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Zuckerberg Under Fire For Facebook’s Deal With Rodrigo Duterte | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 26, 2017
  • Beat special report on Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, “fake news” and how Rodrigo Duterte deployed the “Putin playbook” using the platform. Melber’s message for Mark Zuckerberg: “Working with anyone and everyone to make money is not good for democracy.”
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    Zuckerberg Under Fire For Facebook’s Deal With Rodrigo Duterte | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Comments • 7 387

  • JM Perez
    JM Perez 4 years ago +8

    Thank you, MSNBC! Please continue helping our country with our battle against fake news.

  • dalvi !!
    dalvi !! 4 years ago +11

    Now i understand how media personalities work. They talk as if they believe everything to be true.. personally seen it to be true. And delivers to audience with conviction. Never again will i believe media . The Bigger the network . The bigger the lies.

  • cooljeffrox
    cooljeffrox 10 months ago +27

    Facebook should be ban in the Philippines, so local can create their own similar social media.

    • RageAgaintsThePotato
      RageAgaintsThePotato Month ago

      @John Carlo Cabalhao Google, Facebook, RU-clip, Twitter and a lot of western website are banned in China due to their ISP's "The great firewall". Instead of Facebook they have WeChat. Though most social media websites in China are gov't monitored.

    • John Carlo Cabalhao
      John Carlo Cabalhao Month ago

      Like china? Idk if china banned facebook

    • RageAgaintsThePotato
      RageAgaintsThePotato Month ago

      @Keleasar well that's what china did, they blocked facebook youtube and other western site and created their own social media platform, basically it's the same. And BTW, we don't have proper IT infrastructures here for data servers, unless we will lease some data servers abroad.

    • Keleasar
      Keleasar Month ago

      @RageAgaintsThePotato no it’s just easier

  • Saldy Morales
    Saldy Morales Year ago +29

    You know Its Irritating when we abused the Word Democracy &
    Press freedom Fake And I pinpoint you Mark

  • gaijinPH
    gaijinPH Year ago +9

    This is the second time I heard an American pronounce Duterte correctly. Almost all videos I see in YT, Americans always say "Duarte"

  • LocoMoko
    LocoMoko 4 years ago +55

    For a news agency who talks about 'fake news'. This video is already a great example of it.
    Well done 👏👏

    • Edwin Jose dela Cruz
      Edwin Jose dela Cruz Year ago

      @epiq pwnage totally agree. They see criticism as a form of terrorism where in fact , people are just speaking their own thoughts.

    • Edwin Jose dela Cruz
      Edwin Jose dela Cruz Year ago

      @MarQ Acuna exactly. I can smell someone else's allegiance already. They are always basing likes and dislikes to gauge if the news is fake or not.

    • epiq pwnage
      epiq pwnage Year ago +1

      @Reginaalondrei Alondrei why? public opinion is just that...an opinion. Stating facts usually is unpopular with sheep, trolls, and conspiracy nuts. You seem to be one of them. lol

    • MarQ Acuna
      MarQ Acuna Year ago +4

      @Reginaalondrei Alondrei likes and dislikes do not prove what the truth is. Proper research does.

    • Reginaalondrei Alondrei
      Reginaalondrei Alondrei 2 years ago +2

      Agree, look at like vs dislikes... They should base their reports on the reactions of the people watching these reporting.

  • Liam Angelo
    Liam Angelo Year ago +24

    We our fine in philippines with Pres. Duterte. Believe us. Banning facebook in our country will cause a greater good for us. Believe me.

    • JM Solomon
      JM Solomon Year ago


    • GJGBA 3:16
      GJGBA 3:16 Year ago

      It is a primary source of interaction ford students like me! Removing it will remove the chance of an easy modenof communication for us.

    • Liam Angelo
      Liam Angelo Year ago +3

      Im not a duterte supporter,but i support the good side. Theres a lot of fakenews against government even from rappler. The facebook move was a sign that they are a one sided flatform. Close them and declare martial law to impose discipline.

  • R-Cabz
    R-Cabz 3 years ago +11

    You know for a news channel if you notice that there are already more thumbs down than thumbs up on your video. You have to realize that there is something wrong. And you need to correct the mistake that you made.

  • Sebastian Galang
    Sebastian Galang 3 years ago +3

    Most of Filipinos are just not reading the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the facebook. I'm a Filipino but I read those two

  • ppdd D
    ppdd D Year ago +47

    We had the best President ever here in the Philippines
    And it is our forever President Duterte!

