how is Riverdale still on tv...

  • Riverdale Season 4 reaction
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    how is Riverdale a real show
    Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...
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    Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...
    Victorious was kinda dumb...
    YOU is a weird show...
    Anne with an E is pretty great

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Comments • 80

  • Love 5386
    Love 5386 2 days ago

    This is why I only watch comedy tv shows

  • The Love Hog
    The Love Hog 2 days ago

    People are wondering how Riverdale is still on TV, but believe it or not the show actually still gets pretty good ratings. And then there's also the fact that It's on The CW, which hardly ever cancels anything.

  • zwski
    zwski 2 days ago

    What I don't get is how Charles said he also had the "serial killer" genes, like Betty does. But didn't Betty get hers from her Dad, who is not the same as Charle's Dad...

  • Laura Wang
    Laura Wang 2 days ago

    8:18 i cannot stop laughing

  • Sausige17
    Sausige17 4 days ago

    Why did he jump out the window???

  • Maggie Wen
    Maggie Wen 4 days ago +1

    Even the teacher couldn’t handle Riverdale anymore

  • SunnysFilms
    SunnysFilms 4 days ago

    Jughead: *reads a line that sounds like the closing line of a Hardy Boys mystery*
    Teacher: Yeah, you're so good congrats you win contracttttt new ghostwriter

  • Jarl Hague
    Jarl Hague 10 days ago +2

    Hearing about the “plot” of this show makes me want to give myself a lobotomy

  • Pug Love
    Pug Love 13 days ago +2

    I’m sorry jug head
    Proceeds to yeet himself out a window

  • Girlfriend
    Girlfriend 13 days ago

    Pleeeeeease do a video about Disney's Stargirl. Please Please Please.

  • Addison Black
    Addison Black 14 days ago +1

    First Season:OMG this is great and binge worthy!
    Second season:Ooh that’s cool!
    Third Season:hUh?!
    Fourth Season: Why do I even bother?😞😪🤷🏼‍♀️

  • No, Ma'am
    No, Ma'am 15 days ago

    5:09 what is the thing she found??

  • Ni Vortex
    Ni Vortex 17 days ago

    I can't stop laughing at the guy who jumped out the window

  • MJ Caboose
    MJ Caboose 19 days ago

    Jughead’s teacher is Darth Maul

  • Charles Chungus
    Charles Chungus 19 days ago

    Oh My Christ Riverdale, you destroy Alice! The one Parent in Riverdale who actually had brain cells to work with

  • Madelyn
    Madelyn 19 days ago

    I honestly hope this show has at least 10 seasons. It's so absurd, I can't get enough.

  • GIOReEpnO
    GIOReEpnO 20 days ago

    wtf is the devils tango???

  • Sans
    Sans 21 day ago +3

    1.33: my grades

  • Caramel Cotton
    Caramel Cotton 21 day ago

    I choke on my chocolate cake

  • Hamster Lord
    Hamster Lord 22 days ago

    Why is nobody?...He created and sang a song of criticism about Riverdale.

  • Rachel is SWAG
    Rachel is SWAG 22 days ago

    The funniest thing is no one hates riverdale more than lilli reinhart

  • Kathy Bibang
    Kathy Bibang 22 days ago

    I stopped watching Riverdale in first part of season 3, It should’ve ended in the first season🙄

  • ariel armstrong
    ariel armstrong 22 days ago

    this is by far the funniest video ive ever seen

  • Suçons
    Suçons 23 days ago

    Wait so veronica gets off on her dads neglect?

  • Natalia Madison
    Natalia Madison 23 days ago

    Cheryl's arc is ridiculous and it makes no sense, but it is surprisingly well-acted

  • Natalia Madison
    Natalia Madison 23 days ago

    Pop tate over here by himself 😂 oh my god he said the truth lmao

  • rafick jarjous
    rafick jarjous 24 days ago

    i dont have to watch the show if i watch your videos! 200000 iq , you perfectly explain everything in a very funny way which is why we all love ya !

  • Nicaninja
    Nicaninja 25 days ago

    6:35 I think i died

  • GN Rashu
    GN Rashu 25 days ago

    I bet Jughead's "death" is faked to get him out of the Secret Cult thing, but my knowledge of Riverdale is literally limited to your videos, so I could be wrong

  • Elisa Renggli
    Elisa Renggli 25 days ago

    y’all remember when river dale was about jason

  • fagout100
    fagout100 25 days ago

    Alex. you better hope they don't cancel RiverDale is your bread and bnutter.

  • Edward Gil
    Edward Gil 26 days ago

    Y'know... I hate that Jughead and Betty got together in the first place. But I respect the show for sticking with it and not doing any on-and-off, will-they-won't-they crap.

  • Lord Tubbington
    Lord Tubbington 27 days ago

    Ok. I haven’t actually seen s4 yet, but didn’t go say that his dad dies or something in the midnight club episode?

  • Nerd And Geek
    Nerd And Geek 27 days ago

    Uncle. The word you are looking for, it's UNCLE

  • Yamato no Ryuujin
    Yamato no Ryuujin 27 days ago

    Why couldn’t Cole just play Archie I mean they already gave Archie’s detective story to freakin Jughead I feel like these Writers really just want to screw with the original Comic.

    JD EXPERT 28 days ago

    You should start doing CW The Flash.

  • 1496blake
    1496blake 28 days ago

    5:08 😂😂😂

  • •Strawbuwu•
    •Strawbuwu• 28 days ago

    Is it wrong to like this show...

