Aptitude Linux Command | Stop using APT and Love Linux

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • I'm going over the Aptitude Linux command, which is the ultimate package manager and far better than using apt. Stop using APT and love your Linux install. Let me show you the way!
    Aptitude Commands (Full Article): www.christitus.com/2019/03/12/aptitude-explained/

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Comments • 202

  • Clive
    Clive 6 months ago +77

    'Stop using APT'..............sudo apt install aptitude.

    • The Niwo
      The Niwo 6 months ago +1

      well, this is the first command i run on a fresh install

    • Gek Badass
      Gek Badass 6 months ago +2


    • Steve
      Steve 6 months ago

      OH boy , to be fair that is how you install it, or you can grab the .deb and use dpkg -i .

    • Daniel Frančišković
      Daniel Frančišković 6 months ago +16

      Somewhat reminds me of the main use of IE: downloading another browser's installer.

    • Master
      Master 6 months ago +2

      LOL, nice one.

  • Yuriy Kazmirchuk
    Yuriy Kazmirchuk 23 days ago

    Thanks for the great video, Chris! More like this, please. Aptitude is of a great help for me cause it can be run on a PC without any GUI. Add to it Midnight Commander and you can do anything without any GUI.

    ÆRO ŠPECIALIST Month ago

    Thanks so much! You're the best Linux teacher!

  • Stephen Chung
    Stephen Chung Month ago

    I type aptitude n received a command not found error.. I have already installed aptitude

  • jefferyrlc
    jefferyrlc 2 months ago

    I don't use Debian/Ubuntu based distributions so this is inapplicable (I historically use Fedora, but lately been running Manjaro). But even as nice as aptitude is, it's still not as good as dnf.

  • Kent Hinson
    Kent Hinson 2 months ago

    Next episode. Stop using aptitude use pacman.

  • Rosemairi MacLeod
    Rosemairi MacLeod 2 months ago

    LOL funny thing just happened, I am running MX Linux on this computer, I went to download Aptitude and it said I already had it uploaded, I type the command 'sudo aptitude update' and sure enough it went through an update......wow! thank you Chris I love learning about Linux and you are a great teacher!

  • Bo Diddly
    Bo Diddly 3 months ago

    Thanks for this!

    I didn't know what aptitude could do so I never considered switching to it.

    What about pkcon?

  • XadaTen
    XadaTen 4 months ago

    Every package manager thinks it's the best lol

  • LedoCool1
    LedoCool1 4 months ago

    Btw instead of gedit I recommend medit. It's a fork of gedit which has a bit better functionality.

  • LedoCool1
    LedoCool1 4 months ago

    Yeah. Aptitude has better dependency resolve engine.

  • mistie710
    mistie710 5 months ago

    Nope. I tend to use zypper. But then I don't use a Debian based system, as you could guess. My short use of Mint was something of a disaster, apt and Aptitude pretty much caused my eventual move back to openSUSE where the combination of zypper, Apper and YaST2 really works well. But then I don't evangelise the use of RPM over DEB. Not worth it.

  • Argletrough Mann
    Argletrough Mann 5 months ago

    0:03 Meanwhile in a parallel universe where Luke Smith uses Debian-based distributions.

  • debeeriz
    debeeriz 5 months ago

    sudo apt install gedit is easier to type than sudo aptitude install gedit

  • TheJooomes
    TheJooomes 5 months ago

    I found that the packages "mate-desktop-environment" and "mint-meta-mate" show as broken packages, but I haven't noticed any issues. Should I just leave it?

  • Anthony Howell
    Anthony Howell 5 months ago

    *laughs in dnf*

  • richard baker
    richard baker 5 months ago

    have you tried snapd to install apps I find some software that's not available in synaptic or aptitude can be install by searching how to install in debian 9 and sudo snap install app name.

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller 5 months ago

    black cat.

  • Abhinav Kulshreshtha
    Abhinav Kulshreshtha 5 months ago +1

    Enjoyed the video, But I will stick to DNF....... :P

  • J Ryan
    J Ryan 5 months ago

    I thought it was much older than apt and essentially deprecated and unnecessary and that's why Ubuntu removed it way back. :s
    Eh, I'm on Manjaro anways and pretty much always use Pamac.

    • sagei tayato
      sagei tayato 5 months ago

      I used Pamac in the past, now its Octopi :-)

  • Bruce Richwine
    Bruce Richwine 5 months ago

    Another reason to stop using Debian and its derivatives. Arch and it’s derivatives are so superior. PPA’s suck also on Ubuntu based systems.

  • Kuroyasha512
    Kuroyasha512 5 months ago

    How about xbps & xbps-src on void linux?