    • Jay
      Jay 6 months ago +1


  • Rariix
    Rariix 4 years ago +182

    I love how MSNBC literally cuts off Duterte's statements and doesn't show them as a whole and in context.
    Fake news, huh?

    • OJ C
      OJ C 4 years ago


    • An Atheist
      An Atheist 4 years ago

      shadoshinobi06 : no evidence that they met up with zukerberg -- THE NEWS DIDN'T SAY THAT, facebook representative came and trained them to use the social media platform. Lies? facebook didn't contradict the news.

    • An Atheist
      An Atheist 4 years ago

      So the reporter, was lying about the meeting? anything you'll believe if it's FOR Duterte then? It's unlikely that facebook 'would allow' such during the campaign if it weren't part of facebook's strategy .. What worse did 'yellow'/'liberal' party do? so you are against the report because you 'think' it's not neutral (even if it's actually about facebook), but you'll lie about liberals being worse.

    • G C.
      G C. 4 years ago +2

      Duterte well played on all of you! You throw rocks at him he’ll throw THE SAME ROCK his enemies threw at him. Lol. So there, anti Duterte can’t even keep up anymore busting out the Western Media for an attention. After all Duterte and Trump are in good terms now as well as with Putin and all other nations in Asia. LOL 😝 so MSNBC what ya’ll gonna do?? Watch and cry... ?? I guess.

    • An Atheist
      An Atheist 4 years ago

      shadowshinobi06, it says in the report that Facebook had a meeting with the Duterte team to use social media. It's not easy for a single person to make it 'viral' or 'stick' without the strategy of Duterte et.al. Are you denying that Duterte hasn't lied about a lot of things, it's his caliber. And to add, Duterte's followers, if it's not Duterte himself, spread FAKE NEWS.

  • artoru vidal2
    artoru vidal2 3 years ago +3

    Mark Zukerberg has the right to make deals with foreign governments or companies as long as it doesn't affect US soil

  • 007thematrix007
    007thematrix007 2 years ago

    not gonna fault #facebook for providing their service of a new platform around the world for connectivity as well as disseminating information,...it's still in the ppl/readership of certain social media platforms like facebook to discern and take everything they encounter online in stride or at face value .....

  • Yolly Buan
    Yolly Buan Year ago +5

    Sounds different from what goes around here. President Duterte warned facebook for allegedly removing posts from the Phil Army. One major concern is about a group's post "Hands off our Children", where minors being recruited by the reds fb removed such a very important call.

  • Edith Koch
    Edith Koch Year ago +106

    Do not believe ressa. She is a liar. Just making herself to be popular.

  • Xenophonist
    Xenophonist 4 years ago +35

    I feel so bad for the guy who was forced to read the telepromter.

  • Vanessa Colz
    Vanessa Colz Year ago +3

    Facebook must factcheck everything. Period.

  • Richard ignacio
    Richard ignacio Year ago +93


  • Ralph032789
    Ralph032789 Year ago +3

    Words were promising during election campaign but look what we have now. Hopefully, we can still vote in the 2022.

  • Najab Gnnel
    Najab Gnnel Year ago +17

    This the example of a news agency that didn't do research, Idiocracy at its finest!

    • jle
      jle Year ago +1

      Poor yeah.. So sad.. So many fake news from fake people...

  • Jaja Samson
    Jaja Samson 3 years ago +21

    We Filipinos know what really happened that day he won.

  • Yanix
    Yanix 4 years ago +10

    Forest for the trees!
    This report was so focused on few sources and information that they failed to see why it happened to the things that happened.

  • lochinvar50
    lochinvar50 Year ago +12

    "Beware of the power of the Pope." Stalin retorted, "Why? How many divisions does he have?"

  • Meta Support
    Meta Support Year ago +34

    How does it feel getting more than double dislikes as a foreign media :D

  • Edbert Cadavero
    Edbert Cadavero 4 years ago +84

    when media cant control the trust of the people. they start losing their mind!

  • Cult Boy
    Cult Boy 4 years ago

    ""When I was human...I mean, I was human. And still am." -Mark "I'm a human" Zuckerberg

  • Jordan Louie Peralta
    Jordan Louie Peralta 4 years ago +1

    Fair journalism and professionalism, as we know it, is dead. Look at how that reporter speak! Manners please! Media is supposed to be neutral!

  • John Royce
    John Royce Year ago

    They cry they deactivate Facebook, and yet they still use Facebook!!!

