Lineage 2 Classic Club - Myrciu PvP #4

  • Published on May 3, 2017
  • Server: Classic Club
    Clan: Night Stalkers

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  • Myrtan119
    Myrtan119  10 months ago +1

    To all complaining about glad's range stun. In latest Classic patches armors are getting stun resistances 30-50% etc. Glad's stun is rly rare then, and glad automatically becomes one of the weakest dd class because with armors giving stun resisances, resist shock, epics etc. stun chance is very low and also glad has very low mp pool so ppl prefer tyrants over glads in parties. Fear is the worst thing classic can have, it lands almost 100% and has very short reuse time on a necro, DA, when necro can kill any glad with few hits if stun don't land because of fearlock. All people that complaining are probably from oldschool L2 times when debuffs were not as effective as in this new classic version. Here all depends on debuffs, and basically always the one who debuff first is the winner. This is how that version of L2 works. Anyway, thank you for all the upvotes also the downvotes. I never imagined that any of my video will get as popular as this one is now. Looking forward to upload a new video so everyone can enjoy or hate. I don't care, criticism is always welcomesd as long as it is written politely. Thanks for all feedback, you guys are great!

    • Mei Nishi
      Mei Nishi 9 months ago

      Mam to w polecanych z nikąd XD

  • Nicolas Acosta
    Nicolas Acosta Month ago

    Tenho saudade d ese jogo, poha :(

  • InHuman
    InHuman 4 months ago

    Noob glad on noob private server

  • Aris Aris
    Aris Aris 4 months ago

    stan nood with the polearm no skill faking bug all noods players play with bug for win.low noods ppl

  • Pedro Barros
    Pedro Barros 5 months ago

    Lol best vídeo ever

  • CrisReis22
    CrisReis22 5 months ago

    Good video, too bad they nerfed glad.

  • Hola L
    Hola L 6 months ago

    y el link del juego?

  • Kleber Dutra
    Kleber Dutra 6 months ago

    nice bro ! Pro duelist

  • Эдуард Самошкин

    что за бред?у глада не станит этот скилл имба конченная

  • Jehiel Cipolat
    Jehiel Cipolat 10 months ago

    sos re hacker arruinas el juego

  • luis cabrera
    luis cabrera 10 months ago

    Todos los latinos se quejan de que el gladiador tiene stun y ellos seguro vienen de un Server de puros magos y arqueros

  • Sam Winchester
    Sam Winchester 10 months ago +2

    a warlord almost made you die vs mobs, all the ganks are on lv 50 areas to noobs exping, only 9vs9 vs ppl maybe same lv was on blazing swamp and u died in the first 10 seconds and cut out the rest, even with a broken gladi that for some reason stuns on blaster.
    tl:dr you are utter trash

    • Myrtan119
      Myrtan119  10 months ago

      The hate is real :D
      First of all, ganks are ganks, no matter if someone farming or not
      Second of all, that WL died in the end so who cares?
      Third of all, all enemies in the video were 70+
      Fourth of all, go cry me a river.

  • TheNoctress
    TheNoctress 10 months ago

    next time show us some videos where u dont kill 99% supports .Lets see u against Mages D1ckhead

    • Myrtan119
      Myrtan119  10 months ago

      ​@Sam Winchester Glad is at the moment one of the underpowered classes of patch 2.0 + (This video's patch is 1.5) there are far more OP classes like DA, Necro who fearlock you, so without his "broken stun sh1t" glad would be even weaker than it is in classic. The enemies are higher or +/- same lvl as me. I joined server when ppl were already 70+ You are pretty much some random who don't know a sh1t and talks and I don't like ppl like this. Watch other videos and see, before you do back to your cave. I shouldn't even waste the time for response.
      TheNoctress, here you go, me killing necromancers higher lvl than me. And pls, watch your language next time or 14yo ppl like you will be banned for insults ;)

    • Sam Winchester
      Sam Winchester 10 months ago

      or he ganking lv50 areas with that broken stun shit too, lol, caster same lv if sorc/screamer 4 shoots him

  • Schnaizen TNT
    Schnaizen TNT 11 months ago

    hahaha stun? desbalanceado

  • Shuza Shuuza
    Shuza Shuuza 11 months ago

    boring af brah no skill.

