Flat Tracker Build S1E2 Mint Customs "The Series"

  • Published on Jan 7, 2018
  • Mint Customs "The Series" is all about building motorcycles on RU-clip from Start to Finish! while listening to some of the best bands in our local area.
    Episode 2 Features a New Build for the clothing company TOXICO this bike will be finished in Episode 3, also we finish "FLAWED" the Harley Davidson we started in Episode 1.
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Comments • 64

  • pauliebots
    pauliebots 11 days ago

    I saw a guy with a t-shirt that read - "never read the comments!" I cant help it. Sometimes you learn something but most times your innards squirm.

  • Southpawsgarage
    Southpawsgarage Month ago


  • Jools Freeman
    Jools Freeman 2 months ago +1

    Nice builds but any custom is only worth what someone is prepared to pay, like a painting or a statue is, 1 months work for 3-4 people plus overheads you need to get a hefty price to turn a profit.

  • skgm
    skgm 2 months ago


  • Irribaiguengoitia Vico
    Irribaiguengoitia Vico 4 months ago +1


  • Dale Masyk
    Dale Masyk 5 months ago

    dam that look pretty nasty fck me ,i got myself 95 883 lowrider style sportster n so far made my own battery cover , native art work on it so far . love it guys

  • Jeff Wyatt
    Jeff Wyatt 6 months ago

    Just watched the first 2 episodes of the build series, by far the best bike build series on youtube! You guys fucking rock! Bad ass rides done in old school fashion! Love the shop atmosphere and you guys always seem to joking and having a good time while working.
    I did automotive collision repair and paint as well as some custom fab and paint work and restoration for a decade or so. I never found a shop where people had a real passion for the job, it’s was always about $$$. I made real good money and did some great work I was very proud of so you can have both of you work hard. I left the business when the American economy was in the dumps in 2010 and now I just wrench at home on my own vehicles and my 98 Fatboy. I’m itching to build a vintage bobber/chopper.
    I’d like to get an old Fl knucklehead project and do a true 60/70’s build with narrowed original springer front end, original knuckle and 4 speed kick. Your videos have really re-ignited my passion to build and fab, it’s reminded how much I love to build vs just maintaining everything.
    Awesome work, hope you guys channel grows huge, you deserve it!

  • jay kirb
    jay kirb 7 months ago

    Hey awesome vid love the bike! What is the song called that plays in the background right at the start of the video?

  • Katan Akuma
    Katan Akuma 7 months ago

    I thought it would look great once painted. ..I was wrong. Pity. Plus it's very much like every other Harley I see down the Club House. ..including the pipes. Although the tires look better on the bikes there.

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  7 months ago

      I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the bike, thanks for taking the time to watch

  • wescobts
    wescobts 8 months ago

    Beautiful bike, well done, love the videos

  • Harleykenn
    Harleykenn 9 months ago

    Custom bikes don't command a lot of money, basically because they are someone else's taste
    and that doesn't suit a lot of other people, i have three custom Harleys which are my taste, i can't sell them for half of what they cost to build, just because everyone's taste is different.

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta 9 months ago

    england have builders dream country, you can build anything what want ,if want build sofa whit motor can do add brakes and lights and ok can registered and go to road. idiot land and how bad you want, but if have light and brakes have ok to road.same have houses can build wery shit houses but no rain inside have ok, i no newer buy anythink what england peoples has build, no newer.all have big shit and half ready parts.bikes,homes. shit chinese made better guality all than england idiots.

    BARBABRUTA-RV 10 months ago

  • Luke Roule
    Luke Roule 10 months ago

    Very cool looking Harley !

  • ProfabDesigns Inc.
    ProfabDesigns Inc. 10 months ago

    Maybe its just me... but their stupid Brit punker music SUCKS!!!!! I couldn’t even get through Ep.2 and had to shut ‘Er down Mick!!! Pure shit, a day late and dollar short in terms of content and interest.

    • Simon Parry
      Simon Parry 8 months ago

      I hope I'm never this angry in my life 😂😎😎😂😂😂😂

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  10 months ago

      Haha! In the early days we had a lot of copyright issues so we just made aload of music our selfs with my little brother. We have learned how to buy music licenses and built good relationships with bands and have fixed the problem, thanks for watching x

  • seanbucke
    seanbucke 10 months ago +2

    Really enjoying your videos.. really nice to see Brits building bikes..I'm currently building a 1980 ironhead bobber..keep up the good work lads!

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  10 months ago +3

      Wow cool man! And thank you new videos every week 🤟🏻

  • nobearsyet
    nobearsyet 10 months ago

    Probably get about 12k for it here in the states

    • H. Ian Price
      H. Ian Price 10 months ago

      If it had been built from a Dyna or a Soft Tail sure, built from a Sportster (and being they don't mention size I'm going with it being an 883) I'd say they are looking more like $8-9k here in the US. Sad I know but people have a hard time shelling out for anything Sportster much less an 883.

  • 479ktm
    479ktm 10 months ago

    that exhaust isn't so much safe for rider's leg

  • Paul Sickleville
    Paul Sickleville 10 months ago

    Canada.... Its a 5-6 thousand dollar job , not that its reflective of the craftsmanship just demand .... A lot of riders in north america are hung up on displacement over effort . My bike is a hard tailed sportster with a 1200 kit , i put a lot of time and trouble into the reliable side of it before I went skinny stupid with an old springer front ,diamond tank ... All the chopper goodies, pay no mind what folks think and concentrate on a bike that makes it home on two wheels .... Cheers !
    * check out my Instagram page Sickleville to see my build

  • 井上貴一
    井上貴一 11 months ago +2


  • pete maffei
    pete maffei Year ago

    WELL DONE BROTHER'S! ...I am pretty sure I saw a Italian flag in the shop :)) U.S. UK and our Italian root's.

