Lakers vs Hawks Full Game Highlights! 2019 NBA Season

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights! Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks November 17, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • TakingFlight Sports
    TakingFlight Sports 9 days ago

    best highlight angles of this game

  • Nick Rohe
    Nick Rohe 9 days ago

    Please show the end score on these highlights. It would make them alot better.

  • XHOI bet
    XHOI bet 9 days ago


  • cshekar14 arkati kharvi14

    NBA on youtube💞👍👏

  • URhere 4this
    URhere 4this 11 days ago


    Now bless me with an upward Pollux

  • NBA All Stars
    NBA All Stars 11 days ago

    i can sleep well-knowing trae and luka will run the league in a few years

  • Rone Corcuera
    Rone Corcuera 12 days ago

    9:07 Traveling

  • Virgilio Marques
    Virgilio Marques 12 days ago

    Is this announcer from the 50's?

  • Cheong Yoon
    Cheong Yoon 15 days ago

    Get well soon, kuzuma

  • John Loyd Cruz
    John Loyd Cruz 15 days ago

    Lebron is king of the ring now with the all star team... gsw is the weakest team now... poor bandwagon fans...

  • 박지윤
    박지윤 15 days ago

    Let's go, LeBron!

  • ryan c
    ryan c 16 days ago

    Why Dwight couldnt dunk that one not danny green dwight is super man

  • Eric Tan
    Eric Tan 16 days ago

    Why no ending? What was the final score?

  • Off To Road
    Off To Road 16 days ago +1

    Lebron looks like Manny Pacquiao playing basketball 😂😂😂😂💥💥

  • WhiteBoyLandon
    WhiteBoyLandon 16 days ago

    Check my channel for nba highlights

  • Practical Thinker
    Practical Thinker 16 days ago

    Watch the video kung saan pwedeng mag apply!

  • Mulaa Mike
    Mulaa Mike 16 days ago

    This shit was lakers highlights for a good 6 minutes 😂😂

  • WillPower Nigerian Movies - 2019 Latest Movies

    The lakers are on fire.

  • Meeyann Lota
    Meeyann Lota 17 days ago

    Pa Heart ❤ and SHARE guys
    for Mr. Jhonray Lota Gonzales

  • Cameron Stadelmaier
    Cameron Stadelmaier 17 days ago

    5:19 green catches air

  • Jire Top Video
    Jire Top Video 17 days ago

    1000 likes lakers champion and lebron kia mvp & final mvp

  • Molly Farton
    Molly Farton 17 days ago

    Woah Lebron is so awesome, he even played for the grizzlies last April somehow.

  • Jack Coltrane
    Jack Coltrane 17 days ago +1

    05:20 LMAOO 😂🤣👌🔥🔥

  • rieven saguit
    rieven saguit 17 days ago

    0:47 why there is only 4 lakers player

  • Christina Bugatti
    Christina Bugatti 17 days ago

    office poppin...but fell off on defense...they just playing around

  • Happy Ness
    Happy Ness 17 days ago

    Skip Ads.

  • Inna Gee
    Inna Gee 17 days ago

    Wasn't rondo out for a minute , glad to see him playing again, Lakers gon get a ring , everybody on that teaming going hard , a miss is a put back , other attempted shots making it , forcing turnovers , its over🏆

  • Oba Michael
    Oba Michael 17 days ago

    When LeBron is dropping those three mehnn..nyou are in trouble

  • Electric Blue
    Electric Blue 17 days ago

    Check this out

  • Y Gui
    Y Gui 17 days ago

    Never seen staples center that packed since pre-Warriors lol

  • gogetit 500
    gogetit 500 17 days ago +1

    Lakers delivering straight ass whoopings this year IDC that its the hawks cause the rest of the league got it coming too 💯

  • KevinG365
    KevinG365 17 days ago

    Hawks, you're getting clapped horrifically.
    worst part is the Lakers having fun doing it.
    i cant tell at this point if its sadism or just a clap session.

  • Emerson Soares Moreira

    King James!

