25 Year Old Pretends to be a High School Basketball Player! Wins Offensive Player of the Year!

  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley posed as high school student rashaun richardson and wins offensive player of the year.

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  • Steve A
    Steve A 4 days ago


  • ssj lj
    ssj lj 16 days ago

    Some boondocks shit

  • Joe Perry
    Joe Perry 19 days ago

    Wow!!!! I was gona ask if he was banging high school girls. Thats actually prolly why he did it . bang all the hot high school girls.

  • The Saint
    The Saint 29 days ago


  • Just Another Guy
    Just Another Guy 29 days ago

    I was dying until you got to the part when he dated a 14 year old. He couldn't pull a senior that was 18?

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore 29 days ago

    If I would go back to high school, I would play football at WR because of my speed and decent hands

  • Dirty_m0uf 2x
    Dirty_m0uf 2x Month ago

    I just hope he wasnt fuckin with the high school chicks *edit* damn he was

  • Cyril Jewels
    Cyril Jewels Month ago

    Would’ve made more sense if they still could get drafted straight to the nba but they changed that rule so ... yeah it made no sense to do that

  • Oscar McGuire
    Oscar McGuire Month ago

    Basketball point guard put up 20 point and 9 assists and 3 steals

  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman Month ago

    Flem your the best Really Njoy and appreciate ya man!👍♥️

  • Aubrey Smith
    Aubrey Smith Month ago

    I am 12 🇩🇴

  • Devin Wilson
    Devin Wilson Month ago

    Could you imagine!! 🤣🤣🤣 Must be what Lebron felt like when he was in highschool

  • Trey Smith
    Trey Smith Month ago

    Their going to make a movie outta this.

  • james lachs
    james lachs 2 months ago

    I have to believe this move was, at least, partially rooted in mental illness. It seems like the guy was creating a fantasy for himself. If I could go back, I'd play basketball. I'd average 0 points and be the only guy on the team with a receding hairline.

    IRON60 BITCH 2 months ago

    Because most Black men who are 24 still act talk and conducting themselves like children

  • txtst
    txtst 3 months ago

    If that wasn’t against the law, I would do the same, and I’m 23; I would be the next Lebron James.

  • jpin0002 jpin0002
    jpin0002 jpin0002 3 months ago +1

    Think about the teams that get put out of the district tourney because a grown man beat you. No state championship

  • Pat Mcgowan
    Pat Mcgowan 3 months ago

    If I could go back I’d hoop

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 3 months ago

    does FlemLo spell "cat" with a c or a k ie "kat"

  • Running
    Running 3 months ago

    Let me tell y’all! I knew people in that area GAWD!! It was soooooo embarrassing!

  • M D
    M D 3 months ago

    whatever happened to Santonio Holmes?

  • Marshall Moreno
    Marshall Moreno 3 months ago

    Football, running back!! Running over them youngsters! Lmao!!!

  • Farrdawg Joker
    Farrdawg Joker 3 months ago

    OMG I love playing against local high school kids, I played D-1 in college and before I was hurt and blew out both knees my sophomore season. But incandescent still dominate the high school kids I'm a 6 feet 6 inch guard but I can post up the kids and score all day. I need to get back in game shape and shave so my NBA dreams dont only exist in the 2k world! I know i can put up 30 points 11 rebounds and 8 assists should be 10 but these kids cant shoot from deep and at least 3 and 2 to 4 steals. But were I am the teams aren't very good against top teams and most likely there are no D-1 players on the 6 closest teams to me. But I played with 2 NBA players not stars but 2 2nd round draft picks on my team so the talent pool has been drained. Oh hell I can get a triple double when we play full games against them so I should be able to get them just as long as I can soak my knees and shoulders for 2 to 3 days after each game lol! But really I need ice then heat alot after each full scrimmage games between me and my friends vs the high school team. But we do try and help them like unofficial assistant coaches but if I played I would be the center not a guard. They all midgets except the girls have 2 taller players me because they live near a power plant lol.

    QB WINNERSOVERHERE 3 months ago

    Check out North Tahoe high School I think 93-95 a grown man named che' walker played football 4 north Tahoe I think 4 like 2years and won the state rushing record The Man was a beast LoL check it out

  • Samuel Mahmud
    Samuel Mahmud 4 months ago

    Baseball anywhere in the outfield!

  • Resz7
    Resz7 4 months ago

    I would go back and compete as a girl cause you know that's a thing now.

  • Thatkiddadreamer 3528
    Thatkiddadreamer 3528 4 months ago

    RB 150 yds 2 tds a game

  • Delpriest Stokes
    Delpriest Stokes 4 months ago

    If I was a over seas basketball coach i would recruit him 😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯

  • Johnnie Ho
    Johnnie Ho 4 months ago

    I would go back and replay football again. I didnt know about football until my sophmore year but at the end of my senior year I was starting CB and WR. My biggest regret was not scoring a TD in a game. If i could go back, i know for a fact I would have gotten us to the final round of CIF.

