confronting internet bully cody ko…

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • His face was priceless
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  • Dolly Whitley
    Dolly Whitley 16 minutes ago +1

    Where’s his argument?

  • Izzy Avocado
    Izzy Avocado 43 minutes ago +1

    Jake Paul: Cody Ko is a cyber bully that's bad
    Also Jake Paul: We should go cyber bully Cody Ko

  • Amy McDonald
    Amy McDonald Hour ago

    he chooses the smallest part of each video that could be taken out of context... that's literally so petty I can't. 0 valid points for the shit that Jake does compared to Cody

  • Lord Rillquaad
    Lord Rillquaad 2 hours ago

    I’m losing brain cells just watching this, actually goodbye I’m just going to go watch Cody’s video instead

  • Chris_ Kurtzz
    Chris_ Kurtzz 2 hours ago

    Omfg stfu jake what have you done. In you life huh make a diss track to mf teachers lmao

  • inthefort
    inthefort 2 hours ago

    TMG for life. Tiny meat represent.

  • inthefort
    inthefort 2 hours ago

    Jake you really are desperate these days.

  • Sara Miller
    Sara Miller 2 hours ago

    jake giving cody subscribers for 17 minutes straight

  • kaleigh hotard
    kaleigh hotard 2 hours ago

    This video made me subscribe to Cody ko

  • corey mac
    corey mac 3 hours ago

    You dont need to worry about being youtubes hero. Nobody thought that anyway. 😆

  • very plain donut
    very plain donut 3 hours ago

    Bro ur childish
    Jake: oh no cyber bully come at me

  • The Worst Optimist
    The Worst Optimist 3 hours ago

    I literally cannot watch this because Jake sounds like a middle school bully 😫 Why do people still support him? He’s literally just attacking Cody bc he’s funnier and more relevant than Jake can ever beeeee!

  • OxJoshua
    OxJoshua 3 hours ago

    Jake Paul talks like a 4th grader

  • Katy Hollingsworth
    Katy Hollingsworth 4 hours ago

    This was Jake’s funniest video.

  • Madelyn Diago
    Madelyn Diago 4 hours ago

    hold up this kid is tryna be like shane dawson now bahahaha dont you remember that you were the sociopath...

  • Madelyn Diago
    Madelyn Diago 4 hours ago +1

    this video made no sense what so ever lmaoooo

  • DR1FTZ
    DR1FTZ 4 hours ago +1

    Well boys we did it we stopped bullying

  • Gloria E A Jasson
    Gloria E A Jasson 4 hours ago

    You and your brother destroy peoples lives

  • Gloria E A Jasson
    Gloria E A Jasson 4 hours ago

    Stop being a hypocrip

  • Gloria E A Jasson
    Gloria E A Jasson 4 hours ago

    Isn't talking shit about people your job

  • Danny F
    Danny F 5 hours ago

    Cody’s audience is completely different than jakes

  • Maxwell J Abeles (2021)

    legitimately a 10:1 ratio of dislikes to likes

  • Ur boi Gryphon
    Ur boi Gryphon 5 hours ago

    I love Cody bruh just be quiet

  • Reynan Prince
    Reynan Prince 5 hours ago

    where's noel

  • Henrik van Walsum
    Henrik van Walsum 5 hours ago +1

    Jake: "I can't bear to watch him make fun of minions anymore, he is too hateful."
    Also Jake: disses family and teachers and anyone really, and with purpose harms people physically and mentally"
    Hypocrit dipshit

  • Marisa Prince
    Marisa Prince 5 hours ago

    jake: talks about how jeff doesnt like cody either
    jeff: has cody on show, apologizes to cody profusely

  • Lucky
    Lucky 5 hours ago

    “Wanna be comedian”
    What are u a wanna be david dobrik???

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato 6 hours ago

    Aren’t you asking all of you 11 year olds to cyber bully him?

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato 6 hours ago

    Could you have done this anymore public?

  • AceAir155
    AceAir155 6 hours ago

    Jake just go look through you're content and all the shit you've talked about people

  • Anthony Mitzie
    Anthony Mitzie 6 hours ago

    He was just jealous that the James Charles tea was taking attention away from him so he pulled this shit out his ass randomly.

