Premade vs Premade - Shadow Priest PvP - WoW BFA 8.2

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
    that tichondrius premade though
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  • Trevor
    Trevor Month ago

    "Breast Feeding Stream"? LOL!

  • Alex H
    Alex H Month ago

    WTF is happening in Moonguard?

    • Disz Nigga
      Disz Nigga Month ago

      Alex H just look up moonguard world of warcraft on youtube

  • Chris 92
    Chris 92 Month ago

    Hy nice vid ! Shadow Priest good ATM ? For pvp and for pve ? I want to start sh can you Tell me is playable?

  • Gary Kimble
    Gary Kimble Month ago

    R dude! RRRRRR

  • MrJuancho
    MrJuancho Month ago +1

    Slevless para....oh my lord :*

  • Bea Scoutly
    Bea Scoutly Month ago +2

    Bro, F-or your start. That pyro.. i saw it fly

    RIDE9ER Month ago +1

    I am sure you know this already, but if you can get 3 deathrows and at least 2 spiteful app. on your gear, it will drastically improve your PvP experience on shadow.

    • RIDE9ER
      RIDE9ER Month ago

      @Bast1an As far as "Ruining ur transmog" I actually think the voidform aura looks so sick I built my PC to mimic it. If you decide to roll a SP, just be patient at 1st especially in PvP, but if you invest the time the pay off is well worth it. It's super satisfying to have pallys run from me in Naj

    • nivoH Hovin
      nivoH Hovin Month ago

      @Bast1an Spriest is 100% meta though, highest DPS in raids this tier, and one of the few ranged DPS taken when pushing high keys in M+. Even in PvP it can be really strong, especially in BG's, as it doesn't rely on any DPS CD's. It ramps (quickly), dumps it's damage on the nearest target, repeats.

    • Bast1an
      Bast1an Month ago

      RIDE9ER curious, isn’t it annoying that it’s ruining ur transmog? That is tbh what’s preventing me from making a shadow priest. I really wanna make a caster that’s not 100% meta ATM and Shadow Priest seems awesome

    • RIDE9ER
      RIDE9ER Month ago

      @Para, I heard that. When BFA came out i was trying to juggle Disc and Shadow, but realized how bad i am at anticipating damage to save people from getting murked in M+, so i went all in on Shadow and couldn't imagine playing anything else. Keep up the videos your doing great, i always look forward to them, especially the Shadow ones

    • Para
      Para  Month ago

      i have disc traits on my gear and im too lazy to change them.

  • taylor gordon
    taylor gordon Month ago +2

    yo im, th stoner you ignored from last night