Why I'm No Longer Vegan... Bonny Rebecca Response

  • Опубликовано: 16 янв 2019
  • Bonny and her partner Tim have quit veganism. Here is my response with a few evidence-based hypotheses, research on their problems, and potential solutions.
    - Links and Sources -
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    Bonny's Original Video:
    Fructose Absorption Limit 50g:
    As Low as 15 g for some IBS patients:
    SIBO and Leaky Gut Study:
    Parasites and Leaky Gut:
    Greger DHA video:
    Triglycerides and Acne:
    Zinc and Acne:
    Phytates Should be Digested in Theory Study:
    B12 High Dose Acne Connection in 10%:
    IBS and Exercise:
    Physical activity should be used as a primary IBS treatment: www.nature.com/articles/ajg2010480
    14% of US population has IBS:
    Sedução Momentânea by Roulet:
    #Vegan #Bonny #Response

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  • Laura Schwarz
    Laura Schwarz 14 минут назад

    I think your videos are great and veganism is ethical and ecoligical impotant and necessary, but please dont get radical; eggs are not the leading killer in the west, and if vegans want to agg some once a month to their diet for some additional vitamins, why not. Its a diet not a religion

  • ghello
    ghello 58 минут назад

    If you need supplements on a diet, ITS NOT A GOOD DIET. Vegans are fuckin morons and its a cult. Good luck slowly deteriorating and if you feed your kids a vegan diet, you should be in prison or given the death sentence because your literally killing your kids. Dumb idiots!

  • Lauren Domenge
    Lauren Domenge Час назад

    You look very tired.

  • Ilendir
    Ilendir 2 часа назад

    For me the main issue is that at a certain point this whole vegan thing (as you've also seen in @Bonny Rebecca 's video) became more like an ideology and a trend (see the toxic responses that she received) that you're not allowed to criticise. More "Burn the heretics!" than actual conversation.
    Yes yes yes yes. You know everything better :) Humans are mostly omnivores. And as recent studies have shown, we shouldn't eat nearly as much carbs as we do (even more argument why fruitarian diet is BS). Veganism is going back to the niche that it was for wannabe-world-improver's.

  • tealescope
    tealescope 9 часов назад

    What's the best way to get Vitamin B-12 on a vegan diet if you are allergic to cobalt (which is in B-12 supplements)?

  • Vaiva K.
    Vaiva K. 13 часов назад

    You should have shied away from This one too.

  • Benjy DP
    Benjy DP 17 часов назад

    "could" "should" "in theory" "i don't know" Dude ,...

  • Philipe Marchal
    Philipe Marchal 18 часов назад

    Meat is as natural as any plant.

  • Adam G
    Adam G 18 часов назад +1

    vegans are retards

  • Helix
    Helix 22 часа назад

    Vegan diet is the most unhealthy diet I have ever tried, I been into it for three years and iam glad I got out of it.

  • Casey Mindful
    Casey Mindful 23 часа назад

    It's so important for people to recognize that you can eat unhealthily on any "diet". Thank you so much for making this video, my dude. Very informative.

  • Jessica Nolte
    Jessica Nolte День назад

    The Mucusless diet healing system by Professor Arnold Ehret has been used by many vegan who are struggling to help there body transition into veggies and fruits with out leaving the Vegan realm. It is also one of the safest ways to transition to being a vegan as it allows the body to adjust to the changes.

  • Dawn Pres
    Dawn Pres День назад

    Fascinating listen! Lots of awesome info.

  • normalgirl87
    normalgirl87 День назад

    I'm trying to transition to vegan and it's difficult where I live, especially I'm always on the go, but when i do eat vegan, all my health issues disappear, i lose weight, I have more energy. Definitely worth it for me. I think all our bodies are different and we need to find what works for us.

  • Arianna Hernadez
    Arianna Hernadez День назад

    I also DONT think that the solution for her was going back eating eggs and fish. Poor animals they do not have anything to do with her disaster vegan fruit diet, now they are going to continue suffering... Too bad that people use their influence to misinform other people that already hate vegan diet. Great video Mic, I just suscribed!

