if it wasn't on film no one would believe it 5

  • Published on Dec 22, 2017
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    Here it is Fishing ++ !!! You will not believe !!! 2018 ## 163
    Shocking Moments Caught on Camera salmon fishing
    # 3 Unusual fishing!
    if it wasn't on film no one would believe it 5
    if it wasn't on film no one would believe it
    If it were not filmed, no one would believe it! 2017
    If it were not filmed, no one would believe it! 2017
    Here it is Fishing ++ !!! You will not believe !!! 2017 ## 155
    Here it is Fishing ++ !!! You will not believe !!! 2017 ## 138
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Comments • 4 204

  • Delroy kelly
    Delroy kelly 3 hours ago

    That's dog is fast asf

  • jgoodman76
    jgoodman76 9 hours ago

    why are people not helping that shark or the fish

  • Ramson Cole
    Ramson Cole 11 hours ago

    thumbs down with that fucking loud ass god damn intro

  • David dmg
    David dmg 11 hours ago

    Stop. Fucking. Dubstep. On. fucking. Intro

  • Joey C. Baretta
    Joey C. Baretta 13 hours ago

    Fuck this video

  • Nctzen And multifandom gurl

    I have headphones the intro killed my hears. Now I can't hear.

    Jk i can is just they hurt a little.

  • Peter Parker Recycle Bin
    Peter Parker Recycle Bin 13 hours ago +1

    Sea Otter: I Think I Need To Rest Under This Beautiful Sun
    People: **Giorno Theme Play**

  • Squirrel Fish
    Squirrel Fish 16 hours ago

    Ok, the old guy in the car. Was he knitting?

  • z
    z 20 hours ago

    Сукин сын нахуй ты скример вставляешь

  • Kevin Warawa
    Kevin Warawa 20 hours ago

    Your video of sick fucks abusing animals.Your a real winner.

  • D D
    D D 21 hour ago

    the guy at 1:38 is a complete moron. It's a wonder he didn't set himself afire. smh.

  • Jynx Krakz
    Jynx Krakz Day ago


  • Elgin&Hororo's Son Chan

    0:25 what anumal it us

  • JoAnn Klonowski
    JoAnn Klonowski Day ago

    :( poor bass

  • Trey Bintrappin
    Trey Bintrappin Day ago

    1:40 sounds like Will Ferrell in pineapple express🤣

  • Bugsy Segal
    Bugsy Segal Day ago

    Only Russia 😂

  • AJ Cure
    AJ Cure Day ago

    4:35 is the funniest

  • moonlight crsk
    moonlight crsk Day ago +1

    2:58 what is the man doing??

  • How To Defeat ISIS 101

    1:30 what kind of retard drives his jetski at a shark, his stupid ass should've gotten yoinked off, natural selection

  • Ana F
    Ana F Day ago

    I hate when people fish for sport. That was too disturbing to watch any more. Dislike.

  • Lucky Punch
    Lucky Punch Day ago

    lol I just got down to the comment section bc of that fucking intro. also gave a dislike bc of that. well deserved.

  • karl knudson
    karl knudson Day ago

    dam the guy with the pavement torch ,..... what the fuck are you smoking besides your boat , what ever it is cut that shit in half cause your doing to much!!

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye Day ago

    3:50 👌😎

  • Totally Baked
    Totally Baked 2 days ago

    That heart attack almost gave me a shark attack, bro

  • GodlyAtheist
    GodlyAtheist 2 days ago

    Reported. It may be le funny to you but if someone with failing health or the elderly clicked this you're putting their lives in serious danger. You are scum.

  • Brookster Q
    Brookster Q 2 days ago

    Nothing is on film anymore. We see it on digital video!

  • Nathan Bruggink
    Nathan Bruggink 2 days ago +1

    Disliked just because of the intro

  • Bella pozzi
    Bella pozzi 2 days ago

    That boat jumping thing fun as shit

  • Jay T
    Jay T 2 days ago

    9:05 : watch this guys. I’m gonna show you how a real man fixes this shit!
    9:16 : FUCK!!

  • Fernando Sor
    Fernando Sor 2 days ago

    Hey op show your Fucking logo one more time. Seeing it 100 times isn't enough.

  • Souhaila Smiles
    Souhaila Smiles 2 days ago +4

    OMG that into while using my headphones it scared me

  • Tony Pelton
    Tony Pelton 2 days ago +6

    the guy with the torch. i'm surprised he has enough brain capacity to even keep breathing.

  • Anosha Gamage
    Anosha Gamage 2 days ago

    0:25 that`s soooo rude

  • Jody’ Jo
    Jody’ Jo 2 days ago

    Anyone else heart dropped at 3:15?

