Why I'm No Longer Vegan... Bonny Rebecca Response

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • Bonny and her partner Tim have quit veganism. Here is my response with a few evidence-based hypotheses, research on their problems, and potential solutions.
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    Bonny's Original Video:
    Fructose Absorption Limit 50g:
    As Low as 15 g for some IBS patients:
    SIBO and Leaky Gut Study:
    Parasites and Leaky Gut:
    Greger DHA video:
    Triglycerides and Acne:
    Zinc and Acne:
    Phytates Should be Digested in Theory Study:
    B12 High Dose Acne Connection in 10%:
    IBS and Exercise:
    Physical activity should be used as a primary IBS treatment: www.nature.com/articles/ajg2010480
    14% of US population has IBS:
    Sedução Momentânea by Roulet:
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  • Alois Raich
    Alois Raich Day ago

    You look very unhealthy, and your food and ethical thinking is idiotic, I hope you do not get seriously ill within the next year, with your dumm veganism

  • Dr. Officer
    Dr. Officer Day ago

    Everything gets boring after a while. Any reason is good enough. Most times we get into a lifestyle for not all the reasons for lack of better ways to say it. After a while if we got in for "vanity" reasons or to loose weight as an example or build an audience then we just follow the trends.
    The reasons are broad though other than slight sources a vegetarian lifestyle gives the body all it needs.
    The source of what we eat vegan or not makes a huge difference. What we eat should not be such a public issue though once we put our life it public then all bets are off. Any reason will do.

  • Younger
    Younger 4 days ago

    I am suffering form an undiagnosed chronic illness with an array of horrific symptoms I have been suffering from for years. I have decided to try a vegan diet to see if it helps my situation improve, hence why I am watching your videos and others to gain knowledge for my transition.
    I wanted say that I thought certain types of cholesterol are supposed to be beneficial to our health?

    • Debbie King Tampa
      Debbie King Tampa 3 days ago

      The ones they usually talkabout are hdl and ldl. The ratio is what they look at. You should have a higher ratio of hdl

  • Lockwood Bramble
    Lockwood Bramble 4 days ago

    The absurdity of people pointing to "not vegan anymore" videos as proof that eating meat & dairy is necessary is laughable. There are also videos on "not keto/paleo/you name it anymore".

  • Bernie
    Bernie 5 days ago

    Girl was right to leave veganism for her health. Your wrong.Veganism is wrong. Stop deluding yourself and others.

  • veganpower
    veganpower 5 days ago

    Best of Sv3rige Ex Vegan Story...have fun

  • Midnight_stories
    Midnight_stories 5 days ago +2

    Maybe she just wanted to enjoy life, and in the end that's all that matters not how long we are here for

    • Chris10B
      Chris10B 4 days ago

      You obviously completely missed the ethical side of veganism.

  • Ed Denton
    Ed Denton 6 days ago

    Try a variety diet. Too much of anything is bad.

  • Eliot Johnson
    Eliot Johnson 7 days ago +1

    ARE WE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE PARASITES IN BOTH OF THEIR GUTS??? This is like cutting your hand completely off and wondering why your arm is hurting😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Eros Indigo
    Eros Indigo 7 days ago

    Eggs are the biggest killers in the west? Seriously? Then again, quote from the video 'Not medical advice, simply public health related SPECULATION'
    Enough said.

  • soul music
    soul music 7 days ago +2

    look at yourself youre dying

  • Datruth Hurts
    Datruth Hurts 8 days ago +1

    Lol people listen to him instead of the professionals she talked to who know her problems personally

  • Datruth Hurts
    Datruth Hurts 8 days ago

    Lol all these problems plus the ones obese people have can be solved by balance dieting. Eat everything in moderation and you will be fine. SIMPLE. He’s explaining the problems and why but the answer is simple there wasn’t enough variety. If we weren’t suppose to eat meat then we wouldn’t have started to eat meat. It was much harder to eat meat BC times and now that it’s easier we eat too much. Simple moderation

  • Mangomango
    Mangomango 8 days ago

    My bf had this B12 -acne reaction, ofc doctors couldn't help... I had to figure it out ;)

    CHOSEN_ENERGY 9 days ago

    SUPER VIDEO MY MAN, super appreciate breaking down, as a vegan I almost lost it when she was talking about going to the toilet and having small pieces extricating I thought for a second i had inflammation as well lol, I do also believe that exercise and meditation play a big role no matter what diet you are on and stress can be the cause of all the breaks on the skin and digestive system.