  • bryan joiner
    bryan joiner День назад

    Veganism is a cult for ppl with mental disprders.

  • not left blank not left blank
    not left blank not left blank День назад

    The IBS study may have neglected the increased production of Vitamin D by virtue of that exercise being OUTSIDE!

  • sylvia macgregor
    sylvia macgregor День назад

    Omg, so true about the IBS and exercise!

  • Project DJ
    Project DJ День назад

    I have Vegetarian & Vegan friends, I also went Vegan Paleo for about a year. Compared to my meat eating self, my friends were NEVER as healthy as me, always anemic and slow to heal, pale and weak. My vegan experience caused me to age 20 years, got down to 135 lbs @ 6 foot tall, and went through more dental decay in that 1 year than I did in the rest of my life. My arthritis in my hands increased, I lost my core strength, and my immune system was less effective. But on the bright side my poop was not as offensive and my pimples didn't wreak of the meat I consumed the day before, yay.

    The proof is in the pudding (I know that is actually a misquote), I believe that there are a few people that will do spectacularly on a Vegetarian or Vegan diet, but I do not believe it is the best diet for the average person. Vegans are like Atheist, they are SO self assured that they are right and no evidence to the contrary will be accepted. There are pro's & con's with any diet, Vegans are NOT healthier than meat eaters, they just suffer from different maladies and diseases. Everyone should experiment with any nutritionally balanced diet and see how it works for them. But I wish they would realize that there will never be a "perfect" diet that will render the same results for everyone.

    I would like to see the meat slaughtering industry to go out of their way to treat the animals in a humane way, but as an animal myself, something must die for my sustenance. As long as I do it humanely and only eat "low order" animals, I do not have an ethical dilemma. Fish, chicken, rabbit, lamb and beef are examples of animals that do not have a sense of their own mortality. If you kill a dog, any dogs watching will run for safety, you kill a cow and the other cows just stand around as if nothing happened. Hard to make the case that killing them humanely is cruel.

    Most of the abuse you see in slaughter houses are from foreign countries that do not have a sense of morality or respect for their own people, much less the animals. In America, we know that stressed animals release toxins into their flesh, so we try to kill them in the least stressful way possible. That does not excuse some of the ways we raise these animals until their slaughter, and that is where the ethical battle should be taking place.

  • Nature`s Doctor
    Nature`s Doctor День назад

    Clearly Tim had a shift in his microbiome. The gut flora influences many aspect of who you are and how you function.

  • Dragases XI
    Dragases XI 2 дня назад

    The response of so many vegans to people who leave the faith makes it so obvious that veganism is a religion. Or a cult, if you're inclined to be less nice.

  • Gerald Davis
    Gerald Davis 2 дня назад

    The reason why Bonny and Tim became so very unwell is clear. The human race is not, nor has ever been herbivorous.

  • Leszek Wallace
    Leszek Wallace 2 дня назад

    Lol vegans cognitive dissonance is showing!

  • trent wheatley
    trent wheatley 2 дня назад


  • oharawinter
    oharawinter 2 дня назад

    To all those people saying “I’m so ashamed of the mean vegans and I don’t call myself a vegan anymore... that’s bad for the movement... bla bla bla...” you’re not fooling anyone you know right? You fake ass vegan mother fuckers. I don’t give a flying fuck if I hurt people’s “feelings” or make them feel uncomfortable. Just like when I see a racist asshole, I don’t give a shit if I offend them when I call them out for the piece of shit excuse of a human they are. Ask the cows that spend their entire lives being raped and having their babies stollen from them and being tortured non stop until being mercilessly murdered if they give a shit your oh so precious “feelings” got hurt. I have no idea who this girl is, but if her story is true and she’s one of the 0.000001% of people who can’t have a plant based diet, if that’s even a thing... Let’s say it’s true for a sec. If she truly was vegan, she would never have fucking advertised this shit all over RU-clip (and made money from it) because she would have known that an unlimited amount of fucking douchebags and their little “feelings” would use that as an argument against veganism. Fuck her. Fuck you. And fuck your “feelings” . Feel free to go crush the sculls of a few kittens now... You can blame it on the mean RU-clip comment that gave you no choice... You fucking hypocrite piece of garbage.

