Oracle - SQL - Introduction

  • Published on Feb 2, 2018
  • Oracle - SQL - Introduction
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    Lecture By: Mr. Anadi Sharma, Tutorials Point India Private Limited.

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  • Kaushal Mandrekar
    Kaushal Mandrekar 7 days ago

    I really don't think this guy owes any appreciation for his teaching skills...he is more a showman...

  • Lovejit Singh
    Lovejit Singh 20 days ago

    This course is a big yes for the people who want to pioneer in all aspects of Oracle Version. It is a very detailed and up to date course.

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    Xena Zak Month ago

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  • rc popat
    rc popat 3 months ago

    case vs decode - 5 Major Differences

  • gerald ndegwa
    gerald ndegwa 3 months ago

    thank you mr Anadi for making understand the basics of oracle sql

  • anurag singh
    anurag singh 4 months ago

    DML Error Logging

  • Amirietty Srinivas
    Amirietty Srinivas 4 months ago

    thank you sir i dont know your name after long back once again i listened oracle thamking you sir video and your explaination very good sir.

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    BestVacuum ForPets 5 months ago

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  • teklehaimanot atikilt
    teklehaimanot atikilt 5 months ago

    i am using oracle 11g and my country language is Amharic (Ethiopia country language) when i try to store Amharic laguage into NVARCHAR2 column name column of employee table and when i try to select the data i stored it displays question mark so how i can i make oracle support this.

  • Anurag Pathak Official
    Anurag Pathak Official 6 months ago

    hi i know u..ap kuch time pahle noida sec 55 me rahte they m i right?

  • teklehaimanot atikilt
    teklehaimanot atikilt 6 months ago

    how to make oracle database support amharic language?

  • Ravikant Baluni
    Ravikant Baluni 6 months ago

    Great efforts. Thanks for the information provided.

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 8 months ago

    RU-clip comments are full of amusements sometimes....

  • Syeda raabia bano
    Syeda raabia bano 8 months ago

    Jo angrez houngy na wo apki video nhi dekhen gay. Agr dekhen gay tw hindi bolny waly he dekhen gay. Tw agr aap hindi me smjha dete tw help milti bht

  • Good heart
    Good heart 9 months ago +1

    Hello Oracle Gurus!
    Please assist me with your advice.
    I have been developing on 6i ever since I got to know oracle. Most of my clients have everything installed ( Databases,Forms etc) on their laptops. And of recently I upgraded from database 10g,11gR2 and now 12C. The OS is Window 7 and 10.
    I real see the need to also upgrade from developer 6i to newer supported versions. I decided to recently successfully install and configure Oracle 12c database,Weblogic,and forms and reports 12 .
    My problem is,Since all of my clients run the programs from their laptops(Not connected to the server)
    and put in mind all the processes of starting (Weblogic,Nodemanger,Form and report server ) from a laptop everyday....Would it make my clients Happy?
    What are the consequences to my client's of keep running my developer 6i ?
    Has Oracle not thought of where they come from......(Stand alone laptop based solution?????)

  • Ankur Singh Mehra
    Ankur Singh Mehra 9 months ago

    hindi mein padhao

  • Tania Cardona
    Tania Cardona 11 months ago +4

    Hi, thank you for the video, your pronunciation is perfect. I am understanding what database is. Thank you. Have a nice day
    Regards from Mty Mexico

  • Vineet Sansi
    Vineet Sansi 11 months ago

    Hi, can you share some videos or link for converting 1000's or lacs of transaction data into aggregated column forms of data ( for e.g customers data in banks/ loans or eCommerce). Also how to link queries when pulling data from multiple data bases and combining them. Thanks !!


    Great effort with clear visuals

  • matrix iraq
    matrix iraq Year ago

    that is cool

  • Manar Almutairi
    Manar Almutairi Year ago

    very helpful thank you so much

  • Raja sharma
    Raja sharma Year ago

    sir can you teach me oracle i want need sir plz sir its humble request sir

  • Sanjit Saha
    Sanjit Saha Year ago +2


  • sree kanth
    sree kanth Year ago

    Sir what is data integration?

  • Rashwin Cls
    Rashwin Cls Year ago +4

    This channel deserves a millions of subscribers😁😁

  • Raj Man
    Raj Man Year ago

    u r a good techer

  • durga mounika
    durga mounika Year ago

    how to take backup??? Can u please help me...............

  • Shaheen Shaikh
    Shaheen Shaikh Year ago

    How to delete last row from a table where last row consist of all null values

  • shruti singh
    shruti singh Year ago

    Can you please help me with MySql videos?
    i am not able to find

  • Arman Shaikh
    Arman Shaikh Year ago

    Very beautiful

  • kulwa bwire
    kulwa bwire Year ago

    Sir I. Will Master data base through you

  • BossySmaxx Hex
    BossySmaxx Hex Year ago

    is this the REAL CHANNEL made by Tutorials Point Webisite Developers

  • kiran badgujar
    kiran badgujar Year ago


  • Ravi J
    Ravi J Year ago +3

    I like your pronunciation