Best Hall of Fame Speech Moments | NFL

  • Published on Aug 6, 2016
  • Check out the all-time greatest moments during the Hall of Fame speeches!
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Comments • 145

  • Joe Anthony Guerra

    Jim Kelly's speech would make the toughest mf cry. I guarantee it

  • Alan Gamino
    Alan Gamino 15 days ago +1

    Emmett Smith is the real deal of DA G.O.A.T.!!!!

  • BillyTheBossMan
    BillyTheBossMan Month ago

    What about Larry Csonka

  • Cole Tinklenberg
    Cole Tinklenberg 2 months ago +1

    My favorite part of this video is the terrible “How It’s Made” style music to ruin the emotional moments.

  • Erik Norton
    Erik Norton 3 months ago +2

    Can't wait till Troy Polamalu gets inducted. 😁😄😁😄

  • p 28
    p 28 4 months ago

    Yeah great Emmitt. But nobody would raise your name when discussing the top RBS in history.

    • Trey
      Trey 4 months ago

      Are you dumb?

  • overthoughthat
    overthoughthat 5 months ago

    I like bill parcells lol

    SARGON ADAM 5 months ago

    I'm curious to see what Brady's will be like.

  • Mike K
    Mike K 5 months ago +2

    Best HOF speech: Curtis Martin...where's it at!

  • 805Bruin
    805Bruin 8 months ago +1

    Montana was such a bland speaker

  • King Yoit
    King Yoit 8 months ago +1

    Remember these words I, Terrell Reed Anthony Jr will go to the NFL I'm determined I will never give up on this dream until it's an reality

  • Smarty The Pants
    Smarty The Pants 9 months ago

    Sorry, but Emmitt Smith's entire mentality is exactly why more teams weren't championship level. Too many me, myself and I players. All "I" wanted was for "me." All Emmitt wanted, admittedly so, was to be the leading rusher of all time. Who cares. Screw the team concept, screw playing for a unified cause F-I-R-S-T and F-O-R-E-M-O-S-T - "I" wanted to be the leading rusher of all time. That Kobe Bryant attitude of putting self and accolade before team is selfish and destructive for a team concept where teams win championships. And despite whether or not the teams these types of athletes played on won championships or not, they did so despite this selfish outlook. I'd rather play for a team like the Patriots who have won more titles than anyone else in history off the backs of players most people will never remember down the line, but for the pinnacle player, Tom Brady, who gave nothing but props to everyone BUT Tom Brady. He is the most selfless GOAT in the history of sport who went so far as to take a paycut to assure victory for the entire organization and its fans. I love Emmitt Smith and have the utmost respect for his accomplishments, but you can take that me, myself and I bullshit and up it right where the sun doesn't shine as far as I'm concerned. And for the weaklings claiming Brady cheated - blow me. He was proven innocent by the only man in the country to examine evidence for hundreds of hours - New York Law Professor Robert Blecker who proved he was not guilty. Good day. ;-)

    • MTRZGaming
      MTRZGaming 3 months ago

      Smarty The Pants Did you watch the part of his speech where he thanked: Jesus Christ, God, his offensive linemen, all of his coaches, Jerry Jones, Norv Turner, Aikman and Irvin and especially Darryl Johnston. He actually cried while thanking Darryl. He said and I quote “You mean the world to me, not just because we shared the same backfield, but because you sacrificed so much for me. People don't understand what it took to be a fullback in our system, the sacrifices you made not simply with your body but your whole spirit. You took care of me as though you were taking care of your little brother. Without you, without you, I know today would not have been possible. I love you from the bottom of my heart.”
      Here is a link to a transcript of his speech if you don’t believe me.

  • Eric Ross
    Eric Ross 11 months ago +1

    The worst speech is when that guy starting jerking off in front of everyone

  • Raymond Seward
    Raymond Seward Year ago


  • Kelvin Wrght
    Kelvin Wrght Year ago +1

    ray Lewis hall fame speech

  • S Choudhry
    S Choudhry Year ago +1

    This music is so annoying.

  • FireClipz HD
    FireClipz HD Year ago +2

    Joe Montana giving his hall of fame speech the year Tom Brady was drafted.hmmmmmmmmm?

  • LarryAllen
    LarryAllen Year ago


  • Allen Rhodes
    Allen Rhodes Year ago +5

    On the next nfl films jerry rice vs Floyd may weather in a spelling bee...

    • B Ford
      B Ford Year ago

      Allen Rhodes PPV I will watch that $Hit!

  • Elite Snags
    Elite Snags Year ago

    why does shannon sharpe sound lime barack obama 😂

  • Federico Pavone
    Federico Pavone Year ago

    Amazing moments, but my personal favourite is Bob St. Clair's final phrase: "I want to thank you very much all of you for making my day in the sun so memorable". One of the most powerful images ever

  • Te'Von McBride
    Te'Von McBride Year ago

    Jerry rice sound like Floyd mayweather

  • too saucey
    too saucey Year ago

    Emotional asf

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Year ago +5


  • MajorFacts
    MajorFacts Year ago

    The beginning i thought he said "l love balls" and so passionate about it

  • WyomingPTT
    WyomingPTT Year ago +1

    They shoulda just shown the entire Jerome Bettis speech. That guy totally killed it. Although, having the entire crowd be Steeler fans probably helped a lot.

