Tech N9ne - N9NA - Official Animated Music Video

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Tech N9ne - N9NA
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    Hip Hop/Rap Animated Music Video | Strange Music
    Tech N9ne's album 'N9NA' -
    Produced By: Michael “Seven” Summers
    Video Directed By: Tristan Zammit
    Animated By: Ian Worthington, Alex Sarzosa, Jacob Towery
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  • christopher mora

    2:30 is atached to a desk😂

  • GoTree64
    GoTree64 3 days ago

    "What I hear out here is not stunnin.
    Sound like y'all disregard what Biggie and Pac brung in."

  • The Ultimate Blaze YT

    This man look like frozone

  • Adin Brett-Rite
    Adin Brett-Rite 4 days ago

    5 years ago I listened to fragile and I haven't stopped

  • Eli Robinson
    Eli Robinson 7 days ago

    If tech 9 gives people the power that he has does the people get to keep the power

  • Vernon Stuckey
    Vernon Stuckey 9 days ago +1


  • Mason Clancy
    Mason Clancy 10 days ago

    Boondocks shouldve been this

  • MaxUgly
    MaxUgly 12 days ago

    I want D.O.O.M. and tech!

  • Eli Robinson
    Eli Robinson 21 day ago +1

    If N9NA does not become one of the avengers then I am going to go crazy.

  •  26 days ago


  • Mellissa Dupree
    Mellissa Dupree 28 days ago

    Yeah n9ne should make a series I would so watch it 📽📡📺📈

  • Jax Man
    Jax Man Month ago

    "This country from the jump ain't nothing but terror mistake
    So I think that hat would've been a good thing if it said
    Make America great"
    I've had that thought since they first did that stupid "Make America Great Again" slogan.

  • David Laffea
    David Laffea Month ago

    Doesnt even have 1mil subs yet...damn 808k thats tough😭😭

  • anju puneet
    anju puneet Month ago

    I like it💯/💯

  • Maa'Quchii
    Maa'Quchii Month ago

    THOTS SUMMON...!!!!

    huh.. someone summon me..? 👀

    also.. "when i took my dick out the equation.. they stopped CUMMING.." 😂

    also the power to give people power to help themselves...?!
    best hero ever..

  • thekawaiiunicorn redpanda

    When I took my dick outta the equation they stopped cummin

  • Nicholas Henne
    Nicholas Henne Month ago

    Fuck Dax bring the real T9 back

  • The AIA
    The AIA Month ago

    He is underrated and overrated at the same time

  • tech killa24
    tech killa24 2 months ago

    N9NA vs Goku
    Be one hell of a battle

  • SP Bling Records
    SP Bling Records 2 months ago +1

    Coming after reading genius

  • william mitchell
    william mitchell 2 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • 111 222
    111 222 2 months ago +1

    Director: Today you will drow animated clip for TECH N9NE
    Mouth animators: Ok, Im leaving

  • CaVaN x
    CaVaN x 2 months ago

    Killz it. Dope as fuck

  • Gabriella Brunswick
    Gabriella Brunswick 2 months ago

    i love tech n9ne

  • Brandon Wheatley
    Brandon Wheatley 2 months ago

    That video was tuffffffas fuck

  • Cyus Ramsdell
    Cyus Ramsdell 2 months ago +1

    Gives me everready vibes

  • Aunie Pow
    Aunie Pow 2 months ago +2

    The part that starts at 1:50 gave me chills, god dang.

  • WDA Zeaphonflame
    WDA Zeaphonflame 2 months ago +1

    This song sounds fucking crazy in my headphones, this shit is amazing

  • Charles Van Orsdol
    Charles Van Orsdol 2 months ago

    This is insanely fire yo!

    GULLY GRINDHARD 3 months ago

    Tech helps those who help them selves

  • Triple-D26
    Triple-D26 3 months ago

    Isn't that the Iron Fist symbol on his chest?

  • Abagail Le Cross
    Abagail Le Cross 3 months ago

    Otherwise I don't know if you are pissed and just stalking or not.

  • Brothers KEEPER
    Brothers KEEPER 3 months ago

    Michael “Seven” Summers "IS ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED PRODUCERS OF ALL THE TIME" but how can he can be underrated when he work with the THE BEST RAPPER MC OF ALL THE TIMES, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeee mad luv from #KOSOVO

    • jxddjcjchbjlxbxhs ixjshduxjshsv
      jxddjcjchbjlxbxhs ixjshduxjshsv 3 months ago +1

      I don't really get what your trying to say. Underrated refers more to the majority of people thinking he's worse than he actually is. Just because he works with the greats doesn't mean he isn't underrated. Joyner Lucas has gotten shout outs from eminem and has down songs with Chris brown and other big people and he is still considered underrated by people.

  • Steve Theguy
    Steve Theguy 3 months ago +1

    I would watch tf out of this cartoon. Looks badass!

  • travis Scott
    travis Scott 3 months ago


  • Calcaware
    Calcaware 3 months ago +1

    You gotta rock those shades onstage.

  • Calcaware
    Calcaware 3 months ago

    References through the roof!