  • Sandy Strait
    Sandy Strait 11 days ago +4

    Mic, I'm sad to say overtime you yourself look more and more ill on a vegan diet.

  • myflesh10
    myflesh10 11 days ago

    Really comprehensive, Fair video, lots of Objectivity and Openness which is very refereshing

  • windingstars
    windingstars 12 days ago

    You look jaundiced and underweight. Is that what you were going for with a vegan diet? Congrats, I guess.

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 12 days ago

    Now Bonny Rebecca's looking pretty ridiculous! Of COURSE she and Tim ran into those problems when they chucked down huge amounts of fruit. Eat too much ANY one thing and you'll run into trouble.

  • Maayan Yerushalmi
    Maayan Yerushalmi 12 days ago +1

    You look sick man

  • Lying Eyes
    Lying Eyes 12 days ago +2

    Saved one more couple from death! Yeah!

  • Kevin Reiter
    Kevin Reiter 13 days ago +1

    Hi Mic - your look very pale and you seem to loose some hair - is that an effect of a vegan diet?

    • Markledorf
      Markledorf 11 days ago

      His skin and hair quality looks good (as in not unhealthy) to me, I don't know what kind of standards you have though. Getting thinner hair is pretty normal as we age, but I don't think he has thin hair now in comparison to what it looked like in his oldest vids. If he does, it doesn't have to be related to his diet at all, since genetics can play a big role in hair loss/texture. Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you're immune to the effects of aging or having flaws, and someone not looking the way you assume healthy people do doesn't disprove that a diet can be healthy.

  • Heather Marie
    Heather Marie 13 days ago

    I saw a Neurology Chiropractor that put me on a limited diet plus supplements to heal my gut... The program and supplements were from Apex. Many Chiropractors carry their products and programs. The program i was on was to rid my gut of any parasites, bacteria, yeast overgrowth, and stabilize my gut biome. It usually a 30 day program, though my gut took about 45 days to stabilize. I HIGHLY recommend APEX programs for gut issues. I did the Plant based meal plan option. My gut is happy now on a vegan plant based diet!

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 14 days ago

    All these unpure eaters, with their supplements and their skinny build. At least Vegans are 99% weak and have such a bad gut, that they are easily dischargable in any discussion, because normal people won't be able to digest their brainwashed contradictionary eating studies just by talking with them.

  • Lomax0506
    Lomax0506 15 days ago +2

    Mic the Vegan - What's up with your complexion? That is NOT normal. You look like you've been bitten by a vampire.

  • Chloe Decas
    Chloe Decas 15 days ago

    ur eyes r beautiful

  • xXx34m80a12c19xXx
    xXx34m80a12c19xXx 16 days ago

    Bonny Rebecca is a dumbass and completely unimportant

  • Choreography by Rae
    Choreography by Rae 16 days ago

    Adding Flaxseed to my diet solved my insomnia but over time contributed to too much fiber. Switched to Hemp seed and problem solved. Many doctors aren’t educating themselves on vegan dietary needs (I used to work for a doctor) and that’s frustrating because when you are ill, you go to a doctor.
    Extreme dieting may get lots of likes online but we get a lot of ill informed people spreading their idea of what healthy eating should look like.
    I was surprised when told I was prediabetic. Those cool influencers promoting a dozen bananas a day don’t realize the body turns it into sugar. No more bananas, low GL fruit in moderation, replace oatmeal with hot wheat cereal, replace whole wheat bread with Rye... No longer prediabetic.
    Being vegan can feel like a bit of trial and error, but the right mindset is important. That’s something the “vegan for a week” videos completely miss.
    I agree with your comments that as an influencer her decision to stop being vegan impacts her audience and can shift her brand.
    Being vegan isn’t supposed to be about proving your better than others just because you eat half a watermelon.
    Thanks for the science and the care you put into framing your response.

  • Shaghig Parseghian
    Shaghig Parseghian 18 days ago

    why don't vegans who are having serious issues go see VEGAN doctors? Am I missing something? even if you don't have vegan doctors around, don't trust any other doctor. no disrespect though, I know it's difficult and they went through a lot. just thinking out loud here... as you said, the problem is there's no vegan medical community.