  • Fil Mano
    Fil Mano Year ago

    nice build - what tyres are they?

  • bald vale
    bald vale Year ago +1

    Dear Santa.

  • Bigtinycrawler
    Bigtinycrawler Year ago

    Very excited to have found this channel. Going to binge watch the whole channel. Great bikes from great British craftsmen. Guess the cost, 11k.

  • superdave2112
    superdave2112 Year ago

    Here in the states that is a $4000 to $5000 bike. Our market is ridiculously saturated. Came out very nice.
    I was looking at it, and thinking: "Wonder why the mirror is on that side?" Then I remember the opposite lane thing. I'm a slow learner.
    I am curious why you guys didn't just hardtail the frame the motor was in. I am certain you could have done it.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed the videos. Thanks!

  • Jacobite
    Jacobite Year ago +1

    Hi guys Flawed cracking bike would agree with the previous value estimations but flawed is an appropriate name. I have fabricated a side mount number plate hanger/holder for my 48 being told it's illegal now and what size is yours lol. Checked out the Gov. site (the puppeteers) Confirmed it illegal bit of a pisser it wouldn't look right normal size and the number/letters would have to be in three rows please advise. Now the suckup bit BRILLIANT channel guys good atmosphere grate content subscribed slanj very north uk resident.

      NATHAN SMITH 4 months ago

      @Parry Brothers how much would the custom ccm cost?

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  Year ago +2

      Yeah they are just “show plates” not legal for public roads ;)

  • New Zealand Chris

    Awesome bike but one thing i would have done would be to cut the cam cover down, it looks funny next to the chain sprocket.

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk Year ago +2

    Surprised this is still legal over there.

  • Maiki Massena
    Maiki Massena Year ago +1

    value in Brazil: 40k, 10k of taxes

    JOSHUA GARCIA Year ago

    Awesome job. I like the way you guys do any style any brand.

  • qwerty123627
    qwerty123627 Year ago

    looks sick only personal downfall for me would be the tank looks too small for the frame.

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  Year ago

      yeah man! we are always debating what looks best in the workshop, great to hear your opinions too!

    • qwerty123627
      qwerty123627 Year ago

      @Parry Brothers yeah no hate man comes to personal preference.thats what buildings about.

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  Year ago

      We all have our own style! Would look sick with a bigger tank too for sure ;)

  • Berserker Nick
    Berserker Nick Year ago

    Beautiful bike, looks like a lot of fun to ride, I love the stainless exhaust and color choices. I would've kept the apes that were on the donor bike and probably done a 1275 motor upgrade, but I'm also a bigger rider.

  • Dave Von Redlich
    Dave Von Redlich Year ago +1

    Nice work! Thanks for the entertainment this AM, really enjoyed it!

  • John Gardener
    John Gardener Year ago +2

    Great project, a nice useable bike that looks the business!

  • Jimmy McFaden
    Jimmy McFaden Year ago +1

    Awesome! both the builds and the music .. Thanks for putting this out there, really enjoying :D

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  Year ago +1

      Hey Jimmy Thanks man Really appreciate you taking the time to watch the series so far! Glad you are enjoying it!

  • Motomoto
    Motomoto Year ago

    So you can buy a brand new better built and better looking 48 on the road for 10k !!!!! if I wanted a Sportster I know where my money would be going.

    • Simon Parry
      Simon Parry Year ago

      Motomoto you were Dan Grayson earlier?

    • Simon Parry
      Simon Parry Year ago

      Motomoto my mum always said if you cant say anything nice then don't say it 😃😃😃 These bikes do take effort and imagination however big or little. I respect your comments because Im a grown up. 😉

    • ivan waters
      ivan waters Year ago +4

      'low end customisation', 'no imagination', 'tired old bike'...and you don't think that's disrespectful. troll comments for sure. Now lets leave it there.

    • Motomoto
      Motomoto Year ago

      ivan waters your guess is wrong ! I’m sorry if you think I’m being disrespectful the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things. I’m not a hater I’m not here for an argument it’s just my opinion and if your happy to pay £12,000 for that bike that’s yours. So let’s just leave it there.

    • ivan waters
      ivan waters Year ago +4

      Have an opinion for sure, but no need to be rude about other peoples work. If its not for you then thats fine.
      I wonder if you would have the skill and knowledge to do anything like this, my guess is no you dont, or you wouldnt be so disrespectful.

  • Helen Savine
    Helen Savine Year ago +3

    Sam you are a genius. Well done 👍🏽

    HABBITS Year ago +8

    WOW! LOVE "FLAWED" i would pay 11-12k for it any day!!!

  • racetechuk
    racetechuk Year ago +5

    Easily a £12k Bike!

  • ivan waters
    ivan waters Year ago +6

    cracking harley mate xxx looking forward to episode 3 xxx estimated value (wild guess) 10-12k?

    • DJ Jones
      DJ Jones Year ago

      Be sure to pay your tariffs when you sell that thing.Don't short change my orange leader and have him trolling your RU-clip acct or whatever he may do lol

    • Patricio Tillano
      Patricio Tillano Year ago +2

      Nice machine 10k tops

    • Parry Brothers
      Parry Brothers  Year ago +3

      Thanks Ivan! xxx i would say your bang on the money ;)