Game Of Thrones: Why Arya Stark Is The Show's Biggest Badass

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • Game Of Thrones Season 8 Is Here And Winter Has Ended
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    Things are really picking up in the world of Game Of Thrones. With only a mere handful of episodes left before the show finishes things off for good, the show is wrapping things up after years of build-up. After eight seasons of teasing a showdown with the Night King, we finally got what we were waiting for.
    If you aren’t up to date with the show, then this is not the video for you. Be warned, because it definitely features some spoilers. As it turns out, Arya Stark accomplishes what Jon Snow, a fire breathing dragon, and multiple armies couldn’t do; eliminate the Night King and therefore destroy his entire army.
    While it may have been a shocking moment, anyone surprised by Arya Stark should think again. This girl has been consistently proving herself since the show’s beginning. There have been numerous key moments that helped transform her from the sweet, ambitious girl we knew in season one to the stone cold assassin we know and love today. This is Everything That Led Up To Arya Stark’s Ending The Night King.
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Comments • 75

  • TheBinger
    TheBinger  Month ago +2

    What is your favorite Arya moment?!

    • Bex Ryder
      Bex Ryder Month ago

      When she names her sword 💜

    • Macadu
      Macadu Month ago +3

      Killing Walder Frey

  • benjamminmore
    benjamminmore Month ago

    wait, the Night King was made of glass?

  • Crystal Randolph
    Crystal Randolph Month ago

    It's Bran not Bronn. Listening to this about drove me crazy!

  • Can't Wait
    Can't Wait Month ago

    I think you've been laughed off You Tube junior

  • Voltron 1981
    Voltron 1981 Month ago

    Because Plot Armor.... that's why

  • pmontidel
    pmontidel Month ago

    Who's Bron?? Is he like the new Ong??

  • pecosROB
    pecosROB Month ago

    "explodes into a million shards of glass" I think y'all meant ice there, buddy. :-)

  • john e Lawler
    john e Lawler Month ago +1

    I think her biggest influence was the Hound

  • Bex Ryder
    Bex Ryder Month ago

    I can't even Needard smdh !

  • People Kind
    People Kind Month ago

    The writers fooked up hard in episode 3. 8 seasons basically for the most anti climatic moment in HBO history

  • Blake Force
    Blake Force Month ago

    a million shards of glass?
    come on man

  • Askoto 808
    Askoto 808 Month ago

    Game of feminist theory, a 100 lbs girl is a badass.... right my ability to suspend reality is completely gone.

  • jerry mitchell
    jerry mitchell Month ago

    It is almost as he is reading a script and has never seen the show

  • Vort
    Vort Month ago

    Another shitty channel trying to get some subs on s08,propably watch all seasons 2 weeks ago

  • Loki
    Loki Month ago

    Nah Why Arya is the biggest Ass

  • EXMORr
    EXMORr Month ago

    When I Watched Arya Kill The Night King He Didn't Stop Her Even Though He Could Have . He Looked Down as She Was Going to Stab Him and I Thought He Was Looking at The Knife But I Think He Was Transferring His Essence to Her Newly Forming Festus of Which He Would Have Realized The Second He Touched Her !!

  • LilRedDog
    LilRedDog Month ago

    “The Night King immediately explodes in into a million shards of GLASS”?

  • MooreCEJr
    MooreCEJr Month ago

    Missed The way she appeared to kill the night king is the same way she snuck in on Bran in earlier season... undetected.

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen Month ago

    Arya will kill Jon snow Brown eyes and denarius green eyes

  • Kevin Koons
    Kevin Koons Month ago

    Maybe you should actually watch the show? Instead of just reading cliffs notes

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B Month ago

    Harynhall not Casterly Rock.
    Yes I'm sure those are misspelled.

  • NerdGirl72
    NerdGirl72 Month ago +5

    Bronn was Tyrions sell sword! Bran as in Bran-don Stark.

  • Taav Jorden
    Taav Jorden Month ago

    Well, Vader killed Luke's father from a certain point of view too. Br(ann) v Br(onn) etc. Keep the vids coming, just "get good."

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius Month ago

    "No one" took down the NK. Therefore, he was never destroyed.

  • Alan Land
    Alan Land Month ago

    Question is, was this really planned from the beginning, or did it evolve along with Maisie's audience popularity?

    • Deanna Atkinson
      Deanna Atkinson Month ago

      Alan Land that’s, basically, what I said. I don’t know if they had one plan for the first seven years and then changed to Arya. Or, if they let things evolve organically for the first seven years and then saw certain qualities in Maisie that led to them deciding she would kill him.

    • Alan Land
      Alan Land Month ago

      @Deanna Atkinson Three years is not 10 years, so it sounds like it "evolved" rather than planned from the beginning.

    • Deanna Atkinson
      Deanna Atkinson Month ago

      Alan Land the show runners have stated they knew Arya was going to kill the NK for at least three years. I would imagine it may have been due to Maisie proving herself an amazing and talented actor.

  • Fran Thomas
    Fran Thomas Month ago


  • Louise F.
    Louise F. Month ago +2

    Lots of mistakes such as its "Walder" not "Walter" and they are at Harrenhal, not Casterly Rock- someone needs to edit scrip and redo this

  • Melissa Moreau
    Melissa Moreau Month ago

    How can you be doing this video and not know how to pronounce Bran‘s name?

  • Lou Woo
    Lou Woo Month ago

    I can look past most of these names being said incorrectly. I'm just glad you didn't call Gendry "gentry".