    • K. Ø
      K. Ø 16 days ago +1

      Because no serious doctor who isn't in it for the money would support such an idiotic diet

  • Tu lyps
    Tu lyps 18 days ago

    How did their buying a sofa made with sheep wool and bird feathers help the former vegans' health? Veganism is not a diet btw.

  • H. V.W.
    H. V.W. 18 days ago

    This couple just wanted to find something quick to blame for their health problems...Instead of searching for the truth. Eating fruit ONLY doesn't make sense. It's their stupidity that is the problem. You can't blame veganism for your health problem being on a dumb diet like that.

  • Sheri Morgan
    Sheri Morgan 19 days ago

    Thank You Mic for This Response Video ! You Get the Gold Standard Award for Showing All angles of the “Modern Day Every Day Something is Wrong with someone’s food on the daily”.. You have shown a Perspective that is SO REFRESHING. Actually found you by search for how “OXALATES” are Starting to peek through for the carnivores... Not here to bash anyone... it’s just awesome to see how much thought you put into & the information EVERYONE should learn... before changing anything.. we at the end of the day will spend our precious time watching videos & either don’t listen or fall down “fitness Influencers “especially ones that have PHD in a major that has nothing to do with nutrition.That promise .. if you follow leads down to a mental break down...😜Thank You again for the information! Love&Light Sheri Morgan

  • Food Lover
    Food Lover 19 days ago +3

    Lots of false assumptions in this video. Confirmation bias.

  • Hyperborean Primarch
    Hyperborean Primarch 19 days ago +1

    Nice yellow skin you have there? Do you need some raw beef?

  • Shushi Mushi
    Shushi Mushi 20 days ago

    Nail it with the fructose. I always smile when somebody is suggesting fruit diet. And + parasites. Perfect shit.

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen 20 days ago +1

    Live with a balance life. Too much of something will always lead to an issue.

  • star seed
    star seed 20 days ago

    adding oil to the diet will accually have an effect of making acne worse. I've cured my acne on a vegan oil free diet. My main source of fat is now peanut butter and other nuts and seeds.

  • Brendan Ritchie
    Brendan Ritchie 21 day ago +2

    I think it would have been better to interview her. I can only imagine her reaction to all this speculation.

  • OsmXbal
    OsmXbal 21 day ago +1

    Why people go fruitarian?

  • Kasey Wood
    Kasey Wood 22 days ago +1

    She says that she doesn't blame the vegan diet... but definitely, an extreme diet causes issues. There's no denying that. It got so bad because of whatever the cause was that the result was needed to incorporate animal products back into their diet to become healthy again. There really isn't anything to react to. It is what it is. To be clear, I don't necessarily support veganism, but I support people who do. I believe any extreme diet is unhealthy and as far as the ethical approach, there are ways to get animal products where they are kept in humane, even heavenly conditions.

  • james rock
    james rock 23 days ago

    any food that is not organic is filled with pesticides even if you wash it that does not matter because its in the ground soil and the plants drink in the poison and you then eat that poison that you think is healthy ...antibiotics kill all your gut bacteria and make things 100X worse

  • Nayden Spirdonov
    Nayden Spirdonov 23 days ago +1

    Sorry mate I had to dislike your video as you are wrong!

    • OsmXbal
      OsmXbal 18 days ago

      Nayden Spirdonov I mean he always base his information on studies just like anyone in any field try to prove anything. How is that making him a believer in a religious way?

    • Nayden Spirdonov
      Nayden Spirdonov 18 days ago +1

      @OsmXbal It is common knowledge that a vegan diet is extremely unhealthy and punishing for the body. I will not go into studies as the debate with vegan people will be pointless as logic do not go well with believers.

    • OsmXbal
      OsmXbal 21 day ago

      Nayden Spirdonov how?

  • Carlos Mitchell
    Carlos Mitchell 23 days ago +1

    This dude looks like shit....

  • Haya AlDineh
    Haya AlDineh 26 days ago

    Why is it anyone's business to judge what others choose to eat?!?

  • The girl who couldn't eat anything

    33:16 on Bonny's video... She feels better and symptoms have improved

  • VanessaShowShow
    VanessaShowShow 27 days ago +2

    I think your channel is pretty bull

  • Alex B
    Alex B 29 days ago

    This comment section is just full of Bonny fans that are just full of cognitive dissonance.

