Prokofiev - Cantate "Zdravitsa" (1939) avec paroles sous-titrées en français

  • Опубликовано: 15 апр 2012
  • Ce document filmé, qui montre Guennady Rozhdestvensky dirigeant la version originale de "Zdravitsa" Op. 85 à Moscou en juin 2002, figurait déjà sur RU-clip mais sans sous-titres. Pour les mélomanes francophones ne comprenant pas le russe, j'ai donc pensé utile de le montrer à nouveau, les paroles étant sous-titrées en français.

    Oeuvre de commande, composée par Prokofiev en 1939 à l'occasion du 60ème anniversaire de Staline sur des paroles "inspirées au peuple par son amour pour son chef bien-aimé" (!), cette cantate est néanmoins d'une grande beauté lyrique.
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  • Gustav Alvar
    Gustav Alvar 9 месяцев назад

    No dejo de conmoverme al escuchar esta maravillosa obra. Respecto a esta interpretación, creo que le hacen falta algunos ajustes que el maestro Rozhdestvensky sabrá implementarlos en la versión definitiva.

  • Елисей Сигизмундов

    The figure of Stalin is disputable but it is undisputably great. He "accepted the country with a plough and left it with a cosmic rocket". USSR was a very optimistic and humanistic country, anyway far better than today's money-dominated "democracies" where you'll find no true democracy but only lies, lies, lies. The Prokofiev's Zdravitsa is full of paradoxes but it is indisputably beautiful. There is such a great background optimism in it... Since I've heard it for the first time several years ago, I keep counting it the best music ever written by humans.

  • Елисей Сигизмундов


  • Rachel Allen
    Rachel Allen 2 года назад

    Love how gennady conducts

  • Леонид Бейзерман
    Леонид Бейзерман 3 года назад

    Как это понимать? Прокофьев мог написять это за пайку красной икры, но как сейчас такое можно исполнять?

  • EchWel EchNiet
    EchWel EchNiet 3 года назад

    I want this played at my funeral, a promise to a better world.
    Gennadi is not directing (of course he is) but more reflecting to the wonderful creative soul that Sergey was :- his friend, you see it in his facial expressions.
    Thank you Sergey and Gennadi.

  • floorembden
    floorembden 4 года назад +2

    C'est une telle surprise de voir le merveilleux Rozhdestvensky sous un jour un peu moins officiel... Et de plus près, plus intime et d'autant plus émouvant, et toujours inspiré. (Musique et interprètes tout aussi merveilleux !)

  • Robert Greene
    Robert Greene 4 года назад +1

    One cannot help wondering if such beautiful music on this subject is not some sort of send up of a hidden sort. Amazing writing but the words are hard to take as even serious,

    • TheStockwell
      TheStockwell 3 года назад +3

      +Robert Greene Prokofiev wouldn't have risked a send-up being noticed. With the scrutiny given to Soviet music which needed to be read and approved before performance was allowed, Prokofiev wasn't in a position to compose an inside joke. His opera, "Semyon Kotko," had its premiere postponed when the director of the theatre was arrested. The director was 65-year-old Vsevolod Meyerhold. A month after his arrest, his actress wife was found stabbed to death in their apartment. Meyerhold, was executed eight months later.
      It was against this background that Prokofiev was invited to write this work, "Zdravitsa."
      So, I'm pretty sure Prokofiev felt he had to deliver the goods, no jokes allowed.

  • antonpetrovichkoch
    antonpetrovichkoch 4 года назад +3

    There are people who would genuinely say those words about Stalin. For many people he did bring warmth and light.

  • Cosi
    Cosi 4 года назад +5

    True masterpiece. I think this is my favorite work from this composer. Heard about it in a Richter interview. Best music on worst words ever. Et merci beaucoup pour la traduction :)

  • Andrey Savoskin
    Andrey Savoskin 4 года назад +1

    Лучшего правителя чем Сталин не было на земле.

  • drnickyp
    drnickyp 5 лет назад

    Beautiful music, expertly played - but i wonder how poor prokofiev felt about being compelled to write this?

  • Kostya Shundyak
    Kostya Shundyak 5 лет назад

    Rukovodstu ne ponravilos chto on govoril o staline za granitsej. I evo zastavili napisat eto k 60 letiju stalina. Koneschno prokofiev nikogda v zhizni ne napisal bi tokoe.

  • nbharakey
    nbharakey 5 лет назад

    I don't understand how could he write such a beautiful music for Stalin. Here is part of text: ... Я, пою, качая сына на своих руках: "Ты расти, как колосочек в синих васильках. Сталин будет первым словом на твоих губах. Ты поймешь, откуда льётся этот яркий свет. Ты в тетрадке нарисуешь Сталинский портрет. ... Ой, горит-играет солнце в светлых каплях рос. Этот свет, тепло и солнце Сталин нам принес. ...

    • Marc Parella
      Marc Parella Год назад +2

      Because in the late 30s, artists had an incentive to write and create works for Stalin... their lives.