  • sihua sin-jun
    sihua sin-jun 11 months ago

    а чо глад читерский такой на клачике? соник бласт станит ахахах лооол

    • Garder TV
      Garder TV 11 months ago

      @sihua sin-jun Ну глады только на иле и хай тащили... тут он реально банка... все его станы ни чем не помогут против равных персов. Его убивают все маги, дк, шк, все суммонеры и т.д., а дагеры до 76 на классике тоже мусор. Дагер тут раскрывается на 76. Гладом даже пати трудно найти, в пве он очень посредственный и в пвп далеко не на первом месте.. ни в один сетап не подходит))

    • sihua sin-jun
      sihua sin-jun 11 months ago

      @Garder TV Ну выше хай 5 я не играл, давай посмотрим на этот класс=) он был из разряда всегда тем классом который был более востребован к прямоте рук и умению мансить и хитрить, томуже ножу и луку очень сложно биться с гладом если он понимает хорошо свой класс, а если он ещё и станит выстрелом, там ещё и маги страдать начинают не по хуйне=) поэтому я думаю это перебор=))))) (Но это мое мнение, я его не навязываю, и почитать кто как думает впринцыпе мне интересно.)

    • Garder TV
      Garder TV 11 months ago

      Он совершенно не читерский, глады на классике полный мусор. это просто моменты удачные и враги не сильные

  • Salen
    Salen 11 months ago

    70+ лвл вс 60 )) ясно

  • Patricio Franceschina
    Patricio Franceschina 11 months ago

    Fuckin boring...

  • Fabio Augusto
    Fabio Augusto 11 months ago

    "Gf" ..... sound like a moron

  • mario alberto
    mario alberto Year ago +1

    mute "music" and enjoy

  • TheBile
    TheBile Year ago

    What's your level?

  • Tiago santana martins

    aiaiaii que pohaa e essa lança o corte e da stun?

  • 임광욱
    임광욱 Year ago


  • Pablo Barreto
    Pablo Barreto Year ago

    sonic with stun and you stun character with high CON, poor video

  • alatriste solomon

    oneshot and its called gf :D

  • Charls
    Charls Year ago

    This is not L2 Classis Noob

  • Cristian Ivan
    Cristian Ivan Year ago

    Esti cumva roman?

  • Leandro abreu
    Leandro abreu Year ago +1

    Glad com Stun? E 100% ? Putaria é essa?

    • Kleber Dutra
      Kleber Dutra 6 months ago

      No classic e assim, mas da pra colocar resist de stum na armadura. E não e 100 % não mas pega com frequência. Pra fala a vdd no classic TUDO pega com frequência... Fear, stum sleep... classic nao tem essa de deixa batendo ate critar e matar. Se naom souber utilizar os debuff nem de arqueiro mata alguém la.

    • Ana gabriela Ramirez
      Ana gabriela Ramirez 11 months ago

      A Cada atualização tá mudando muito

  • Distort[IMT]
    Distort[IMT] Year ago +6

    Более помойной музыки не слышал. Серьёзно.

  • johonx
    johonx Year ago +6

    Jajajajajajajaja jajajajajajajaja esto está más roto que el orto de sasha grey, no puedes ponerle stun a un gladiador, ya vez por que no.!?

    • Jehiel Cipolat
      Jehiel Cipolat 10 months ago


  • BlackPain
    BlackPain Year ago

    Que buffer es mejor para lvear al glady donde lo puedo lvear de 1 a 40 y de 4 a 75 que armas duales me combiene y me combiene empesar de una con el glady o hacer otra cosa para equiparlo

  • GGarbanzo
    GGarbanzo Year ago +1

    this video what version of Classic its?
    And, all versions have a Sonic blaster with Stun? or its only in your server?

