Celebrities Surprising Fans ❤️ 2019 | Part 1

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • Celebrities Surprising Fans ❤️ 2019 Part 1
    Here are the best celebrity surprises to fans!
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    This video features artists like: Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Cameron Diaz, Dj Khaled, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and more!
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  • Celebrity Compilations
    Celebrity Compilations  4 months ago +7247

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    • Addicted to sex
      Addicted to sex 8 hours ago

      Celebrity Compilations thanks for having me:)

    • Lehlogonolo Mashego
      Lehlogonolo Mashego 22 hours ago

      I love Ariana Grandea and you are so beautiful and I love you😍😍😍😍😍😎😝😜

    • Lehlogonolo Mashego
      Lehlogonolo Mashego 22 hours ago

      Ariana Grande I her and she is so beautiful and i love you 😍😍😍😍😛😜😝

    • Jucelle R.
      Jucelle R. Day ago

      backstreet boys!!💕🤩

  • Ethiopian Israel
    Ethiopian Israel 5 hours ago

    Am not famous and how can I get such reaction from ppl ? Hummm the only way is i have to go back home and the ppl missed me will ... omg 😅

  • Majd Alsaeigh
    Majd Alsaeigh 5 hours ago

    Wtf is that creature?!! 8:24

  • Taylor Lecavalier
    Taylor Lecavalier 6 hours ago

    Moochelle Obama, get the fuck out of this video, you’re no celebrity, you’re a disgrace, did anybody care less about the American people than moochelle Obama?

  • James Marcos
    James Marcos 6 hours ago

    Fan:u dont look like dj
    Dj khaled:*Takes off Hat with Glasses
    ME:Fan I think not

  • Faiz Caxos
    Faiz Caxos 6 hours ago


    No no no no no no

  • Roma Khan Afridi امين آپريدے

    Subscribe the channel

  • KatIsGaming
    KatIsGaming 8 hours ago

    Bruh like HOW can YOU not NOTICE that is DJ KHALID , it's like SOOOO OBVIOUS 😆

  • Julia phone naing
    Julia phone naing 9 hours ago

    6:38 and 6:46 r they the same person???

  • Julia phone naing
    Julia phone naing 9 hours ago

    6:31 was......... WTF

  • yu Nick
    yu Nick 10 hours ago +1

    7:55 my caption says “well condom forever” 🤤

  • Pinkypink Girl1998
    Pinkypink Girl1998 15 hours ago

    It always makes my day seeing videos like these. 😁

  • DaveSwayer
    DaveSwayer 16 hours ago

    Some of these americans must be so dumb in real life!

  • Katy Cathrine
    Katy Cathrine 16 hours ago

    Its wierd how emotional people get about oth people!

  • cloggedbilly
    cloggedbilly 17 hours ago

    am i the only one but the girls in the car activated my siri

  • Moon Glade
    Moon Glade 17 hours ago

    What the fuck?! Why are people freaking out about meeting DJ Khaled? LOL... I'd be like, "Oh hey fat fuck."

  • Zoey L
    Zoey L 18 hours ago

    I would pass out if I ever met Daniel Radcliff😂😂😂

  • Conjurer GD
    Conjurer GD 19 hours ago

    10:14 where you lookin buddy 😂

  • Dippout
    Dippout 19 hours ago

    So fun thanks

  • Chen Lí
    Chen Lí 19 hours ago

    Paul McCarthy 💞💞💞 damn

  • This Izit
    This Izit 20 hours ago

    Whas it really great? I don't think the first was great but good luck for the girl practice makes perfect.

  • JD
    JD 20 hours ago

    06:30 imagine genders reversed

    WILL HARDAWAY 21 hour ago

    at 6:36 he just looked ar but what the crap and 9:06

  • SyFer
    SyFer 21 hour ago

    No one in the gaming community knows who the fuck dj khaled is

  • maryam syed
    maryam syed 21 hour ago

    i wish :C

  • AND 1
    AND 1 21 hour ago

    How tf they ain’t kno it was do Khalid

  • Niko Riima
    Niko Riima 22 hours ago

    I was feeling frustrated but after watching this im all smiles

  • Omkar Pulekar
    Omkar Pulekar 23 hours ago

    what is the song playing when Chance The Rapper comes out of the car??

