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If People Had Soundtracks in Real Life.

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • Imagine if people always had musicians playing music according to their real life circumstances and emotions. @Rob Landes
    It was so much fun working with Rob Landes on this! Check out his youtube channel! ru-clip.com/user/RobLandes
    Watch bloopers from the Mario scene here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahIR4...
    Watch behind the scenes from the shower scene here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXEba...
    My other socials and more: linktr.ee/DanielLaBelle
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Daniel LaBelle
    Daniel LaBelle  10 months ago +21624

    What other real life scenarios would be funny to put a soundtrack to?

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 10 months ago +17477

    The violinist is an amazing multitasker

    • APS۔CAFE
      APS۔CAFE Month ago

      The voilensit has channel ، i forgot name of his channel

    • 建人建智
      建人建智 3 months ago

      Yes, I saw some of his video too.

    • crew
      crew 3 months ago

      The violinist is named rob landes

    • Private Ducky
      Private Ducky 3 months ago

      The end tho bruh he has seen some things

    • Pur fl
      Pur fl 3 months ago

      Good old Rob Landes

  • Kimberly Everett
    Kimberly Everett 2 months ago +153

    I love the Nintendo part. That sound took me back.

    • Moises Penaranda
      Moises Penaranda 19 days ago

      I already have the Nintendo switch now I'm going to buy the Nintendo Entertainment System

    • Moises Penaranda
      Moises Penaranda 19 days ago

      Excuse me so is it the Nintendo switch or the Nintendo Entertainment System because I don't have it so I think my dad will buy it

    • Solar man
      Solar man Month ago +1

      Same dude I love nintendo I have a switch and a nes classic

  • mannybianco
    mannybianco 3 months ago +150

    Oh man I was literally pointing at the screen yelling "Oh, oh, oh! Honey it's that musician guy from the omegle videos!" to my wife when this short stared playing. lol, I love collabs like this. Great video, both of you!

  • citylily
    citylily 23 days ago +3

    From the first few notes of Peer Gynt's Morning, this officially became my favourite! Props to the violinist! ♥️ 🎼🎵🎻

  • Adam the space nerd
    Adam the space nerd 2 months ago +5

    Can't we just appreciate how the musician runs behind him while still playing normally?

  • Rob Landes
    Rob Landes 10 months ago +7060

    1000 points if you can name every song played here

    • Túrin turambar
      Túrin turambar 6 days ago

      Something such as, "dance of the bees" for the second

    • Shannon Balogh
      Shannon Balogh Month ago

      The last on is in bambie loved it

    • Beleg
      Beleg Month ago

      @tyv I was hoping someone would finally give the correct names for those!

    • Jade's piano
      Jade's piano Month ago

      Morning Mood by Grieg then Flight of the bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov then i dont know the third one then mario theme then darude then dont know last one

    • lovely lip bones ouwwwwww wolvres.
  • Gtboy Gamer
    Gtboy Gamer 3 months ago +1762

    Wait he was playing the violen in the shower with him
    Me: "___" wth

    • Anon FX
      Anon FX 22 days ago

      I'm more wondering how he can shower with his violin, you can't get that thing wet....

    • sunny
      sunny 23 days ago

      @Dishwasher theres nothing to be dirty minded abt its just weird

    • ROSEMARY Henry
      ROSEMARY Henry 25 days ago

      It is sussyer than the Minecraft maid skin

    • APS۔CAFE
      APS۔CAFE Month ago +1

      That's normal 😊

    • HybrydATP64
      HybrydATP64 Month ago

      In Halo announcer voice: “that was SUS!”