  • Rachel Kinsley
    Rachel Kinsley Month ago

    Gendry is not royalty according to the laws of Westeros. He must be legitimized by a monarch

    • HB
      HB Month ago

      He was yesterday lol

  • Clever Banana
    Clever Banana Month ago +1

    Gremlins..... hahahahaha

  • AgilityMalamute
    AgilityMalamute Month ago +1

    Lol... Bronn😆

  • M R
    M R Month ago +2

    Two things: it’s Walder, not Walter, and the NK exploded into shards of ice, not glass. 😊👍

  • Sadistic Senpai
    Sadistic Senpai Month ago

    More like "forced down my throat" as the biggest badass on the show.

  • f s
    f s Month ago


  • Naterra
    Naterra Month ago

    The little Gremlins🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Generation Retro
    Generation Retro Month ago +1

    Its BRAN not Bronn this guy hasn't watched the show obviously HUGE FAIL!!!

  • Subterranean Homesick Alien

    Gremlins, her brother Bronn, Neddard I just can't excuse me while I 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I once wrote a book report where I didn't even bother to read the book. My teacher clearly knew now I know what she felt like at that moment..

  • Sister Mary Redundant

    Agree with @Elena Davis !!! It’s *Brandon* Stark, not Brondon Stark. *Bran* not Bron. There’s already a *Bronn* and he’s the sellsword. Also agree, *Walder* Frey, not Walter.
    *Children of the Forest* are Gemlins??? And Arya stabbed the Night King in the chest/heart, genius!!! *NOT* the freakin’ *abdomen* !!! Get you act together!!! It’s like you slept thru the whole series. You *aren’t paying attention* but you think you’re qualified to make informative videos??? 👎 *Epic Fail*

  • Fred Bates
    Fred Bates Month ago +6

    And they aren't gremlins Iv really gone off this channel. The guy clearly does not watch the show or lacks the complexity to understand it if he has

  • Fred Bates
    Fred Bates Month ago +1

    She doesn't meet up with BRon does she have you even watched the show?

  • Fred Bates
    Fred Bates Month ago +3

    Sorry I hate to be one of those people that call people up on little details but it's bran not bron bronn is the sale sword. Bran is the three eyed raven.

    • crinbob
      crinbob Month ago

      Sorry, I hate to be that guy but, it’s Bran, not bran. Proper nouns should be capitalised. And it’s sell-sword, not sale sword.

  • Anna Whitesell
    Anna Whitesell Month ago +5

    I guess the research did not include how to pronounce the characters' names? Ugh!

  • William Bradshaw
    William Bradshaw Month ago +8

    Does this guy even watch Game of Thrones?

  • OBITO Uchiiha
    OBITO Uchiiha Month ago +3

    Walter frey 😂😂😂

  • dan kay
    dan kay Month ago +5

    Terrible natation. Has the guy even read / seen got?
    Walter Frey?
    Bran instead of bran...?!

    • crinbob
      crinbob Month ago +3

      He pronounced the names wrong. He didn’t notice. Much like you didn’t notice the words that were autocorrected before you posted your comment.

    • dan kay
      dan kay Month ago

      @crinbob mine are cos of autocorrect. I wonder what his excuse is?

    • crinbob
      crinbob Month ago +1

      He made mistakes. A bit like you did.

  • satanicsupersoldier
    satanicsupersoldier Month ago +1


  • Chemed Dorji
    Chemed Dorji Month ago +23

    Neddard? It’s Eddard. 😁

  • Pat Samuelson
    Pat Samuelson Month ago +16

    Sigh, if you can't properly pronounce the names you really shouldn't be narrating.

  • Tari Stoudermire
    Tari Stoudermire Month ago +5

    Little fingers had green eyes sooooo?

  • Debbie Verret
    Debbie Verret Month ago +7

    Arya Stark has never been sweet or innocent, but methodic, the cat if the canals and an assassin

  • Elena Davis
    Elena Davis Month ago +67

    The name pronunciations are KILLING ME.
    Watch the show, dude.
    Bronn and Bran aren’t the same person, Walder Frey is not a Walter.
    And the children aren’t gremlins....

    • Tera Cuda
      Tera Cuda Month ago +1

      You all have stated my sentiments as well. Bran is short for Brandon so it's not Bron, the children aren't gremlins, Ned is aka Eddard, it was Harrenhal not Casterly Rock, etc. This guy better do his homework before he narrates another video.

    • Nicky England
      Nicky England Month ago +1

      He's obviously not seen it himself or he would definitely know the names

    • Alonzo, life in wifi
      Alonzo, life in wifi Month ago +1

      I think the "narrator" is used for his voice, not his knowledge...which is non-existent.

    • Prowl76
      Prowl76 Month ago +1

      And its either Ned or Eddard, not Neddard.

    • Amanda B
      Amanda B Month ago

      And she meets Ja'qen at Harynhall (or technically on the king's road) not Casterly Rock!
      Yes I'm sure those are misspelled but damn.

  • Jennifer Stern
    Jennifer Stern Month ago +19

    Bran and Bronn are different people.

  • Danny Lam
    Danny Lam Month ago +5

    Should have said "until a girl with no name" took down the NK

  • Deadghost2317
    Deadghost2317 Month ago +23

    Have you actually watched the show before?

  • jjp380
    jjp380 Month ago

    Not a neat title.. it contains spoilers !

    • Martin Battilana
      Martin Battilana Month ago

      You must assume all videos about GoT contain spoilers.