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 2 дня назад +1

    Putting ethics *entirely* aside for now. *Firstly*, I also do not understand how polluted fish (micro-plastic, heavy metals; unless it comes from fish farms I guess? But then you have the issue of antibiotics) and eggs aka a product of chicken period that mainly contains cholesterol (up to 186mg) is supposed to "cure" the health issues she is mentioning. I honestly think that a lot of "trendy" instagram or youtube Vegans do not really know about nutrition and how to nourish their bodies correctly. Let alone doctors. I remember the first time I went to a doctor mentioning my diet, and without even blinking with an eye, she suggested to me to get back to eating occasional meat - without any reason, nor did I have health issues and I had great overall blood levels. Bonny herself apparently went through a lot of "trends" in her years on a vegan diet, and started off with HLCF, which suggests to me that some of them just don't know how to eat properly and listening to the body. This strict HLCF diet might have damaged more than it actually did good, and the issues might have started with that. Which she even mentioned herself in the comment underneath this video.
    *Secondly*, these increasing "Ex-Vegan" posts and videos concern me a lot, because with the outreach they have, a lot of people just seem to feed off it and see that as a reason to spin a web of lies and misinformation. I even read in her comments about malnourishment in babies (which had almost 500 likes!), which is a slap in the face for a lot of healthy vegan mommas and people the vegan diet/lifestyle has massively helped in their mental and physical health. They don't realise that it's a very sensitive topic and easily tips the scale on both sides.

  • dresden simon
    dresden simon 2 дня назад

    What if I have similar symptoms but I have never eaten a diet consisting of mostly fruit?

  • Ken Harris
    Ken Harris 3 дня назад

    We are not cows , with several chamber stomachs. People were born to eat animal products. Keto or carnivore is king.

  • Aneliza Medeiros
    Aneliza Medeiros 3 дня назад

    You are brilliant. They will be back in a vegan diet😊🌱

  • Tanisha Martin
    Tanisha Martin 3 дня назад

    Great info, thanks!
    One thing -- cholesterol/eggs have been debunked as the cause or precursor to heart disease/artery issues. The studies are out there, i might be able to find for you, just can't right now...

  • Kristóf Kolos Nagy
    Kristóf Kolos Nagy 3 дня назад

    Do a video on Bobby's perspective giving up veganism

  • Annie Shaffer
    Annie Shaffer 3 дня назад

    I thought eggs were healthy in moderation. Don’t they have lots of good cholesterol? He makes the egg statement in every other video. I’d like to see a study of a person who eat 1-2 eggs overeasy a day and see if they have a cholesterol issue....does this study exist?

    • Annie Shaffer
      Annie Shaffer 3 дня назад

      I just googled and read a few article. Eggs increase healthy cholesterol. They are actually healthy for you in moderation. I’m all for vegans and love watching these types of videos but I don’t like this guy. He makes comments that aren’t objective and are misleading. I don’t like people I can’t trust. Too many truthful vegans on RU-clip to waste my time with this guy shinengans

  • Kaleah Laroche
    Kaleah Laroche 4 дня назад

    Great Video, thank you!

  • Juju
    Juju 4 дня назад

    Can you do a video on iron deficiency anemia?

  • Chad
    Chad 4 дня назад +3

    Keep drinking the fructose laden Kool-Aid vegans. Add some Inflammatory seed oil for good measure too.

  • James Macleod
    James Macleod 4 дня назад

    In the end isn't the diet the heart of the couples problems and they just refused to listen to doctors who weren't telling them what they wanted to hear.

  • Cynthia Drangus Lady
    Cynthia Drangus Lady 4 дня назад

    Lol high intensity morons will fuck up anything

  • Victoria Yip
    Victoria Yip 5 дней назад

    Every time when I hear someone saying being vegan makes them less healthy or has created health issues for them, in my mind I'm always thinking "yah... they haven't done enough studies or research into their diet and lifestyle."

