Your Smartphone is too thin. Here’s why.

  • Smartphones in 2019 and beyond need to be THICKER -And it's not just about battery life - Let me explain. More smartphone news:
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Comments • 80

  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  7 months ago +1658

    After this video, I'd be really curious to hear YOUR opinion on this - Let me know, I'll be hanging in the comments for an hour!
    Also, yes, this is theoretical - there are certain things that would mean we wouldn't QUITE reach the numbers suggested in the video, like the camera placement, but that doesn't change the point, or the fact that I DO think Smartphones should be thicker

    • Kylee Dunn
      Kylee Dunn Month ago

      I agree, but i also was the guy who chose the zune over an ipod

    • kenneth pineda
      kenneth pineda Month ago

      4:18 the iPhone is fake

    • Clement Lee
      Clement Lee Month ago

      I totally agree. 1-2mm thicker is ok for bigger battery capacity. Meanwhile, for those who needs more battery juice, can buy "Power bank case" from AliExpress.

    • James
      James 2 months ago

      I agree. I think smartphones should be 9-10mm thick with a 6,000+ mAh battery and a headphone jack

    • James
      James 2 months ago

      @i abukhadeejah Not really, a few mm is not gonna make any noticable difference. It's only if it's so thick that it's a brick that it would be hard to pocket.

  • Jorrit van de Kolk
    Jorrit van de Kolk 18 hours ago

    Me: laughs in Motorola g7 power

  • Blu Box
    Blu Box 20 hours ago

    Whys the iphone 11 got a glass square over the cameras in the start

  • The Immortal Sun-kun

    Just buy a power bank case, and you have more battery power as well as a better grip. Win-win!

  • M & A Media
    M & A Media Day ago

    Good point it’s not that hard to make them so much better.

  • wyatt mays
    wyatt mays 2 days ago

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max on you table is fake

  • R SV
    R SV 2 days ago

    I just realised he had a fake iPhone 11 Pro on the table

  • ElectriX
    ElectriX 3 days ago

    This guy has the best caligraphy
    Compared to him, I'm trash.

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin 3 days ago

    4:21 what was that iPhone ? Lol ! (Yeah a knock off i know ) but why is it in this video ?

  • MjInsauriga
    MjInsauriga 3 days ago

    I got an Samsung Young s6310 and i got a normal-sized battery

  • Greg Patno
    Greg Patno 5 days ago

    Me when my friend has pre marital eye contact: loads gun with religious intent

  • Huzaifa Artist
    Huzaifa Artist 5 days ago

    NEVER use it while laying in bed or you'll have a frying pan face

  • Bigfoot Jr.
    Bigfoot Jr. 5 days ago

    "Let me give you a nother example..."
    Nokia gets yeeted out the video😂

  • Lorenzo anthony
    Lorenzo anthony 5 days ago

    There' no problem with that. Dont Fix what is fixed. Lmao.

  • Naveen Arjune
    Naveen Arjune 6 days ago

    did anyone almost get a heart attack when he threw the "1+ 7 pro" (whatever that is)?

  • Rahima El Harti
    Rahima El Harti 6 days ago

    Can you be my IT teacher because that lady doesn’t teach me anything about this stuff literally nothing!

  • Sith Lord Loki
    Sith Lord Loki 6 days ago

    2:43 *YEET*

  • CyberDasherXD
    CyberDasherXD 6 days ago

    Huawei p20pro 6.1 inch 4000mah

  • CyberDasherXD
    CyberDasherXD 6 days ago

    Huawei p30 has 6.1 screen with 3650mah battery Samsung holding back to make u upgrade every year

  • Asutosh Padhy
    Asutosh Padhy 7 days ago

    Which tablet is that @ 1:23?

