Wildest Food We Found In The UK In 2017

  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
  • We compiled a list of the most wild foods we found in 2017 around the UK.
    Among our favourites were:
    A £65 ostrich egg breakfast and a £55 truffle burger from London restaurant Florentine.
    Selfridges' £99 ice cream made of 4-carat gold leaves and edible diamonds and Heinz baked beans cafe.
    A 6,000 calorie chicken nugget from a restaurant in Birmingham.
    A donut cheeseburger hybrid sprinkled with icing sugar, a Burger Cheesebomb covered entirely with cheddar cheese and Unicorn Freakshakes from London restaurant Maxwell's Bar & Grill.
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  • Hu,man
    Hu,man 2 months ago +1

    *Im from the uk and I have never seen these*

  • Pawket loves Boba
    Pawket loves Boba 3 months ago

    I would only try the burgers because I like burgers

  • Bella and John
    Bella and John 3 months ago

    I’m so hungry now

  • ΛΧΙΟ
    ΛΧΙΟ 3 months ago

    Did it ask me would I try them all why wouldn’t I

  • 민윤기Federica
    민윤기Federica 4 months ago +3

    Don't show this video to BTS's JIN!!!😂💕😻😻😻

  • Barbara Castano
    Barbara Castano 4 months ago

    One ostrich egg=24 chicken egg so 24 ostrich eggs=1 dragon egg

  • Fides Sarmiento
    Fides Sarmiento 5 months ago

    Ok am I the only one who doesn't like ketchup

  • prashna karkee
    prashna karkee 5 months ago


  • Amelie S
    Amelie S 5 months ago

    I mean this isn't really that crazy it's cool but it's not crazy

  • Noor Hussain
    Noor Hussain 5 months ago +3

    Lived in the UK all my life and I've only had the Unicorn FreAKSHAKE

  • Noor Hussain
    Noor Hussain 5 months ago +1

    Lived in the UK all my life and I've only had the Unicorn FreAKSHAKE

  • The Moon.
    The Moon. 6 months ago +31

    This is all from the UK? I live there and I have never even heard of this stuff before

  • Noor Hussain
    Noor Hussain 6 months ago

    LOl when u have had 2 of these foods

  • Mrinal Das_
    Mrinal Das_ 7 months ago +1

    But now it's 2019

  • xXxFoxet-ChanxXx
    xXxFoxet-ChanxXx 7 months ago



    The Burger paties looks very dry and that's wild

  • Error: 0874
    Error: 0874 7 months ago


  • Tim McCormick
    Tim McCormick 8 months ago +1

    What's weird about the cup o'beans are they charging like an exorbitant amount or something

  • The Three Guinea Cateers
    The Three Guinea Cateers 9 months ago +1

    I was completely drooling

  • Abdurrahman Haider
    Abdurrahman Haider 10 months ago

    I’m from Bradford

  • Mission J
    Mission J 10 months ago

    Yeah boi, only the vegetarian ones I would try though

  • I exist.
    I exist. 10 months ago

    Hellll to the yeahhhhh

  • Chris Moeller
    Chris Moeller 11 months ago +2

    What is the point of a tasteless dessert? I don't get it.

    • princess seokjinnie
      princess seokjinnie 6 months ago +2

      It's not really a dessert.. In Japan, it is served as a palate cleanser before you actually eat dessert.

    HMAPODACA Year ago +2

    Gluttonous ontology

  • Logan Howell
    Logan Howell Year ago +3

    The only socially acceptable sin, gluttony.

  • ellysium sewell
    ellysium sewell Year ago +13

    1. The Egg is $76.79 2. The Ice Cream is $116.96 3. The Giant Burger is $64.98. I would love to try these items... But I'm broke as Hell... So yeah

  • The Yo-Do-Whoas!
    The Yo-Do-Whoas! Year ago +1


  • Thuy Steve Ngo
    Thuy Steve Ngo Year ago +1

    bi from ikon?

  • Kristin A
    Kristin A Year ago +9

    2:07 Heinz beans? In pots? at a CAFE??? crazy

    • Kani
      Kani Year ago +1

      Cecilia Lind yea they taste v good but I was thinking the same thing lol

    • Kristin A
      Kristin A Year ago +2

      I bet they taste good, it just ain't that wild

    • Thomas The Down Syndrome Machine
      Thomas The Down Syndrome Machine Year ago +1

      pro gengi exactly go fuckin eat your 5000 calorie shit we just like beans

    • Bob The Builder
      Bob The Builder Year ago +2

      Cecilia Lind we like our beans, leave us alone

  • JadeToniRitsa L
    JadeToniRitsa L Year ago +32

    .....I dunno what to tell you. But if this is the UK's crazy, then no wonder Britain thinks Americans are complete nuts. California alone has ALL OF THIS. The waffle cones can be found in every other boba place.