  • Fer Cárdenas
    Fer Cárdenas 29 days ago

    You should see a series called 'This Is Us'. Soooo good, deep, life-problem-solving, time travelling, blowning-mind scenes and super good storyline.

  • noah thewright
    noah thewright Month ago

    Why does river sale remind me so much of Harry Potter

  • Bailey Blank
    Bailey Blank Month ago +1

    The first season of Riverdale was good but then it just got really bad. I don't watch it anymore.

  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez Month ago

    What was that item that bettys mom found?

  • Jackie Gacha
    Jackie Gacha Month ago


  • Debosmita Pal
    Debosmita Pal Month ago

    I don't watch Riverdale bt seriously at this point I thot Alex would have been immune to all the non sense.. I mean I am...

  • Cw fany SHOWS Edits

    Because it's has good ratings and haves over million people watching that's why

  • Project 2501
    Project 2501 Month ago

    With the first episode of Riverdale season two I couldn't take the stupidity anymore. Shit show.

  • It’s a me Mario
    It’s a me Mario Month ago

    1:33 ~ Well, huh.

  • Winter Rhino
    Winter Rhino Month ago

    Yeah I stopped after season 2. I could not keep up with it. Plot was boring.

  • Nik Tri
    Nik Tri Month ago

    Riverdale makes absolutely no sense and everything that can possibly happen to these characters will happen to these characters.
    ....And then there's Cheryl.

  • E W
    E W Month ago

    Alex! Please if you could make the 'Hurrrk' animation (just when jugg n betty say I missed you) into a shirt print? Me lub u lon time and I buy your merch. I make this noise and face everyday would be great to have a shirt to say it for me.

  • nab 6215
    nab 6215 Month ago

    I loved it when you left the world. Riverdale is from outer space.

  • Alan Tran
    Alan Tran Month ago

    I have a theory... The Riverdale world is going to shit because Sabrina is upsetting the balance of the world by becoming the queen of hell 🧐

  • sirmontyrock
    sirmontyrock Month ago

    Yeah, Riverdale is going downhill.

  • Blacksnowlilly101
    Blacksnowlilly101 Month ago

    I actually watched the 1st - 3rd seasons of Riverdale then watched this series but I faceplant just watching clips so...

    YOLO I'm gonna just watch this XD

  • gyeomiebearjohnny
    gyeomiebearjohnny Month ago +1

    what's with the obsession with incest?

  • gyeomiebearjohnny
    gyeomiebearjohnny Month ago

    even teen wolf wasn't this confusing and weird

  • some random girl
    some random girl Month ago

    no one:
    veronca: dada *-*

  • jose fernandez
    jose fernandez Month ago

    Bc it deserves to be.......

    EBRAHIM Month ago

    dude we all know this is the dumbest show ever made!!!!
    i mean really how is it going on really .... i mean what's wrong w the casts really
    R3d !!!! 16 yr old fucking superhero....piece of shit!!!!
    16 yr old running a fucking bar....
    it's just unspeakable.
    btw dude still u r really kind n soft on em

  • Gabby Wardlaw
    Gabby Wardlaw Month ago

    i loaf riverdale

  • Moon Wolfet
    Moon Wolfet Month ago

    This show gives me the vibes of Joanna Ceddia’s aunt’s brother’s pet snake’s babysitter’s 5th cousin’s little sister-in-law’s pet ant’s babysitter’s t-shirt’s Pop Tarts box.

  • Crazy_girl
    Crazy_girl Month ago

    Me: watches Video
    Also me: .... how does my sister like this show !!

  • Draq Nova
    Draq Nova Month ago

    They dragged poor Sam Witwer into this didn’t they

  • thepunocalypse
    thepunocalypse Month ago

    Everyone: "Where is this plot going?"
    Writers: 1:32

  • erin the egg
    erin the egg Month ago

    why do we even watch it anymore

  • PaulBeen
    PaulBeen Month ago

    That "STOOOOP" is perfect, Alex

  • The.Salty.Sarlacc
    The.Salty.Sarlacc Month ago

    Is this show an anime?

  • Trace C.
    Trace C. Month ago

    I feel sorry for everyone who watches Riverdale, especially Alex. 😂😂😂😂

  • Diseased Whale
    Diseased Whale Month ago +1


  • Alex Alvarez-Milch
    Alex Alvarez-Milch Month ago

    6:54 STOP!

  • broodingveil 803
    broodingveil 803 Month ago

    I'm glad I stopped at the Jughead episode and when Cheryl found out she had another brother phewww.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +2

    That "wut" from planet Earth 😂😂😂

  • Ashleigh Rudd
    Ashleigh Rudd Month ago


  • Danni Katherine
    Danni Katherine Month ago

    Tbh, if your watching this show for anything other than to see what more crazy they can put in a season, then you're clearly watching Riverdale wrong!

  • Omega XD
    Omega XD Month ago +4

    Riverdale Producers: People HATE the show. WHAT SHOULD WE DO??
    Random dude: We could get Dylan
    Riverdale Producers: GOOD IDEA

  • De tv kantine Fragmenten


  • txlix _
    txlix _ Month ago +4


  • txlix _
    txlix _ Month ago +1

    the fact that alex’s “crazy prediction jokes” for riverdale actually make sense at this point is just

  • Dex Dizznee
    Dex Dizznee Month ago

    Pop Tate: Am I a joke 2 u?

  • Hugh Fraser
    Hugh Fraser Month ago

    Didn't realize that Riverdale was located in Alabama