  • Glitched error 2.0
    Glitched error 2.0 2 months ago +489

    When a creep chasing him:
    [Insert spongebob running sound track]

    • j Walster
      j Walster Month ago +1

      Me: *gets startled by someone*
      The soundtrack afew seconds before that moment: *jaws theme*

    • MalachiDaBest
      MalachiDaBest Month ago

      @Dr.JagCobra that's my favorite SpongeBob song 😂

    • Cattowo_
      Cattowo_ Month ago +3

      @Dr.JagCobra what i was thinkin too 😂😂

    • Dr.JagCobra
      Dr.JagCobra 2 months ago +8

      The soundtrack your thinking of is Grass Skirt Chase

  • D P
    D P Month ago +4

    Damn he played the" flight of the bumblebee "As I know that is one of the hardest to play from the fast movements and notes if so,fabulous job I loved it!

  • CoWgUaNdA
    CoWgUaNdA 2 months ago +146

    The running part should've been the song
    "Be running up that hill"

    • Merida Skywalker
      Merida Skywalker Month ago +1

      Has anyone here been a fan of this song before it was in Stranger Things?

    • Krystel Iris de Castro
      Krystel Iris de Castro Month ago +1

      @Oaklynn vlogs yeha like theres ang lyrics with a deal with gid to swap our places so the violinist is tired of keeping up with him while playing hehe

    • Krystel Iris de Castro
      Krystel Iris de Castro Month ago

      Sang it like how i heard it in stranger things💀

    • Oaklynn vlogs
      Oaklynn vlogs Month ago +5

      @CoWgUaNdA it don’t sound right

    • CoWgUaNdA
      CoWgUaNdA Month ago

      @Oaklynn vlogs why

  • Daniel LaBelle
    Daniel LaBelle  10 months ago +3690

    Can we appreciate how impressive Rob is in this video?

  • kai kai
    kai kai 2 months ago +2

    Amazing violin playing! Loved how you added the sound effects from Mario lol

  • 🌺•TheOneVixxie•🌺

    When he came out of the shower playing “Little April shower” I felt that 😩🤚

  • Lyla Rowan
    Lyla Rowan 3 months ago +2

    Tbh, at the end, I was VERY concerned😬 about the violin's condition as a violinist myself (since violins are not meant to touch water). 😨😰😱
    Which is why I have GREAT respect😲 for the violinist's dedication😌 to this video to be willing to endanger his instrument's safety.

  • G VS
    G VS 2 months ago

    That running part is on point. I’m glad he legit tries to stay fit and athletic to pull off these scenes running around a slippery house throwing around stuff near glass and shit just to entertains us. I like the dedication he puts into these, and that’s what makes me wanna watch the new ones.

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films 10 months ago +4194

    Mario gotta be the Most impressive part! The coin sound, flawless

    • Kia Nizuki
      Kia Nizuki 3 months ago

      I’m a fan

    • Candice Long
      Candice Long 4 months ago +2

      I’ve seen a blooper reel where it took them forever to get this just right because Daniel was having difficulty with the game 🤣

    • Swarup
      Swarup 10 months ago

      Hell yeah!!

    • Crusader 007
      Crusader 007 10 months ago +2

      @Space Penguin King

  • Loo La
    Loo La Month ago

    I love how not only these are at the perfect timing but they are also iconic soundtracks

  • CreatorOfMultiversal
    CreatorOfMultiversal 2 months ago +5

    Cameraman:”finally, a worthy opponent”

  • taehyungie’s magic shop

    I would love it if I had these soundtracks on the daily ☺️

  • The Quiet Kid
    The Quiet Kid Month ago

    The words “Wait, It’s Saturday!” brought me so much relief and comfort. I instantly thought of sitting near by a window, looking at the cloudy sky, and hearing rain fall down while I have absolutely no responsibilities, even if not every Saturday is like that.