  • Giancarlo Joel Aguirre Révolo
    Giancarlo Joel Aguirre Révolo 5 дней назад

    In the end, all of this is because as of now, we don't have an infrastructure for vegan medicine, and I mean, that we don't have an entire medical ecosystem revolving in plant-based food, we just have the traditional one, which kind of works, with the sad side effect of slowly killing you of cancer and heart disease, if we have specialists, medicine, diets, and medical products in general in all field of medicine that it applies, i am SURE that Bonny and many others, whose bodies are not that good at having a complete plant-based food diet, would by now healthy with some preparation and correct medication and/or diet.

  • Elissa Davis
    Elissa Davis 5 дней назад

    Eating animals is just not my cup of tea.....Yeah, eating animal products........not.......really........my.......
    thing.........It’s pretty g r o s s......in my opinion......Like “”really”” gross.......

  • Ryu N
    Ryu N 7 дней назад

    Happy Pear Low Fodmap vegan diet

  • pramod parnati
    pramod parnati 7 дней назад

    still promoting veganism sucks man stop this right now, check your own teeth first . right now ru-clip.com/video/xjdsdus_yds/видео.html&t=75s and many of his vedios where he interviews many many vegans ru-clip.com/channel/ucpj8fsalbwrebpwo6dvezuw

  • Agnar150 Agnar
    Agnar150 Agnar 7 дней назад

    Veganism is a bloated mess and unnatural. I have never found lettuce or broccoli walking around in nature. I do however find lots of animals to hunt. Mic is the biggest liar in the world. Fructose will give you a fatty liver and diabetes. Worse it will give you a fatty pancreas then stop producing insulin. At that point, the inflammation from the sugars will give you clogged arteries.

  • thiện trần
    thiện trần 7 дней назад

    its funny.. because after switching to vegan diet, my skin clears up soooo well. Im greatful for the diet! :) of course, not all vegan diets are healthy, its about what u eat... it should be raw fruits, with little fat or sugar..

  • Trails TM
    Trails TM 7 дней назад

    Awww...tim tim tim...you know...you should be sponsored by some violin company on youtube, you'd be awesome!

  • Psychology Nerd
    Psychology Nerd 8 дней назад

    Or you know, you could just realize that this 'lifestyle' became this person's personality and that's not healthy at all. Eat what God put on this earth, all of it is good for you...better than taking antibiotics and supplements filled with God knows what.

  • Peggy
    Peggy 8 дней назад

    I appreciate that you are concise and don't waste words. Very good video. Thanks! You mentioned Tim's issues of insomnia and depression. Do you have a video that addresses these? I would be interested in watching, if so. Again, thanks!

  • t3hgir
    t3hgir 8 дней назад

    Antibiotics wreak havoc on the healthy species of gut bacteria...

  • Mel Hdz
    Mel Hdz 8 дней назад

    I've had gut issues for 20 years, but it got worse since my gallbladder was removed. I had stones but they were very small and with a natural remedy, I had managed to expell many of them. My health got better and I didn't feel bad anymore. However, I knew I had to do the treatment for at least 5 more times, but I didn't because it wasn't nice nor easy to do. So when I got the phone call from hospital saying that my surgery was scheduled within a week and I had to make a decision. I couldn't say no :-(
    Anyway, a few months later I started to have stomachaches almost every day. I had acid reflux all the time. I had constipation + diarrhea at the same time. I felt weak. This affected my nervous system sooo much that I started to develop an anxiety disorder. I wanted to quit my job because i felt bad and nervous and miserable all the time. Then I visited a well-known gastroenterologist in my country and he did gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and a test that checks all your small intestine as well. He found 3 polyps, but nothing related to cancer or crohn or something serious. He did a biopsy and told me that I had H.Pylori, but the good news was that I wasn't gluten nor lactose intolerant. He said that anitbiotics were not a solution. They didn't work anymore and since I was so weak, skinny and sick the intake of antibiotics were going to kill me or send me straight to the emergency room. He said I had to learn how to live with H.Pylori! I investigated on the internet and found a natural remedy. I took it. It worked wonders! I felt incredibly good. However, after a year or so, the issues started again. I think H.Pylori is not the problem anymore. It must be my gut bacteria, my anxiety disorder and of course, inexistence if gallbladder. I feel unable to work. My social anxiety on public transport is strong. I don't know what to do. I started a vegetarian lifestyle to see if I get better (not vegan yet), but I'd like to know if I should do or take something specifically to heal my gut, get rid of my anxiety and help my digestive system to function properly without a gallbladder. I haven't eaten meat for a month but I haven't quit eating eggs and sometimes I drink just a little bit of cow's milk. Cow's milk has always made me feel bad, so I avoid it as much as I can.
    Any suggestions or advice will be really appreciated 😊

