Casually Explained: Is She Into You?

  • Published on Mar 29, 2016
  • Based on a true story. Dedicated to Jimmy. Unrelated.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • mark wilson
    mark wilson 2 hours ago

    Why does my guy have a gallon of 2% milk at the gym

  • Ultra
    Ultra 6 hours ago +1

    I only came here because of the thumbnail

    And the comments

  • 03Venture
    03Venture 9 hours ago


  • ratsface
    ratsface 10 hours ago


  • A Duck
    A Duck 12 hours ago

    A girl walks up to you and grabs your dick and strokes it
    Is this a good sign?

    Well you cant really tell since she might just need something very small to hold on too.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 15 hours ago

    "Then she says she's into you, is she into you?"
    "You can't really tell"

  • Stormy
    Stormy 16 hours ago


  • Elliotttheneko UwU
    Elliotttheneko UwU 16 hours ago

    I knew this was a joke video. WHY DIDI I CLICK ON IT

  • okay
    okay 19 hours ago


  • Jovany mutant
    Jovany mutant Day ago

    I draw better and im only 9 years old

  • Solo nico.
    Solo nico. Day ago

    Easy; no

  • bob roger
    bob roger Day ago +1

    *Sucks the soul out of you*
    Is she in to you?
    c) Can't tell

  • Ben Hutchison
    Ben Hutchison 2 days ago

    Who else is here before 10mil?

  • elll93
    elll93 2 days ago

    Sex better than Wall-E? Monsters.

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 2 days ago

    I can't tell

  • Iam Observer
    Iam Observer 2 days ago


  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 3 days ago

    She literally gets her dick inside your a-
    *THEN AGAIN, you probably can't tell in this situation*

  • Luca Van Maare
    Luca Van Maare 3 days ago

    You guys have grown up children till your a senior
    Is she in to you

    Again you can't tell

  • pootis s
    pootis s 4 days ago


  • no no
    no no 4 days ago

    @2:00 Blasphemy. There IS nothing better than watching Wall-E. If she says this, she is a demon and you should exercise great care! ...and maybe bring Holy Water.

  • Brianna Casa
    Brianna Casa 5 days ago

    You dumb you so very dumb

  • Ki Adi Mundi
    Ki Adi Mundi 5 days ago

    Ofcourse she is not into you in the last one
    You are into her

  • usuario normal
    usuario normal 5 days ago +1

    if she breathes shes a *THOT*

  • coltrane golden
    coltrane golden 5 days ago

    One of the more factual videos on this platform

  • Riven Anneslay
    Riven Anneslay 5 days ago

    Is youtube recommending me to watch this video?
    I can't really tell

  • CASH_ 4564
    CASH_ 4564 5 days ago

    Dude it was like you didn't explained anything at all !

  • Donke
    Donke 6 days ago

    What if you two are married and have children? Again you really can’t tell

  • Grim Stride
    Grim Stride 7 days ago

    This is 100% me

  • Bijan Izadi
    Bijan Izadi 7 days ago +1

    C. Cant tell

  • IgnitedFire
    IgnitedFire 8 days ago

    Let's get it to 10M BOISSS

  • Imperium
    Imperium 8 days ago

    Short answer:

  • Michele e i Rettili
    Michele e i Rettili 8 days ago

    Awesome video ahahahhaja

  • Knarf Nil
    Knarf Nil 9 days ago


  • Kevin Swinson
    Kevin Swinson 9 days ago

    Me but unironically

    NOAH BERG 10 days ago

    Cutie mcbootie is Alexis Texas lmao nice

  • SemicedevineMusic
    SemicedevineMusic 10 days ago

    I heard that slight chuckle as he was trying to say that line as blank as possible lul 2:13

  • RubenT Boosted
    RubenT Boosted 10 days ago

    This reminds me of a video from Pianta

  • Banbo
    Banbo 10 days ago +1

    Yall have likes i dont

  • Sprezza tura
    Sprezza tura 10 days ago +1

    to be fair you need a written contract nowadays signed in blood

  • Rich Mahogany
    Rich Mahogany 10 days ago

    Ay whats wrong with the elliptical?

  • Devyn Ermold
    Devyn Ermold 11 days ago


  • Semmelein
    Semmelein 11 days ago

    I loled so hard. This is genius!

  • ßąnshee
    ßąnshee 11 days ago

    Pianta gang

  • Emma Brecheisen
    Emma Brecheisen 12 days ago


  • William Batman
    William Batman 12 days ago

    Pianta copied this

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 12 days ago

    Im here just for pianta

  • 『 』
    『 』 12 days ago

    So is nobody gonna talk about pianta's new video? No? Okay.

  • Smalex1991
    Smalex1991 12 days ago +4

    You go on a few dates and she says she’s really into you..
    C) And again, you can’t really tell - she could be talking about some Asian guy named Yu

  • Blade
    Blade 12 days ago


  • CrystallDMM
    CrystallDMM 13 days ago

    Came here after watching a pianta vid

  • Dino Kea
    Dino Kea 13 days ago

    She's just proposed to you, is she into you?
    A) Yes
    B) No
    C) Can't Tell
    C) Can't Tell
    Yeah, you can't be too certain here. She could just be under a lot of pressure to get married to something. Not really enough evidence to prove that she is into you.