  • Coach Hebert
    Coach Hebert 5 months ago

    Great video my brother , as I said in the past,you have a great future

  • DeAndre Robinson
    DeAndre Robinson 6 months ago

    Irrelevant! I know kids 17year olds who school 25+ year old fools.. and would put a college dude on the bench.. them kids was trash .. that’s why they coach benched they ass

  • Murada
    Murada 7 months ago

    I was clapping for him fooling the system to relive his Al Bundy Polk High Dreams but then you got to the 14yo girl part and I'm like WTF!?!?! stop the music right there bro... did this dude think he was going undercover on 21 jump street or something?

  • Adam Aizenberg
    Adam Aizenberg 7 months ago

    When you make yourself 99 overall in every sports game ever, and you just wanna see what it’s like in real life!

  • JK McClaren
    JK McClaren 7 months ago

    Shit, I’d play both sports I played at the time and probably add football to my resume. At 25 i woulda won player of the year in my basketball conference too. I was a skinny little punk in high school, by 25 I was 35lbs of solid muscle heavier. I’m way to old and flabby now though. Those young bucks would run me to death, I’d be begging coach to come off the bench... the 14 year old girl thing is crazy though. My daughter is 16 so, I can only imagine that girl’s father seething.

  • Nasir Reynolds5
    Nasir Reynolds5 7 months ago

    He has a raping career now

  • Nasir Reynolds5
    Nasir Reynolds5 7 months ago

    I actually goes to this school hillcrest highschool

  • Jake Miller
    Jake Miller 8 months ago

    How did anyone think that he was a teenager? That hairline(he is not balding by any measure) is very mature for a 17 year old.

  • ElconTonyMontana
    ElconTonyMontana 9 months ago

    Bro this is kinda random but for some reason I keep getting the same HIV prescription commercial on your clips yet I don’t get this commercial on any other channels I watch. It might be kinda conspiracy-ish but... profiling? Haha just a weird observation

  • IMunchieOwO
    IMunchieOwO 9 months ago

    He’s 11 years older than her

  • Charles Surber
    Charles Surber 9 months ago

    Hooping pedo awesome!

  • Zdiddy7
    Zdiddy7 9 months ago

    This is why we need to always ignore the homeless. I make sure to burn my old clothes, so that hobos cant pick em out the trash. The few articles of clothes I do donate, have all been exposed to bird flu.

  • blank3y bob
    blank3y bob 9 months ago

    I would play quidditch. I would be a chaser and have at least 90 to 100 a game

  • Shaun Kindrick Owens
    Shaun Kindrick Owens 9 months ago

    I'd play football and basketball. All American in both. I'd play QB in football and SG/SF in basketball.

  • exploding orphans
    exploding orphans 9 months ago

    Atleast he didn’t go back and suck ass

  • racerxnk
    racerxnk 9 months ago

    Dating a 14 year old girl and you don't think he banged her????? Come on man that's wrong!

  • MattyT33
    MattyT33 9 months ago

    Flemlo Raps, hit the nail on the head. This guy must have some mental health illness.

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 9 months ago


  • joey martin
    joey martin 9 months ago

    I play football and have aleast 2/3 tuchdowns per game

  • Myles Per Hour
    Myles Per Hour 10 months ago

    Many Nba players have done this before.

  • Merp Derp
    Merp Derp 10 months ago

    900th comment

  • Chester Micek
    Chester Micek 10 months ago

    This story should be told by FlemLo Raps on "Saturday Night Live". Obviously, this fool, Sidney, could play, but could he do anything else? I say that because, dollars to donuts, Gilstrap-Portley couldn't break 400 or a two test SAT. I'll bet he had so much fun with the cheerleaders the first time in high school that he just went back for a double dip. I'm basing my comments on what I observed on "Last Chance U". Many of those jock-jerks were only good for playing sports & bunny humping. Many of them were hopeless duds in class and total jerks in their personal life, but could really play football.
    I'll quote Coach Brown, "Some of these guys are just broken and I can't fix them." With stories like this & with Flemlo's delivery style, he should audition to be the sportscaster on SNL's on Colin Yost & Michael Chey's "Weekend Update". If you read this, Flemlo, you are a natural. So, send the casting director on SNL and haunt whoever, or whatever, picks players for that cast. You, bro, are better than Eddie Murphy ever was. You might even be in a class with Kate McKinnon if you can develop. Whether you know it or not, you have a stand up act with unlimited material. Dump sportscasting, Flemo, & start taking yourself seriously as a comedian.

  • Jewlz
    Jewlz 10 months ago

    Why does this man remind of Kendrick Lamar

  • M N
    M N 10 months ago

    Lol that’s nuts

  • TheStapleGunKid
    TheStapleGunKid 10 months ago

    The funny thing is, the guy looked like he was at least 30.

  • Elon Puffenstuff
    Elon Puffenstuff 10 months ago

    as a small town white dude you are the perfect amount of hood for me

  • Jermaine Jackson
    Jermaine Jackson 11 months ago

    He even had sex with a underage girl this dude is sick in the head

  • Angry Black Gamer
    Angry Black Gamer 11 months ago

    Jawanna -Kid

  • Cornel West
    Cornel West 11 months ago

    Comments on this video is PRICELESS!!!! LOL

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez 11 months ago

    He should’ve moved somewhere else, changed his name and a little of his appearance and he’d be playing in the league rn

  • M R M A N
    M R M A N Year ago

    He’s like Carlos from the benchwarmers