’s title was 10. Lol

  • Angry Beard Man
    Angry Beard Man День назад

    This is some shitty acting.

  • Dshim
    Dshim День назад +1

    every time i see these premises here it's last two people or two people needing to survive together, what would happen if either characters were not charismatic or handsome as these actors, and were instead pretty darn ugly. would the romance that always comes up in theses stories still happen?