    • André Rodrigues
      André Rodrigues 9 months ago +1

      @Sam Winchester Do you even know what is Official Lineage 2 Classic? All classes got reworked and rebalanced. On this new remastered version (which for your information is actually Official and is currently under development in Korea), Sonic Blaster does Stun and yet I guarantee you it is not overpowered as you may think. Most Top Grade C/B/A grade armors give Stun Resistance. I seriously do not understand why you are talking like that to someone when you are definitely not informed nor did you care to inform yourself before commenting shit. We all know how previous chronicles were and how Sonic Blast did not stun back then.. Lets be real, Oldschool was not balanced at all, all melee chars would die running before they could even reach their enemies.. and this is the reason why these changes happened and why you would only see about 4 main classes in Private Oldschool PvP servers (Archer/Mage/Tank/Dagger but mostly the Noob Ctrl+F1 Archer and Mage only). I suggest you try this new remastered version called Classic which in my opinion is the best Lineage 2 experience you can have at the moment. Here is a link with the Wiki ( ) and the Official EU Server ( ). Have a good day.

    • Sam Winchester
      Sam Winchester 10 months ago

      @Myrtan119 stfu sonic blaster NEVER stuned, in ANY official server, hell, not even in ccrappy l2off servers some1 would be stupid enough to give sonic blaster a 90% chance stun

    • Myrtan119
      Myrtan119  11 months ago

      Every classic server has sonic blaster with stun, and that was 1.5 version. :)

    • S lheR
      S lheR Year ago

      Looks like it's been reported and fixed. (But an year after.)

  • BlackPain Dx
    BlackPain Dx Year ago

    who recommended me to start in a sv of 0 the gladi of one or do another class to be able to equip it? how to play it in pve dyes where to kill and what place to drop weapons to dualize and which backpack is better pp or wc? drops weapons c,d,b

  • BlackPain Dx
    BlackPain Dx Year ago

    que me recomendar empesar en un sv de 0 el gladi de una o hacerme otra clase para poder equiparlo ? como jugarlo en pve dyes donde matar y que lugar que dropeen armas para dualizar y que mochila es mejor pp o wc ?

  • Seth Quadrow
    Seth Quadrow Year ago +1

    dual sword +8?

  • Eze Zelarayan
    Eze Zelarayan Year ago

    dyes on gladi??

  • InHuman
    InHuman Year ago +9

    Sonic blaster stun ????????

    • АиМ
      АиМ Year ago


    • Kougou
      Kougou Year ago +1

      yeah i thought the same thing xd rofl this game is dead

  • Tiu Natsu
    Tiu Natsu Year ago

    Me fala os dyes

  • Spaide man
    Spaide man Year ago +15

    90% stun land rate...range.

  • Yolo Boy
    Yolo Boy 2 years ago +10

    gladioator stun with range attack? gg

    • Myrtan119
      Myrtan119  2 years ago +4

      This is how it works in classic :)

  • Oath95
    Oath95 2 years ago +2

    ja jebie XDD zawsze gnije jak ktos pisze "gf"

    • Jskwcz
      Jskwcz Year ago

      @Oath95 xDD

    • Michał StormRider
      Michał StormRider Year ago

      Oath95 zaorane

    • Oath95
      Oath95 2 years ago +2

      Po pvp z tobą napisałbym ci tylko, że śmieciarka przyjedzie cię zgarnąć za 10 minut

    • Myrtan119
      Myrtan119  2 years ago

      Pewnie ty byś "IZI" napisał ;)

  • Ruslan Anisimov
    Ruslan Anisimov 2 years ago

    Omg , do u listen Blank? So good :D

  • きるすいっち
    きるすいっち 2 years ago

    What is the title of this song?

  • den sib
    den sib 2 years ago

    gladi aoe skills useless for PvP on classic?

    • Myrtan119
      Myrtan119  2 years ago

      Well, sometimes I use but not always. :)