Caribou on Jai Paul - "Jasmine" | Pitchfork Playlist

  • Published on Jun 18, 2015
  • Dan Snaith of Caribou breaks down Jai Paul's "Jasmine".
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Comments • 67

  • Soul Garage [MUSIC COLLECTION]

    Caribou said it... when listened first time.... Damn what's that? Unexpected!!

    GOLDENVAPORS 4 months ago +3

    He’s the new age prince. Rip prince

  • Faizan Ahmed
    Faizan Ahmed 4 months ago

    Jae Paul

  • israel gonzalez
    israel gonzalez 4 months ago +3

    He Is back! In june 2019, Your album Is amazing!

  • Graham Kingsbury
    Graham Kingsbury 4 months ago

    hes back

  • Asheek Khan
    Asheek Khan 4 months ago +20

    he's back baby woooooooooooooo thx be 2 allah

  • Gary
    Gary Year ago +11

    Never gonna get over how amazing Jai Paul is I hope he releases something soon

  • Frank Ocean
    Frank Ocean Year ago +13

    I had no clue Caribou looked like this

  • Hammerton32
    Hammerton32 Year ago +2

    Great compliment, as Caribou's Dan Snaith is pretty amazing artist too

  • lordshardik
    lordshardik 2 years ago +3

    How *do* you pronounce his name?

    • iPodTouchTurtle
      iPodTouchTurtle 2 years ago +1

      as in "jay" paul. he pronounces it himself in str8 outta mumbai.

  • Jazzy potato
    Jazzy potato 2 years ago +22

    we need more artist like jai paul

  • ubermensch826
    ubermensch826 2 years ago +1

    this is sex

  • XYI
    XYI 2 years ago +2


  • Ngan Le
    Ngan Le 3 years ago +26

    Where does this amazing animation come from?

  • Alex Paul
    Alex Paul 3 years ago +24

    The most original Artist since Michael Jackson.

    • Btouhy1
      Btouhy1 7 months ago

      Its cool but Michael Jackson is not Human.

    • Juan Jimenez
      Juan Jimenez 2 years ago +2

      Much respect to both of you for this kind of conversation on the internet.

    • Alex Paul
      Alex Paul 3 years ago

      VanIsleBC aha, you're welcome!

    • VanIsleBC
      VanIsleBC 3 years ago

      @Alex Paul ya just read that interview. well im downloading michael jackson's thriller demos now. so thanks for the heads up

    • Alex Paul
      Alex Paul 3 years ago +1

      "I'm one of those boring guys who found the music they liked as a kid and stuck with it."
      ''That music was anything played in the house, from the Beatles to Queen and Michael Jackson.''

  • Freedom Anon
    Freedom Anon 3 years ago +19

    I want to fuck this song

  • Cem Gökdeniz Arslan
    Cem Gökdeniz Arslan 3 years ago +39

    Actually the best artist in the universe living right now, like a prophet, he's really holly. If there's no jealous people he would be famous but there's. Unfortunately we don't want he to be famous as lovers of silence, lovers of Jai Paul

    OWLERO 3 years ago +2

    You're like Keith Apicary if he reviewed music.

  • Emiasis
    Emiasis 3 years ago +3

    COME BACK JAI! We need you!! 😭

  • Ben NCM
    Ben NCM 4 years ago +63

    Ben Khan sounds like Jai Paul to people who can't tell their arse from their elbow.

  • VanIsleBC
    VanIsleBC 4 years ago +3

    RIP Jai Paul

    • diego ortega
      diego ortega 3 years ago +2

      hahah he did, rip ktt soldier

    • VanIsleBC
      VanIsleBC 3 years ago +1

      @juvenbarcelona :kanyeshrug: he had a good run tbh

    • diego ortega
      diego ortega 3 years ago

      @VanIsleBC lol nah he dead

    • VanIsleBC
      VanIsleBC 3 years ago

      @juvenbarcelona you're betan aren't you

    • diego ortega
      diego ortega 3 years ago

      VanIsleBC lmao oh wow!! i am on there too fam!!

  • LiveLifeLaughing
    LiveLifeLaughing 4 years ago +68

    I'm still transfixed and I need more from him. He is the original and no matter how hard the copy cats try, he can't be replaced

    • J
      J 4 months ago +1

      He's back! He has 2 new songs!

  • KW C
    KW C 4 years ago

    ben khan literally sounds just like jai paul

    • kaselladora
      kaselladora 2 years ago +3

      Still not the same magic.

    • Eric Mazariegos
      Eric Mazariegos 4 years ago +10

      Yeah because he just completely ripped off his sound. It happened with a lot of people unfortunately like Ben khan as u said as well as Movement or Jamies Bea. Jai is just too talented to not be copied.

  • Tony Telfort
    Tony Telfort 4 years ago +7

    What's the video that's playing in the background of the song?

      PINEAPPLE SODA Year ago +1

      LOL bro what are you smoking.

    • Tony Telfort
      Tony Telfort 4 years ago +4

      Jai paul jasmine yes... but wheres the link to the video?

    • Steve Jones
      Steve Jones 4 years ago +6

      @Tony Telfort eyy bro bro it's literally in the title

  • Raul Alayon
    Raul Alayon 4 years ago +3

    Why isn't he making anymore music? :(

    • Vicente Pozo
      Vicente Pozo 4 months ago +4

      Bruh he’s back

    • julieandthebelangkas
      julieandthebelangkas 2 years ago +1

      wait what i need more information on this

    • Elisa B.
      Elisa B. 3 years ago +1

      Can you tell me where I can find his new album, please ? :D

    • Olivia Rolland
      Olivia Rolland 3 years ago

      Hes released a new album in the last month :) so happy. He stopped making music because someone released his last album for free, meaning he lost any profit/ legal ownership of it

  • realtavi
    realtavi 4 years ago +190

    I guess Jai Paul went back to his planet...

    • ruamil
      ruamil 4 months ago +10

      nah he came back :D

    • Marc Gonzalez
      Marc Gonzalez Year ago

      George stevens Good luck. Honestly. This guy's songs are amazingly original and I personally would love to see sounds like these influence the mainstream

    • Chreazzy
      Chreazzy Year ago

      dont care tbh as far as I know Jai Paul's album got leaked into the internet without his permission. due to this he stopped producing music completely. if you're wondering wich songs were leaked here's the list.

    • George stevens
      George stevens 2 years ago

      dont care tbh Jai paul currently despises the industry and his brother A.K. Paul does some stuff from time to time. Im currently trying to replicate their sound

    • Don’t Care Tbh
      Don’t Care Tbh 2 years ago +1

      realtavi did you ever find out what happened to Jai? I’m just now discovering him and he hasn’t put out music in awhile