Apple iPhone Fold v2, iPhone 11 & AirPower Leaks!

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Latest Apple Leaks! iPhone 11 Features & 3D Model, Lots of AirPower Stuff, AirPods 2 Black Color For AirPods 3 & More Apple News!
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    iPhone Fold Behance Concept.
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  6 months ago +1481

    Really appreciate your support guys, donate and junked/unneeded old tech to address in description. Will even pay for shipping if you leave your paypal inside. Thanks!

    • Thaís Vieira
      Thaís Vieira 6 months ago

      Wanting so bad an iphone but here in Brazil it's worth more than 7 times the minimum wage, you guys should send one of your unwanted iphones to me, and I would pay for shipping as well... :/

    • Nume Fals
      Nume Fals 6 months ago

      Enjoy your Airpower.

    • 정희섭
      정희섭 6 months ago

      EverythingApplePro ㄹ814838193₩8584757484844744473733

    • Reecer Peecer 833
      Reecer Peecer 833 6 months ago

      I have a IPhone 5 with no screen and an iPod touch 4th gen with no screen

    • Preying Mantra
      Preying Mantra 6 months ago


  • SSSushiii
    SSSushiii 9 days ago

    I m from the future the iphone 11 is shit

  • boygaming 224
    boygaming 224 9 days ago

    Do you still want the phones? I have 2 that you can have if you do.

  • Maham Nasir
    Maham Nasir 15 days ago

    Your desgins are far much better than apples actual released 😂😂

  • Cess Phenor
    Cess Phenor 20 days ago


  • tina tan
    tina tan 2 months ago

    I want the Apple v2please please please I need it for my brothers birthday thank you so much if I am the winner I will tell all my friends to subscribe to your channel

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 4 months ago

    i know for a fact it was not mine

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 4 months ago

    your apple watch went off lol

  • sanket jare
    sanket jare 4 months ago

    useless copycat apple copy ideas from all and launch them as they invented them.....

  • Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon 4 months ago

    I have a broken iPhone 1 ,5 and a first generation iPad but I can’t cause I don’t know what’s on it cause it’s not mine but it’s in my house

  • EngiNetion
    EngiNetion 4 months ago +1

    WOW A 10000$ TABLET!!!

  • ExpertCobra1911
    ExpertCobra1911 4 months ago +1

    It should be detachable so that the line problem wouldn’t be a thing, although both sides would have to be functional by themselves, and both having the same or different accounts, basically meaning it could supply as 2 phones, or 1 iPad.

  • Hugo
    Hugo 5 months ago

    Does I use wireless charging?

  • Madhusha Ambawatta
    Madhusha Ambawatta 5 months ago

    Apple iFold would fit better

  • Kay Hud
    Kay Hud 5 months ago

    I'm not a huge Apple fan but when they do a fold device if ever " we know how long it took to make a phablet size on phone" I think they'll nail at first attempt! IJS

  • Serious Smashing
    Serious Smashing 5 months ago

    Dang, is it just me or technology to far. I’m perfectly fine with my iPhone 7. It is great. As a iPad I use my Air 3. As a computer I use a Chrome Book, so my “Fairly old” technology is livable.

  • Tanner Phelps
    Tanner Phelps 5 months ago

    Keep us updated on your coffee shop! I live in the Portland area!

  • Nel Karpik
    Nel Karpik 5 months ago

    I don’t like the fold because if you hold it then you on accident can press something on the screen

  • Abby10Cupcake
    Abby10Cupcake 5 months ago

    I don’t want a phone that folds

  • Mohammed Your radical broseph

    When the iphone fold is folded i noticed there is a square angle how about you make it curved

  • Tasneema Rahman
    Tasneema Rahman 5 months ago

    Now a day's apple is copying Samsung

  • Amalia Floyd
    Amalia Floyd 5 months ago

    Flip phones got old now apple and Samsung are bringing them back

  • Khyra A
    Khyra A 5 months ago


  • Isak Loves Potatoes
    Isak Loves Potatoes 5 months ago

    Basically an iPhone X that can fold into an iPad..