  • Andre NOSG
    Andre NOSG Year ago

    Where was Ladainian Tomlinson's speech that one was amazing

  • Dish Man
    Dish Man Year ago


  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson Year ago

    primetime the best speech ever he. did all they running and jumping for his mommy

  • Peyton Manning #PM18#GOAT#18Hunnid#Sheriff

    I’ll be there soon

    • My nama Blegg
      My nama Blegg Year ago +1

      Max McCann you should tbh. Both are the reason why the bears don’t have a ring in this millinuem

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel Year ago +1

      No one cares

    • Max McCann
      Max McCann Year ago +1

      Peyton Manning #PM18#GOAT#18Hunnid#Sheriff I HATE Payton Manning and Aaron Rogers

    • Neil Pisarri
      Neil Pisarri Year ago

      Peyton Manning #PM18#GOAT#18Hunnid#Sheriff yup

  • Cecilie M
    Cecilie M 2 years ago

    All of these H.O.F. speeches are so emotional! Each player earned the right to be; where they are standing! Thank you for giving us years of unbelievable football! Congratulations again to you all! 👍🏈👍💖👍

  • William Hines
    William Hines 2 years ago


  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry 2 years ago +1

    The best moments are usually "HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS"

  • Eli Roberts
    Eli Roberts 2 years ago +8

    so many dallas cowboys

  • Joshua Arega
    Joshua Arega 2 years ago +1

    Such inspiration

  • Elijah Mwamba
    Elijah Mwamba 2 years ago +1

    can't wait for TO's speech/roast

    WOLF STAR 2 years ago +1

    Soon Scam Newton and Tim Tebow will be there, not! 😂

  • Rick
    Rick 2 years ago +6

    Cris Carter should've walked off with his arms swinging like George Jefferson. Would've forever been the greatest closing statement of all time.

  • RaySoCray
    RaySoCray 2 years ago

    Emmit Smith was my favorite

  • Shane Brock
    Shane Brock 2 years ago +156

    My my favorite moment that wasn't in this video was when Shannon Sharpe mentioned his brother in his speech

    • keltin Mendoza
      keltin Mendoza 7 months ago

      @Andre Bailey Lol. Look at Sterling's first few seasons. He was head to head with Jerry Rice. His career was ended by injuries though.

    • Andre Bailey
      Andre Bailey Year ago +1

      Yeezys’ R’Gay ..really bro..anyways

    • Derrick Vineyard
      Derrick Vineyard Year ago +2

      Ray Mondo its not humble it’s true. Sterling was better Shannon just ended up on a better team.

    • Ray Mondo
      Ray Mondo 2 years ago +13

      I totally agree. Especially when he says " I'm the only player to be inducted into the HOF and I'm the second best player in my family." Extremely humble of him

    • DaevonTheSavage
      DaevonTheSavage 2 years ago +12

      Shane Brock Shannon Sharpe's full speech is unmatched. Shannon and Sterling are two NFL greats that can truly say They came from Nothing and became Something. And they're Humble about it too.

  • The Hamiltons
    The Hamiltons 2 years ago

    subscribe to my channel

  • Devon Kildare
    Devon Kildare 2 years ago +2

    Cliff Branch, Mike Alstott & Jessie Tuggle for HOF!

  • Adultish Gambino
    Adultish Gambino 3 years ago

    Cris Carter such a legend

  • Obvioustroller
    Obvioustroller 3 years ago

    August is always so slow...can't the season start now??

  • DrNuggetFTW
    DrNuggetFTW 3 years ago +5

    Sterling and Davis were robbed.

  • Beejay da Gigolo
    Beejay da Gigolo 3 years ago +8

    Deion's speech was soo emotional

  • Paul L.
    Paul L. 3 years ago +84

    Shannon sharpe talking about his brother should've been in there.

    • KING TIM
      KING TIM 2 years ago +8

      If Sterling Sharpe didn't suffer that career ending injury, he would've been in the Hall of Fame because he was that good and he would've won a couple Super Bowl rings under his resume.

  • Josh
    Josh 3 years ago +48

    can Jerry Rice read?

    • Zachary Lewis
      Zachary Lewis Month ago +1

      Josh Probably not, but could catch.

    • Big Daddy Rikka
      Big Daddy Rikka 4 months ago +1

      He made made more money then a lot of us combined without reading skills.... so

    • I AM Baller
      I AM Baller Year ago +1

      At this point I don’t know

    • Antbeast23
      Antbeast23 2 years ago +7

      Josh Schmidt does it matter? He's in the hof.