  • Luke Farley
    Luke Farley 6 hours ago +1

    Bro Cody ko is better than you

  • Becca M
    Becca M 7 hours ago +1

    2:29 mwow what a nice picture choice my guy

  • Coltan Neubauer
    Coltan Neubauer 8 hours ago

    Mentally handicapped kid interviews computer science major

  • Graci Gunnell
    Graci Gunnell 8 hours ago +1

    You are literally known for being a bully

  • Cobra Gx
    Cobra Gx 8 hours ago

    where did he get the “girls crying for weeks”

  • yyog1000 ps
    yyog1000 ps 8 hours ago

    "These negative *trolls* online..."
    "Causing the *youth* to be negative..."
    "I can talk about this fairly bc his vids and tweets confront my brother and me"
    "I can't imagine having as much hatred in me as a human"
    1) you sound like a mom that doesnt know what the internet is.
    2) you sh*t talk your brother so you tryna defend him
    3) You make no points and make yourself look like a jerk. Wtf?

  • Aatreyee Bhattacharya
    Aatreyee Bhattacharya 9 hours ago

    Hahaha look at the like to dislike ratio 😆😆

  • Joseph Egloff
    Joseph Egloff 9 hours ago

    I love Cody ko’s channel jake is a dumb ass who can’t handle a little comedy.

  • Rotorfour bu
    Rotorfour bu 10 hours ago +1

    when you try to stay relevant

  • BaconHeadBitch
    BaconHeadBitch 10 hours ago

    Cody: *talks about minions*
    Jake: “I cOuLdNt iMaGinE bEiNg FiLLeD wItH tHis mUcH hAtReD”

  • BaconHeadBitch
    BaconHeadBitch 10 hours ago +1

    0:38 bro that’s literally you, idk what your going off about

  • Michelle Ling
    Michelle Ling 10 hours ago +1

    Jake paul is such a good person and doing this

  • George De Burgh-Thomas
    George De Burgh-Thomas 10 hours ago +1

    kody “I don’t like minions”
    Jake “I can’t imagine being a human and having that much hatred”

  • George De Burgh-Thomas
    George De Burgh-Thomas 10 hours ago +1

    He tries to look clever with fansy words but just always looks like an idiot

  • Moly Borja
    Moly Borja 10 hours ago +1


  • n3cro_101 •
    n3cro_101 • 11 hours ago

    alt title - jake paul being annoying for 17 minutes

  • LgHt_Krouton
    LgHt_Krouton 11 hours ago

    Cody Ko: Minions are freaking stupid
    Jake Paul: SO MUCH HATRED

  • Areli G
    Areli G 11 hours ago

    he said “🤡”

  • Ugly beaner Gamer
    Ugly beaner Gamer 12 hours ago +2

    He made Cody look good

  • morgannn w
    morgannn w 12 hours ago +2

    notice how Jake is only confronting Cody because Cody made a video about him lol

  • morgannn w
    morgannn w 12 hours ago +2

    welcome to the video where a cyberbully cyberbullies a "cyberbully"

  • lauren nix
    lauren nix 12 hours ago

    the only good part of this video was 4:30-5:06

  • morgannn w
    morgannn w 12 hours ago +2

    Cody breathes
    Jake: oH mY gOd He Is MaKiNg FuN oF pEoPle WiTh AtHsMa

  • UncleJokes •
    UncleJokes • 12 hours ago

    He confronts Kody ko for being “rude,” to girls literally abused a women in the past.

  • elaina harbin
    elaina harbin 12 hours ago

    lol why is jake paul ??? so ??? bad ???

  • Paulina Maria
    Paulina Maria 12 hours ago

    Everyone’s on Cody’s side in the comments 💀😂

  • Lauren
    Lauren 13 hours ago +1

    i grew up in the town next to you and i heard you were a huge bully

  • Lauren
    Lauren 13 hours ago +1

    your brother filmed a suicide

  • Cookie Klinger
    Cookie Klinger 13 hours ago +1

    most of the views of the video are from cody's subscribers lol

  • DatBoiDerrick _
    DatBoiDerrick _ 13 hours ago

    If anything you’re the cyber bully. You’re basically using your influence to “cancel” your peers just because you don’t like what he has to say. Also you say that he’s teaching the youth the wrong way when his content isn’t even towards kids, when all your followers are basically 4 and all you do is act like a kid and do stupid shit.

  • Sophia Hope
    Sophia Hope 13 hours ago

    If Jeff was against cyber bullying then why would he invite Cody on his show....

  • Maya
    Maya 13 hours ago

    you really tried

  • Bryce Walmsley
    Bryce Walmsley 13 hours ago

    Jake: Wanna be comedian
    Also Jake: 11:20 your hilarious
    Also Jake: 11:44 He called Cody a “Comedian”

  • LavenderZ
    LavenderZ 13 hours ago +1

    Well damn jake, if you can't take criticism, you must be nine!

  • RandM83
    RandM83 13 hours ago

    Well at least you put an end to cyber bullies.