  • Chris Romero
    Chris Romero 3 months ago

    I love animated shit.....twiztid did one too,it was cool..... DO MORE........... DO MORE.........FUCKING ASSHOLES....... DIE MORE........FUCK YOU TECH......HAHAHHAHAAHHA....... FUCK YOU TECH 9........HAHAHAHAHAH..... LOVE YOU COWERED...... YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE....HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH.... I'M LOCO......EAT A DICK...... LOVE THIS SHIT......BUSTA

  • giggity gobbler
    giggity gobbler 3 months ago +1

    Lol ok I can dig it

  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname 3 months ago +1


  • Stigma Awareness
    Stigma Awareness 4 months ago


  • JeffE GumGumPirareKing
    JeffE GumGumPirareKing 4 months ago

    His power, (aside from his inhuman, talent of melting every microphone he touches. is the people. As is any music business professional..
    That being obvious enough,
    I believe a visual like this one. Really, sells the Ideas.
    From the start.
    for example, from the words they put out.
    The concept alone is just so amazing..
    Because, matching a word, with an action.
    Is litterally, like the Missouri show me equivalent.
    Ya see what I’m saying.
    I mean sure any person can create a “music video” but to draw everything?..
    So what am I saying, well since mr, N9NA is a, flow delivering, god amongst us.
    His words, just carry meaning from the start, but they really aren’t hopeless regardless of the video, not even close actually.
    once he gives the visual though. It’s connecting certain dots for a viewer like myself. And I didn’t see any comments quite like this, not did I care to look. But
    I love art, I always have.
    (it’s the only thing that gives my life purpose anymore it seem, the perfect outlet to free yourself and create meaning.
    This video I just keep coming back to overtime.
    Just over and over agin it inspires me.
    And I’m nkt easily driven.. but easily distracted.
    Creating, in the process.
    a “super strong” breakthrough, the tip of the iceberg if you will.
    I so do, hope to see more of these inspirational videos in the near or even distant future.
    A performance- for the viewers to take from. Give there time for. Is hard work m.
    For an artist of many types, I get that this aesthetic is really important.
    But it’s hard to capture the story this tells, (not that you guys didn’t)this is everything about music, to me! The story.
    I want to accomplish. The music. The story. The video phenomenal as Eminem would put it in one of his songs.
    I have never looked into writing a letter to this established organization. But I do hope you check up on your news feeds, I don’t really leave messages often. So I’m going all out here in the moment. Could care less if others dislike the length of my comment. But hey if it’s a one ina million shot to reach and speak to a respected individual .(why not ya know) no matter who doubts this.
    die hard supporter. Right here.
    Keep growing man. You will regardless, that’s just who you are..
    And I know loss is hard, I’ve been barreling that demon my whole life. It’s a plague to this world,. We all have a time.
    So make the planet you invasion, the most magnificent masterpiece.
    Just keep growing.. -respect from a distance, my sir imma witness, as an artist, a dream of the business. I wish you good luck on your mission.
    And, Every song of yours that I witness, helps my life with decisions.
    My mentality is viscous, the world is so ruthless, dangerous, yet beautiful.

  • Birdy489
    Birdy489 4 months ago

    why is everyone here black

  • I xNo- Way I __
    I xNo- Way I __ 4 months ago +1

    Who make this sick beats it

  • VonDrago Anthromalithon

    Tech n9ne has a meaning for this song and video. He empowers everyone with his voice and he’s a hero to some for helping them through tough times.

  • Charles Alexander
    Charles Alexander 4 months ago

    My boy aaron put trump on blast doe

  • Reix
    Reix 4 months ago

    Tech nine is so Young And old at the same time I luv it

  • ZpyrOThaDragO 1593
    ZpyrOThaDragO 1593 4 months ago +1

    Super N9ne!!

  • Z1amShh ___
    Z1amShh ___ 4 months ago

    Id jump off a bridge if it meant id get that beard

  • cindra goodwin
    cindra goodwin 4 months ago

    What I hear out here is not stunnin'
    Sound like y'all disregarded what Biggie and Pac brung in
    But me, I been rippin' shows, havin' the thots summoned

  • Night Chicken
    Night Chicken 4 months ago

    I seen that a rapper going as tech 9 died i have never went into tears so fast at the time complete utter disbelief

  • Kevin Meek
    Kevin Meek 5 months ago

    Amazing artist

  • lennon raymonda
    lennon raymonda 5 months ago

    Tech. MAG

  • paul dosher
    paul dosher 5 months ago

    His flows are ridiculous and he needs to come out with a part 2 because this video is dope as shit let alone his music is the best pumping music for the gym. NO CAN TOP HIM KC GREATEST!!!!!!!!!

    JMEJNOVOTNEY 5 months ago +1


  • Red.Falcon97
    Red.Falcon97 5 months ago +5

    I love the references to Superman, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four. Who else spotted those?

  • xKing DEUS
    xKing DEUS 5 months ago

    Teen Titans -go- vibe anyone?

  • ThisIsDK
    ThisIsDK 5 months ago

    animation is so fucking expensive. This not even as fancy as it can get and I can feel my pockets not competing with getting this funded

  • Demir Tekin Baytekin
    Demir Tekin Baytekin 5 months ago

    I love this music video. 😉👍

  • Michelle Moseley
    Michelle Moseley 5 months ago