  • Innis Mor
    Innis Mor 17 days ago

    How you defeat the Lakers:

  • Love V
    Love V 17 days ago


  • Chris Kamzol
    Chris Kamzol 17 days ago

    5:15 Danny... you pulled a Giannis in the All Star Game Reach of a Dunk!

    R4PZ GAMING 17 days ago

    Lakers on playoffs mode

  • Roy Beddington
    Roy Beddington 17 days ago

    Lakers were balling today

  • Roy Beddington
    Roy Beddington 17 days ago

    1:23 thatsss a foulllll😂

  • Champagne Toon
    Champagne Toon 17 days ago +1

    I just want Bron to get ☝️ more ring bro the Warriors literally cheated for 3 years Bron would’ve easily won another one if KD had went anywhere but the Warriors 🙄 like LeBron or not he’s given us damn near 20 years of PURE ENTERTAINMENT the NBA is gonna be so strange when he’s gone

  • crabharbour ben
    crabharbour ben 17 days ago +1

    Lebron is old

  • Camera Buff
    Camera Buff 17 days ago

    Trae Young is a gimmick.

  • Roy Beddington
    Roy Beddington 17 days ago

    i don't we should be allowed to hit people as hard as Lebron did at :39, that's kind of an offensive foul tbh

  • james Johnson
    james Johnson 17 days ago

    Lakers will be the champion

  • Mitchell Hudgins
    Mitchell Hudgins 17 days ago

    An I the only one that just seen James fall 👀 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 林芋頭
    林芋頭 17 days ago +1

    Maybe i will be the Lakers' fan because of Lebron

  • 101 HON
    101 HON 17 days ago +1

    That dunk of Danny Green is something... Like if you agree

    BOIIII 17 days ago +1

    Why is Green trash in 2k? Bro Rondo shoots better 3s than him.

  • We Are The 99
    We Are The 99 17 days ago

    Not a Lebron or Lakers fan , but I have to admit they are on fire right now. Too tall too strong. It will take a hell of a defence to stop them.

  • adam biri
    adam biri 17 days ago

    The guy with the man weave is having a good season.

  • Owen B
    Owen B 17 days ago

    Laker play celtic in the championship both only lost 2 games ao far 11 2

  • zhenyu xu
    zhenyu xu 17 days ago

    5:15 what the hell from Howard haha

  • Jeptah Ildefonso
    Jeptah Ildefonso 17 days ago

    Lakers best team

  • Audio Visual Proof
    Audio Visual Proof 17 days ago

    *I uploaded my SweetFX mod for NBA 2K20, PC version, on 10.25.2019 and the goal was to make the game look as close as possible to how live telecasts of actual NBA games look. I watch a ton of NBA and how the Lakers arena looks in this video clip is how it looks in NBA 2K20. I focused on color correction i.e., the rim, arena floors and team uniform colors, color saturation, lighting, shading and shadows mainly for better image enhancements. Lastly, check out how all NBA Players look accurate to the real life players when it comes to the various skin tones. A download link is available and always available with all of my SweetFX mod video uploads. ^_^*

  • Ana Balasa
    Ana Balasa 17 days ago

    The KING still a KING..that is LEBRON JAMES is the real GOAT💯💪😍

  • Dark Flame
    Dark Flame 17 days ago

    Raptors vs lakers final 2020 no cap

  • Aris bendanillo
    Aris bendanillo 18 days ago

    go lakers!!!!!bow down to the king!!!!!yeah!!!!

  • Tanatartansh Tanka
    Tanatartansh Tanka 18 days ago

    2019-2020 champions💪💪💪💪💓👇👇👍

  • Meloh Lala
    Meloh Lala 18 days ago

    In 5:14 its like a plan of lbj and green to have a showtime like that . But kudos to green and lbj and the reaction of the whole team just wow

  • Felbert Garces
    Felbert Garces 18 days ago

    People are reacting to Danny's dunk.. He is even subject for drug test.. Damn danny was dunking already at spurs many times