• Published on Aug 9, 2018
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    Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest
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Comments • 258

  • Ayxan Şükürlü
    Ayxan Şükürlü 5 months ago +1

    1:39 LOL!!!

  • Yonathanman21
    Yonathanman21 5 months ago

    6:16 *Beep* this *Beep* map i hate this mother *Beep* *Beep* to *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

  • Max BOi
    Max BOi 10 months ago

    Lololol u said baby baby baby so many times

  • Nnel
    Nnel 11 months ago

    "heh listen to yourself AHHHHHGGGGG"

  • Juju Ramirez
    Juju Ramirez Year ago

    what was that cus madness

  • Scott 34
    Scott 34 Year ago

    I laugh when it beeped

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown Year ago

    This was in the dantdm topic

  • kram KUN
    kram KUN Year ago

    Ahhahahahhah that sauekssss

  • kram KUN
    kram KUN Year ago

    That lader momment hahahahah

  • Rowan Van Rij
    Rowan Van Rij Year ago +1

    And a little bit of rage at 6:25

  • Rowan Van Rij
    Rowan Van Rij Year ago +1

    Watch 4:45
    Was that really necessary Itsjerry?

  • Khoon Yong Low
    Khoon Yong Low Year ago

    * rage quit * forever

  • Khoon Yong Low
    Khoon Yong Low Year ago

    I really really really!!!! don’t like this map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!700000000000 dislikes for this map

  • karsten lucas anore

    wHAT THE FUCK IM LAGGING WHEN I PLAYING BED WARS MY PING IS 1000000000000000000000000000000000 I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mert Halil Çiftçi

    A lotta voice censure

  • Ace_Lupin Da3rd
    Ace_Lupin Da3rd Year ago

    9:33 funny momments broh and 6:20

  • Sans or Minecraft PvP pro 17

    You know you don't need to beep when you swear it's ok if you just Leave it to say it the FUCK THE MAP!

  • JoyPitao
    JoyPitao Year ago

    the sinister number is 1.13

  • CSS
    CSS Year ago

    One your funniest videos 😂

  • Benito Oropesa
    Benito Oropesa Year ago

    5:22 is funny

  • unleash the sword

    that killed me 5:22

  • Minty
    Minty Year ago +1

    Někdo Čech? :D

  • Het Youtube Kanaal
    Het Youtube Kanaal Year ago +1


  • LJ23 Wmmt6
    LJ23 Wmmt6 Year ago

    I have a Parkour too it doenst have checkpoints

  • cornycorny _Leo
    cornycorny _Leo Year ago

    5:30 new ringtone incoming

  • JadenKingGamer Pro Amazing

    This is the preton play the map parkour but the other player be cateful because this is the easy but this is hard

  • Rosalie Burgos
    Rosalie Burgos Year ago

    Why you guys have the same voice I don't even know who's talking.

  • Emmy
    Emmy Year ago +1

    I’m laughing my head off because of how funny Jerry is being “khhhhhhhh” “whaaaat?” like how funny? “Just Finnish the bloody map” “beep beep beep map beep beep beep khhhhhh beep beep” I’m still laughing my head off 😂

  • OOF_Gaming
    OOF_Gaming Year ago

    Play geometry dash lol u can okay lite or full

  • Venatus
    Venatus Year ago


  • The Takizawa
    The Takizawa Year ago +1

    6:20 lololololol

  • Totally Not A Weeb

    8:45 Why Does That Have To Be A D**k?

  • ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜ xx

    I LOST IT AT 5:22 LMAO

  • TrekLord
    TrekLord Year ago

    How come we only see what Jerry sees? Why not in a future video, may we see Harry's shoes?

  • Damar Aksama
    Damar Aksama Year ago

    6:21,toxic words compilation

  • hardcore parkour
    hardcore parkour Year ago +1

    KSI vs Jerry deji vs Harry

  • Tasandr
    Tasandr Year ago

    Kdo z Čechů si všiml že tu mapu udělal čech? :O

  • Nevepic toon
    Nevepic toon Year ago

    The noises Jerry and Harry make:
    2.come on baby
    3.ohhhhh baby
    4.omg these stupid blocks
    5.your sooo bad
    6.this stupid jump
    12.ow oh wth ahhh
    13.there better not be a barrier block
    14.there was a fake block
    15.they called it the easiest parkour map ever
    16.the lag spike
    17.another fake block
    19. Come on
    22. Ohhhhh yesssssss
    23.thus map is stupid
    26.i don't want to do this anymore
    27.ALOT OF CURSE WORDS!!!!!!!

  • AdamProGamingTR
    AdamProGamingTR Year ago


  • Tadeusz Abramowicz

    try to be bad challenge

  • rєncє thє вluє nєkσ


  • ait oufquir adam
    ait oufquir adam Year ago

    Jerry and herry no bad words hhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh

  • kayner. phat
    kayner. phat Year ago

    *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

  • White Craft
    White Craft Year ago

    The creator's face: Trollface :)

  • n o .
    n o . Year ago

    why you stop uploading so much

  • Ginser Mitqwee
    Ginser Mitqwee Year ago

    6:21 he really spammed it

  • Jensen C Santos
    Jensen C Santos Year ago +1

    Try not to fart challenge


  • abbie the gamer
    abbie the gamer Year ago

    I l¡ek Jerry and His Hairy. Just kidding I mean Harry sorry lol.

  • Ranzuli Sharma
    Ranzuli Sharma Year ago

    You got 1k likes

  • SlayEnd32
    SlayEnd32 Year ago

    Only black challenge pls (build battle)

  • bernardalapeche
    bernardalapeche Year ago

    Guys, am I actually enjoying these videos ???

  • Charles Fernandez

    Yeah geometry dash i like sub zero the press start is crazy hard for me ;-;

  • Charles Fernandez

    Ouch i was sleep i did not wacth ;-;

  • emily celso
    emily celso Year ago +1

    that's obby

  • Julz Cometa
    Julz Cometa Year ago


  • Tio Ojan
    Tio Ojan Year ago

    6:19 i laugh

  • PersonEighty9
    PersonEighty9 Year ago


  • FaZe Mania
    FaZe Mania Year ago

    Lol 6:20 to 6:30

  • PK仔
    PK仔 Year ago +4


  • qarabagimiz12 nela
    qarabagimiz12 nela Year ago +1

    please itsjerryandharry come to mcpe