    • Dear FutureMe
      Dear FutureMe Year ago +6

      God, you sure are passionate about the UK being a shithole aren’t you!? All I said was that the UK’s smaller than the US so won’t have any where near as much insane food items!! God, you don’t have to get so defensive!! 😂😂

    • JadeToniRitsa L
      JadeToniRitsa L Year ago

      Dear Future Me Dear Future Me And yet Britain prides itself on being a global leader as well as its collection of cultural and historical artifacts and treasures from all over the world.
      The vast majority of which weren’t exactly properly bought, paid, traded, or even asked for. Of which Britain still refuses to return.
      If you’re determined to keep and display your trophies and souvenirs to show off how far your reach is, then being physically smaller can no longer be used as an excuse for not keeping up. (All the puns intended.)

    • Dear FutureMe
      Dear FutureMe Year ago +5

      California is almost twice the size of the UK so they’re obviously going to have some aspects of each others culture!!

  • cute girl
    cute girl Year ago +2

    u know what I'm in the mood for a cup of bake beans & farting...Who says that!

  • Zeroite Sono
    Zeroite Sono Year ago +4

    America is England's cousin

    • Hi it's Kat
      Hi it's Kat Year ago

      America is England's crazy weird annoying brother who won't shut up about its life

    • Zeroite Sono
      Zeroite Sono Year ago

      done :3

    • Dear FutureMe
      Dear FutureMe Year ago

      Rephrase: America is England’s cousin!!

    • Jennifer Yu
      Jennifer Yu Year ago +1

      America WAS part of England

    • Imperfect Inayah
      Imperfect Inayah Year ago

      Zeroite Sono actually it’s wannabe baby brother

  • K R
    K R Year ago +3

    I'm on a healthy diet. I've lost 41 pounds so far... And yet, it's extremely satisfying to watch these videos. All that sugar! 😳😓 I can't even relate to wanting it anymore. But it's fun to watch. 😛

  • Fifi R
    Fifi R Year ago +7

    Karat is spelled with k’s

    • Sam Paltiel
      Sam Paltiel Year ago +2

      Sofia Rosenfield one carat is about five grams, karat and carat are different

  • swp360
    swp360 Year ago +99

    I don't get it. Why do people make so much big foods when they know you aren't gonna eat the whole food...

    • Nadira
      Nadira 3 months ago

      1000 subs without a video challenge
      Talk about America...

    • FuzzyPineapple
      FuzzyPineapple 6 months ago +1

      Profile pic checks out

    • MessClick
      MessClick Year ago +1

      You can invite family or friends to eat with them.

    • Jack Griffin
      Jack Griffin Year ago +4

      Maybe you can save the rest for later.

    • CrazyMario 20398
      CrazyMario 20398 Year ago +8

      Pinkie pie Hacks Dont order it unless you are with a huge group of people

  • Violet DK
    Violet DK Year ago +5


  • I love noodles
    I love noodles Year ago +1

    Gluttony, yuck!!!

    • Libby Rose
      Libby Rose Year ago +2

      I love my Noodle there’s no such thing as a bloody sin 😂🙄

    • CrazyMario 20398
      CrazyMario 20398 Year ago

      I love my Noodle Its mind control

    • I love noodles
      I love noodles Year ago

      Libby Rose
      You cared enough to comment, and if you like gluttony, that's your business, not healthy and it is a sin, but if that's what you want, then that's you.

    • Libby Rose
      Libby Rose Year ago +1

      I love my Noodle no one actually cares

    • I love noodles
      I love noodles Year ago

      CrazyMario 20398
      You are misinformed. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, therefore if someone doesn't repent from it, and serve God, they will go to hell.
      The government does mess with the food yes and put chemicals in it, however, it is one's choice to eat it. People can choose to eat different food without chemicals.

  • Lee ̊.༄ ❪NeoTheater❫੭ु‧𖤐॰

    ᶦ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʳᵃᶦⁿᵇᵒʷˢ⋅

    • Piipops
      Piipops Year ago

      Jαdɛ_MCPE17 XD ❪The Leader Of Warrior Cats❫ same i clicked just for the rainbow

  • Louis2K
    Louis2K Year ago +6

    nice af

  • ikhlas putra
    ikhlas putra Year ago +6

    I prefer eating my outcome

  • hrl.d
    hrl.d Year ago +11

    sh*t im hungry now

  • Vhi
    Vhi Year ago +1

    Food 2017 youtube1