• Published on Dec 10, 2019
    I’m a great fan of gel nail polish as it is long-lasting and it’s very easy to work with it. Even if you don’t have special skills, you can create cool designs. The biggest benefit of the gel nail polish is that it protects nails from damage. Watch this video and learn how to create various designs using nail foil, holographic nail powder, spider gel, and glitter.
    We have a perfect idea for a Christmas look - try to make textured gel nail art. You will be surprised how easy it is and it won’t take much time. Besides, after watching our tutorials you will be able to save lots of money. Broken nail is a disaster and there is no need to cut off the rest long nails as you can easily solve this problem. Watch the video till the end to find a solution.
    We love to find various trends and one of the most popular trends of this outgoing year is bubble nail art. You will need dish soap, gel nail polish and a makeup brush. Cover the nail with base coat and after with any color you like. Place foam over the nail and leave for 2 minutes. Remove the foam and cover with top coat. Another colorful idea is a water marble manicure. It’s a perfect choice for those people who love colorful nail arts. My favorite manicure idea is to use holographic powder. Firstly, cover nails with base coat, after that with the color you like and dry. Finally, using a makeup brush gently press the powder onto the nail. Cover with top cover. Enjoy!
    00:09 Textured gel nail art
    00:38 Broken nail trick
    01:18 Bubble nail art
    02:08 Water marble manicure
    04:25 How to use nail foil
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    I need Cristine to come he and prove that they are not using real HOLO

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    True Rue 25 days ago

    These all look really bad, even if a decent idea is there, it is executed very poorly

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    Give a like if you are an Indian

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    Go to 1:47

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    Actual nail artisans are cringing at this video.

  • human being
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    Some of these would take FOREVER to dry.. They're not realistic.

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    When that red "holographic" powder is a shimmer and not real holo

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    Cristine has entered the chat.

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    The first and fourth ones made me super uncomfortable

    It’s probably just me but whatever

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    Für alle deutschen hier
    WER nimmt fliegen flügel für ein nagel design ( ̄▽ ̄)

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