  • Bryan Hawn
    Bryan Hawn 10 months ago +21718

    Let's be honest, the violinist real talent is being able to keep up with Daniel while playing

    • Imam Fauzi
      Imam Fauzi 9 days ago

      He's Rob Landes btw, he's awesome too, check out his channel

    • sunny
      sunny 23 days ago

      @Mathis yeah im subscribed to him

    • rabbit white
      rabbit white Month ago

      @KIRA KAKASHI without getting his violin wet😂

    • APS۔CAFE
      APS۔CAFE Month ago

      @Mathis amazing information

    • APS۔CAFE
      APS۔CAFE Month ago

      Ya that's right

  • Gamer HMK 06
    Gamer HMK 06 2 months ago +22

    I know that guy, he's the man on RU-clip who's really good at playing the violin 🎻

  • Trihexian Entertainment
    Trihexian Entertainment 2 months ago +2

    I like that man’s dedication to his bit, even taking a shower in a suit all the while playing the violin

  • Axolotl_Guy
    Axolotl_Guy 2 months ago

    If we actually had soundtracks in real life just imagine how cool it would be

  • Anna 517
    Anna 517 3 months ago

    Excellent talent from the Violinist! Great job guys !

  • AustinChallenges
    AustinChallenges 10 months ago +1251

    The way he has these setup are so cool. Very unique and super good quality

  • Questor 7932
    Questor 7932 3 months ago

    The music was lovely. The concept was funny. I can relate to the part about it being Saturday. I once walked to school in very deep snow, only to find out that the school was closed due to all of the snow. I then had to turn around and walk back home ... through the deep snow.🙄😄 I was in 7th or 8th grade at the time. From an early age I always liked walking, so I did okay that day.🚶‍♀️ Back then my health was still good too. Now I get around with my rolling walker, and sometimes a pair of quad canes. It's a lot better than not having mobility aids.
    Anyway, I like these funny videos. When you are getting old, and are disabled, you need what humor you can get.

  • Wen Hua
    Wen Hua Month ago

    You heard of the Cameraman that can run and shoot films smoothly even on the run, but have you seen the Soundtrackman that has to play his musical talents while running?

  • ZX9RKiller
    ZX9RKiller Month ago +1

    Landes/LaBelle, what a genius duet 😂 I burnt at least 500 calories just by laughing the last ten minutes 😂😂

  • Daisy Chainz
    Daisy Chainz Month ago

    That violinist is amazing. Makes me want to learn how to play. He's so talented. Or just worked really freakin hard. Probably both. He's amazing.

  • Henryk Keszenowicz
    Henryk Keszenowicz 10 months ago +1754

    It's hard to run insanely fast, but even harder to do this *while* playing violin flawlessly. Bravo!

    • Bendang Akok
      Bendang Akok 5 months ago

      1.4k in 4 months. Keep going

    • StaryNight_12
      StaryNight_12 10 months ago

      @Jack Blackbeard 1k now

    • Jack Blackbeard
      Jack Blackbeard 10 months ago

      926, nearly 1k. I'm cheering up yo, c'mon....

    • hellohowareyou
      hellohowareyou 10 months ago +4

      @Prem Pundhir 649 likes now and 2 comments. I think it's fixed

    • Prem Pundhir
      Prem Pundhir 10 months ago +6

      500 likes and no comments let's fix it

  • Beegum Hashimuddin
    Beegum Hashimuddin Month ago

    Cant help but laugh. U r amazing. God bless u in keeping up this talent. Hats off to all ur videos. U help bring at least a smile across a broken life

  • 𝕀_𝕒𝕄_𝕨𝔼𝕚ℝ𝕕_🇺🇦

    When he said: “it’s Saturday”
    I wanted the violin dude to go: “bum bum bummmmmmm”

  • Victor Del Toro
    Victor Del Toro 3 months ago

    Yeah, this dude is active AF, funny, has his family involved, and has talented friends.

  • 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓚𝓲𝓽𝓚𝓪𝓽

    Imagine Daniel’s “soundtrack” violinist needs a personal day and the only person who can cover is the pianist… 😂🤣😂

    AARONIALGUYMAN 10 months ago +2392

    This man can play the violin, and he can follow Daniel at the same time. What a legend.
    Edit: Holy crap 2.2k likes that’s not what I expected but thank you

    • daripro97
      daripro97 10 months ago +1

      The violin is being played by @Rob Landes

    • 。
       10 months ago

      no love for the cameraman?