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar 5 months ago

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar 5 months ago +1

  • Kash Hailah
    Kash Hailah 5 months ago

    I would never buy this😭😭

  • Mayor
    Mayor 5 months ago


  • Avik Niyogi
    Avik Niyogi 5 months ago

    Maybe folded iPhones are not what we need.. What if we need is stretchable iPhones.. what if we can stretch the display to iPad mini sizes?

  • Daniel Moreno
    Daniel Moreno 5 months ago

    lol i love talking about imaginary porducts

  • Daniel Roybal
    Daniel Roybal 5 months ago +1

    I am a samsung lover, but tbh this fold look bomb

  • Mr100irvin
    Mr100irvin 5 months ago

    Apple keeps the notch = I quit apple 💯

  • Mitchell Reichman
    Mitchell Reichman 5 months ago

    Where was the iPhone fold v2????

  • Antz Val
    Antz Val 5 months ago


  • marcel pereira
    marcel pereira 5 months ago

    BHERIYAA 5 months ago

    can you send me an iphone..
    i dont have money to buy an iphone cuz its very costly..for me..and will never be able to my lifetime..

  • Kiki Tay
    Kiki Tay 5 months ago

    Apple is no longer Apple.. It sounds exciting but yeah..

  • ride the buss gain trust turn to dust

    V2 coz of the iPhone 6 bent in half

  • Imoni
    Imoni 5 months ago +1

    The triple lens design is awesome. I love it. It would be cool on iPhone SE 2( SE-X) as well

  • Nikola Gnjatic
    Nikola Gnjatic 5 months ago +1

    I think smasung will sue apple because they copied the samsung fold

  • FreethinkingSecularist
    FreethinkingSecularist 6 months ago

    For me the only reason I would want a fold out phone would be for watching videos and movies bigger. So, it seems to me that the 9:16 ratio would make the most sense in the large size rather than in the folded size. Please make a device like that and I am sold.

  • Memes Unlimited
    Memes Unlimited 6 months ago

    I would love to get this phone when it comes out but I researched it and it’s dead expensive 😔

  • Kris Alexander
    Kris Alexander 6 months ago +2

    Wait. I have been watching you for years mostly in my jailbreaking days and had no idea you are in the PNW. Looks like in the same town. So funny!

  • Marcel Big
    Marcel Big 6 months ago +1

    this boy is a shit a sucker and a liar!

  • Shiqiri avni
    Shiqiri avni 6 months ago


  • B W
    B W 6 months ago +1

    Where’s your galaxy fold review?

  • BurntFist
    BurntFist 6 months ago

    I like your glitch transitions! I wish you many blessings on your coffee shop☕️

  • Bogdan Nistor
    Bogdan Nistor 6 months ago

    Nice desain

  • Chill Cosmis
    Chill Cosmis 6 months ago +7

    Samsung: peel the screen protector u ruin ur fold
    Apple: screengate

  • BOT Union
    BOT Union 6 months ago +3

    Bad luck guys😭
    If samsung has price the fold at $1500...Now apple going to keep it more than $2500😞😞

  • Saharish Saeed
    Saharish Saeed 6 months ago +5

    I have high expectations for this foldable phone. Samsung released one too and started to make cracks

  • Alexis Gomez
    Alexis Gomez 6 months ago

    Who the fuck wants foldable phones it’s a stupid concept, Samsung failed badly


    To late Samsung did it already done😘 apple can quit now bye.

  • Infinity And Beyond Gaming


  • Muhammed Kurtluk
    Muhammed Kurtluk 6 months ago

    Hahahaha I know that you know that is not gonna happen

    TRASH YT 6 months ago

    Is apple does that then samsung will sue them

  • AJ Montes De Oca
    AJ Montes De Oca 6 months ago

    Phone fake

  • Ponie3 Plays
    Ponie3 Plays 6 months ago +1

    And I literally just got my new iPhone X and then I see this... fuck u Apple... jk I love u

  • Rick Nelly
    Rick Nelly 6 months ago

    Looks like a brick

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell907 6 months ago

    Apple: We'd like to order 2 million of 7" foldable displays.
    Samsung: Yes, we can do that, but it's going to cost you more and it will take a little bit longer to manufacture and deliver.
    (2 years later)
    Apple: Introducing the Apple Fold. Starting price is $3000.
    Apple: That LG OLED manufacturing plant can't come fast enough.