  • Goofy Laws
    Goofy Laws 7 days ago

    You compalin about the note 10 size and s20 ultra by its thickness

  • Oh yeah Times X2
    Oh yeah Times X2 7 days ago +1

    Normal people when done with phone. Puts down carefully.
    Him: Just yeets phone across room

  • Akihiro
    Akihiro 7 days ago

    *2010:* Your phone has a battery.
    *2020:* Your battery has a phone.

  • Aria The Nice Person

    If companies follow, he'll have to make a video called "Your phone is too *thicc* , here's why"

  • ravi teza
    ravi teza 8 days ago

    Also the hardware and software play a role on Battery Life, both daily usage and long term. A Qualcomm is efficient than Exynos. Also iOS is efficient than Andriod.

  • 이시현
    이시현 8 days ago

    you just can't make battery 0.8mm thick😂

  • Omega
    Omega 9 days ago

    4:20 Which phone is that?

  • Andrei Arama
    Andrei Arama 9 days ago

    It's thin for two reasons:
    1. Small battery so you will be forced to buy a new one after one year or so
    2. It's very easy to brake. If you make it thick and you also use a good cover to protect it (you have to use one!) The phone will be too big and bulky for most of the people

  • Anadee Yadav
    Anadee Yadav 10 days ago

    2:43 did literally just threw the phone in thin air like that?

  • ishc3ice
    ishc3ice 10 days ago


  • Florian Alshofi
    Florian Alshofi 11 days ago

    U talk so much
    No hate

  • Anish Hegde
    Anish Hegde 11 days ago

    Look, you just made the galaxy note 7 v2.0
    It will generate a lot of heat and if it touches any point component or screw, it will short and explode and if you add a plate between it, you made the energizer.

  • Big Goose
    Big Goose 13 days ago

    S10 is small?Try the S10e

  • john sims
    john sims 14 days ago

    So glad to see this basic form factor attack!

  • Enigma Games
    Enigma Games 14 days ago +1

    *”Slightly thicker.”*

  • Jevan 6A 19
    Jevan 6A 19 15 days ago

    Nokia 3310 : what did you just say?

  • Cybr Flame
    Cybr Flame 17 days ago

    This guys concepts are good, he's smart

  • SecretJ12
    SecretJ12 19 days ago

    Just bought an S10... without a case you can't use it without droping because its too thin

  • Itzpayday 123
    Itzpayday 123 20 days ago

    *laughs in s20 ultra*

  • point taken.
    point taken. 20 days ago

    DUDE. U dont say ur phone is too thin and take that out of your pocket
    Its like saying your dick is too small and pulling out a 9inch dick

  • aKG
    aKG 21 day ago

    S20 Ultra, boy. 1 massive camera, and 1 massive battery.

  • Sheriff Monkey
    Sheriff Monkey 21 day ago

    Watching this with a phone that has 6000mAh

  • Paul Diamond
    Paul Diamond 23 days ago

    I've been saying this exact thing for years. The exact same model you illustrated. It makes me so angry that it is so difficult to get good battery life.

    【FΛZΞ】 RΛZΞR 24 days ago

    MrWhosetheboss : Your phone is too thin. Here's why
    Me : Your phone is too thicc. Here's why

  • Rachel Light
    Rachel Light 26 days ago

    My phones a note 9 and I've had it for 2years and still don't have any issues with it's battery. It performs perfectly still too. It's the best phone I've ever owned by my opinion.

  • mr. meme
    mr. meme 26 days ago

    phones are for girls bro you a girl bud

  • Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing Nature 26 days ago

    Thicker would also remove the camera bump

  • Shahz Arminz
    Shahz Arminz 26 days ago

    "i want thicker phone"
    *samsung release thicc s20*
    "the phone is too thicc and heavy"
    Samsung : Am i joke to you?

    • Shahz Arminz
      Shahz Arminz 19 days ago

      @Itzpayday 123 you : love it
      rich-ass journalist : too expensive

    • Itzpayday 123
      Itzpayday 123 20 days ago +1

      S20 ultra here. Love it.