  • Jacquise Sheppard
    Jacquise Sheppard Day ago +1

    Kim short asl. That kid was the same height as her.😭

  • crazy_people_like _me

    I love how awkward Daniel Radcliffe is. 😂😂

  • THunDeR Vikram
    THunDeR Vikram Day ago

    Dj Khalid wearing sunglasses is Fkng dj khaled...I mean that's how he dresses up as normally

  • Chloe May
    Chloe May Day ago

    ok Rubin was the cutest meeting Kim that HUG and the little "kim" made my heart melt

  • J A N A E *
    J A N A E * Day ago

    6:04 i would be so embarrassed because he would think that im creepy

  • Tina Phillip
    Tina Phillip Day ago

    If I got five dollars from all the "oh my god" in this clip I wouldn't work another day.

  • Molly Elizabeth
    Molly Elizabeth Day ago

    *Quietly* “I’m gonna faint”
    Kim: “don’t faint”
    The boy: “ okay !” 😂😂

  • Sandile Ngwenya
    Sandile Ngwenya Day ago

    9:08 She's obviously terrified of Wizards

  • Sonia
    Sonia Day ago

    Alright Alright only thing DJ khaled had on was sunglasses, how did you not SPOT it was him ?!

  • my name is name my

    Normal people: You've been pranked!
    Daniel Radcliffe: This was a designed act of deception.

  • Riyon Liyanage
    Riyon Liyanage Day ago

    There was a gay boyyy

  • Jeremy Pascal
    Jeremy Pascal Day ago +1

    Would be awkward if RDJ would walk in and surprise me jerking off into an iron man helmet. *crosses fingers* hope that's never gonna happen

  • /\/\EISTA
    /\/\EISTA Day ago

    I don't know who any of these people are...

  • John Alfred Melindo

    Sana all nameet c Ariana Grande :

  • Petr L
    Petr L Day ago +1

    So... no one's gonna talk about the guy on the right at 10:13
    secretly looking at that woman's boobs next to him. 🤔

    HOT SHOT Day ago +1

    5:12 The KinG has swag damn

  • Hanna Oumarkatar

    I can't stop smiling

  • DaUnstabledSeal
    DaUnstabledSeal Day ago +2

    I want to see Billie eilish...


  • harry harry
    harry harry Day ago

    3:43 dr phil???

  • user 3145
    user 3145 Day ago +2

    People always talk to god when they have good sex or meeting celebrities.
    Like there must be a connection we are missing

  • IGhostyyyy
    IGhostyyyy Day ago

    Kim's ass be as fake as the rest of the guys in my squad having girlfriends 😂

  • Mariam Assad
    Mariam Assad Day ago

    9:10 XDDDD

  • StanleySimmons REACTIONS

    6:30 Let a dude do that to a women and they'll be all over the news in the new #MeToo scandal

    • Little Leah
      Little Leah Day ago

      StanleySimmons REACTIONS ... that is were a woman's private is... you know it's different lol you man are salty af because woman have rights for something men don't,it rarely happens anyways cuz woman aren't pervs🙄

  • ItsJellyPie
    ItsJellyPie Day ago

    The girl with Taylor lautner is way out of order she rubs his abs yet if a guy rubbed her tits she would start screaming rape or something

  • TriggeredPotato _

    1:37 i cant stop replying this part xDD
    the girl who miley surprised was like "WTF BIATCH?"

  • TriggeredPotato _

    0:38 the girl was like
    *"r U kidding me hahaa"*
    *makes :O face*
    *Get mE OuT OF This ChaiR*
    *Hits the seat dramatically*

  • Tyara Oliver
    Tyara Oliver Day ago

    Idk who half of these people are but u love seeing people happy

  • Patti Murphy
    Patti Murphy Day ago

    They are not Celebrity..but Satanist!

  • James Leah
    James Leah Day ago +1

    I put subtitles on and when they said wakanda forever it came up with condom foreever😂😂😂

  • Madison Herrington

    I wanna meet Harry Potter

  • Jillian Groulx
    Jillian Groulx Day ago

    I'm so glad none of these were me. I would just start sobbing and embarrass myself. I saw James Van Der Beek on a cruise ship and literally just ran away.

  • Marcelo BRUK
    Marcelo BRUK Day ago

    8:42 that was the best one hahahaha