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  • 1 like = 1 hug for me after the mailman yelled at me
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  • Olivia & Brylei
    Olivia & Brylei 23 часа назад

    this reminds me of her fortnite video, where she made a coffee in the middle of the game💀-brylei

  • Ahhh Sorry
    Ahhh Sorry 23 часа назад

    7:48 talking about Ethan’s hoddie that she bought for him for Christmas :)

  • Alexa Martinez
    Alexa Martinez 23 часа назад

    Who else do that thing with their pinky HAHHAJSJKHJAKJ 13:29

  • Jadecake 11
    Jadecake 11 23 часа назад

    are you pregnant?

  • Lizziek Vlogs
    Lizziek Vlogs 23 часа назад

    I watched this while being sick and it made me happy, I luv you emma❤

  • Ariel Star
    Ariel Star 23 часа назад

    Oh my Emma! You worried me after you ate the pepper, girl! I'm glad you're okay!!

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly День назад

    i've been making like 1-minute vlogs of my boring daily life
    if there are any kind s0uls out there who wouldn't mind giving me ur precious time by watching and letting me know what you think i would appreciate it and send you homemade cinnamon rolls

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly День назад

    does anyone here wanna be my friend pls

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly День назад

    dis nice i stan

  • n o
    n o День назад


  • irini x
    irini x День назад

    ok but why is emma me 0:08

  • Steph
    Steph День назад

    Is she stoned or does she just look like that all the time

  • layza lucas
    layza lucas День назад

    The thumbnail wasnt even funny to start off with

  • Sarah Fay
    Sarah Fay День назад

    lol ur gross...😳😩🥰🤠

  • Halloween Mama
    Halloween Mama День назад

    Anyone else find it weird that a few weeks ago Emma had loads of friends, was always included in things etc and now she literally has no friends except that Olivia girl.. what happened to Hannah and Ellie, why didn’t she go to Hannah’s get away in the hills? Emma always came across as super popular and friendly, I’m guessing LA changed her so badly she’s lonely af now. I can see her moving back to san fran which is probably for the best, RU-clip fame isn’t for everyone and she’s clearly struggling

  • Macie Moreau
    Macie Moreau День назад

    *she probably bought it for Eathen Dolan* *that someone she bought it for was who else* 🧐🧐🤔🤔

  • d x l a n
    d x l a n День назад

    3:01 _thank you, _*_ethan._*

  • Samantha Jimenez
    Samantha Jimenez День назад

    Hi , is I just me or do u guys think the same. I think that a bunch of RU-cliprs in a house/mansion for a month= fun/drama.I would love to make that happen. Follow these steps.
    1.go to each RU-cliprs channel.
    2.comment the same thing.
    RU-cliprs must include James Charles,Dolan Twins,Emma chamberlain,Merrell Twins,Alex wasabi,Hannah meloche,Ellie Thumann,ex.
    Pllzz make this happen.

  • JojoUnicorn23
    JojoUnicorn23 День назад

    use a magnet to get the top of the can off so you don't cut yourself

  • Oliveah Ortiz
    Oliveah Ortiz День назад

    Ok btw if u drink hot water it actually cools down the hotness of the pepper 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Angelie Bonilla
    Angelie Bonilla День назад +1

    also let me take my time and say that Emma I think I take a lot off of u because I legit look like u every fucking day rotting away and looking like trash because that’s what cool people do 😎

  • Liv Chungus
    Liv Chungus День назад

    9:06 my uterus cramping every month :’)

  • Katiya West
    Katiya West День назад

    the present she ordered was probs ethan for vaelntines day xxx

  • Angelie Bonilla
    Angelie Bonilla День назад +1

    Why do I look like emma i’m the daily basses looking like this depressed rotten rat who lays in bed thinking about how shitty I am
    and How life actually sucks some times but u know me and emma u know we just vibe because that’s what cool depressed bitches do any way Love u sis 😎💖🙏🏼 Stay safe and grooves also don’t die please we can’t lose a sister 🙏🏼😓😔

  • Clara Odom
    Clara Odom День назад


  • Baran Maadi
    Baran Maadi День назад


  • Jenn Rivera
    Jenn Rivera День назад

    I love cooking with emma!! don’t stop this series

  • Lexi V
    Lexi V День назад

    You should keep doing Cooking with Emma because I think most of us love them. I think they are one of my favorite things you do on you channel. Even if you fail I don't really care because, your so funny, ILYSM

  • Jessica Kristen
    Jessica Kristen День назад

    *sister surprised that emma didn’t make a joke about being single on valentine’s day ;)*

  • Acho Chol
    Acho Chol День назад

    im sorry but I liked your videos with the sister squad because your chill. But for some reason you have changed its 2019 . So i dont really like you, sorry.

