Sleep Music Delta Waves: Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace

  • Published on Nov 16, 2012
    Sleep Music Delta Waves: Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace and Autogenic Training. Relaxing Sounds for Relaxation Meditation, Tai Chi and Reiki. Meditation Music Video, Meditation Video with Delta Waves to Help you Sleep.
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  • Walking Talking Stephen Hakwing

    This music lowkey slaps tho

  • Fay Chetna
    Fay Chetna Hour ago

    the comments here just make me so happy. thank you for your positivity and kindness.

  • Ashlee Phillips
    Ashlee Phillips Hour ago

    You should try other ones search guided meditations

  • akhilesh kumar
    akhilesh kumar 2 hours ago

    Am I writing this in dream??

  • Peter C.
    Peter C. 2 hours ago

    Many times we look for reasons, solutions blame or/and expect others to “save” us. No one will come to solve it for you... use everything in your power to be the best possible version of yourself and help others who are truly need it. Once you are there sleep will come easily.

  • Nj Nishok
    Nj Nishok 5 hours ago

    10:23 wakes me up

  • Nj Nishok
    Nj Nishok 5 hours ago

    Listening this in 2k20 or before or after your life has a good purpose and enjoy every second of your life

  • piyush shukla
    piyush shukla 5 hours ago

    Anyone believes in God.....??

  • Do the right ting
    Do the right ting 7 hours ago

    Dreams do come true🌠🌐✌️💛

  • Mary Liliosa Angel Camancho

    Who’s listening rn? 😂🤣😭

  • Bebang nambawan
    Bebang nambawan 12 hours ago

    My anxiety won't allow me to sleep. Thanks to this I can sleep quickly.

  • Azrin Bin Yunos Yunos
    Azrin Bin Yunos Yunos 13 hours ago

    Good morning

  • TheFungirl27
    TheFungirl27 14 hours ago

    Cuddling with my dog on a cold, rainy, and fall day. I got the fireplace on, this music, a nice fuzzy blanket. I'm ready for sleep

  • TheFungirl27
    TheFungirl27 14 hours ago

    May you find the peace and happiness within yourself. Lots of love and sleep tight

  • VR_Bandit
    VR_Bandit 15 hours ago +1

    Why is everyone so kind.... its like earth but peaceful

  • Johnny Lucero
    Johnny Lucero 17 hours ago

    This puts me to sleep right away. Salute all the way from Maryland,USA.

  • Zaid Hamd
    Zaid Hamd 19 hours ago

    Beautiful sleep for everyone 🌷

  • Glasgow 6715
    Glasgow 6715 Day ago +1

    Pray for Syria. Everyone please. Can't sleep. 😢

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza Day ago

    Hey Stop reading comments and go back to sleep 😴😴😴 😂🛌

  • jaydeep jha
    jaydeep jha Day ago

    God bless everyone and all of us have restful sleep and peaceful environment.
    Always be happy and keep☺

  • Tejas Pagi
    Tejas Pagi Day ago

    my girlfriend is sleep n im reading comments 🤣

  • ourakshay
    ourakshay Day ago +1

    Nope didn’t help
    Instead the whistle sound is very irritating

  • shruti thite
    shruti thite Day ago

    I m actually studing right now and it's 10:40 AHHH

  • must 1
    must 1 Day ago

    Indonesia never sleep

  • Ispraf 92
    Ispraf 92 Day ago

    16:40 sleep lol x

  • maxwell0509
    maxwell0509 Day ago

    Simply wonderful! Who is composer?

  • Success KE Mantras

    Stop Scrolling.. ENJOY this music 😀😅😆

  • Nidhi Ranjan
    Nidhi Ranjan Day ago

    I wanna ask if this music needs earphone for effectiveness

  • Keepin it 100%
    Keepin it 100% Day ago

    just 3 more hours im awake for 24hrs,i hope this will help me

  • Nicky Ldnn
    Nicky Ldnn 2 days ago +3


    MISHAL ALMOTAWA 2 days ago

    When I read the comments make me feel I love all of the people her
    Pace and love 💓

  • El Patchino
    El Patchino 2 days ago

    Actually its fucking annonying . i can't sleep from hearing it

  • si keldai
    si keldai 2 days ago

    but i still cannot sleep 😢😢

    ZAHID HASAN 2 days ago +1

    Every atom of my being is dancing with the rhythm of this soothing wave.