  • MathCubes
    MathCubes 6 months ago +2

    By the way APT stands for "Advanced Packaging Tool"

    • debeeriz
      debeeriz 5 months ago

      what did the -get stand for

  • MathCubes
    MathCubes 6 months ago

    Ubuntu used to have it pre-installed before 10.04. I remember using it in 9.04!

  • lance eilers
    lance eilers 6 months ago

    I am laughing and crying keep them coming , once again we are reminded , that we have such a variety and choice in Linux , what a great OS ......

  • phylwx
    phylwx 6 months ago

    Nice black cat.

  • Fuseteam
    Fuseteam 6 months ago

    _watches video discovers gedit plug ins, installs it with apt_

  • space i s water
    space i s water 6 months ago

    Aptitude command is awesome thanks Chris.

  • Iron Black
    Iron Black 6 months ago

    I think this video be done better totally plastered......

  • Zhanabek Tuleshov
    Zhanabek Tuleshov 6 months ago

    Does he have an instagram page? Can you share with it? Anybody?

  • Gerry Wicklow
    Gerry Wicklow 6 months ago

    Thanks for this Chris. It's great to hear someone explain things in plain English rather than "nerd" :)

  • richard baker
    richard baker 6 months ago

    well that lady still thinks her and the pool boy are 100 percent on. Now that I got that off my chest. I love this video I'm still learning and trying to memorize and am currently looking stuff up on the web. I didn't know about aptitude until a few months ago. We need more videos like this it was very helpful and informative.

  • Renato Ferrante
    Renato Ferrante 6 months ago

    thank you! really !!!!

  • Ronit Ray
    Ronit Ray 6 months ago

    I really like the way the prompt looks on your Terminator
    any tips for how I can get mine to look like that?

  • Hex One
    Hex One 6 months ago

    I do linux.. I do ./configure -- && make && make install and I know what goes onto my machine.
    none of this windows conversion therapy...

  • Oktay Acikalin
    Oktay Acikalin 6 months ago

    You still used apt instead of aptitude? :)

  • Dave Sargent
    Dave Sargent 6 months ago

    first, I must say that I am relieved that you are not the "comedian" Chris Titus... excellent content, thank you.
    question, is there a short cut to use to fill in the whole aptitude name so it does not have to be laborious typing in the whole word?
    Yes I am lazy.

  • ped7g
    ped7g 6 months ago

    wow, I never realized aptitude can be run as command-tool (and I use aptitude for like 10 years), I always use the TUI interface to operate it...
    BTW, on Ubuntu official packages you can hit in the TUI "Shift+C" to see changelog of the package (there's surely also CLI command for that, but I don't know which ... and it does work only at some repos, like Ubuntu, but not on KDE neon repositories).

  • logan graham
    logan graham 6 months ago

    i wasn't able to find either in my repositories anyways LOL
    pacman :)
    still a good little video though , im sure people who actually can use this information will find it very informative.

  • bigpod
    bigpod 6 months ago

    apt is good and works just as good as aptitude and never had dependancy hell

  • Andrew Murrell
    Andrew Murrell 6 months ago

    Oddly enough, I just found out that Linux Mint has Aptitude already installed, just typed it and there it was. How did I not know this?

    • AtmoStorm Fr
      AtmoStorm Fr 6 months ago

      Also in Kde Neon (I'm using Kde Neon DevStable and arch KDE (I really like KDE)) !

  • Scooter30FTW
    Scooter30FTW 6 months ago

    I'm assuming this works on Debian based distros such as Ubuntu and Mint?

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 6 months ago

    XFCE is one of my favorites too

  • Arsen Musayelyan
    Arsen Musayelyan 6 months ago

    My only problem with aptitude is that it is slower.

  • Al Brundage
    Al Brundage 6 months ago

    Very helpful Chris I didn't even know this program existed. What's more it's already in Linux Mint! Is there a graphical frontend to it like Synaptic? Synaptic has always been my -reason I won't touch Arch- goto app for installs.

  • mrmasterofdiabloplay
    mrmasterofdiabloplay 6 months ago

    I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on Aptitude. I have never liked aptitude in Ubuntu, I find it causes problems when upgrading my distro to the newest version in Ubuntu (I don't stay with the LTS, I upgrade every 6 months), I know while upgrading I could switch to APT to run the initial updates then switch back but I just find it's not worth the hassle. Also I just find it's commands weird to use. If someone wants to use aptitude I'm not going to knock them for it, it's just not for me. I guess I'm just set in my ways because I've used APT for a long ass time, for what I do I find APT works just fine.

  • Khyree Holmes
    Khyree Holmes 6 months ago

    WWOOWW! APTitude was already installed but tasksel wasn't. oh, yyeeah.

  • Joe Jeycoff
    Joe Jeycoff 6 months ago

    when using apt-fast I always configure it to use aptitude...