    DE GRACIA, EDGAR LOUIS 4 years ago +13

    "Busted for fake news" Oh my, that's already fake news right there kappa

  • MarieMacify
    MarieMacify Year ago +2

    It's true. The opposition did it!

  • pew diepie
    pew diepie 3 years ago +14

    Please god fix this country

  • 636aries
    636aries 4 years ago +1

    in our country change is coming because of president duterte. this move is welcome since internet access which dis dopolized providing very slow service will challenge and change.
    the best president in our history is duterte. no pretention, disguise.
    god bless this country. god bless philippines.

  • Vince Albert Tumpag
    Vince Albert Tumpag Year ago +4

    So many ads on Facebook, we should investigate Facebook algorithm. Philippines should look into it..

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 4 years ago +249

    At least he kinda pronounced Duterte's name correctly..

    • Ridda Aneas
      Ridda Aneas 4 years ago

      ...and i'm watching fake news about fake news... LoL

    • Change is coming TRUTH
      Change is coming TRUTH 4 years ago

      MARK lack of intelligence or common sense and is NOT a good person and though he was above the law ... The CIA AND MEDIA should learn from all the hot was FACEBOOK in and all the other thousands of CEOs that have resigned because of their NAZI thinking (New world order)

    • Oak harbor Nigata
      Oak harbor Nigata 4 years ago

      Wait a minute kapeng mainit. If fake fb accounts installed Trump and fake accounts are Russian Bots(accdng to FBI investigation). And fake fb accounts are supporting Du30. Could it be that Russia is manipulating us??

    • Jone Cuntapay
      Jone Cuntapay 4 years ago +1

      = we read the alphabet base from their sounds like contrary to what should sound like in the first place.

  • Giselle Natividad
    Giselle Natividad 2 years ago +10

    MSNBC has just lost my respect for this twisted report. Shame tsk tsk tsk

  • The Rustic Nomad
    The Rustic Nomad Year ago +22

    100% TRUE

  • Top Everything
    Top Everything Year ago +8

    This is what happens when news competes with each other. They publish speculations turn them into their truth to attract viewers instead of waiting for the facts.

    • Anton Slavik
      Anton Slavik 9 months ago +1

      @Mike Lawre lol , what? butthurt bcuz du30 is a great president that is helping the philippines become great again?

  • Dummy Account
    Dummy Account 4 years ago

    Some of these are actually great news

  • Bong Fernandez
    Bong Fernandez 4 years ago +5

    Awesome MSNBC! Your one-sided-ness is the best news. I was already into it, believing every second of this video until you mentioned Maria Ressa. There goes your credibility, I stopped the video from there. 2 points for effort though.

  • jul toel
    jul toel Year ago +4

    tag this in your head, we can live without facebook.

  • Rene Man
    Rene Man 4 years ago +21

    Wow, MSNBC believed Maria Ressa's claim? That says something about your reputation and as a news company.

    • Ocaseof
      Ocaseof 7 months ago

      @Joe Casiple may pinatay bang journalist?

    • Savage Maniac
      Savage Maniac Year ago +2

      Wag nio na kamustahin baka nag NPA na sya hahahaha

    • jle
      jle Year ago

      @Ch Oy words coming out from his mouth is what he is.. My grandad said..

    • Haroon Zabeer
      Haroon Zabeer Year ago


  • Tonie Rose Periatella
    Tonie Rose Periatella Year ago +104

    Clearly this journalist didn't do his homework. Why do you still have a career?

    • John Doe
      John Doe 10 months ago

      Where did you do research tonie?? Facebook?

    • Mark Aparri
      Mark Aparri Year ago +2

      @Jee rotten tomato? Nah... More like a wrinkly rancid old prune...

    • jle
      jle Year ago +1

      They love chismis not real news..

    • Groot Farm1
      Groot Farm1 Year ago +1

      You cannot win they are with one with rapper....as trump say that are the deep state

  • tempelle m
    tempelle m 2 years ago

    News reporting shouldn't be biased @MSNBC. You know this. Just tell the news, don't imply nor tells stuff you cannot prove. This report/editorial has a biased tone.

  • happy feet
    happy feet Year ago +1

    Reading the comments here lots of Filipino really believe that media is their enemy. Just saying, you dont have to believe the media. Even better do your own research if you believe that they are saying fake news.

  • max romantiko
    max romantiko Year ago

    people already know how the media works

  • L. A. K. A. D. ni RAEL

    Thin line between authoritarian leaders and those who are strictly implementing the law. People must understand that Duterte is the latter. For a long time our leaders were so loosed in implementing the law and now that the good president Duterte is implementing it correctly, people are complaining. I know that the president is in the right track because I live here and I see that everything is in order and everything is fine. Democracy is in good health.

