Cheapest Hotel In London (The Hub By Premier Inn)

  • Published on Jul 23, 2017
  • Planned a little trip to London. Booked myself a budget hotel called The Hub By Premier Inn. Heres a review :). FYI, This isn't sponsored or anything. Paid £30 a night for this hotel room!
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Comments • 135

  • dennishamiltonyoh1

    I hope she is not your girl. Cause you are fucking ugly.

  • Nordic
    Nordic 4 days ago

    This site use special algorithm to find you the cheapest hotels and airlines deals to London

  • Pauly Paul
    Pauly Paul Month ago

    I stayed in the same hub as you. We booked way in advance and got it for a 'fair' price. You were lucky to get a room with a window, I only got a 'panel' with a light behind it. I would liken these places to a cross between a Japanese capsule hotel and a regular Premier Inn hotel. The rooms are TINY, but exceptionally well thought out and designed. The bed was a quality item and very comfortable but I suspect two people might find it narrow and you can only get into it from one side.

    I love the concept of this hotel. They can pack in three times the number of rooms into the same footprint of a building plot and therefore keep it affordable. What it does having going for it is a good quality mattress, EXCELLENT shower and cleanliness.

    BTW, you were a bit rude to your companion.

  • UK coins forever
    UK coins forever Month ago +2

    Wow u are really rude to the young lady how would u like it if she spoke to u like that, I won't be watching your videos again

  • Itz Me Charl
    Itz Me Charl 2 months ago

    0:54 she looks sad and scared

  • hypnotic512
    hypnotic512 2 months ago

    Is there a laundry facility onsite (coin operated, etc..) just need a place to wash my clothes. Thank you.

  • Anjani Bhonsle
    Anjani Bhonsle 2 months ago

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  • Slash111111
    Slash111111 2 months ago

    Your rude and a loser.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 3 months ago +1

    Which site did you book it from for £30 ?

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 3 months ago

      You can only book direct.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 3 months ago +1

    *Anyone else Travelling on a budget, can share the Room* 😊

  • Andrewshadowy
    Andrewshadowy 3 months ago

    30 pounds was so good for 1 night, I bet the price has gone up since then!

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  3 months ago

      it fluctuates a lot man! I just spent a few nights at the same hotel but in Brick lane and it was around £60 per night and we booked it like a good 4 months ago. Really depends on the time of month your going. Summer time tends to be super expensive whereas off-peak during weekdays are a lot cheaper!

  • BKLNHobo
    BKLNHobo 3 months ago +3

    HUB Premiere Iis definitely NOT the cheapest hotel in London. For the location, amenities, and overall cleanliness, it was a good value, but I'm paying about $218/night USD including taxes to stay, and the prices have increased since I booked (and they're now out of windowed rooms).
    After staying in a (windowless) Bloc Hotel room on a prior airport layover, the compact size of HUB Premiere rooms seems very doable. If anything, it will push me to be out and about.

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 4 months ago

    Is this London bridge

  • thetickdoctor
    thetickdoctor 4 months ago

    How do you get booking at the same price? I think prices have changed now. As this room looked awesome

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  4 months ago +1

      they might have changed man, also, you're looking during peak times. London from may-august is pretty expensive. Remember, we booked this like 6 months in advance haha

  • Danial Syauqee
    Danial Syauqee 5 months ago

    cheap but luxury lol

  • Airports Hotels
    Airports Hotels 5 months ago

    Great review, thanks for sharing!

  • TullyBascombe
    TullyBascombe 6 months ago

    Google: The Hub Premier Inn London

  • SARISS80
    SARISS80 6 months ago

    Hell naw that room is too small

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 3 months ago

      What do you need more space for? It's basically a place to sleep, and have a wash.