  • Nicole Flip
    Nicole Flip Month ago

    Wow you know a lot about this. How did you get to know so much? Did you study it in college? Just do your own research? I’d like to get more into the science behind food, but it all just seems so complicated

  • KJ Always
    KJ Always Month ago

    Thanks, Mic, for sharing your compassionate and scientific knowledgeable information to Bonny, Tim and us RU-cliprs.

  • Jory Berg
    Jory Berg Month ago +6

    This guy looks like he has jaundice. He doesn't look very healthy.

  • Starchild
    Starchild Month ago

    ru-clip.com/video/x_W_JK6BZFg/video.html Help Mic can you please make a response video. You should also know he has another channel selling meat.

  • Kiyarose3999
    Kiyarose3999 Month ago

    Sound to me that going from an Omni diet to a largely Fruitarian diet was the cause of their problems cos of the shock of the detox that making this radical change would cause. Detoxing from a v unhealthy Omni diet straight into a fruit diet is too much in one go. If they had gone through the stage from vege to ( unprocessed food) Vegan diet, then after a few years move gradually to the mainly raw mainly raw diet, they would of been fine, better than fine, they would of been glowing with health! Many moons ago I was sharing a house with 2 people who were on an 85% raw 100 Fruitarian diet, but they used the widest definition of ‘Fruit’ meaning the Fruit or Fruit baring part of plants. So included grains, Legumes, puleses, veg fruits, seeds, Nuts etc. I decided to do the same after being Vegan for 3-4 years, and even though I was on a healthy Vegan diet at the time, I still noticed some spots appeared on my inner thigh and my arse cheecks. That I put down to eating much more raw food, just shows you though that even cooked food build toxins in your body!.

  • Isidora Cadiz
    Isidora Cadiz Month ago

    I’m so sad... I’ve never felt better.. everything is good I’ve been vegan for 2 months.. I didn’t have acne until now! My face is full of pimples.. I don’t wanna go back

  • Diane Diehl
    Diane Diehl Month ago

    Why folks go to such extremes - the fruit - all just is not logical. Keep it to basics and listen intuitively to your own body. Plant Based is the most healthy diet but it is not a crime to fall off the wagon so to speak. Grandma's wisdom: Eat only things that grow and stay away ideally from anything man touches. Don't fool with mother nature. So when you go to extremes, like a fruit diet you get your system all messed up - key is balance. The body is like a chemistry lab - not one thing will fix your system - so just concentrate on eating plant foods you enjoy, keep it simple and stop all the over analyzing. Your chemistry lab knows how to re balance if you feed it plant food. Any supplements, even B12 is man made and you can interrupt your chemistry lab - so allow the genius of your own lab get you in balance.

    STOCK HIPPIE jan Month ago

    I love this!!!

  • lukilladog
    lukilladog Month ago

    When you have humans evolving over hundreds of thousands of years on omnivore diets you end with humans that are fitted to work best on such diet. Vegans will be always playing catch up and pulling their hairs trying to figure out why some humans react different to the same vegan diets, most don´t even know what genetic drift is.

  • Master Prophet
    Master Prophet Month ago +1

    Of course all of his symptoms cleared because the stopped detoxing. * blank stare *
    Mic the Vegan, keep dropping that good wisdom, my brother!

  • Katerina Kardova
    Katerina Kardova Month ago

    My mind n body are screaming for a steak 🥩 after listening to this 🤦🏼‍♀️🙈🤣🤣

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams Month ago

    Yeah, heaven forbid these people actually listen to their primary care managers over these youtube vloggers.

    • Channy Whocares
      Channy Whocares Month ago

      @Jessica Williams =)

    • Jessica Williams
      Jessica Williams Month ago +1

      @Channy Whocares Understood.