  • ZER0
    ZER0 2 days ago

    no fucking headphone warning? my man i nearly swallowed my fuckin tongue

  • Август Студенов

    So basically this is a compilation of animal abuse

  • David Upton
    David Upton 2 days ago

    3.20. Well what did you think was going to happen you moron?

  • 111 222
    111 222 3 days ago +4

    O:50 what fish is that? It looks like a piranha, but I've never seen a white one.

  • Natasha Halberton
    Natasha Halberton 3 days ago

    Pretty believable even without being caught on camera

  • niamh
    niamh 3 days ago

    the noise in between clips is really annoying

  • Leo Amaya
    Leo Amaya 3 days ago

    Amazing captures 🤘🏻

  • Dink Fryson
    Dink Fryson 3 days ago

    Didn't get the guy sitting in the car cutting something at 2:11 and before that one the burning boat guy was funny AF

  • BigBagOfFrikenAirFak

    Why are these all fishing videos. I don’t give a shit about people fishing.

  • Youtube Red
    Youtube Red 3 days ago

    Gotta turn down the intro it's just annoying

  • bryanceglio
    bryanceglio 3 days ago

    Seriously get rid of the static it’s annoying AF!!!!

  • anonymous artist
    anonymous artist 3 days ago +1

    0:06 rip earsss

  • Mr. Incredible
    Mr. Incredible 3 days ago +7

    I will give you a dislike for your stupid intro (because of my ears)

  • Oh no no
    Oh no no 3 days ago

    sheeeesh the dog was going sicko mode

  • я ты
    я ты 3 days ago

    5:26 bon appetit bitch

  • Markus Dreyer
    Markus Dreyer 3 days ago

    Aua that intro

  • Lady in red
    Lady in red 3 days ago +1


  • English French
    English French 4 days ago

    God kill all those criminals quisk ! We need peace at last on our earth !

  • Naoufel Belaifa
    Naoufel Belaifa 4 days ago

    One thumb down for the into. This is what you get from me idiot

  • Tony Gabashvili
    Tony Gabashvili 4 days ago

    Immediately disliked because of the intro

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 4 days ago

    Unneeded static cuts between clips ruins the video ten fold

  • Beck Parsons
    Beck Parsons 4 days ago +3

    Bro he just eliminated that shark

    • P272
      P272 3 days ago

      Eliminate or be eliminated on that one.

  • Jennifer Mallon
    Jennifer Mallon 4 days ago +17

    The shark that swam straight into that dude’s spear.... holy crap, thank God he had that in his hand!

    • KosTiC kden
      KosTiC kden Day ago

      @Август Студенов Go figure youre subbed to onision. The ocean is for humans too you fascist fuck

    • Swift-ツツ-Toxic
      Swift-ツツ-Toxic 2 days ago

      @Uh Ganimé Ape holy shit 😂😂😂

    • Uh Ganimé Ape
      Uh Ganimé Ape 2 days ago +2

      Август Студенов I bet your dead relatives are in hell getting skull fucked by hitler

    • Август Студенов
      Август Студенов 2 days ago +4

      I wish he died instead of the shark though

  • Linda S.
    Linda S. 4 days ago

    I have never seen so many incredibly stupid people. I did not enjoy this video.

  • Amy Sanders
    Amy Sanders 4 days ago

    What is he doing at 2:11?

    • Khaya Woodward
      Khaya Woodward 3 days ago

      It looks like he's making a spider web for himself to me LMAO

    • Khaya Woodward
      Khaya Woodward 3 days ago

      Someone said they thought he was knitting and someone else that they thought he was repairing a fishing net

  • Brian and Laura Jackson Pottorff

    POS subtracted 1 percent from my hearing. He owes me.

  • Atan Gangsta
    Atan Gangsta 4 days ago

    Animal abuse

  • Phantom
    Phantom 4 days ago +94

    Disliked because the intro wasn't loud enough...

  • esh2647
    esh2647 4 days ago

    Give me back my fillet o fish. Give me that fish. Ahhhhhh

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger 4 days ago

    At 1:40 -- talk about DRAMA! (What a Delta Sierra!) People who tease wild animals are asking for trouble! They ARE wild, you know, and they WILL defend their territory, their food, their young and if male, their mating privileges. LEAVE THEM ALONE if you don't want to get hurt (or even killed)! And at 9:12 -- NEVER try to dive into water when you don't know how shallow it is -- really stupid!

    • Deborah Cranson
      Deborah Cranson 4 days ago

      The guy that set his boat on fire is so funny Falling ON THE FLOOR LOL. My goodness. 😅😅😅

  • Heather Gustafson
    Heather Gustafson 4 days ago +8

    That’s the most depressing fish tank I’ve ever seen, good lord let the poor fish go back to the sea if you have a heart

  • Danni Boy
    Danni Boy 4 days ago

    0:20 what are the pricks doing at least try help the poor shark

  • Derdo Ace
    Derdo Ace 4 days ago +2

    The Shark probably died. Because Sharks have to move 24/7 if they not the die.