    • Carlo Macale
      Carlo Macale 2 months ago

      Implementing correctly? 30k deaths what are you talking about

  • carlos santiago
    carlos santiago 4 years ago +3

    Right on Mr.Zuckerburg🤙🏻

  • Vault Gamer
    Vault Gamer 4 years ago +19

    Duterte has just enacted a tax reform that is beneficial for lower income earners that will start next year. Just goes to show how much our president loves us.

  • RamLipad
    RamLipad Year ago +178

    Oh come on! We in the Philippines know the truth.
    The problem with International Media is that they just create a news and that is it they don’t ask people but ask a (one-sided) person.
    Why did they ask Maria Ressa?
    Why not filipino people itself?

  • Dennis Salcedo
    Dennis Salcedo 4 years ago

    It's time to move on and respect the decision of it's citizen both PH and US.It just so happened that in US,it's citizen elected the more decent that does not have sexual encounter with it's intern inside the white house while in power.good thing he did not made it to come back.how about spend you're time and effort on how to pay your trillions of with China instead of wagging fingers to other country.and by the way the host's personal debt too!

  • cebuph
    cebuph Year ago

    I agree most of what you said. But remember that facebook is a social.media platform, it is not a news platform. Everything we post share or do in facebook is not news or journalism. Its a social media, the content is different in soooooo many ways. There is no fake news or real news in facebook. Its a social media. SOCIAL MEDIA. Idiots..

  • Eneri Gavino
    Eneri Gavino Year ago +7

    So this is why Ms. Maria Ressa took the initiative to use her "US platform".
    This news made me chuckle - out of irony, though. Thanks to the likes of them I became vigilant of the circling "news" in the internet and filter vital informations. 😂😂😂
    Anyway, I would still choose MSNBC as my go to channel to keep myself informed of the things happening worldwide. 😇

  • Simon Peter Rufon
    Simon Peter Rufon 4 years ago +14

    We don't need facebook just to make President Duterte as president because the people had voted and Duterte leading is 6million away to the 2nd presidential candidate!

  • jelen romanos
    jelen romanos Year ago

    we Filipino, we know what's really going on in our country,we love our president duterte.do not acting smart,do research before you open your mouth..

  • Jay Mar Breguera
    Jay Mar Breguera Year ago +2

    hahaha to my surprise when i decided to dislike this video there are already 11k dislikes compared to 4.6k likes.

  • Makahiya Medicine
    Makahiya Medicine 7 months ago +7

    Facebook should hire a more reliable , realistic and more dignified fact checker other than rappler and vera files

  • phil nightjar
    phil nightjar Year ago

    He never had to rely on facebook to prove how good he was. He did it through action and how well he handles interviews. Still, some filipinos hate duterte. People don't support hime because they saw a fake post. They watched the fake news because they already liked duterte from thw beginning. I mean I've never heard a man point out all the world's problems in ome interview: ru-clip.com/video/rHjlCmdyesY/video.html.

    EVAN TOT TV 3 years ago +5

    Go to philipines and conduct a survey and you will see that 85% of filipinos love duterte we support president

  • Sylf Fu
    Sylf Fu Year ago +1

    Wow so biased reporting! Never thought to see a report about the Philippines when they are not here in the country to know what really is happening.

  • april ogsoc
    april ogsoc Year ago

    i can live without facebook if it will totally banned in the Philippines 🇵🇭.

  • qing qong
    qing qong 7 months ago +1

    jeez the news caster was feeling so awkward to read the teleprompter.. in 2016 the internet was slow and expensive why would a president hire a bots his followers are from poor and rural area that even electricity cannot be found.. and you would consider maria tessa who has a libel case from a private person.. now i know why more dislike than likes.. our president is the best president that the Pilipino had PERIOD.

  • German Villanueva

    why some international media agencies keep on saying that Phillippines is under an authoritarian rule??? is Political Will define as "Authoritarian?" can anybody from these International News Agency explain why the trust rating of this "Authoritarian Ruler" is still steadily high with the people???

