Scarlet Envy’s 'Old Hollywood Glam' Makeup Tutorial 💄 | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
  • Scarlet Envy walks us through how to achieve her first runway look, Old Hollywood Glam, in this makeup tutorial.
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    Scarlet Envy’s 'Old Hollywood Glam' Makeup Tutorial 💄 | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11
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Comments • 1 079

  • Jjkillerarrow Yah
    Jjkillerarrow Yah 12 days ago

    “And we’re done 👀👁👁”

  • charis
    charis 15 days ago

    scarlet causually bringing up yvie’s three things look 🙃

  • Cristina .Filipe
    Cristina .Filipe 19 days ago

    This is the most beautiful queen as a man and a woman, my absolute opinion she's gorgeous!!!!!!!!💋💋❤😘

  • Miss Kit
    Miss Kit 26 days ago

    Scarlet dumping the entire fucking powder tub on herself is a whole mood tbh.

  • Michelle Blaacker
    Michelle Blaacker Month ago

    Wow you remind me of drew barrymore. Or celine dion. Or betty boop.

  • Shariah Pata
    Shariah Pata Month ago

    She should be on Allstars 5

  • I Like Ducks
    I Like Ducks Month ago

    We love u

  • Mara T.
    Mara T. Month ago

    The movement of the lashes when she airblows them :^)))

  • Cristina .Filipe
    Cristina .Filipe Month ago

    Scarlet omg you are so darn gorgeous 😘wow

  • jlo35
    jlo35 Month ago

    wow, the chapstick trick is genius. Thanks pretty girl!

  • Robert Fruchey
    Robert Fruchey 2 months ago

    Heroin chic...
    Like.. we haven’t been sleeping very well

  • Gwen Marie SFX
    Gwen Marie SFX 2 months ago

    tammie brown...but make it fish

  • Laura Simpson Linck
    Laura Simpson Linck 2 months ago

    she said toward the areola

  • Camila Carranza
    Camila Carranza 2 months ago

    She's so genuine! I love her!

  • Warda Gohar
    Warda Gohar 2 months ago

    Omgggg coooommmm on💗🔥🔥🔥

  • juli essan
    juli essan 2 months ago

    If tamie brown,pearl and blair st clair had a baby it Will be scarlet

  • TheXxoozz
    TheXxoozz 2 months ago

    As a Virgo I am stressed out at how she put on lashes THEN used loose glitter on her lid. 😭😩. Gorgeous in the end though lol.

  • mika lao
    mika lao 2 months ago

    her process is so chaotic but she always ends up w a good look

    MAKO BELL 2 months ago

    we love an all star

  • Thé glamed Hippi witch

    I am in love with you I hope the feelings mutual

  • hana salvia
    hana salvia 2 months ago +2

    i always love the way she said

  • lil angel
    lil angel 2 months ago

    Scarlett is both trade and fish all at once... lord what is going ON

  • cy flux
    cy flux 2 months ago

    i love u i love uuuuuu i love u som uch

  • issamemariheaux
    issamemariheaux 2 months ago

    She deserved so much better. She brought interesting looks, slightly delusional, funny, chill, able to laugh at herself.

  • mia xoxo
    mia xoxo 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that hated her on the show n still hates her now ?

    • mia xoxo
      mia xoxo 2 months ago

      Nope she really isn’t...she isn’t funny or lovely, just a weirdo and not the nice kind of weirdo

      Not sorry bout it😉

    • mar'itza gtz
      mar'itza gtz 2 months ago

      No, you and Brooklyn are haters. Scarlett is LOVELY 💕

  • Helena RC
    Helena RC 3 months ago +2

    I don't really ever have a plan. I apologise to the virgos. OMGGGG

  • Helena RC
    Helena RC 3 months ago +1

    Her moaning when she's painting on her boobs

  • Helena RC
    Helena RC 3 months ago +1

    "that was a joke ... it just wasn't a good one" ajdhdks i love her SO MUCH 💕

  • nise
    nise 3 months ago

    15:32 best moment

  • hello lyda
    hello lyda 3 months ago

    Your face reminds me of the late Brandon Lee.. which is a huge COMPLIMENT to you.

  • curlygurlyS
    curlygurlyS 3 months ago

    Okay but that damn hairblower scène had meeee cryingggg 😭😭😂😂 eyelashes flopping and her hair flying LOVE IT

  • yoboi01
    yoboi01 3 months ago

    Why doesn't she use her own hair ? If she would have yanked her wig off and tossed her real hair around on that lip sync she would have stayed

  • María Gabriela Salazar Briceño


  • ok
    ok 3 months ago +1

    shes so messy i love it

  • Fenekkin xxi
    Fenekkin xxi 3 months ago

    When scarlet is feeling herself 💃

  • Joy Launico
    Joy Launico 3 months ago

    thought it was nina west on thumbnail im sorry..

  • bella Rinaldi.706
    bella Rinaldi.706 3 months ago


  • Kadenceキティ
    Kadenceキティ 3 months ago

    I hate her so much, shes so annoying tbh..