  • Vang96
    Vang96 3 years ago +12

    Michael Irvin too funny haha

  • Jabarri Weston
    Jabarri Weston 3 years ago

    Lol who's the mf in the Thumbnail 😂😂

  • AngelTheFiend
    AngelTheFiend 3 years ago +12

    Jared Goff will be there in 2041

  • SargeGhost
    SargeGhost 3 years ago +25


    • Im Maxing RS
      Im Maxing RS Year ago +1

      he'll get there eventually. You don't simply dominate at your position with the likes of Larry Fitzgerald playing at the same time as you and not get in the hall. Give it maybe 5 more yeats

    • Zachary Grosser
      Zachary Grosser Year ago +1

      Lol no

    • King Joffrey
      King Joffrey Year ago +1

      SargeGhost says the Texans fan

  • Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod

    I'll be there soon

    • Paul Brown
      Paul Brown Year ago

      nick name says it all "OH NO"

    • Disappointed Knick's Fan
      Disappointed Knick's Fan 2 years ago +7

      Hell no! 2 playoff wins and can't stay healthy 😂😂😂 Do they factor college into the football HoF? Even if they did, you couldn't depend on that either 😂

    • Tyler Smith
      Tyler Smith 3 years ago +3

      yes you will robo romo

    • Benjamin Mauger
      Benjamin Mauger 3 years ago +5

      Maybe if you stop getting injured

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth 3 years ago +3

    one day I will be in the hall of fame being up there

    • jkeilman
      jkeilman 3 years ago +8

      Try hard and don't give up and you will get there

  • Ninja
    Ninja 3 years ago


  • Douglas Deleon
    Douglas Deleon 3 years ago

    My favorite HOF IS Emmett

  • James
    James 3 years ago +50

    Terrell Owens should be inducted

    • Jx son
      Jx son 7 months ago

      @YourBoyTyler hold this L

    • Terrence Thomas
      Terrence Thomas Year ago +1

      Look at him now

    • Antbeast23
      Antbeast23 2 years ago +4

      DatAngryNoob how? He put over 100 yds while injured.

    • YourBoyTyler
      YourBoyTyler 2 years ago

      James W no he ruined the eagles SB

  • Rick Jatti
    Rick Jatti 3 years ago +3

    elway had no emotion

  • RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

    i will be up there soon

  • Robert Djinaj
    Robert Djinaj 3 years ago


  • The Meme Crusading Dolphin

    More crying memes

    • Tyler Smith
      Tyler Smith 3 years ago +2

      Hold the biggest L of you and your friends family and pets lives

    • Ira Remaley
      Ira Remaley 3 years ago +1

      +GalvatronVGC L

  • Yaboy Nick
    Yaboy Nick 3 years ago +7

    liked the ending with jerome bettis

  • Dan Marino #marinomagic #pureaccuracy #13hunnit

    Why not me

  • Abe
    Abe 3 years ago


  • 3 years ago +121

    Can wait for Peyton, LaDainian, Charles Woodson, and Ray Lewis to get their gold jackets

    • Goofy Zeem
      Goofy Zeem Year ago +3

      52 is in

    • Brandon Williams
      Brandon Williams Year ago

      Yeah so 1 already happened hopefully 2 will happen this year because all of them were beasts

    • Charles allen jr
      Charles allen jr 2 years ago +9

      LaDanian Tomlinson goes in this year. Ray Lewis comes up for 2018 and Manning and C. Woodson will come up for 2021 or 2022.

  • Sports Fan 98
    Sports Fan 98 3 years ago

    Sam mills needs to be in the hall of fame.

  • BroadStreetGamer223
    BroadStreetGamer223 3 years ago


  • Thomas Rocco
    Thomas Rocco 3 years ago +152

    Complete beasts, like if u agree

  • DeeVizzy
    DeeVizzy 3 years ago +1

    Can't wait for Peyton,Bill B.,Tom,Tony,Megatron...

    • Javonte Burnett
      Javonte Burnett Year ago

      Tony who?

    • Disappointed Knick's Fan
      Disappointed Knick's Fan 2 years ago

      +Crab How? He was the best at his position for years and was unstoppable. He's first or second ballot depending on who hasn't gotten in yet.

    • DeeVizzy
      DeeVizzy 3 years ago

      +PastLifeVillain that's why i said i can't wait...

    • Van Jaylon
      Van Jaylon 3 years ago

      +PastLifeVillain in*

    • Van Jaylon
      Van Jaylon 3 years ago

      Calvin Johnson retired too early to get it.

  • Adam Fanning
    Adam Fanning 3 years ago

    Not first

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 years ago

    🧀 too cheesy

  • Henry Novicki
    Henry Novicki 3 years ago


  • Brandon Scobey
    Brandon Scobey 3 years ago


  • Eriik
    Eriik 3 years ago +5

    All of them are legends!

    • Trey
      Trey 4 months ago

      @muppetfan12 wrong, legends never die.

    • Blingaling48103
      Blingaling48103 9 months ago

      Ray Lewis stabbed 2 men in the heart after the 2000 Super Bowl. It was Lewis and his posse against 2 innocent men. Most people shoot others but because he was in front of his buddies he chose to stab them. Deserves no respect.

    • muppetfan12
      muppetfan12 3 years ago

      Wrong, Legends are made after they die.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 years ago +14

      They wouldn't be in the HOF if they weren't legends :)

  • Samuel Perry
    Samuel Perry 3 years ago