    • J.R.L.
      J.R.L. 10 months ago

      @jimmyyyy It’s a violin actually.

    • Brady
      Brady 10 months ago +1

      Yeah not to mention The fact that the violin got wet as well.

    • jimmyyyy
      jimmyyyy 10 months ago +1

      its a viola lots of stupid non orchestra players think violin is the only string instrument and its not i can tell by the strings and sound its a viola

  • Ronnie Connell
    Ronnie Connell 2 months ago

    What? No breakfast? No coffee? No nothing!🤣
    I can imagine him running down the street, with the violinist in close pursuit playing frantic masterpieces!🤣

  • Keyleb Rivera
    Keyleb Rivera 2 months ago

    This dude is awesome i love how he plays the violin

  • The King
    The King 24 days ago

    Thanks Daniel, that Mario one was golden ✨️. Awesome content

  • Yasaa Moin
    Yasaa Moin 2 months ago

    How does he move so much like a cartoon character? That's really impressive

  • Shankzee
    Shankzee 10 months ago +1042

    I used to be a fan, but after watching this masterpiece, now I am a whole air conditioner

  • HeftyyChef
    HeftyyChef Month ago

    Can we appreciate the neighbors for keeping their sanity together

  • Budgerigar
    Budgerigar 3 months ago

    That last part was so funny! Also great violin playing… how do you memorize all that!? Especially flight of the bumblebee… I’m having trouble memorizing one page for violin class!!!

  • blueman's awesome productions!

    The absolute crossovee we thought we'd never see, but we saw it. Outstanding!

  • Grinder
    Grinder 25 days ago

    Okay. That Mario part was just so consistent and perfect.

  • Enzo
    Enzo 10 months ago +1159

    Rob Landes is a frickin legend for being able to play and run at the same time

  • Rocky
    Rocky 2 months ago +1

    I always wonder who films all these videos? They’re obviously very good at not laughing and keeping the camera straight😂

  • Dr3w T9
    Dr3w T9 3 months ago

    Just imagine someone chasing you around the house with a violin bc you’re late lol 😂

  • DEV Official Channel

    The fact that the violinist was in the shower with Daniel and WITH HIS SUIT ON never fails to amaze me.

  • w3btra1n
    w3btra1n Month ago

    me as a musician i loved it all from morning from peer gynt to flight of the bumble bees. amazing

  • Turismofoe Gaming
    Turismofoe Gaming 5 months ago +4046

    I love how he played the notes for the “coin“ coming out of the brick in Mario!!!

    • Turismofoe Gaming
      Turismofoe Gaming 2 months ago

      I finally see what everybody is saying with the mushroom!!!
      Yes he plays the mushroom note after the coin!! Not quite the same amount of subtlety as the coin note but still deserves a mention!

    • Abrudan Alexandru
      Abrudan Alexandru 2 months ago

      Ha, guess we watched the exact same short, moro.n!

    • Marcin Pilarski
      Marcin Pilarski 2 months ago

      Watch his channel, it's Rob Landes, he's famous from his video game violin plays

    • Phil Drake
      Phil Drake 2 months ago

      lol good one ikr

    • PhisiologyShark
      PhisiologyShark 2 months ago

      & the mushroom

  • Badoodle the noodle
    Badoodle the noodle 2 months ago

    Appreciation for the violinist who followed Daniel everywhere he went while playing the violin
    Even in the shower, apparently

  • The Gregitto
    The Gregitto 3 months ago

    "It's Saturday, what am I doing? " This doesn't have any effect on me whatsoever yet I still feel so happy hearing that

  • Elijah Victor
    Elijah Victor Month ago

    This is the funniest thing I have seen today. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Henry Billing
    Henry Billing Month ago

    Could you do it with : a harp player, a double bass player, a marimba player, a timpani player, a teorb player? Or an organ player ( liver player, or lung player...just kidney)?