  • shalini jha
    shalini jha 2 days ago +1

    Stop reading comments and have a sound full night..let's pray from peace and harmony in the world
    Good night from California

  • Yousef Salah Al Eibedy

    Wtf is this bullshit I couldn't sleep 1 BIT!

  • Chronflix X
    Chronflix X 2 days ago +4

    Have you guys ever wondered... “why didn’t I say that comment”😹😹
    Hope you guys have a good night sleep!😊😊😊

  • Neljun laengen
    Neljun laengen 2 days ago

    Inner peace

  • happy benra
    happy benra 2 days ago

    So nice

  • Lovely Bananas
    Lovely Bananas 2 days ago

    Hello, my name’s destiny. I’ve been listening to this video since 2014. Please extend it, or put it on spotify or something? This is the only thing that genuinely gets me to sleep til this day💞

  • Chungscity
    Chungscity 2 days ago

    I don’t know what puts me to sleep!!..reading the comments or the music...either way it gets the job done😁

  • Scott Gossett
    Scott Gossett 2 days ago

    Go Trump! Goodnight.

  • Aashish Khatri
    Aashish Khatri 3 days ago

    It's getting more n more hard to fall asleep...
    Life sucks...
    Depressed, frustrated fed with my life 😶😶

    • Automobili
      Automobili 2 days ago

      Everything will be alright bro

    UNCLE ALBERT 3 days ago +1

    Hi comment reader..

  • avni saxena
    avni saxena 3 days ago

    Bhoshdi ke....😖🤬

  • Naksh bhati
    Naksh bhati 3 days ago

    Listen "Radhe Radhe" song from kirtan .....fir 1st time it will be interesting than 2nd and more time You all will sleep in less than 9 min go there.

  • Chand Salmani
    Chand Salmani 3 days ago

    Bhai 2019 m kaam kyu nhi krra yeh🤔

  • BoringMusics
    BoringMusics 3 days ago +2

    if you listening this music you not sleep yet

  • Mikel Aoun
    Mikel Aoun 3 days ago

    Im a teenager who cant sleep
    Each night my mom trys to help me and encourage me to not give up sometimes life gets hard
    Big love to all mothers worldwide

  • kavita fulara
    kavita fulara 3 days ago

    Unable to sleep from many nights I wish I had found it before but I am very thankful for this video it makes me calm and make me sleep may God give strength to everyone to fight in their lives......
    Me too🙇😓😔.....

  • Sukha Kahlon
    Sukha Kahlon 3 days ago

    I love you mom

  • Nixsaly Rivera
    Nixsaly Rivera 3 days ago

    I've been playing this before I had my son, my boy is 4 weeks old now and I play it for him too . My husband baby and i fall asleep fast. This is way better than any baby lullaby .

  • Smexy Dexy
    Smexy Dexy 3 days ago +2

    I used to listen to minecraft music to fall asleep 😭 now i listen to this 😁

  • Tenzin Dosel
    Tenzin Dosel 3 days ago

    Amazing!This music really took me to sleep lastnight

  • Anna Picariello
    Anna Picariello 4 days ago

    Whilst listening to this music
    My body and mind relax into a steady pace
    There is no frown upon my face
    Just the sound 🎵I embrace
    Thank you for preparing a good track
    Rest assured I'll be back
    Until then, I bid you good night
    Wish you well and hope you're alright

  • Theo Gustafsson
    Theo Gustafsson 4 days ago +2

    This music really helps me to relax do you also relax to this???

  • Rushabh Goradia
    Rushabh Goradia 4 days ago +1

    Nice for mind to relax
    Please hit like

  • Wolf love
    Wolf love 4 days ago +1

    It just have me a headache

  • Bhaskararao K
    Bhaskararao K 4 days ago +7

    2019 October. ...?

  • Soniya Bisht
    Soniya Bisht 4 days ago +2

    Actually smiling after a sad day by reading the comments ..:)