  • Gwen silvas
    Gwen silvas День назад

    you didn’t have to explain yourself to the douche mailman😤

  • Lps Believe
    Lps Believe День назад

    I thought that she said home made doritos

  • Luna Rojo
    Luna Rojo День назад

    Move back to SF and bring back your blonde hair!!!😭

  • Anna Liu
    Anna Liu День назад

    the only thing you know how to do is make coffee lol

  • Ariel Snow
    Ariel Snow День назад

    Love ya tho

  • Ariel Snow
    Ariel Snow День назад

    Emma is a lit bich

  • Mafer Felix
    Mafer Felix День назад

    My favs videos‼️‼️🤩

  • laurel
    laurel День назад

    can you do an updated what i eat in a day

  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro День назад

    4:44 did she said props to peru or something like that? Because I’m from Peru and I’m tearing up :,) I know our coffee is good:,)

  • Sophie M
    Sophie M День назад

    why tf did i think she was making a cookie until she poured the beans

  • dead account
    dead account День назад

    So there all still friends Ethan, gray james and Emma?

  • Amy Mazzariello
    Amy Mazzariello День назад

    I like how it took you six minutes to get to making the b burrito😂

  • Stevie Hughes
    Stevie Hughes День назад

    who ever dislikes this you're are dead to mee!!!!!!!!!!!
    xoxo, emma chainberlain fan!

  • Ava Tennerino
    Ava Tennerino День назад +1

    I deadass am so happy bc this is one of the first Cooking With Emma that I've been willingly able to get my LaZYyYyyY aSs up and actually cook it WitH hEr being it is always like 11:00 PM when I watch her cooking vids... so now I'm in a good mood bc I had a good ass burrito and I have unlocked achievement of coOkiNg wIth EmMa!😂

  • Rainey L
    Rainey L День назад

    it doesn’t feel the same

  • Phoebe Lizano
    Phoebe Lizano День назад

    lmfaooo omg this story was soo funny

  • Soleil Wanamaker
    Soleil Wanamaker День назад

    I’m dying becuase i laughed too hard. It’s 3:00 am

  • Raya Naymik
    Raya Naymik День назад

    When will we get more of the sister squad? Can we have more? Is the sister squad even a thing anymore? Is it over? Someone please inform me!

  • Xxswaggermanx 760
    Xxswaggermanx 760 День назад

    I like Emma she don’t give a fuck about ntg

  • 911visioneye
    911visioneye День назад

    dayum sis starting the serrano pepper challenge...a legend and icon....

  • MixedUp Gaming
    MixedUp Gaming День назад

    sub to

    she makes funny videos just like emma and makes me laugh

  • Del so SAVAGE
    Del so SAVAGE День назад

    Even though she was about to through up she is still cute

  • Shrek Swamp
    Shrek Swamp День назад

    This is just pyro but she uses bad memes unironically.

  • Ellie Florence
    Ellie Florence День назад

    pls do another cooking with emma!!!!

  • Sarah Holder
    Sarah Holder День назад


  • itziqi
    itziqi День назад

    I think it's the limited editon shirt she got for ethan that she didn't get In the mail

  • Autumn R.
    Autumn R. День назад


  • Hab Steven
    Hab Steven День назад

    Love you Queen

  • Madison Mosey
    Madison Mosey День назад

    I love this video and I miss videos like these. U should totally make more. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ellie Florence
    Ellie Florence День назад


  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams День назад

    bruhhhh dont let the espresso shots just sit. if you dont poor them before 7-10 seconds the shots “die” and become more bitter

  • crisscrosskill24
    crisscrosskill24 День назад

    what about cooking with dylon tho?