    • BlackAsteroid
      BlackAsteroid 6 months ago

      SARISS80 what do you expect for £20 ? It may be small but I doubt u can find a decent hotel room for £20 in London lol

  • claire higgins
    claire higgins 6 months ago +62

    Man you being so rude to the woman in the video, it’s not ok to talk to people that way, first you boss her around the you SHHHHHH! Her. You should be more considerate and have more respect

    • Fernanda Akpy
      Fernanda Akpy 2 months ago

      Umm yeaa,but am sure he didnt mean to or maybe he was just joking around,people have different ways of talking to people specially people they are familiar with (family & friends) .

    • Fatin Amirah
      Fatin Amirah 3 months ago +2

      thought i was the only one

    • no po
      no po 3 months ago +6

      Yeah what a dick. Hopefully thats not his girlfriend

    • Jenny Ro
      Jenny Ro 5 months ago +10

      he literally gave her his "permission" to handle the lights, then he took over and did everything himself what a prick

    • Triple I
      Triple I 6 months ago +15

      Exactly my thoughts. It threw me off. Seems way too harsh.

  • Bubba198
    Bubba198 7 months ago +1

    Looks totally like Aloft but for less money, good work finding it!

  • jeterwilliams
    jeterwilliams 7 months ago

    I know that hotel. That's the girl who gave me a blowjob in the lift.

  • Alistair Guitar
    Alistair Guitar 7 months ago +1

    This guys an ass hole to his girlfriend

  • Room club
    Room club 7 months ago +1

    Wow great video! Thanks for sharing

  • Izzy C
    Izzy C 8 months ago +4

    Ok this is nicer than a normal premier inn

  • Winterscapes
    Winterscapes 9 months ago

    HOW MUCH??????????????????????????????????????

  • Marcello Ortiz
    Marcello Ortiz 9 months ago +1

    Good info. But hearing you speak to your friend\girlfriend, I personally think you're a rude, pompous asshole.

  • Kessewa Kissi
    Kessewa Kissi 9 months ago +2

    Is it located on central london?

  • Million Dollar Lex
    Million Dollar Lex 9 months ago +4

    You want bath robes and slippers in a budget hotel? Lol where the kettle?? That's the only thing I'm caring about. I need tea constantly. Nice video x

    • cuotos
      cuotos 3 months ago

      @Bungle2010 joys of London, mine tonight was a lot more that yours, and I'm staying for 1 night! Work are paying though which makes it bearable

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 3 months ago

      @cuotos I paid £119.50 for 4 nights for one in central Edinburgh recently.

    • cuotos
      cuotos 6 months ago

      They don't have facilities in the room but have 24hour coffee machine etc in reception.
      I've stayed in these with work, but was ALOT more than £30 for the night (multiply by 6 and you're still not there!) How early did you book in advance??
      Interestingly I've always found the toilet and sink locations to be swapped to what you had. Maybe they learnt that lesson.

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  9 months ago

      HELLS YEA! I'm pretty sure we had a kettle but we aren't tea/coffee drinkers haha!

  • Phil V
    Phil V 9 months ago

    Man bun? Hmmm....not sold on that look.

  • soilofk
    soilofk 9 months ago

    Does it have a safety box?

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 10 months ago +1

    That cant be £30 surely

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 3 months ago

      @Right To Censor So? You realise hotel prices fluctuate, right? Besides, this video is two years old. And for the record I stayed in one in central Edinburgh a couple of months ago and paid £119.50 for 4 nights.

    • Right To Censor
      Right To Censor 3 months ago

      @Bungle2010 because its not... I've just booked for 3 nights and its costing me nearly 400 pounds....

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 9 months ago

      Why not?

  • Anthony Moya
    Anthony Moya 10 months ago +1

    Hey man which location is this? I’m heading there in February.

  • Mangled Pusheen
    Mangled Pusheen Year ago +1

    Nice room, do I detect a Scottish twang to your accent?

  • Antonieta De la Torre

    Does this hotel have elevator?

  • Ananya Chakraborty

    £ 30?!!
    Is it like you pay £ 30 for a week or for a month??