    • Channy Whocares
      Channy Whocares Month ago +1

      @Jessica Williams Okay, than I might have read it wrong, my bad. And I agree with you there are a few - some Vegans on here, let's say most vegans are rather the opposite than that. I honestly never met a vegan offline that was half as in your face aggressive as people on RU-clip can be. And I am mostly kind of scared to even say I am vegan not like I am ashamed, but I fear people put me in a pot with those. But as it is with any Group you built out of humanoids one say so others say so, like tbh I don't care if you eat a whole pig infront of me, I just don't want to touch it's insides anymore or eat it. ^^ But I am so far also not following a very special diet like low carb or such. So maybe just watch some other RU-cliprs who happen to be Vegan but don't shuff it down your throat like they just steped in a wasp next on a bad day. ;) ;) ;) I actually stopped watching Vegan RU-cliprs because of that yet I am "one of them" but not "one of them"

    • Jessica Williams
      Jessica Williams Month ago

      @Channy Whocares My comment was aggressive? Didn't mean for it to sound that way, maybe read it in a different voice? I just have been watching a lot of video's lately about vegan/raw vegan and people always think they know it better than your PCM. I have seen people make video's just to complain about other vloggers. I've seen people complain about vlogger's hair, or the sound of their voice. I like videos where people give their perspective on a topic, not another vlogger.

    • Channy Whocares
      Channy Whocares Month ago

      +Jessica Williams
      Why are you so aggressive, I have not seen anyone saying "They should listen to this RU-clipr instead of their Doctors." Smh. Sometimes I think people just hate for the sake of hating because it's fun.

  • Ivan Perez Pena
    Ivan Perez Pena Month ago

    But of course, that is like everything is you don't eat moderate it doesn't matter that it's healthy or not if you eat something in an extreme way you are gonna get health problems. Eat is a need that like any other animal we must do for our body to work but if you overeat and exceed what you need to have every day or you don't eat too much you are gonna get sick (being vegan, vegetarian or whatever). But if you look after your body, eating moderate and with a variety in veg, fruits, pulses .. etc etc

    They quit for a vegan diet for health problems because they didn't look after their bodies and instead to try to do it right and eat balance, they put the 'excuse'

  • JoosH orsumbuddy
    JoosH orsumbuddy Month ago

    Mmmmm I have been eating pork sausages while watching this. I also wear Frye leather boots. I am thinking of getting a leather jacket. Any brand recommendations? Im also a SoCal boy so maybe a mom-and-pop shop would be a good suggestion too. I plan on learning how to bow hunt. I think rabbits would be fun to hunt. They are fast and easy to miss.

  • Gene Zhao
    Gene Zhao Month ago

    4:05 too much of any good thing is not good
    4:45 undigested fructose = used by bad bacteria
    11:25 movement helps digestive sys which helps all your symptoms cus gut relates to everything, same with mom

  • Jeffrey Darby
    Jeffrey Darby Month ago +1

    Great job discussing a sensitive issue. A healthy vegan diet with lots of variety and exercise is the way to go! I have been vegan for 28 years! I have had no issues and excellent health. Keep up the good work for the health of humans and the protection of animals!!!

  • Taryn Brine
    Taryn Brine Month ago +1

    Would love an IBS video with Goji Man!

  • Jori
    Jori Month ago

    I have ibs. I’ve suffered from ibs since I was 14. I’ll note that since I was 12 I was what I call “a part time vegan.” So basically I wasn’t really eating the standard American diet and if I was it was a lot less frequently than my peers. A couple months after my 14th birthday I started taking birth control (I believe birth control was the reason for my ibs) and also quit playing basketball and lacrosse. After I started taking birth control I started to feel terrible. I was tired, started suffering from mental health issues, (which are huge triggers for IBS) and was experiencing really bad digestive issues. I went to the doctor and got the ibs diagnosis. I didn’t want to take any antibiotics for it since there isn’t really a cure, so I fixed my diet. I now didn’t have any animal products at all, no gluten, soy, peanuts, or high fodmap vegetables. And I started feeling better as summer came. Another thing that helped me and still helps me is intermittent fasting. After fasting, fixing my diet, drinking probiotic tea and apple cider vinegar, using lots of peppermint oil, exercising, and working on mental health, I was able to treat some of my worst symptoms and start to be able to eat 2 meals a day. Then I finally got off birth control. After, I had almost zero symptoms, despite my doctor saying there was no correlation. Today I still follow the same vegan diet that helped me in the very beginning. I still have sensitivities to soy and peanuts, but I don’t feel restricted on my vegan diet.