  • Alone Boy
    Alone Boy 10 months ago +694

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that violinist’s talent…

    • Statiso
      Statiso 10 months ago +2

      He is Rob landes he has a RU-clip channel

    • Finnthechosenone
      Finnthechosenone 10 months ago +16

      It’s Rob Landes

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link Month ago

    That was perfectly done! I loved it! XD

  • Robert Foster
    Robert Foster 2 months ago

    Soundtracks are used to build and ease tension in the viewing audience. However, you could perform a short musical. Based on the sound of music or Oliver Twist.

  • Nadia Papoutsi
    Nadia Papoutsi 2 months ago +2

    I loved the music while he was getting ready 😂😂😂

  • Shelly Reena
    Shelly Reena 2 months ago

    Lmao that was great 👍 somehow I recall many of the same scenarios in my 60+ years of life 😅

  • -Hccniibu
    -Hccniibu 9 months ago +1205

    Im still impressed that Rob can hold his laughter while working with Daniel.

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 5 months ago


    • -Hccniibu
      -Hccniibu 7 months ago +4

      @Samuel Santaella ik lel

    • Samuel Santaella
      Samuel Santaella 8 months ago +37

      Rob commented in the next video saying this is one of the hardest things he had to do in his career lol

  • Random Boi
    Random Boi 3 months ago +1

    The Violinist and The Cameraman can be a great duo ngl 👌

  • Fubby juice
    Fubby juice 2 months ago +1

    The power of music is powerful

  • Oddyssey
    Oddyssey 7 days ago

    When he came out playing the violin, soaking wet, that was just too much... The look on his face! "I've got to get a better job than Living-Soundtrack-Guy!"
    LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cream.
    cream. Month ago

    This violinist 🎻 deserves so much attention and money for his job and being in so many places at once

  • InfinitePr0d1gy
    InfinitePr0d1gy 10 months ago +667

    I feel like he just really enjoys sprinting full speed through his house. This man has the spirit of sonic within him.

    • prohelling
      prohelling 3 months ago

      "Sonic Within" that's a good title

    • OcularZombie
      OcularZombie 10 months ago +4

      no wonder he's jacked af

  • po8605
    po8605 Month ago

    I'm pretty sure the right reaction in the morning when you wake up with a violinist playing music is:
    who the f* are you??? How did you get into my house?!!!

  • jman aaron
    jman aaron 2 months ago

    Daniel LaBelle you're 100% Awesome man. Much love from Uganda. I appreciate your creativity. It's so entertaining.

    • jman aaron
      jman aaron 2 months ago

      For that reason av subscribed

  • Lizzie4756
    Lizzie4756 Month ago +1

    When the mario theme came on I immediately thought
    ‘Snap back to reality, oop there goes gravity’ 😂

  • Connaeris
    Connaeris 2 months ago

    Imagine being able to pay a professional violinist to follow you around the house while you're acting like a fool

  • Soccer Gang ⚽️
    Soccer Gang ⚽️ 10 months ago +846

    This guy never fails to entertain us and special credits to the guy who played music 🎶

  • atk2597
    atk2597 3 months ago

    “I’m late for school!” *pauses at doorway*
    “Wait… I’m 25. I graduated 7 years ago! What am I doing?” That would be epic, lmao 😂

  • Irononyx5000
    Irononyx5000 Month ago

    The crossover we never knew we needed

  • JC-єlємєпϮ①①⑤

    that was brilliant, had to sub!!..Kudos to the violin player too!

  • Torpedo Ali
    Torpedo Ali 3 months ago

    That violinist is simply amazing.

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian 10 months ago +3164

    I love the idea of playing Mario and the guy just plays the OST by memory lol

    • bixelminers
      bixelminers 10 months ago

      @Pvzgamer Legisniana they’re not a bot they genuinely just comment on every video

    • rose_tea
      rose_tea 10 months ago

      @Gamer Cat technology stop.