    • uncle saeed
      uncle saeed 9 months ago

      @Bungle2010 I need to no you better

    • uncle saeed
      uncle saeed 9 months ago

    • uncle saeed
      uncle saeed 9 months ago

      @Bungle2010 here is very open everyone will be seeing our conversation

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 9 months ago

      @uncle saeed What do you want to talk "privately" for? What's wrong with here?

  • Dinheirisses
    Dinheirisses Year ago

    Hey, Me and my gf are planning to go to that same inn, Would u know if they have free breakfest? was it good?

    • Dinheirisses
      Dinheirisses Year ago

      @OmarOmarOmar thanks!

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago

      It depends on what you're doing tbh! If you're wanting to wander about, then you'll be good! You'll prob find that a big portion of your money will go towards travelling on the tube/taxi.

    • Dinheirisses
      Dinheirisses Year ago

      Thanks for the info! U think £500/700 enough to eat and move around for 10 days?

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago

      no free breakfast I'm afraid! You have to pay extra for that, but you're situated smack in the middle of London, so there's PLENTY of places around you can go to for breakfast!

  • Sarah Rideout
    Sarah Rideout Year ago +7

    Why were being so abrasive to the girl?

  • Angel Burnley
    Angel Burnley Year ago

    Wow so cozy 😍

  • Margarita Garcia
    Margarita Garcia Year ago +1

    Does that window stay open like that through the night?

  • Brent VL
    Brent VL Year ago +11

    I just booked today for 4 nights beginning of august and it costs me 160€ wich is around 140£ i was looking at london vids before booking than i found your video and the hotel seemed really awesome for the price! Thanks for sharing the experience :)
    For people who want to book this hotel do it via the premier inn website wich is the cheapest you can find :)

  • Mohamed Alshoukri
    Mohamed Alshoukri Year ago +8

    Omar, how did you book this hotel for £30?

  • Shirley Ang
    Shirley Ang Year ago +4

    Geez..a big no no for me even for a cheap price. It's not even cheap and the room is super small. How can you even breathe?

    • uncle saeed
      uncle saeed 9 months ago

      Bene mai stata male forse ti ho offesa di dove sei

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 9 months ago

      @OmarOmarOmar Premier Inn Hubs only have two sizes of room: "Standard," as shown, here, and "Bigger", for which you have to pay extra for.

    • Bungle2010
      Bungle2010 9 months ago +1

      £30 a night for central London is not cheap? Which planet are you living on??

    • The G Dawg Era
      The G Dawg Era Year ago +2

      £30 in London is very very cheap

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago +6

      well, think about it this way, if you're in London, you're gonna wanna be out most of the day. Furthermore, not all their rooms are this small. I actually booked the same hotel a few weeks ago and got a room which was A LOT bigger. Depends on your luck. For me, rather than size, I opt for a clean room. airbnb's in London tend to be filthy and very shit (and very pricey). i'll sacrifice a bit of room if it means coming back to a very clean room in the centre of London :)

  • Temicka
    Temicka Year ago

    Well it anymore

  • To Seek The Vision
    To Seek The Vision Year ago +2

    stayed there last year was brill stayed Westminster one staff was very helpful and friendly tho prices have gone up

  • Twin V Kim Anshyung

    do you know how much dollar I need to travel in london for 6 months I might shift a city to another city in london
    can you tell me the budget like that for 6 months?

  • Franzed Herras
    Franzed Herras Year ago +13

    I dont like you treat the girl

  • Juil Deb
    Juil Deb Year ago

    For 1 month

  • Yesenia Arceo
    Yesenia Arceo Year ago +1

    Hello I was thinking of booking the standard room at this hotel as well. Would you recommend it for couples too? Or was it a bit to crowded with the two of you? I would appreciate a reply. Thank you :) Great video. Love the review

    • Maher salama Al mahdi
      Maher salama Al mahdi 9 months ago

    • SGS LTD
      SGS LTD 9 months ago

      Let’s spend the weekend together Yesenio

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago +1

      Hey! It was actually a pretty perfect size for me and my girlfriend. We didn't really find ourselves struggling for space or anything! Hope you enjoy the room :D

  • Sira Mea
    Sira Mea Year ago +3

    Useful video- thank you. I booked a short stay soon, picked it because of the price and location

  • Jack Fuller
    Jack Fuller Year ago +2

    How did you get it for only £30?