  • RandM83
    RandM83 13 hours ago +1

    Dude don’t you have millions of dollars? Get over it find a bigger problem

  • セックスマシーンΚλεάνθης Σμαραγδένιος

    Jake paul: you cyberbully kids
    Cody: Kids? What kids?
    Jake paul: I don't like cyber bullying

  • Grace Gacha
    Grace Gacha 14 hours ago

    raman noddle hair jake: HeS a BaLl Of HaTrEd

  • Captain Davis42
    Captain Davis42 14 hours ago +1

    Just subscribed to cody ko

  • Zach Krills
    Zach Krills 14 hours ago

    "I'm on one side of the spectrum and hes on the other."
    Ah yes the retarded spectrum.

  • Captain Davis42
    Captain Davis42 14 hours ago

    Jake is a bigger bully than most people

  • Zach Krills
    Zach Krills 14 hours ago

    Cody stands up to give Jake a handshake as a genuinely friendly move and Jake just stares at him.

  • oh no crure to oh yeah
    oh no crure to oh yeah 14 hours ago

    If you go too Cody ko chanale you can see his video explaining how other people that he made fun of texted him and saying really nice things

  • Soggy Greg
    Soggy Greg 14 hours ago

    Jake caling some one adouchbag is bullying that id cringe unsubcribbing

  • hi bye
    hi bye 15 hours ago

    cody: *breathes*
    jake paul: ur making fun of dead people i don’t get how you are so full of hatred

  • Gabrielle Trentacosta
    Gabrielle Trentacosta 15 hours ago

    Cody Ko:
    Jake Paul: So MuCh HaTReD

  • GamingGuy
    GamingGuy 15 hours ago

    why hasn't he taken this video down yet

  • j idk
    j idk 15 hours ago

    4:17 me watching this video

  • Mitch Dobler
    Mitch Dobler 15 hours ago

    It’s an art making a video this pathetic, I have the urge to cyber bully now thanks

  • Julia
    Julia 16 hours ago

    You know you desperate for content when you do this. LETS GET IT CODYKO

  • Fortnite king Cool
    Fortnite king Cool 16 hours ago

    It's his job to do this u are a dushbag bicth so sorry to make u fringy 🤬🖕🏿

  • Nyomi Morman
    Nyomi Morman 16 hours ago

    Jake paul you do the same thing too

  • daniel B
    daniel B 17 hours ago

    Jake Paul: your making fun of kids.
    Cody Ko: what kids?
    exactly jake paul, u have no REAL evidence

  • Skate tube 40
    Skate tube 40 17 hours ago

    NoBoDy CaReS

  • Skate tube 40
    Skate tube 40 17 hours ago

    All the comments are against Jake

  • Skate tube 40
    Skate tube 40 17 hours ago

    Jake Paul mad because Cody koi flames him

  • Aurora Awakes
    Aurora Awakes 17 hours ago +1

    Calling someone a cyber bully when you're a bully in real life.... you really are a moron.

  • The Playroom
    The Playroom 17 hours ago

    Jake Paul you need to go to school your dumb AF.

  • Andrea Mutoti
    Andrea Mutoti 17 hours ago

    Just accept Cody Ko is better than you and funnier than you.. just.. accept it Jake.

  • nataliko birtvelishvili
    nataliko birtvelishvili 18 hours ago +1

    *Jake comes in*
    Cody: 👀👀lol😅😂is this fr😂😂🤪😅*on the phone*
    Noel, can you pick me up?pls nOW

  • No Shit Sherlock
    No Shit Sherlock 18 hours ago

    This dickhead can't even talk 🤣

  • The Confederate States of America

    Cody: *Breathes normally*
    Jake: He's making fun of people with asthma!

  • Sync Snipes
    Sync Snipes 19 hours ago

    Id love to see Jake Paul in a cod lobby

  • Ginny Ginny
    Ginny Ginny 20 hours ago +1

    Use me as a “jake Paul is stupid” button

  • Shawn davis
    Shawn davis 21 hour ago

    You now that you bully people to and you cyber bully to

  • Jenna Anderson
    Jenna Anderson 21 hour ago

    Calling Cody a sociopath and saying he has no empathy for people when his own brother filmed and posted a suicide victim?
    Can’t relate.

  • brenden freyne
    brenden freyne 22 hours ago

    Ok yeah totally cody ko hates so much meanwhile jake abuses his friends and robs them of their money and sees no problem with himself

  • Tessa Nutley
    Tessa Nutley 22 hours ago

    Someone count how many times he says “like”

  • Erick Mii
    Erick Mii 22 hours ago

    Jake Paula whole vocabulary: like ...... That's it