  • media
    media 8 дней назад

    say no to gmo and pesticides, say yes to orgnaic whole foods plant based.
    pesticides and gmos harm environment, animals and humans in new and devastating ways.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 8 дней назад

    Es gracioso porque ella está consiguiendo exactamente lo que quiere: atención y views.

  • Norsk Paulsen
    Norsk Paulsen 8 дней назад

    hmm I kinda want a Cheeseburger or some other meat meals now after watching some vegan videos. hmm maybe I should go up to the river close to my house and slay a duck. peking duck sounds really good now

  • Mari Farrell
    Mari Farrell 8 дней назад

    I wasnt originally going to make a comment but in seeing the responses to Bonny specifically I have become pretty angry. Vegans say their diet is good for them and for the enviornment and eating the vegan diet is the only way to not kill animals. To that I would like to say, tell me how it is more sustainable and less harmful to the enviornment to eat eggs that could come from your backyard and meat from your local market as opposed to eating tons of exotic fruits and vegitables and supliments in large quantities that come from halfway across the world? Do you know what those cargo ships and planes do to the environment? Do you know what the huge agricultural places do to the enviornment too? All the water, the animal homes, and all that? But you want to call a girl who spent all of her money and time and effort into doing what she, as well as like everyone here, thought was the best, aka the vegan diet. If you guys want people to be vegan maybe show some courtesy to your fellow human and stop putting a chicken and fish that cant do anything other than give you nutrients over a human being that, you know, can actually do something important.

  • ianinjapan2
    ianinjapan2 8 дней назад

    Here's an idea: I wonder if, during that period they were pounding down the fruit, they had eaten it (as in, actually chewed it up, mixing it with saliva), as opposed to drinking (most of?) it down in smoothie form, that their digestive systems might have had more time to deal with it? Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, for example, seems to believe that actually chewing (most/all?) our food is necessary for its suitable assimilation (as well as generating Nitric Oxide, which works to "lubricate" artery walls), so he doesn't seem to like smoothies very much. So anyway, I wonder if this might have helped their digestive issues as well?

  • irock yayy
    irock yayy 8 дней назад

    I just subscribed . I like you. You were so respectful and informative

  • Barbara Lyman
    Barbara Lyman 9 дней назад

    I understand the ethical considerations of veganism but it's not always the healthiest diet a person can be on. This article from the U.K's Daily Mail is about the health and genetic problems vegetarianism can produce.( It looks like the diet in the article is more what veganism now is.

  • marvin delack
    marvin delack 9 дней назад

    his insomnia may be from a smart meter or wifi in his home. it is a growing cause of insomnia.

  • Adam Monks
    Adam Monks 9 дней назад

    Phahahahaha. You're stupidity has reached a new high with this video.

    • Adam Monks
      Adam Monks 9 дней назад

      Meat is healthy in moderation, the same as fruit, Why can't your nuance reach this area? Cognitive dissonance?

    • Adam Monks
      Adam Monks 9 дней назад

      "Evidence based speculation" - You know what a oxymoron is right?