  • sol olimpo
    sol olimpo 4 years ago

    Msnbc shouldve had at least 3 sources for confirmation and integrity of info. this reporter is able to feed his family with the money that he get from lying. And this report is exhibit #1

  • Bernarda S Espinosa
    Bernarda S Espinosa Year ago +1

    Then do something about how FB damaging it does privately & publicly of one’s life worldwide.It’s u who can control the problem arise in FB by strictly put tools to prompt anomalous & easy access to anyone using the business in wrong doings or not properly used for its purpose & intent.Do a remote investigation & follow up complainants that’s defective & destroys good image of civilians & politicians.

  • Pacita Weiss
    Pacita Weiss Year ago

    I live in New York and I grow up and live also in Davao City Philippines. NO PRESIDENT has been elected OVERWHELMINGLY by many Filipinos except DUTERTE. WHY? CORRUPTION and CRIMINALITY. DUTERTE is and will be the / our HOPE of SUCCESS. That’s it. I have been providing Full college scholarships for the poorest of the poor in the Philippines and also has studied the ROOT cause of poverty in the Philippines. Corruption, criminality, exploitation/oppression by same Oligarchs, politicians and Lack of College education for the poorest of the poor. Whether Facebook will help us or not, many Filipinos have been awaken by years of ABUSES. President DUTERTE became our FUTURE. Thank You God for creating SOCIAL MEDIA.

  • Vans Dy
    Vans Dy 4 years ago +5

    Wow. Partnering with Globe to help increase internet speed. Thank you Mark. 😊

  • Joseph Maestrado
    Joseph Maestrado 4 years ago

    NEWS is news. It has strong bases of truth covered with full honesty. There's no big deal on that.

  • Jellian Bitol
    Jellian Bitol Year ago +8

    Our President Duterte is one of the best President ever after President Marcos. He is great, DOING GOOD THINGS FOR MAJORITY OF HIS FELLOWMEN.

  • adinrigland
    adinrigland Year ago +1

    Good job! You earned the ire of 11K people. Next time, do proper factual reports.

  • NeoX ZeuL
    NeoX ZeuL Year ago +2

    he made his own comment even he is not leaving in philippines. you dont know what happen here

  • Erick
    Erick 4 years ago +5

    what about the other much bigger networks here in the philippines?! why didn't they say anything? some of them are more are more critical. reporters being killed? i would appreciate your report more if you cite real situations. authoritharian?! demonstrations here are on a weekly basis.

  • Bu Diks
    Bu Diks Year ago +1

    MSNBC please do your research before sharing the news. Be responsible journalist!

  • Marilyn Halligan
    Marilyn Halligan Year ago

    There is a lot of misconceptions by foreigners about Pres. Duterte. But Filipinos give him a soaring approval rating of 91%.

  • Wincat Alcala
    Wincat Alcala Year ago +3

    "Authoritarian" "killing journalist" c'mon MSNBC, do your homework!

  • P L A N E T U R ANUS
    P L A N E T U R ANUS 3 years ago

    Duterte won because people want change in the Philippines.Before Duterte was seated into the presidency , we were a country that I am even ashamed to be proud of because of the corruption and the drug problem worsen especially in the place where I attended college.
    So to the international media ...Mind your own business and focus on what is happening in your own country 😅
    PS. Even people in the mountainous rural areas where phone signal is very weak and there is even no internet hoped that Duterte will win.

  • Jhany810
    Jhany810 4 years ago +19

    Oh gosh... props to the reporter, he’s a good speaker. Very engaging... but us people who know the truth are disgusted by these lies you’re spreading about Duterte. I was going to write the about why Rappler is going against him but it’s too long and it already seems you’ve taken a side already anyway. If you’re so angry with Trump, please don’t get the Philippine President in on this. You’re hurting the Philippines and it’s people... Filipinos are united by heart. Its the simple reason why Rappler is going down and why Duterte is loved. People who don’t live in the Philippines will never understand. We’ve taken down a President before... we’ve broken Twitter before. We can break other platforms next when we are passionate. Stop blaming facebook if they can’t control the peoples reactions.
    Also, if you read Bloomberg’s article about Ressa,
    12 million database entries in 12 months??? That’s a million in one month and 33,333 in a day... have you seen the Rappler office? Why isn’t anyone questioning how they could possibly check 33,333 profiles in a day with little manpower?!? Is that what they do all day?! And they say Duterte has an internet army??? If you consider majority of Filipinos as his interview army, that’s true and we do it out of support for him! That’s also why Ressa is spreading poison OUT of the country... she knows we know all her lies! She’s trying to turn the tables by seeking refuge in other countries. RESSA IS A LIAR AND MSNBC & BLOOMBERG HAVE BEEN FOOLED!!!
    Filipinos are getting angry international media... you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry... ;) RESEARCH MORE!!!