  • Arianna Russo
    Arianna Russo День назад

    I cant watch her videos while i eat cause shes always talking about or doing something gross

  • rika johri
    rika johri День назад

    I think the recipe said chili peppers like the skinny small green ones

  • Katelyn Long
    Katelyn Long День назад

    since when did being gross become funny?..

  • Anna Cain
    Anna Cain День назад

    i forgot she was vegetarian and i was like bro where's the chicken lmaoooo

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore День назад

    She needs some milk

  • Ella Jones
    Ella Jones День назад


  • Allison VanInwegen
    Allison VanInwegen День назад

    tortillas don't rot just btw

  • Maddie Monroe
    Maddie Monroe День назад

    Please go to playlist ! Everyone like this so she’ll see it!

  • Maddie Monroe
    Maddie Monroe День назад

    I’m loving this

  • Eloise Keane
    Eloise Keane День назад

    when u putting more perch out

  • Arturo Jara
    Arturo Jara День назад

    Why are you so pale

  • Betol Almayahi
    Betol Almayahi День назад

    Add me om snapchat everybody My name is Betol05

  • Daniella Perkins
    Daniella Perkins День назад +2

    holy shit she farts as much as i do. i relate

  • I’m Dead
    I’m Dead День назад

    me every second.

  • Bianca Maree
    Bianca Maree День назад

    try cooking a gormet meal that would be sick as

  • Aleigha Willa
    Aleigha Willa День назад

    U might not see this but I think you should do a haul and try on ur close bc ur style is coo sooo um yea......dope

  • Honey_ Blossom
    Honey_ Blossom День назад

    If your scrolling it starts at 4:50

  • A. J. Wagner
    A. J. Wagner День назад

    Do a two part camping in the wilderness trip with the sister squad!! Legendary

  • frances knowles
    frances knowles День назад

    wow, love how the tortilla’s go off on my birthday. what does that say about me lol

  • Jordynn Cottle
    Jordynn Cottle День назад

    Can you make bweakfast please

  • Natalie Garner
    Natalie Garner День назад

    How do you get your bills?

  • Devin Aughney
    Devin Aughney День назад

    why does this make me feel so much better? I was having a shitty day and this cheered me up so much.

  • Emerie
    Emerie День назад


  • Zeena Govan
    Zeena Govan День назад

    Ethan and emma

  • Jade Kim_potato
    Jade Kim_potato День назад +1

    Those peppers aren’t even that hot-

  • a a
    a a День назад +1

    10:07 deja vu to the school types video... Greetings from Switzerland ❤️

  • Eleazar Lara
    Eleazar Lara День назад

    Lmao ur a mess 😭 but a good mess. Not the dirty bad type of mess. Lol love u hoe . Best RU-clipr

  • Brooke Taylor ANDREWS
    Brooke Taylor ANDREWS День назад

    Emma if you see this please do a not drinking coffee for a week video I'm really curious to see how you act I love you so much your the best

  • Velly
    Velly День назад +1

    Who else is so happy cooking with Emma is back

  • jerry miller
    jerry miller День назад +2

    hmm.. well. im kind of grossed out now. who makes a burrito with BROWN RICE? thats so weird. that must have been the most bland burrito in the world

  • jerry miller
    jerry miller День назад

    stop being gross. emma,. stop beign fucking gross. arre we in fucking fifth grade? huh? farting is funny to you? poop and fart? funny? no, stop being gross. ema

  • Katherine Jeon
    Katherine Jeon День назад

    Any ARMY here???

  • Sephra Serieux
    Sephra Serieux День назад

    😂😂😂my favourite segment♥️♥️♥️

  • Betty Johnson
    Betty Johnson День назад

    Brooo I use that samee salsa 🤙😂

  • Katherine Jeon
    Katherine Jeon День назад

    A wHoLe MoOd

  • Mimi Amour
    Mimi Amour День назад

    if you are a smaller RU-clip channel this would be the time to post consistently bc the bigger youtubers slacking 🚮

  • Etta Friesen
    Etta Friesen День назад

    You should give me your Nespresso,
    Cause you’re my bitch