  • jeannette new
    jeannette new 9 дней назад

    Hey. Thanks. Ive recently turned vegan. Ive always had IBS. I was a competitive runner so exercise made no difference at all. I had constant gas. It was humiliating and i got bullied for it. I feel like i never have gas any more. Not even once a day. So thats cool and less stinky. My self esteem and confidence has improved. For me drinking coffee first thing sorted out the constipation that i think caused the flatulence. I wonder if i had lactose intolerance all those years. Im feeling ok on a vegan diet so far but her video alarmed me so was glad to see your response. Much happier now. Was gonna buy eggs and fish today but wont now. My skin is ok. Although if i run i come out in a rash. I went to physio for achilles and he ended up focusing on my gut. I had such bad pain in one side at this juncture in the gut so i relate to Bonny and found her video interesting. Now i think i need an overview of my gut and my issues. Im starting yoga tonight as the physio said it would help my gut to stretch it out. Ill get your cook book. You seem really cool and have done your homework. Thank you for posting.

  • Fern
    Fern 9 дней назад

    I got acne from taking high doses of b12 (one of the unfortunate 10%!) I tried upping my zincy foods but that didn't work very effectively for me. What actually seemed to cure it was taking an iron/b12 complex instead. I came to this conclusion by speaking with a doctor at the time and through trial and error. Just sharing my personal experience, would still recommend talking with an informed doctor!! :)

  • coriander zvx
    coriander zvx 9 дней назад

    um, yall know its completely unnatrual to need a supplement for TAURINE, B12, ZINC, IRON, K2, OMEGA 3, right?
    these r contained in high quantities in small amounts of animal foods. this girl shared a very personal story. she went thru it. mic will eventually go thru it also lol! just like veggie police and al lthe others. i was vegan for TEN years, longer than u, mic. my adrenals suffered terribly! i am not a fan of constantly spiking my insulin. i ALWAYS felt hungry...and no i am not obese or diabetic. those foods just didnt work with my body. now i can eat a couple eggs and kale cooked in butter and im full for hours and dont need to constantly be thinking about food. its so silly. the vegan cult is stronnnng . i cant beleive i used to watch your vids and hold u on such a pedastol. you are just liek every other vegan.. biase, shameful, judgemental and not compassionate for humans going thru it.. ugh. you are even weirdly passive aggressive in this vid. not cool

  • Katherine Mills
    Katherine Mills 9 дней назад

    Love the vid! My boyfriend had a really bad gut before we started and he became so underweight he almost looked anoerexic, he’s lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant and turns out he has a hard time digesting meat. We had cut out hard to digest plants before going vego like beans and tomato ect but he can eat those again now he doesn’t eat meat and avoids dairy

  • Vote 4Padro
    Vote 4Padro 9 дней назад

    I went vegan last year for a few months NOT fully understanding the COMPLET COMPLEX science behind this diet/ lifestyle & YES, it's a VERY complex science that one should study upon and understand before deciding to making this commitment , or els things like this will happen! I'm no longer vegan , but I do fully intend on picking this diet back up after I COMPLETLY UNDERSTAND the science behind it to maintain a healthy body and mind.

  • Signs`n Wonders
    Signs`n Wonders 10 дней назад

    Veganism is a cult.

  • VeganGames
    VeganGames 10 дней назад

    You can’t go wrong if you listen to Dr Michael Greger.

  • Dennis McCarthy
    Dennis McCarthy 10 дней назад

    Oh I thought he was going to say they failed the diet, oh nevermind. They must have failed(New way of saying did it wrong).

  • abigailleg
    abigailleg 10 дней назад

    So many people that are very health concious have so many problems...Isn’t that strage?

  • Estelle Miller
    Estelle Miller 10 дней назад

    Great considerate response. I hope Bonny's issues clear up. I'm a vegan with IBS (had it before going vegan) and I do find exercise helps so much! Like what you said about your partner walking around when travelling, I experienced the same thing walking around Sydney for hours everyday last year - no IBS symptoms despite eating heaps of food. Would love for you to make a video on IBS.

  • яна лукасова
    яна лукасова 10 дней назад

    Just young people with orthorexie. This has nothing to do with a mature vegan lifestyle. Just my opinion. They went from one extrem to an other. Just for the views.