  • Otis Carswell
    Otis Carswell Month ago

    I appreciate your channel and effort to solve issues the vegan way. MAD PROPS bro✊🏿😉👉🏾

  • Anon2017
    Anon2017 Month ago

    Been watching a bestie kill herself slowly via strict regime of vegan/fasting. Awful skin. Lost all colour. Thin lifeless hair. She just does another fast. Leaky gut big time. It's a worry.

  • Dr. Oo Sye Sanju
    Dr. Oo Sye Sanju Month ago

    Please do a video on the corporate influence of meat, egg, and dairy industries on American diets as stated in the China Study, chapter 13.

  • gen walsh
    gen walsh Month ago

    Thanks so much for an informative and important video! Really interesting to see the study (bias notwithstanding!) regarding exercise and IBS symptoms, as well as your own anecdotal evidence. I've been vegan for thirty years and circumstances in the last few months have pushed me into much less physical activity, so I'm now wondering if my recent slightly uncomfortable tummy is no coincidence (it's certainly no coincidence that it's not flat any more!) - I'll have to try to crowbar in some time to experiment!

    In terms of general health I'm basically fine - the only drastic thing I've ever noticed since going vegan back in the 80s is I don't have eczema or catarrh any more - they disappeared in about a week of dumping dairy. If it helps anyone, I eat a pretty 'normal' Western diet (as long as curry counts as part of that!), just a veganised one - going vegan was easy even back then, except when I tried to eat out - now it's just too easy for words :)

  • Carlos Emilio Salazar Mendez

    Any dietary lifestyle that can potentially put you at risk of *DEATH* if you do it "wrong" is a bad lifestyle to begin with.

  • Cats Forever
    Cats Forever Month ago

    I got e-coli in 2014 (from unwashed fruit I got from a farm) I ended up septic in the hospital on intense intravenous antibiotics. The e-coli cleared, but I developed severe chest and stomach pain and IBS. The pain as so persistent, even months after. I was working 9 hour shift 3-4 times a week,and several times I had to leave because it was so painful to stand. The only relief I go was when I laid in the fetal position on my side. The doctors did dozens of tests including blood, stool, colonoscopy, and endoscopy. They discovered that I had around 7 ulcers along my intestines and in my stomach. I ended up seeing a diagnostition, and all she could give me what something to coat my stomach and intestines so that they could heal naturally. I had been a vegetarian since I was 13 (was 21 at the time this occured) and in a last ditch effort, I decided to go vegan. The pain subsided within weeks, and after 2 months, my ulcers were nearly completely healed. I still don't know what the cause was, but veganism saved my life. I was considering death because the pain was too much to bare. I'm alive because of veganism, and have been now for 4 years!

  • Dom Trussardi
    Dom Trussardi Month ago

    Eggs are not a "leading killer", dude. They're fucking full of nutrients--if you get the good ones--and are totally healthy if you eat a few per week. Cholesterol is not a fucking poison. It's actually needed by the body to make testosterone and other hormones that keep you healthy.

  • Dom Trussardi
    Dom Trussardi Month ago

    10:30 Did Mic just admit that veganism isn't for everybody???

    • MugenTJ
      MugenTJ Month ago

      Dom Trussardi - ppl who argue for the ideology.
      Yeah, life is fucked up. Event plants evolved to kill for nutrient.

    • Dom Trussardi
      Dom Trussardi Month ago

      @MugenTJ Who is blind to the fact that people in some places need to eat meat or that people are on the verge of starving? If anything, vegans are the same people who actually care about those issues too. It's just that it's hard to justify caging and killing animals just so you can have a burger when you can take a couple of supplements and eat other shit. That's their whole point. I'm not even vegan, btw. I still eat dairy, eggs and meat, but I know it's fucked up at least.

    • MugenTJ
      MugenTJ Month ago

      Dom Trussardi - If you thinking I’m presenting solid arguments to this debate , then I am too childish. It’s purely entertainment to see how ppl suffer thru this! It’s very difficult to point out the obvious to ppl blind to certain facts .
      To your point: yep we are very advanced technologically. Still, You don’t see everyone driving Tesla. I recalled a time my family couldn’t afford animal protein, in a country that didn’t do factory animal farming. It was not living, my friend. You have no idea how happy I feel each time I have a balance meal, now living in the US. Only to see ppl cry about animal suffering etc is very silly.