  • Prajwal Gaonkar
    Prajwal Gaonkar 6 months ago

    Instead of using sudo every time for your package manager you should create a alias like aptitude='sudo aptitude'

    • mrmasterofdiabloplay
      mrmasterofdiabloplay 6 months ago

      or just run sudo -s and run everything as root if you are doing maintenance and you won't have to type sudo every time. This is what I do

  • Prajwal Gaonkar
    Prajwal Gaonkar 6 months ago +1

    How did you display your username/hostname in that fancy way in the terminal?

  • Steve
    Steve 6 months ago +1

    apt search , search for a package, if you have a general idea of what your looking. If you want to view details before installing it use apt show 'pkg name'. You want to make use of your tab key here also, this is how you will discover a bunch of software, on accident. If you type the first few letters of a word after apt show and then tap tab twice it will list all of the packages that you MIGHT be looking for, both installed and not installed packages. For example type apt show lib (then tap tab twice) you will get a ton of options. apt install -f will fix any broken or incomplete packages, and or dpkg --configure -a. Plus APT has Super Cow Powers ! lol , type sudo apt install cowsay -y , then cowsay 'apppppppppt' ; ) . Anyone using a 32-bit version of Debian or Ubuntu should check out the apt-fast ppa , it works faster with less output, and its a little more colorful and better for keeping logs if you like to do that sort of thing. Yes its possible to use Ubuntu ppa's in Debian in case anyone was wondering I'm not going to type out all the commands, you can get it here linuxconfig.org/install-packages-from-an-ubuntu-ppa-on-debian-linux . This is a good site when experiencing technical difficulties or curiosities.. Still a good video and a valuable alternative. OH and if you want to get rid of something and its dependencies and config files its ' sudo apt remove --purge theprogram' and it will locate everything and get rid of it. Aptitude is a shorter command and more verbose about doing the same process, its a matter of preference. Also Chris's video n using the 'find' command is great , another good one to use is 'locate' for a file or 'whereis' to find the whereabouts of a package on your system.

    C:\THE \DOS\ BOSS 6 months ago

    thanks chris for shedding some light on this : )

  • Celivalg
    Celivalg 6 months ago +1

    What if I use pacman?
    Btw I use arch

  • jezzermeii
    jezzermeii 6 months ago

    Could you also compare apt and apt-get commands? I think this would be interesting too. :)

  • jezzermeii
    jezzermeii 6 months ago

    Gosh, that does look a lot better. I guess it's similar to the difference between TOP and HTOP. Lol. Much appreciated, many thanks. :)

  • Gek Badass
    Gek Badass 6 months ago

    I still use dselect

  • Thomas Burns
    Thomas Burns 6 months ago

    This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers, so I must continue to use apt-get.

  • Serge Terryn
    Serge Terryn 6 months ago +2

    In the early days of debian, this was called dselect :)

  • ivanhoe1024
    ivanhoe1024 6 months ago

    Actually I can see at least a couple of errors in this, the first being that “full-upgrade” will not remove unused packages, but will upgrade the whole system and remove conflicting packages if needed, while safe-upgrade will upgrade only the packages without conflicts, avoiding removing anything from the system; the second problem is the “A” in the list of packages: it does not mean “half-installed”, nor it means there are problems with that package, it simply means that the package was “automatically installed”, as a dependency, and has not been explicitly requested by the user...

    • Chris Titus Tech
      Chris Titus Tech  6 months ago

      No worries, I like that you were being constructive with it. If you really want to see some hate comments check out the "Why I stopped using Windows" video. Man, some of those comments are downright savage lol.

    • ivanhoe1024
      ivanhoe1024 6 months ago

      Chris Titus Tech yeah, sorry for that, actually reading myself again my own comment made me think the same, it could seem a little rude! Again, sorry for the misunderstanding, and you please keep up the good work! Would be nice to extend this video to other package managers, a sort of comparison of pro/cons of e.g. apt, dnf, zypper, pacman... would be interesting, even if lot of work for you, probably!

    • Chris Titus Tech
      Chris Titus Tech  6 months ago

      It's always tricky to figure out the tone of comments on RU-clip so I just try to answer as plainly as possible. I appreciate the comment regardless!

    • ivanhoe1024
      ivanhoe1024 6 months ago

      Chris Titus Tech sorry, didn’t mean to play “who is right and who is not”, maybe I expressed myself in a wrong way... anyway, nice videos, thanks for your time

  • Missatry
    Missatry 6 months ago +4

    Hey chris for somereason the 99% of the distro i install always give me a bug in somepoint and make a app unable to uninstall, i nearly give up on linux, but suddenly someone recommend me linux mint and at this point zero bugs so far soo im happy and thx to god i dont go back to windows (or hacknistosh)