    LIT VIEWZ 10 дней назад

    Great video

  • Andra Blîndu
    Andra Blîndu 10 дней назад

    How dare you make this kind of video? I really think you were not paying enough attention to everything she said. She said she had, based on the lab tests, a lot of irritants for her gut in the list of foods she was eating. What else was she supposed to eat if she was almost out of choices??? And you come and tell her to have wheat???? You made this video for the views, to take advantage about the fact that she will have a lot of views on her video and the users will also see your video...

  • Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face

    Extremely impressed with this content. You provide more information than any specialist I've ever seen.

  • Heidi Crockett
    Heidi Crockett 10 дней назад

    Where are the science nerds? I looked through the comments and people mostly give opinions about diet choice or liking/not liking this or that vs. ACTUALLY discussing the SCIENCE presented in this video. Not talking about diets or individuals, it was helpful to learn about 1. the importance of exercise to help IBS 2. how high fructose intake can lead to gut problems 3. How high doses of b12 can cause acne in some people...and more....

  • Jared Thibodaux
    Jared Thibodaux 10 дней назад

    As I have said at leased a thousand times before not everyone reacts well to the high carb vegan diet just as not everyone react well to a high protine Adkins diet or a high fat keto diet, believe it or not we are all a little different. Now people are working on eco Adkins and vegan keto diets the later is of great interest to me as high carb levels have always been VERY bad for my health.

  • Jacquelynn Jones
    Jacquelynn Jones 10 дней назад

    I find it very odd how consumed people are with what others eat. I think you all should go see someone about your co-dependency issues. 😉 also, people who are confident in their choices shouldn't see a need to pick apart people who aren't on their same journey.

  • Nina De Jong
    Nina De Jong 11 дней назад

    Would you consider also making a video about Stella Rae who recently put out a video stating she is no longer vegan? Would be nice to hear your thoughts on her reasoning like you did here!

  • Marie Johnson
    Marie Johnson 11 дней назад +1

    I just got stuck on "time traveling nano robots" for like 2 mins. Just completely frozen. Thanks for that, Mic.

  • Daniel Soares
    Daniel Soares 11 дней назад

    I hate how every health issue with a vegan is blamed on their diet yet when a meat eater has a health issue it is never the diet. It is pure insanity.

  • Aus Pinay Channel
    Aus Pinay Channel 11 дней назад

    Thanks durianrapist and fleabag

  • Daniella Newcomb
    Daniella Newcomb 12 дней назад

    Was her diet organic ? No metions of GMO's and Glyphosate

  • Nick Diaz
    Nick Diaz 12 дней назад

    Mic, you have what I call... The Corn Factor... corny annoying bitch... and a vegan.

  • Frozen Mocha
    Frozen Mocha 12 дней назад

    Found myself on the lunatic side of RU-clip and now I’m leaving

  • Francesca Balti
    Francesca Balti 13 дней назад

    meat if HIGH INFLAMATION foods. the worms cause inflammation and when you feed them their favorite food they calm down and don't give you trouble.

  • Francesca Balti
    Francesca Balti 13 дней назад

    everyone who ever ate rotting flesh HAS large tape and rope worms. the only way to get rid of the head of the worm is to starve it out via long water fasting and raw vegan diet.

  • Francesca Balti
    Francesca Balti 13 дней назад

    its bc they have tape worms that still survive on a vegan high processed food and high sugar diet. the worms give you leaky gut and they die off little by little and realse toxic bacteria into the body thus bad skin and other issues like leaky gut, anemia (bc they suck your blood)

  • Giulio Licitra
    Giulio Licitra 13 дней назад

    Yeah, how dare these people make a dietary choice I don't agree with, they should be forced to remain vegan even though it makes negative effects on their health. It seems common with these vegan counter responses that "they always did the diet wrong", even though the ex-vegan videos are coming from a wide range of people with a wide range of diets. Just accept that for most people, a fully vegan diet does not work for a long time, and move on. Becuse you look like butthurt kids when you do this!