    • Sira Mea
      Sira Mea Year ago

      The Premier Inn website lets you search all their hotels in London at once and gives prices you the price each night- Sundays are usually the cheapest- I was searching for a trip in recently and the cheapest I found is the Hub up the street on Brick Lane for £39

    • Jari Ruusunen
      Jari Ruusunen Year ago

      Jack Fuller Didnt.

  • Alberto
    Alberto Year ago +1

    "An air conditioner unit; for the UK you don't really need it." Are you kidding me? Oh and naming all crappy fast food chains was idiotic. Let me guess, you're a bloody yank!

    • kuronatsu
      kuronatsu Year ago


    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago +5

      Yes, I made a joke about the air conditioner specifically for you. Fucking idiot lmao. I'm actually Arabic. Must be your lucky day man, you get to direct the stereotypical arab/islamaphobic racial slurs right at me. Jack pot for you. Lets hear it.

  • Eva Vajda
    Eva Vajda Year ago +7

    Hey, I am Sorry to comment so late but I would really like to Have A link from the side where You found it. Because i cant find it anywhere. Please I would be so grateful.
    Btw I loveeee your video :)

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago +2

  • boimackhead
    boimackhead Year ago +3

    That's not fucking bad for £30

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago +1

      honestly, best budget hotel i've stayed at

  • Jérémy Flusin
    Jérémy Flusin Year ago

    Anyone knows where I can find an HD picture of the map on the wall ?

  • Lunar Rae
    Lunar Rae Year ago +3

    I paid £ 120 for this doe

  • Yassin vlogs
    Yassin vlogs 2 years ago +1

    i like it ,,,and are you sure is the real price ??

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago

      tower bridge dude!!! booked highly in advance though!

    • Yassin vlogs
      Yassin vlogs Year ago

      i think it 's not in central london ye?

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  Year ago

      Yea man I'm personally not a fan of hostels. I travel with a lot of expensive equipment (cameras, lenses, laptop), so for me, hotels are pretty ideal!

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  2 years ago

      I'm not entirely sure dude, I don't live in London. Just search up cheap hotels in London online and book a few months in advance.

    • Yassin vlogs
      Yassin vlogs 2 years ago

      OmarOmarOmar so do you have some suggestion. For me as a student going to london for the first time..where can i find the cheapest place ..??

  • Siam
    Siam 2 years ago +1

    Where in London is this hotel?

    • Twin V Kim Anshyung
      Twin V Kim Anshyung Year ago

      Siam is that means 2000 money in my country but still cheap

    • Siam
      Siam 2 years ago +2

      OmarOmarOmar I can't believe thats only £30

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  2 years ago

      Tower Bridge man :)

  • radiomoths
    radiomoths 2 years ago +3

    I'm all about these small spaces. Looks rad.

  • Mihrab chowdhury
    Mihrab chowdhury 2 years ago +29

    That hotel room is small but dope!

    • Wayne Thomson
      Wayne Thomson 9 months ago

      WTF how can a hotel room be drugs? don't make sense dude

    • Amin
      Amin Year ago

      OmarOmarOmar bro can u send me the link

    • Sydney Coppi
      Sydney Coppi Year ago

      So how do you feel?
      But I think is nice :3

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  2 years ago +5

      It's very small but in a very cosy way man. It was very comfortable and we loved it a lot!

  • LMJNG '99
    LMJNG '99 2 years ago +3


    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar  2 years ago +3

      YOU'RE DANK! AND WELCOME BACK!!! Been wondering where on earth u've been!