I Hope Google Doesn’t Ban Us... - Abusing Unlimited Google Drive

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
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Comments • 9 525

  • Flash Diamond
    Flash Diamond Day ago

    4:13 :D at the bottom right

  • Rewan Watti
    Rewan Watti Day ago +2

    Does anyone have an update whether google really banned them or not?

  • bomba clat
    bomba clat Day ago +1

    What's up with the audio?

  • Emanuel de Sousa

    It begs the question was the onsite peta bite storage really required?

  • Mohammed Kouta
    Mohammed Kouta 2 days ago

    Just insure your unused videos, probably way cheaper.

  • HedgeHog
    HedgeHog 2 days ago

    2:54 Canadian rubles

  • Madusha
    Madusha 2 days ago

    The google drive for my university email says it's unlimited😂 should check😂

    • Zynx · β
      Zynx · β 17 hours ago

      Thanks for reminding, never get back to school account after i graduated lol

  • 虾兵蟹将Shrimp&Crab

    If you’re a student or alumni, I’ve got great news for you: you can get unlimited Google Drive storage, for free. If you are not a student now,I have a new method to get a free .edu email for you.Realy?See my channel and video.100% working and easy!

  • kei118
    kei118 2 days ago

    Yeah, AWS just lost one of my server volume and they are supposedly not recoverable.

  • Terry Creamer
    Terry Creamer 3 days ago

    FYI, after watching this gave it a shot to back up around 40gb of files. Got a little over 1mbps upload speeds. When chatting with support about the upload speed they said, "what happens is that due to the scanning process Google Drive does to the videos before uploading them completely at a normal speed, we don't really have a way to speed up the process. For now the only option will be to wait until it finishes." I figured I could get faster speeds since in this video you guys hit a 750gb upload cap in a day. Maybe that was true a year ago. It would take 8 days to hit that upload cap now at the speeds I was getting, if my math is right.

  • Species1571
    Species1571 5 days ago

    That's what we need, giving Google MORE of our stuff.

  • John L
    John L 7 days ago

    Don't frock it up for the rest of us buddy boy (Linus)! This is exactly why Microsoft dropped the unlimited plan they once offered.

  • The Unboxing Experience

    Or set up your own education institution and get G suite for education for free with unlimited data storage

  • darth chicken
    darth chicken 8 days ago

    Did he just say it only costs 5 to 7 thousand dollars

  • Sonic Roshan
    Sonic Roshan 8 days ago

    Why not just upload it to RU-clip

  • Amanda Capsicum
    Amanda Capsicum 9 days ago +92

    Encode all your data into QR codes then upload them to Google Photos.

  • Richard Dougherty
    Richard Dougherty 10 days ago

    They are abusers, so they need a lot of their own medicine. Goose Gander

  • M. H.
    M. H. 11 days ago

    try this in germany because of the privacy policy. LOL backup data to the USA NOPE

  • Bamwich
    Bamwich 11 days ago

    hold up.. was the fire in the office footage fake? if not, which vid was it?

    • K9
      K9 2 days ago

      That was fake making fun of the people saying the insulation was flammable

  • PoopMan
    PoopMan 11 days ago

    Just create a shortcut on an other server. It's heavily compressed to a few kb and is fast af

  • Mark Atherstone
    Mark Atherstone 11 days ago

    I use a free solution called RU-clip and then I can use something called "Google Takeout" to download the original file - It's totally unlimited with just two drawbacks

    1) You have to wait for your zipped archive to be ready to download
    2) Either all my uploaded data comes to less than 50GB OR the maximum archive size is 50GB - So whilst it's no good for Linus (unless he wants to download 14,000 50GB ZIP files) it might be good for other people who need to backup video files

  • Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    you paid anyways

  • memo ,
    memo , 11 days ago +4

    I download few GBs in hours and i'm okay with it
    He uploads 20 TBs in hours and thinks it's slow

  • DespicableContent
    DespicableContent 12 days ago

    Hey Linus why Don't you build your backup data sarver in another place like outside of your office or your home or make a small safe house to just save the data on your own sarver it will cost you less you do the math

  • hellsburn oner
    hellsburn oner 12 days ago

    linus can you show us how to fix ram shared memory to video memory. my ram is 12gb and 8gb ram is usuable. the 4gb ram is video shared memory. how can i disable shared memory to have the full 12gb ram.
    my specs

    rx 480 4gb
    12 gb ram
    gigabyte b350 gaming 3

    • K9
      K9 2 days ago

      No it isn't, that other 4gb is most likely in use already, video ram is separate from normal ram on a desktop PC

  • anonymous
    anonymous 12 days ago

    zettabyte incoming

  • anonymous
    anonymous 12 days ago


  • the flava bean
    the flava bean 13 days ago +1

    "converted to canadian rubles" is the funniest thing I've heard you say so far

  • krisnrg
    krisnrg 13 days ago

    So when the price of Google drive goes up we know who to blame.