  • F. Zero
    F. Zero 13 days ago

    Shit the girls in Canada take politeness hella serious

  • Echo Rebound
    Echo Rebound 13 days ago

    Now, you’re happily married with 3 kids and a home. She tells you how much she loves you each day.
    C) can’t tell

  • david parker
    david parker 13 days ago

    I didnt know tenmo plays real life

  • lorrainerudio
    lorrainerudio 13 days ago +1

    came here after pianta’s video lol

  • AidyPlays
    AidyPlays 13 days ago

    Hey! You copied Pianta!

  • josh treola
    josh treola 13 days ago

    Pianta sent me here

  • YoonaPlayZ
    YoonaPlayZ 13 days ago +1

    Pianta = gay

  • Mega_Legend_Gaming
    Mega_Legend_Gaming 13 days ago

    Im here from pianta

  • That Guy
    That Guy 13 days ago +1


  • jaime reynoso
    jaime reynoso 13 days ago +4

    Here from Pianta

  • Cheva
    Cheva 13 days ago +3

    She looks at you and says "I'm into you"
    Can't tell

  • Odpornej Žalud
    Odpornej Žalud 13 days ago +16

    Who is here after watching Pianta video?

  • Mzan 5
    Mzan 5 13 days ago

    Alt yazıyı kim yaptı epehhehehheeheheheh

  • Rodrigo Fernández
    Rodrigo Fernández 13 days ago +3


  • Justin S
    Justin S 13 days ago +14

    Who here is from Pinata?

  • creeperboy minecraft
    creeperboy minecraft 13 days ago +4

    PIANTA!!! Is she into you???

    • Dreamx
      Dreamx 13 days ago

      Pianta: Can’t tell

  • Pine
    Pine 13 days ago +4

    Here from pianta

  • C M
    C M 14 days ago

    This video is so unexpected 😂

  • Aleata Vanstone
    Aleata Vanstone 14 days ago

    There was this guy I really liked that I worked with. He showed me this video.. I couldn’t stop laughing. Long story short I think we were both two shy to make an actual move 😂 now every video I see from casually explained reminds me of him 😂

  • Tankado
    Tankado 14 days ago

    you can't tell

    SURAJ KUMAR 14 days ago


  • Maverickmain
    Maverickmain 14 days ago

    Man you too damn funny

  • Patrick Huber
    Patrick Huber 14 days ago

    You can't be sure as a guy nowadays. But really u can't tell

    pULPYoRANGEjUICE 15 days ago +1

    Hint Hint: If you're watching this, then she most likely isn't into you

  • Shaker
    Shaker 15 days ago +1

    "Meybe she is from Canada and just being polite "

  • Thot Slayer #TheSupremeGentleman

    Daily reminder you don’t know if these bitches are into you 💯💯💯💯

  • Justin F.
    Justin F. 16 days ago

    She has sex with you. (With the light on)
    Is she into you?
    Can't tell might've accidentally took off her clothes, and slipped right onto your dick by accident.

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6 16 days ago

    Nothing is better than watching wall e

  • taras kreslavsky
    taras kreslavsky 16 days ago

    *you can't tell*

  • Catzilla X
    Catzilla X 16 days ago

    :D ?

  • Don Bongo
    Don Bongo 16 days ago

    She looks you in your eyes, says she loves you. Has sex with you, becomes girlfried, gets married.
    Raises kids with you and lives out her life next to you, telling you that she loves you every day until death. Is she into you?
    C) can’t tell

  • Don Bongo
    Don Bongo 16 days ago

    Goddamn it

  • youraverageblackboy
    youraverageblackboy 17 days ago

    why do the comments have so many likes

  • Angry Fish
    Angry Fish 17 days ago

    Guess im moving to Canada then...

  • RaPZaD
    RaPZaD 17 days ago

    This comment section is amazing

  • GamingButNotReally
    GamingButNotReally 17 days ago

    I thought this was serious until the third example. Good stuff bro

  • Double1971
    Double1971 18 days ago

    I didn’t realize it was a trool until the last one 😂 I’m stupid 😜

  • 1345 1999
    1345 1999 18 days ago +1

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha xD

  • marinecor23
    marinecor23 18 days ago

    If you think this question can be answered by a 2.5 minute video. You're dumb.

  • Zes Jerome
    Zes Jerome 18 days ago

    no such thing as intox or not, gx doens't matter

  • Sain im
    Sain im 19 days ago +1

    fuck you dude😂

    MICHAEL HOLYFIELD 19 days ago +1

    2:04 *_Dims the lights_*
    (Turns lights off)

  • NAT
    NAT 19 days ago


  • Phils MGB
    Phils MGB 19 days ago

    You've been married for 17 years and have three children together. Is she into you? Well, you really can't tell.................

  • Just a guy who likes to comment

    "Hey I love you really much and Im hoping you feel the same."
    Does she like you?
    *Can't tell*

  • Kallissa Furtado
    Kallissa Furtado 20 days ago +1

    I didn’t get this was a joke until the last two🤣🤣

  • Bladed Angel
    Bladed Angel 20 days ago +6

    You've spent your entire life together, are married, have 10 children, and are holding hands giving eye contact to each other while on your death beds, reminiscing about the past.

    Yeah again, you really can't tell with this one...

  • Progress
    Progress 20 days ago

    She is married to you and tomorrow is your 5th year anniversary, but again you can’t tell if she’s into you.

  • jliljj
    jliljj 20 days ago