    • Dom Trussardi
      Dom Trussardi Month ago

      @MugenTJ That's a very poor argument. We don't need meat anymore. We have modern technology that can give us everything we need via other foods and supplements.

    • MugenTJ
      MugenTJ Month ago

      Dom Trussardi - yep only for children who don’t understand biology. We have teeth for shredding meat!

  • Gaming Go and Seagulls Studios Devblogs!

    The way I see it is everyone tries these unique vegan diets and try new things, but why cant we just eat what we were meant to eat, what our ancestors ate, like plants and insects? I know no one wants insects but why not try em?

  • sera
    sera Month ago

    I'm so glad you made this video. Freelee was huge when I was a highly impressionable early teen, especially with the health claims she made (addressing disorders I have) and her misinformation and pseudoscience laden content fucked me up pretty badly, as it did many others. I was too much of a dumbass to do my own research and I know so many who are like I was. You're a great dude.

  • vincent wei
    vincent wei Month ago

    Vegan is bullshit...eat a balanced diet..period

  • Andrea
    Andrea Month ago +1

    I could never go vegan, had gastric bypass so need low carb including whole grain & high fiber. My body treats whole grain just like refined carbs, so I need high protein meals to keep my pancreas from releasing too much insulin

  • gejost
    gejost Month ago

    why dont vegans shave. am i evil. yes

  • Clouds & tears
    Clouds & tears Month ago

    "I wasn't healthy eating vegan 😔" no duh Becky all you ate was Swedish fish and vegan junk foods and claimed them as healthy JUST because they are vegan hunny go plant based ORGANIC AND REAL! not that GMO shit

  • Albi B
    Albi B 2 months ago

    wow I really dont know why they spent so much money going to multiple naturopaths, doctors with 10+ years of schooling, done countless blood test when they could of just went over to your channel and you would of diagnosed them with only watching a 30m video of them and scrolling through their instagram.

  • Dawid Czerniak
    Dawid Czerniak 2 months ago +2

    You guys seems very angry all the time I wonder where is that coming from.

  • Erica Google
    Erica Google 2 months ago

    Lacking of knowledge can be one of the primary problems to this.... I ate alot of fruits sometimes and I'm aware that it is not balanced, I have irritable bowel, it's also like farting alot but I don't really see it as a problem? It's just a sign that you're ingesting too much carbs and they turn into gas in your tummy. Also those fruits has high glycemic index, as it is pure glucose, he needs the right glycemic load. The acne explains his hormonal imbalance due to unstable insulin levels. :)

  • J Shysterr
    J Shysterr 2 months ago +2

    "I normally shy away from response video's"
    Why I'm No Longer Vegan-
    Rawvana is no longer Vegan
    'The Problem iwth Vegans' by Roaming Millenial response
    Blair White is no longer Vegan......

    • Jenna Brook
      Jenna Brook 2 months ago

      He does normally shy away from these types of videos. I typically request that he make them because his responses actually makes sense and are really informational. He could have made Literally HUNDREDS more but hasn’t unless it is highly requested and the party is spreading misinformation.

    • Dawid Czerniak
      Dawid Czerniak 2 months ago

      Yes that that’s another example how vegans are full of plant based shit

  • L H
    L H 2 months ago

    Why dislike?

  • hiraeth
    hiraeth 2 months ago +1

    i think it's possible for the vast majority of people to follow a vegan lifestyle. personally even if i did experience health problems i still wouldn't go back to eating animal products. i would look for alternative solutions of course but if it cans down to it i don't think my health is any more important than the lives of other creatures

  • Jacqueline Stuart
    Jacqueline Stuart 2 months ago +2

    You have made me dislike Vegans even more.

  • Sigma MGTOW
    Sigma MGTOW 2 months ago

    Ex vegan: I’m really poorly and getting sicker and sicker progressively and have tried....... a long list of things.
    Vegan: Your not doing it right, how dare you not sacrifice yourself for the cause!
    Heh. Mental illness is a peculiarity that associates itself with veganism disproportionately.

  • Andrew Chan
    Andrew Chan 2 months ago

    People who eat an improper vegan diet then blame their problems on being vegan are misleading others about the need of consuming meat contributing to the deception that meat is part of a healthy diet. She had an unbalanced macro and micro nutrient intake which can also happen when doing a meat diet but nobody talks about the cases where people eat meat and get problems.

