Apple's 2019 Mac Pro Uncasing and First Impressions & Cheese Grating - LIVE

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Join us as we open up and give you our first impressions of Apple’s brand new Mac Pro LIVE. This $6000 machine is the first modular Apple computer in a long time, and we can’t wait to see just how it’s put together!
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  • pukpukpuk
    pukpukpuk 2 days ago

    A weak attempt on being funny.

  • pukpukpuk
    pukpukpuk 2 days ago

    10:37 Seriously?? "this is a little.....we did not expect that from apple" ??? This "review" makes no sense at all................Reviewing a plastic cover?? You might just as well have said: Why doesn't this color match my socks?? OK I'm done.

  • pukpukpuk
    pukpukpuk 2 days ago

    And the fun in grating cheese is?????

  • Илья Пряничников

    Эх тупые бабы... купили крутой комп, а используют как привыкли

  • Hive copied Mind
    Hive copied Mind 6 days ago

    you could just make a Pc yourself it's so much cheaper and then if you need Ios you just salvage an old mac

  • Hive copied Mind
    Hive copied Mind 6 days ago

    making everything is nothing good it overheats faster

  • nipi tiri
    nipi tiri 7 days ago

    When are cheese grate manufacturers going to sue Apple for stealing their design?

  • Afonso Cardoso
    Afonso Cardoso 8 days ago

    faz outro teste ae

  • Evan He
    Evan He 12 days ago

    Is it just me or there no sound

  • タイタージョン
    タイタージョン 13 days ago


  • Willem Neuefeind Lessig

    When your logo just sits there for 15 seconds

  • SpaxeFN
    SpaxeFN 13 days ago

    Apple's cheese grater 12k dollars my chese grater 5 dollars

  • Gr3en
    Gr3en 14 days ago

    This is shit pc i can make epic gaming pc using only 1000$

  • Gregory Moreno
    Gregory Moreno 17 days ago

    They should have refilmed or edited out the no audio segment. I mean I know they recorded it live but they should have done something for the uploaded RU-clip video

  • R Graham
    R Graham 17 days ago

    Should edit this video because I bet most people moved on without watching

  • R Graham
    R Graham 17 days ago

    Why no sound?

  • Mick Cozad
    Mick Cozad 17 days ago

    Blabla. Create content!

  • Enzo Carrara
    Enzo Carrara 18 days ago

    2 girls 1 macbook pro

  • Joe Jia
    Joe Jia 20 days ago


  • Lex Sal
    Lex Sal 21 day ago

    Holy cow the girl in the red is hott

  • Marcus Barras
    Marcus Barras 22 days ago

    what happened to the sound

    NETCOM DE MEXICO,S.C. 22 days ago

    Hi Girls

  • Sanctus Archangelis
    Sanctus Archangelis 23 days ago

    E a Apple arrecadando KKK dos otários e babacas kkkk é o fim mesmo.....Pois é ....mas vai fala isso com os idiotas de plantão e maioria por isso as empresas ficam ricas...essa Apple belo exemplo de como provar a existência de idiotas e babacas no mundo!

  • Серик Баймолдин

    Where's sound?..

  • ** sub
    ** sub 26 days ago


  • 暇人です
    暇人です 26 days ago +1


  • ゆうちゃん
    ゆうちゃん 26 days ago

  • With Dolce
    With Dolce 26 days ago


  • Ray Song
    Ray Song 27 days ago

    this for me is probably the worst iFixit video since I ever knew iFixit

  • ・ボボボイ
    ・ボボボイ 27 days ago +1


  • M N
    M N 27 days ago

    A Japanese RU-clipr named Koji Seto was grating Japanese radish with it.
    The text was translated by Google Translate.

  • Mam ____
    Mam ____ 27 days ago


  • Salvere442
    Salvere442 27 days ago +1


  • SCP-173【共産趣味者】


  • BeansClubCEO
    BeansClubCEO 27 days ago

    Please take a look at this video. There are no English subtitles ... Mackerel and radish are a popular combination in Japan. :-)

  • 伊達うさぎ
    伊達うさぎ 27 days ago +5


  • ミヤ/ Miya-chan/フェアリーテイル


  • yu RF
    yu RF 28 days ago +4


  • オダギリ
    オダギリ 28 days ago +2

    From Koji seto.

  • otuzak arah
    otuzak arah 28 days ago +13


  • めんたいこ
    めんたいこ 28 days ago

    In a Japanese video, there is a youtuber doing shaving radishes on Mac pro. I want you to see it!

  • あーぬたらぁ
    あーぬたらぁ 28 days ago +1

    seto koji daikon

  • ああ
    ああ 28 days ago

    Japanese RU-clipr!!!!

  • ニワちゃん
    ニワちゃん 28 days ago +10


  • ニートちゃん
    ニートちゃん 28 days ago +5


  • ベルファミリア
    ベルファミリア 28 days ago +41


  • アトラス
    アトラス 28 days ago +12


  • taku taku サブ
    taku taku サブ 28 days ago +3

    Koji Seto karakita

  • sz sz
    sz sz 28 days ago +34

    From Japanese RU-clipr『Koji Seto』

  • くちびる。
    くちびる。 28 days ago +21


  • 地球
    地球 28 days ago +3


  • DrSmith
    DrSmith 28 days ago +9


  • こば〜ん
    こば〜ん 28 days ago +1


  • サカナ_
    サカナ_ 28 days ago +15


  • 杏仁豆腐
    杏仁豆腐 28 days ago


  • 173 -
    173 - 28 days ago +8


  • ガチレモン
    ガチレモン 28 days ago +58


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  • oinari _1223
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  • HIRO
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