    • mar'itza gtz
      mar'itza gtz 2 months ago

      Then WHY did you even decide to watch this video? Makes no damn sense.

  • Kimmy's Portal
    Kimmy's Portal 3 months ago +1

    When Tammy Brown, Blair St. Clair and Pearl decided to have a child, Scarlet came out!

  • wιnterbιrd
    wιnterbιrd 3 months ago

    the real winner of this season dont @ me

  • Nykolas Reded
    Nykolas Reded 3 months ago

    I keep wondering how good it would have been to see Scarlet playing Lucille Ball at the Snatch Game

  • Julieta Saavedra
    Julieta Saavedra 3 months ago

    1:54 that´s it... im lesbian, im bisexual, gay... idk what i am, dont know anymore...

  • Vania Martínez
    Vania Martínez 3 months ago

    Bring her back:(

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond 3 months ago

    She’s so gorgeous

  • Mario Lepera Fuster
    Mario Lepera Fuster 3 months ago

    Scarlet should have stayed... because she´s fun, even doing a make up tutorial...

  • Andre Domingo
    Andre Domingo 3 months ago +1

    She's my favourite Girl in Season 11. So Sad that RuPaul said, "Shasay Away"

  • vendetta
    vendetta 4 months ago

    i DEMAND a video for her pisces look

  • Mariel
    Mariel 4 months ago


  • Micol Ganzerli
    Micol Ganzerli 4 months ago

    1:27 you’re welcome

  • Gab Gab
    Gab Gab 4 months ago

    My favorite with oddly. ❤️

  • Victoria Espinola
    Victoria Espinola 4 months ago

    Category is: Robbed Queen

  • Sophie S
    Sophie S 4 months ago

    he's SUCh a cute boyyyy

  • geo umanzor
    geo umanzor 4 months ago

    she deserves return to the competition.

  • Betty Jett
    Betty Jett 4 months ago

    How high was she?

  • Parisian me
    Parisian me 4 months ago

    Bonsoir from Paris.... Honesty, I prefer you without the make up

  • Darreyl Henderson
    Darreyl Henderson 4 months ago

    Tammie Brown Jr.

  • Joana Meireles
    Joana Meireles 4 months ago

    Hilarious!!! Loved! ;)))

  • Kelly Katzenstein
    Kelly Katzenstein 4 months ago

    Went home toooooo early 😭😭😭

  • Billi Holiday
    Billi Holiday 4 months ago

    Gay boys get a little hair and think they’re fish. Sis need to reaaaallly contour that chin more

  • Ashley Minnette31FO
    Ashley Minnette31FO 4 months ago

    This was soo refreshing. I’ve seen all the Drag Race makeup tutorials and Scarlet is bringing something totally different from the boob contour and even the simple stuff like applying foundation and contour was completely different from the other queens. I wasn’t fond of her at first but this tutorial completely turned me around 😘❤️

  • insertnamehere224
    insertnamehere224 4 months ago

    I've never related to any queen more omg

  • Delphi Michaels
    Delphi Michaels 4 months ago

    Everything in me from my college theatre arts makeup classes wants them to say “chiaroscuro.” If I had to learn the name of the awesome technique they use, I want them to too! 😂

  • Antonio Torres
    Antonio Torres 4 months ago

    Lashes to lashes, dust to dust.

  • Marc Haidon
    Marc Haidon 4 months ago

    Anyone else feel like these are edited so awkwardly? Like too many awkward silences that should have been filled by increasing the background music volume at periods where no one is talking and also speeding up some of the clips.

  • dianadc
    dianadc 4 months ago

    Would have love to keep her... shes just different in a refreshing way, while being old school smh

  • Ruby Khan
    Ruby Khan 4 months ago

    Girl when she put those lips on it was Tammie in action!! Love scarlet though, she’s gorgeous in and out of drag

  • Faby Oliver
    Faby Oliver 4 months ago

    All Stars!!!!!!

  • Faby Oliver
    Faby Oliver 4 months ago

    I love you, I love your hair....

  • Nihilism For Dummies
    Nihilism For Dummies 4 months ago

    She really is the updated version of Tammie Brown.

  • Raphael Gama
    Raphael Gama 4 months ago

    I don't use as much make-up as the other girls... girl, you have more paint stick foundation in your face than Sephora has on their stores

  • Eduardo Doro
    Eduardo Doro 4 months ago

    yeahhhh!!!! Bring her back..

  • TattooedGaijin
    TattooedGaijin 4 months ago

    Omg I love this queen! So beautiful! So talented! So sweet! 💕

  • Nikkki
    Nikkki 4 months ago

    Wow I can’t believe she’s wearing no makeup.

  • Yuri Ávila
    Yuri Ávila 4 months ago

    She does look like Tammie. But if there's someone to look alike is Mss Tammie Brown

  • Yuri Ávila
    Yuri Ávila 4 months ago

    A true pisces