  • Nguyễn Quốc Duy
    Nguyễn Quốc Duy 26 days ago

    thicccccc phones

  • Chad Erickson
    Chad Erickson 27 days ago

    My Moto G7 power . 5000mAh

  • Sotirios Saltas
    Sotirios Saltas 27 days ago

    If the battery dies faster then its more money for them so maybe this is the reason for smaller batteries

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 28 days ago

    Ur life is worthless

    Here is why

    Jk now be free labour

  • Claire Mercer
    Claire Mercer 29 days ago

    0:03 when you released the iPhone 11 has the galaxy A70 camera

  • P B
    P B 29 days ago

    Watching this after ordering the 5000mAh S20 Ultra that everyone says is much thicker but perfectly usable. Looks like Samsung listened

  • Gacha life Ellen uwu
    Gacha life Ellen uwu 29 days ago

    Imagine if that brick falls on ur litteral face when your holding it in bed.

  • Jack Demetriou
    Jack Demetriou Month ago

    What do you say to the Galaxy S20 Ultra though? Can it really get any bigger or thicker?

  • Ū Ñ Ñ Å M Ĕ Đ

    Lol imagine looking at this with an energizer

  • Mgamer Papadakis
    Mgamer Papadakis Month ago

    We want removable batteries, not thiccer phones.

  • prezto 2
    prezto 2 Month ago

    When you hate your friend, try to throw this phone to his head

  • Dylan F
    Dylan F Month ago

    Phones have to be thin, because it's assumed you put a protective case on it and if the phone is thicker by default, it would be a brick in your pocket once a case is on it.

  • TSMelon
    TSMelon Month ago

    Where as a *Battery case* comes in. Put this baby on your phone and it will last a week! You can also choose the thickness to battery capacity!

  • crypticabyss101
    crypticabyss101 Month ago

    I literally carry around a book with me, 2 books actually. I dont care about how thin or thicc it is

  • The kids Tm
    The kids Tm Month ago


  • Raees Yousaf
    Raees Yousaf Month ago

    2:44 did he just throw that phone😂😂

  • petty you
    petty you Month ago

    But I don’t have a smartphone.

  • FH2O Tech
    FH2O Tech Month ago +1

    4 months later...

    S20 Ultra, with 5000mah battery.

  • Yosin Faridun
    Yosin Faridun Month ago

    Guys and girls please watch this it would help:

  • Jonbarian
    Jonbarian Month ago

    I would like thicker phone, would most likely feel more durable and higher quality externally and internally

    INIKI INIKI Month ago

    Has anyone ealse noticed the fake “ 11 Pro “ camera lens on the iPhone XS there 🤣

  • Aldo
    Aldo Month ago

    A thicc phone

  • LuxRow
    LuxRow Month ago

    I see what your going for but no

  • krishnugget
    krishnugget Month ago

    Why does the audio get really bad at 1:51?

  • twisted pivoter
    twisted pivoter Month ago +1

    Looks like Xiaomi heard you because i just checked and my redmi Note 8 pro which has a 4500 mah battery is 8.8mm thick

  • FiVE ZER0
    FiVE ZER0 Month ago

    2:44 Arun: *YEET*

  • Meow Scles
    Meow Scles Month ago

    3:11 I can see the fake iPhone 11

  • um t
    um t Month ago

    Battery stopped being a priority after the s5 when removable ones stopped being a thinf

  • Victoria Thomas
    Victoria Thomas Month ago

    Um yeah mrwhosetheboss if companies would literally follow the Asus rog phone 2's example then the smartphone world would be a better place

  • DistrackXmusic
    DistrackXmusic Month ago

    2:44 okay ***throws phone*** lemme give you another example

  • JustBlue
    JustBlue Month ago +1

    Some smartphones are thick, and some are THICC.

  • [OGNC] Elite Force 101

    Or just go for higher energy density