    • richboon3142
      richboon3142 7 hours ago

      @Kylie Racket my reply was to the initial comment, wind your neck in.

    • Kylie Racket
      Kylie Racket 20 hours ago

      richboon3142 I never said it didn’t die because of the spear, I was making it clear that not all sharks have to move to be able to take in oxygen

    • richboon3142
      richboon3142 Day ago +1

      And zebra sharks, leopard sharks, bamboo sharks and any other benthic shark, the shark in the video did look like a pelagic shark though. I'm sure the spear down it's throat didn't do it any favors either. But it instigated the attack

    • Kylie Racket
      Kylie Racket 3 days ago +1

      Not all shark species have to be moving constantly to breathe, theres actually a good amount that can be still, like sandbar sharks

  • UnbornChild69
    UnbornChild69 4 days ago

    Is the topic fish

  • Mistical Killer799
    Mistical Killer799 5 days ago

    How is there balls raining

  • Lisa Wolff
    Lisa Wolff 5 days ago +2

    Intros like that I will move onto the next video and skip yours. This isnt 1990.

  • White Ranger Tiger Power

    You’ll die on the cross before you leave lol hungry fans of NYC die every year shout out to bravery out there

  • Merra Farms
    Merra Farms 5 days ago


  • TheHunchy101
    TheHunchy101 5 days ago

    Anyone knows what fish was on the last video?

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 5 days ago

    5:10 When the fish go humaning.

  • Jessica's World
    Jessica's World 5 days ago

    Poor sea otter 😪

  • D Pipes
    D Pipes 5 days ago

    Explain @2:16?

  • 2002 VWet
    2002 VWet 5 days ago +12

    this video set actually shows how ignorant many people are !

  • RelentLess Enterprises
    RelentLess Enterprises 5 days ago +1

    0:41 when you out with a girl, and she finds out you're rich af

  • RelentLess Enterprises
    RelentLess Enterprises 5 days ago +36

    I don't trust alot of these clips.. there's something *fishy* about em

  • Spiny Norman 88
    Spiny Norman 88 5 days ago

    Thanks for nearly blowing out my speakers. And the logo between clips was stupid and annoying. Dislike after 35 seconds.

  • bunny !!!
    bunny !!! 5 days ago +1

    2:24 campos dos goytacazes! thats where i live! holy crap

  • Orquinis Cabreja
    Orquinis Cabreja 5 days ago

    The intro help

  • OxyGenerations
    OxyGenerations 5 days ago

    your intro is fucking cancer you adhd patient

  • Toni Bauer
    Toni Bauer 5 days ago

    Guys like the blowtorch fool shouldn’t have such dangerous toys. Gotta wonder if his house is still standing. In general, there are a bunch of men on here doing dumb crap. The one with the dog running along the shoreline was quite cool, though.

  • ÇH ÃrHâM
    ÇH ÃrHâM 5 days ago +3

    Shark eats the dog and they didn't do anything😭 very sad

  • Brummy BOY
    Brummy BOY 5 days ago

    Wtf is with that speaker blowing shit intro

  • Grey Line
    Grey Line 6 days ago

    9.20 I’m dying here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Angel Above
    Angel Above 6 days ago +19

    The intro gave me a heart attack before the shark in the video did

  • PoPanda123
    PoPanda123 6 days ago

    Please get rid of that intro. Almost gave me a heart attack

  • Sam Silberman
    Sam Silberman 6 days ago

    3:27 that was ace Ventura’s laugh

  • Ryan Torres
    Ryan Torres 6 days ago +21

    The dog that jumped out of the boat and raced it along the shore is badass!

  • njikre
    njikre 6 days ago

    fuck your intro

  • Eric Jungmann
    Eric Jungmann 6 days ago +15

    holy shit that guy was lucky AF that he killed the shark there.

  • Big Man
    Big Man 6 days ago

    1:38 real life Homer Simpson people.

  • tezy0193
    tezy0193 6 days ago

    yea fu for 0:04.. done with your vid

  • Marko Kraljevic
    Marko Kraljevic 6 days ago

    5:33 this fcking divers... leave this animals alone...

  • Kris Krug
    Kris Krug 6 days ago

    Never seen an intro that gave me aids like this one. Disgusting

  • family tud
    family tud 6 days ago

    Shark.exe has stopped 0:10

  • Yusli Adnan
    Yusli Adnan 6 days ago

    3:40 reversed?

  • Andromediens
    Andromediens 6 days ago

    1:55 fake af