    • Youtube Explorer
      Youtube Explorer 10 months ago

      He can do Mario but not rocky baboner

    • Aaron
      Aaron 10 months ago


    • Aiden SpadeZ
      Aiden SpadeZ 10 months ago

      Yeah lol

  • Artemis
    Artemis 2 months ago

    This is by far the greatest video I’ve ever seen 😂

  • Omer S
    Omer S Month ago

    imagining just walking to
    a violinist and saying “ hey .. can u soundtrack my life” … “sure”

  • s khan
    s khan Month ago +1

    are we gonna ignore that he was literally in the shower with him 💀

  • Im nothing-
    Im nothing- 2 months ago

    Ima be honest I would play my morning music as wsv/worlds smallest violin 🤣

  • Faith Mwaura
    Faith Mwaura 10 months ago +2008

    I didn't realize that there'd be a legit musician _making_ the "real" playlist. Best part of the video! Seeing him wet from the shower, too, _killed_ me

    • TheLasagne
      TheLasagne 9 months ago

      theres a guy with a violin in the thumbnail.. how could you not realize

    • Statiso
      Statiso 10 months ago +30

      He is Rob landes he has a RU-clip channel

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    This almost makes me want to learn the violin

  • im subbing to everyone who subs to me

    I loved this especially the violinist talent oh wow 👌 👏

  • Tapiwa Fresh (Fresh The Charmer)

    Im imagining in the class of 20 students each and everyone having their sound tracks playing

  • Nex
    Nex 3 months ago

    the mario part killed me, the fact that it sounds exactly like the coin

  • Someone who randomly posts rarely

    If people really had these soundtracks, the violinist would retire in a day, claiming he is over working.

    • Ark fan
      Ark fan 9 months ago +6

      A day? More like in a hour XD

    • Vantrillo
      Vantrillo 9 months ago +22

      Not if they include this as part of their 40 hours/day practice.

  • lovely lip bones ouwwwwww wolvres.

    The crossover we didn't know we needed!

  • Alexa Duncan
    Alexa Duncan 2 months ago

    When they made the coin sound it had me rolling 🤣

  • Neelam Shahzad
    Neelam Shahzad 2 months ago +1

    Can we appreciate how he did all that just for a video

  • Jesus Loves you
    Jesus Loves you 3 months ago

    Bro you are amazing at the things you do, I love it

  • DrumStyx25
    DrumStyx25 9 months ago +1223

    Imagine peacefully having a shower and then a musician comes in and plays a soundtrack of you having a shower whilst watching you the entire time

  • Kenneth Hartzog
    Kenneth Hartzog 2 months ago

    I want a sequel!

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah 3 months ago

    Damn how do I know he's going to say "It's Saturday"when he stopped running.😂

  • Anime Quin😇❤

    This just keeps reminding me of Disney soundtracks 😂😂😂

  • •MIKA•
    •MIKA• Month ago

    One of the reasons why I play the violin 😂

  • Talnar
    Talnar 10 months ago +1195

    I wouldn't mind a personal violinist, especially one that has been playing for over 30 years, to run around and play me various pieces as I move about my day.

    • Sad Penguin
      Sad Penguin 9 months ago +4

      @MM Boys! ffs😂😂

    • MM Boys!
      MM Boys! 9 months ago +41

      yes and intense music while i try to drop my poop while constipated

  • Reese haskell
    Reese haskell 2 days ago

    The violinist in the shower scene “I’ve seen some things” 😅

  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain 3 months ago

    Hats off to the violinist!!🙌🙌❤️

    iamSLEEEPPPYYY Month ago

    That violinist is seriously talented. You better be payin him enough, like it takes LITERALLY YEARS to master violin, maybe more just to be like THAT
    But funny content 😄