  • Adam Trew
    Adam Trew 13 дней назад

    Real men eat meat

  • smileyhappyradio
    smileyhappyradio 13 дней назад

    As usual, amazing video, I did not know about the fructose absorption limit. I think the guy maybe had an allergy to one of the fruits he ate, or possibly a reaction to pesticide on the skin of the fruit he ate. He also could have gotten salmonella from not washing the avos, or a parasite from water he washed it in, or drank. So many reasons the gut could have gotten sick. I wonder if he tried just eating mild foods like oatmeal for a while, and salads, along with probiotics. I think in certain situatons raw food should be replaced with cooked. The cycling also would have caused a lot of sweating, and loss of nutrients. Great video!

  • Bryan R
    Bryan R 13 дней назад

    I'm vegan, and I have severe eczema. After doing what I need to do to cleanse and reverse this condition, I am going to try eating meat again to see if it makes my skin even better. I've suffered my whole life with this condition and if eating meat helps distance me from this nightmare, I feel it's natural for my body to consume meat.

  • Raven
    Raven 13 дней назад

    The dude almost died, being vegan isn’t worth dying over.

    • Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face
      Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face 10 дней назад

      Your IBS is your problem, not the problem of animals. Your medical issues have nothing to do with animals. Animals aren't obliged to die for you. The burden is on you to find an alternative solution to your IBS. Animals get IBS all the time from the food we give them. All you can see is your own well being, nothing else.

  • Poppy Pictures
    Poppy Pictures 13 дней назад

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  • Atheria PsychicGal
    Atheria PsychicGal 13 дней назад

    Everyone PLEASE watch Dr. Garth Davis's rant about ex vegans with eating disorders and unbalanced diets blaming veganism for their issues! He also mentions that being vegan isn't about DIET. It's about the animals! If you eat a well-rounded diet you can thrive. If you eat some orthorexic overly limited diet, yes, you'll not do well. Share his logical tirade far and wide. ru-clip.com/video/myaqumywwg0/видео.html

  • myhorse52
    myhorse52 13 дней назад

    I stopped eating meat now for a year and a half. I am just about 95% vegan. I have to say that my IBS is so much better. I use to have a combination of diarrhea and constipation. I am happy to say i now go pretty much every day and I have not had any diarrhea or so much as a cramp in the past year and a half. My diet is mostly just everyday food. I did switch out my bacon and white bread I use to have for breakfast with bran flakes and soy milk. My diet is pretty much vegan except for the occasional coffee creamer I might have in my coffee at work. I think people get into trouble when they go extreme. I try to eat a well balance diet. I don't really take any supplements. Maybe a B12 here and there. My soy milk and cereal are both fortified with B12 so I don't worry too much about it.

  • Coras
    Coras 14 дней назад

    ~"A vegan millionaire could make a user-friendly medical clinic with solid distance services and a fund to test for things like SIBO and provide solutions to vegans"

  • Melissa Waaland
    Melissa Waaland 14 дней назад

    Thank you for making a compassionate video and not a video attacking them. I have been vegan for a year and am suffering from horrible acne. I have an ND that is pushing me to eat 2 eggs a week. She thinks this will help and it’s getting to a point where I am desperate for answers. I won’t give up but answers are so far away! I also have a “vegan doctor” who basically told me “sorry I don’t know what to do”... hoping the answers are somewhere and soon. Taking out all soy to prove that’s not the problem.... keep making content so we can all learn from you and your compassionate self. Judgement will be the end of veganism and you prove that you don’t need to judge. Just understand what people may be going through

  • Vic
    Vic 14 дней назад

    How do you totally understand what Tim went through? Are you Tim? You are saying things nicely with a smile but you’re talking rubbish. Well done. Wonder how much money you’ve made with this video! #hypocrite

  • Yasmin R
    Yasmin R 14 дней назад +3

    Sorry but you are out of your mind. I hope you find other subjects to your videos than asuming you know everything about someone else.

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    callmecristal 14 дней назад +3

    She was very very very very thorough in her video about her personal dietary problems and choices. It's completely absurd that you feel you need to have an input in what somebody else choses to do with their bodies.