  • Daryl Blanca
    Daryl Blanca Year ago +3

    Lol look at your comment section and the number of dislikes

  • Jennie Lene Carnetes

    Better ban facebook in philippines.. We can live without facebook..

  • Jessie gelin
    Jessie gelin 2 years ago +21

    Solid duterte my president👊👊👊

  • tempest S
    tempest S Year ago

    all media outlet around the world...whos discrediting the philippines and the president..
    hands off to our country..
    please dont be one sided...
    this people has gone too far..

  • Jerome Bacani
    Jerome Bacani 4 years ago +6

    Wow. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Filipino people elected the president in a democratic manner. Look at all the comments on this video. That say something about how you handle your work ethics. Disgusting. This is coming from a 3rd world country citizen. How low can you get, MSNBC?

  • Samuel II Delfin
    Samuel II Delfin 2 years ago +6

    I feel my IQ dropping by 40 points after watching this

  • Mokhtar Que
    Mokhtar Que 4 years ago

    Explain please why duterte always have the high ratings!

  • Aj
    Aj Year ago +22

    We protest Facebook now😝 de activate now😂that’s simple

    • Aj
      Aj Year ago

      @fellow human being i'm you i have no time for you 😂im bz counting my money now🤣

    • Aj
      Aj Year ago

      @fellow human being i'm you you surender your soul to god not me😛like maria ressa😂

  • Dm3 E
    Dm3 E 4 years ago

    It’s the first time I see more dislikes than likes for a news report.

  • Jasper Cosare
    Jasper Cosare Year ago +1

    LOL, I really doubt this report is well researched.

  • your Markie
    your Markie Year ago

    Be fair to the government of the philippines 😡

  • nanjo masangcay
    nanjo masangcay Year ago

    Cant stop smiling while watching this video. Their talking about someone who is saying about fake news. And MSNBC making this kind of news about the philippines.🙂😁😆🤣🤣🤣

  • chewpops tejano
    chewpops tejano 4 years ago

    before doing the reports/news have u done any surveys in the philippines? i'm from philippines and please don't make us ignorants. sir, i encourage u to come to the philippines and at least talk to people about duterte. the locals, not those people paid by the opposition to destroy duterte.

  • Engineering Innovation

    Facebook must stay neutral however the factchecker of fb in philippines is known to be connected to oppositions .....

  • Mitch Clark
    Mitch Clark 4 years ago

    I totally agree with Ms. Ressa's remarks. I'm not sure what the best solution is but Facebook is not taking seriously enough its social role. Private companies always have social responsibilities but Facebook's is much wider and more significant, since it is so commonly and effectively used to spread ideas. They don't just exist and have a prominent presence in the public sphere; they make up a sizable chunk of the public sphere. Whether they like it or not, they are gatekeepers of information to a great extent.

  • Joefrey Bermas
    Joefrey Bermas Year ago +18

    This journalist got himself fake news.

  • Terrence Gil Dionisio
    Terrence Gil Dionisio 4 years ago

    Well obviously they don't know anything how biased media is here. 😂.

  • 3rd Engr.
    3rd Engr. 4 years ago +47

    Come on guys. Just deal your own Problems Not Ours. Haha We got this.

  • Ian Ar
    Ian Ar Year ago +3

    I never believe in Rappler and Maria Ressa. Everything that comes from them makes my skin crawl.

  • Miss Sapphire
    Miss Sapphire 4 years ago

    Duterte cares less about facebook. It was us (filipinos) who chose to spread our wants for him to be seated as president. Media in the Philippines is bias. So we the filipino people took it in our hands to help change happen in our country, which is to campaign for our ideal leader. They see Duterte as the bad guy but its not the way we see it, the opposition party is worse, its just duterte has more supporters. All filipinos prefer to use facebook to contact their family whether we are close or far from each other. My grandma is a facebook user, thats how she contacts family pack in the philippines. Why? Because facebook is known by everyone. Not everyone heard of snapchat, IG, twitter.

  • Elijah Matthew C. Jallorina.

    the way filipinos talk is so strong tho :o

  • er sa
    er sa 4 years ago +3

    Duterte for life :)

  • Raven Soul
    Raven Soul 2 years ago

    That's why we chose who wants to business with anyone. Thats the basic of democracy

  • Mark Five
    Mark Five 4 years ago

    Duterte became president in 2016 but the deal was on March 2015 when duterte was still undecided to run for the presidency.