  • DrinkDaCoffee
    DrinkDaCoffee 13 days ago +2

    Linus : NOOOOOO WHY ONLY 800TB per second download speed

    Me : Manages to live with 3 bytes per hour download

  • K4yr4h
    K4yr4h 14 days ago

    i just stuffed 85gb into my 10gb freespace by sync. dunno how that worked lol

  • Daniel Stefanov
    Daniel Stefanov 14 days ago

    That "CAN'T INSTALL UPDATES" at the very end, lol :D

  • Shenzard
    Shenzard 14 days ago

    Ihave 1mbps

  • Stephen Gibb
    Stephen Gibb 14 days ago

    You do realize that youtube keeps the original files? you upload and you can request to download them.
    I am not sure what purpose there is to backing up content to which is already on the cloud ie youtube.

    • J l
      J l 10 days ago

      Because it gets compessed, it isnt really thd original file

  • PC Fantom
    PC Fantom 14 days ago

    So are you banned?

  • Agabus Gborglah
    Agabus Gborglah 14 days ago

    I just love the way he correct the comment at 4:17 and wrote see me in class

  • Latinozz
    Latinozz 14 days ago

    Abusing of google

  • pras 92
    pras 92 14 days ago

    Video starts at 6:19

  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel Pierce 14 days ago

    They are so proud of themselves...

    CRISPI_SHOTS 14 days ago

    Old but ting isn’t worth it for everyone. My bill would’ve been 154$ compared to Verizon 50$ for unlimited talk and text plus 15 GB of data

  • SawyerBx
    SawyerBx 15 days ago

    “Only costs about 5 to 7k dollards”

  • Metalcore Guitarist
    Metalcore Guitarist 15 days ago

    All us fans could just allocate 25 gb on hard disks or ssds and create our own cloud

  • Nickolas Abbott
    Nickolas Abbott 15 days ago

    You work for Google

  • EoTic 225
    EoTic 225 15 days ago

    you can make more of these storage accounts section off your data and upload it quicker if you wanted to

  • Rasty Suly
    Rasty Suly 15 days ago

    You must been threatened by aliens 👽

  • Leonardo Santos
    Leonardo Santos 16 days ago

    This was the best video that I’ve ever seen in Linus Tech. Congratulations! Keep doing it...

  • rat
    rat 16 days ago

    google account gets 15Gb of free drive, so you just need new acc when you rung out of space

    REDDI KANAKA RAJU 16 days ago +1

    what is your name Sir? You are crazy and very funny

  • HM
    HM 16 days ago

    After watching this video I questioned their live decisions and i asked myself do they know how to work on a pc
    I have a better title for this vid
    Noobs figure out how to use a pc to store their shit

  • P
    P 16 days ago +1

    ......why the fuck does this man need so much storage?

  • Nicholas Decker
    Nicholas Decker 17 days ago +1

    Who’s seeing this a year late and NEEDS a follow up?...

  • XS Smoke
    XS Smoke 18 days ago +1

    Think about still having a dial-up connection and downloading all that data

  • EnderCrypt
    EnderCrypt 18 days ago +1

    whoever suggested to use cloud storage.. does not know how money or tech works

    using cloud storage only makes sense for storing small amounts of data for shorter periods of times
    to store large amounts you want to setup your own storage

    it'd be like renting a car for years instead of just buying one
    renting/leasing whatever only makes sense in small quantities when you have no other options

  • Combustion Propulsion
    Combustion Propulsion 18 days ago

    Our school district gives us free unlimited Google drive storage space, which is pretty cool if I'm not gonna lie.

  • Adikara Dwi Atmaja
    Adikara Dwi Atmaja 18 days ago

    How is the data now? is it gone?

  • Gordon Lang
    Gordon Lang 19 days ago

    dry snitchin ass

  • Georgios Zachariadis
    Georgios Zachariadis 19 days ago

    I am pretty sure they would love your data being given to them for free. Plus Google Drive has an awesome OCR and indexing. I had multiple receipts that I had scanned and had my printer automatically name them like "scan_001", "scan_002" etc. and using keywords, I was able to find them in seconds. I don't know about you but that's a useful feature for 0.79 per month.

  • Amon Farkas
    Amon Farkas 19 days ago

    *linus and jake outsmart google with several users*
    google with its upload limit: am i a joke to you?

  • NIZS zen
    NIZS zen 19 days ago

    What speaker do you use

  • Aaron Rajadurai
    Aaron Rajadurai 20 days ago

    4:18 legit 🤣🤣🤣🤣