  • Gabby Arciniega
    Gabby Arciniega 2 months ago

    I think the Bonnie did the best for her self and Tim, the key point here is that they did a lot to get better and this was their last option, that tends to happen when you are sick, and you can't point out what's causing it, no matter if you are a vegan or meat eater ... it happens. For them to be transparent, explaining and making videos that still promote a healthy lifestyle is a good way to go. It's obvios that speculating about they habits is all we can do, but let's assume they did all they could. The are not dumb, and they are very conscious people.

  • Michaela Howard
    Michaela Howard 2 months ago

    What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan

  • Janessa CCY
    Janessa CCY 2 months ago

    Hi Mic, I wanted to ask if Garlic and Onion is good for vegan diet people?

    • C D
      C D 2 months ago +1

      ♥️Yes! Better if is the purple onion. Garlic is essential.

  • Animaniac
    Animaniac 2 months ago +54

    Why do people always try to take things to the extreme? Like more is always better? “Let’s eat a ton of fruit, only fat, ton of starch...”
    what about good old balance and variety?

    • Jo Li
      Jo Li 20 days ago +1

      Too many crazy vegans online that promote their crazy diets

    • N m
      N m 21 day ago +2

      @Joseph Matthews keto is ridiculous and unsustainable for environment and financially.

    • N m
      N m 21 day ago +3

      People are split constantly by society. Examples: McDonald's vs burger King, black vs white, Pepsi vs coke, KFC vs Popeyes it's ingrained in our minds constantly. It's called splitting in psychology and yes, I agree, they take it too far.

    • Joseph Matthews
      Joseph Matthews 23 days ago

      You know I think its because alot of people think being vegan I'd extreme. Yet vegans know its not because we are always watching videos about people who eat crazy diets like they only eat fruit or those wack keto diets. Its just the thing is vegans that are very normal they just say no thanks to the meat and choose something other than butter for there bread.

  • Blinder Pete
    Blinder Pete 2 months ago

    the problem: people are healing their bodies by eating meat (Animals: Fats and Proteins)

  • Storm Marshall
    Storm Marshall 2 months ago

    So basically, when you go vegan be balanced. Eat fruit eat veg eat healthy fats aka nuts and Avos, and get a damn vegan protein powder dammit!

  • Lenneth Valkyrie
    Lenneth Valkyrie 2 months ago

    I believe you should not base your response on google. Sure you want to make people stick to the vegan diet but remember, what works for you may not work for everyone. It seems that all this defense and responses are just based on "MAYBE". Have you seen their medical records? If they were diagnosed by a medical professional, they dont need to defend themselves on why they stopped being vegan.

    • Space Cakes
      Space Cakes 2 months ago

      Pretty sure his Google searches are just showing studies. And remember something, that people online aren't always honest, many of these vegan RU-cliprs were in it for the money, while many say they have been feeling worse and worse over time they still would sell you vegan products and tell you how amazing they feel on their vegan smoothies. They ex vegans aren't doctors and most of the things they say are 'maybe'. Ex vegans being like "I ate fish once and now I'm healed of everything"

  • Sigma MGTOW
    Sigma MGTOW 2 months ago

    Has this guy been drinking carrot juice?

  • stolli75
    stolli75 2 months ago

    I thought this was a well-researched response for people to consider at their leisure; I certainly didn't feel it attacked anyone, and was as kind as it could be while offering an alternative view.

  • Deborah Lawrence
    Deborah Lawrence 2 months ago

    While I think that Bonny and her boyfriend should do whatever they can to help their health, Mic is NOT bashing them. He is simply trying to defend veganism so completely healthy vegans don't take this special circumstance and suddenly stop scared, thinking "I'm going to get sick!" just because a vegan diet didn't work for a few people. There are plenty of healthy, lifelong vegans who have attributed their health to their diet, so clearly it does work for some people. He's just saying don't give up if it's working for you!

  • Lobos222
    Lobos222 2 months ago +1

    *This video in short:*
    Maybe, maybe maybe..., but not veganism. They went one year on antibiotics to not blame veganism and they only got worse. Until the end when they went off veganism and got better, but lets not act like veganism was at fault here. Here, have a pill. /satire

  • Reverend Eslam
    Reverend Eslam 2 months ago

    Another one: