Watch out, NBA: The Spurs are still here | The Jump

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • In her daily monologue, Rachel Nichols of The Jump discusses how Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs are still major players in the NBA, despite the absence of Kawhi Leonard, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, thanks to the contributions of LaMarcus Aldridge (56 points in Spurs vs. Thunder), DeMar DeRozan and Derrick White. Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Scottie Pippen then discuss whether the Spurs will make the 2019 NBA playoffs, and how long they can compete.
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Comments • 465

  • Roseann Estrada
    Roseann Estrada 6 months ago +1

    I hope ALDRIDGE wins a ring cuz he deserves it!

  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker 7 months ago

    Go Spurs!

  • jj oriter
    jj oriter 7 months ago +1

    Finally someone talks about spurs..

  • BlazingShadow 05
    BlazingShadow 05 7 months ago +1

    2010 HOF Inductee
    6-time NBA Champion
    Member of 1992 Dream Team

    *Dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard*

  • / NbA31z
    / NbA31z 8 months ago

    Spurs are 5th in the west without kawhi! Spurs are really great

  • the BlackSheep
    the BlackSheep 8 months ago

    Start from 03:12 to skip Rachel's monologue ! 😂😂😂

  • franklin shawn
    franklin shawn 8 months ago

    When did we leave

  • that dude
    that dude 8 months ago

    I love when my sugar mama hypes up my Spurs 😍

  • Mitchell Ellicott
    Mitchell Ellicott 8 months ago

    Every single media outlet counted the Spurs out. From ESPN to the ringer. NONE OF THEM HAD THE SPURS MAKING THE PLAYOFFS.

  • Jordann Shim
    Jordann Shim 8 months ago +1

    And this is why my team will always be champions

  • Elliott Hoffman
    Elliott Hoffman 8 months ago

    I still don't see why people say pop is the only reason the Spurs are in the playoffs. They got two all stars and a pretty solid supporting cast. Pop surely helps and is definitely the best coach of all time, but they're still a playoff team without him.

  • William Kazenas
    William Kazenas 9 months ago

    #5 now 👀

    AWESOME STUFF 9 months ago

    Nah oi popovich grew his beard out and we got good

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson 9 months ago

    The media wanted the Spurs to die so badly lol

  • CONAN-FA18
    CONAN-FA18 9 months ago

    Monologgggggggggggggggggggggggggggge!!!!!!!! OMG

  • Derrick Moody
    Derrick Moody 9 months ago

    Love Scotties humble honesty very experienced man to litsen DeMar is A Deadly one haha

  • Noel Forde
    Noel Forde 9 months ago

    DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN that Culinary school knew Derrick White was gonna be cookin LMFAO

  • Marc Rover
    Marc Rover 9 months ago

    The Spurs are a strange team. In truth, they had one of the best dynasties in the history of the NBA. But, they are like SO forgettable. Talk about a team without a SHRED of charisma, omg...Tim Duncan, David Robinson, and Poppivich, talk about three buzz-kills, omg. If I went to dinner with those three guys, you'd find me hanging from a chandelier prior to dessert.

  • Horicert
    Horicert 9 months ago +1

    Demarcus Rozen is my favorite NBA player.

    BABY GIRL 9 months ago


  • gabi v
    gabi v 9 months ago

    Scott Pipen's boom of a voice is so unexpected! I know what is coming, still surprises me, I really like it and admire it.
    The Spurs are not going anywhere but to the higher echelon for as long as they will their great coach. I still can't come to understand why Toronto traded Demar, you guys should love what he brings to your team, I hate that he wasn't given another year. The Raptors would have been in the exact same position as they are now, but with a lot more knowledge of playoffs, and the emergence of Pascal Siakam! Lowry, Derozan, Pascal, that would have been fun to watch.

  • chrisg16210
    chrisg16210 9 months ago

    1st round exit at best lmfao... Defrozen is a known playoff choker & Aldridge is a 2nd option at best

  • Goank MAHDI
    Goank MAHDI 9 months ago

    Demarcus Rozon lol

  • Awesome Wells
    Awesome Wells 9 months ago

    30 seconds in... is that a bong?

  • Cyril G
    Cyril G 9 months ago

    Pop is Spurs,Spurs is Playoff and Championship caliber. Always remember that.

  • Brian Alonso
    Brian Alonso 9 months ago

    Porzingis is coming to SA, watch out.

  • Mike Raucci
    Mike Raucci 9 months ago

    If the world was wiped out with no more existence pop would still create a pretty nice roster and get them to contend for the wcf

  • Jai Patel
    Jai Patel 9 months ago

    this is the same bith that said "spurs r not going to playoffs". like she has to be the worst analyst smhhh. trash

  • M R
    M R 9 months ago

    Nobody can stop Coach Pop. Damn.

  • MicMan
    MicMan 9 months ago

    The Spurs have always been great. Its funny how so many people want to write them off every year lol. Aldridge is a monster

  • john_blaze39
    john_blaze39 9 months ago

    Damn, I gotta start using pippen's voice to test subwoofers

  • Iranimoo
    Iranimoo 9 months ago +1

    The only thing you guys said is we got to talk about the Raptors more, but you all don't, WHY?.

  • Comics Lamar
    Comics Lamar 9 months ago

    Pop is a winner

  • AksAbh Something
    AksAbh Something 9 months ago

    5:45 Atleast he said DeRozan correct the second time.. though he fumbled a bit..😅

  • David So
    David So 9 months ago

    ESPN figures if they say it enough, it'll eventually come true

  • alex marques
    alex marques 9 months ago

    They’re no threat. Derozan is trash. Lamarcus won’t carry you in the playoffs. So you’re left with hoping the supporting cast can execute.

  • Ig
    Ig 9 months ago

    Spurs should try and get Jahlil Okafor, with their old fashion inside game he will be a great addition. The new Orleans coach is an idiot. His guards are jacking 3 pointers from everywhere shooting less than 35%. Why not go inside and get 2points.

  • rosgill6
    rosgill6 9 months ago

    Rachel, you know that pigeons exist outside of zoos, right? They're everywhere

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia 9 months ago

    Why aren't they mentioning how valuable Dejounte Murray is?

  • Shaquille Catchings
    Shaquille Catchings 9 months ago

    Yeah major media outlets had us bedridden, I won't forget that. They always hated on the spurs, but they really tried this past offseason to bury us alive. Need I remind you that we will only get better with Lonnie Walker and Dejounte Murray next year. #sorryhaters

  • Abhishek Patil
    Abhishek Patil 9 months ago

    The GOAT Pop....

  • cary speaks
    cary speaks 9 months ago

    This chick is corny. She gotta go horribly terrible voice annoying laugh goofy. Every time they put nikkas with these chicks. They get fired inappropriate behavior let her cover WNBA. Guaranteed something happens 2 is more than 0 haha haha f.o.h

  • Ron Lastimosa
    Ron Lastimosa 9 months ago

    Dunked on Ewing really hard 😂

  • Daryl Harris
    Daryl Harris 9 months ago

    DeMarcus Rozan...Come on Scottie! haha

  • michael cruz
    michael cruz 9 months ago

    Scottie at it again, butchering names😂
    Kawhad Leonard and Demarcus Rozan. Lol

  • Rossy's
    Rossy's 9 months ago

    omg why the hell does Rachel Nichols have a job..!?!??!?!?!? those monologues are cringe

  • Mark Law
    Mark Law 9 months ago

    DeRozan choked twice which led to 2 OTs

  • Jakob Tenwalde
    Jakob Tenwalde 9 months ago

    “Dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard”

  • Cameron Weaver
    Cameron Weaver 9 months ago +1

    I mean it took a historical 3 point effort and 56 points from Aldridge to barely get this win against an okc squad that played pretty bad and battled injuries

    BELIEVE 9 months ago

    Naw fuck that manu needs to come out of retirement to play! I miss that shifty left handed euro steppin Argentinean, cmon manu

  • Ainge The Mechanic
    Ainge The Mechanic 9 months ago

    Is scotti pippen drunk ? WHOS DEMARCUS ROSAN ?

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres 9 months ago

    Ah yes, the great sharp basketball minds at the jump who had the spurs missing the playoffs and the jazz and pelicans fighting the warriors for the first seed in the west knew all along that the spurs were going to make the playoffs. This right here is why everyone despises rachel and amin, in case anyone was wondering.

  • TitanKiller
    TitanKiller 9 months ago

    Derek White from a D2 college to late first round pick to no-duh he will hit once the Spurs drafted him

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong 9 months ago

    Scottie can never say DeMar's name right 😂

  • ktvindicare
    ktvindicare 9 months ago

    Lakers fan here. Hate the Spurs as much as anyone in the West but goddamn if I don't respect the fuck out of that club. Greg Popovich is the NBA equivalent of an evil genius.

  • Ulysses Smith III D-Uce Life

    As long as pop is coach we will stay here

  • Jason McMillan
    Jason McMillan 9 months ago

    Jeez ESPN you are a joke. You take every opportunity to write off the Spurs early on, & now you want to talk about what a great job they are doing. Reminds me how my least favourite people in the world today are journalists. Wasn't the NBA supposed to be broken? Weren't the Warriors going to win 82 games because they are so unfairly talented? You guys jumped on every whining millennial fans bandwagon, & now you look just as stupid, LMFAO. 😂

  • Cole Leonard
    Cole Leonard 9 months ago

    3:33 "demarcus rosen"

  • Arne Cruz
    Arne Cruz 9 months ago

    The Spurs are old. The Spurs are boring. Spurs wont make the playoff. Says the basketball experts.

  • Im Stance
    Im Stance 9 months ago

    Who lost today tho ?