Vocal Coach reacts to Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) Hallowed Be Thy Name

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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    Vocal Coach reaction to Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) Hallowed Be Thy Name
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  • Jeralme Cuevas
    Jeralme Cuevas 23 hours ago

    you should listen 2, "Blood Red Skies" by: Judas Priest if you like this song

    • Jeralme Cuevas
      Jeralme Cuevas 23 hours ago

      i love Iron Maiden by the way my favorite heavy metal band!!

  • Thomas Collignon

    If you like Bruce Dickson's voice monologue then check out king diamond's

  • thesuminidon
    thesuminidon Day ago

    would like to see you reacting to tears of the dragons - bruce dickinson and cradle of filth - nymphetamine fix, it would be cool.

  • doctor creepy
    doctor creepy Day ago

    The man is a wizard. Jet pilot, Sword fighter, absolutely a legend.

  • Pansern77 Panz
    Pansern77 Panz Day ago

    i sense beth is gonna be a metalhead :)

  • Yash Raut
    Yash Raut Day ago +1

    Just listen to that guitar solo already! She's speaking the very full time on that solo!

  • ilkin engin
    ilkin engin Day ago

    You know a band has achieved legend status, when they're live, better than studio!!!!!

  • Gary Rhodes
    Gary Rhodes Day ago

    Music from my youth😎😊👍 you're channel is now in my top five👍👍😎😎🌞🌞 that's cool 😎 because I usually don't like shit LOL 👍🙏♿♿👍👍👍

  • McFly Boarder
    McFly Boarder Day ago

    “Great players”, honey, you have no idea 😎

  • Phil Kühn
    Phil Kühn Day ago

    If you want to get into metal, check Blind Guardian. Their singer hits every single note. One of the best live singers in metal in my opinion: ru-clip.com/video/Zklqr1xj32Q/video.html

  • nykäne
    nykäne Day ago

    Bruce "Air-raid Siren" Dickinson

  • Brody Darnell
    Brody Darnell 2 days ago

    Video doesn't do Bruce justice

  • Bernhard Jordan
    Bernhard Jordan 2 days ago

    So Irish, so cute. I'd marry you in a heart beat.

  • Miduartt
    Miduartt 2 days ago

    btw, if u like long keeping of breath check Pyramaze - Power of Imagination

  • Miduartt
    Miduartt 2 days ago

    do cover of this song

  • Freedom2Noise
    Freedom2Noise 2 days ago

    Steve Harris makes his singers work for it with many words.

  • Sumo's Projects
    Sumo's Projects 2 days ago

    Up the Irons & long live the Bruce 💪💪💪🤘🤘🤘

  • Corndog
    Corndog 3 days ago

    and remember this is a live show, not in a studio....

  • TheWarriorPatriot
    TheWarriorPatriot 3 days ago

    He is a classically trained operatic singer. She doesn't realize that.

  • masshole508
    masshole508 3 days ago

    Please react to queensryche the lady wore black live in Tokyo.

  • Reel Heel
    Reel Heel 3 days ago

    10:56 metal translation: FUCKIN A!!!

  • Christopher Thurman
    Christopher Thurman 3 days ago

    Yes, enjoyed. You're hot.

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald 3 days ago

    What kind of headphones do you use?

  • jasen jacobs
    jasen jacobs 3 days ago

    Man I wish she'd try Tom Waits.

  • vag pap
    vag pap 3 days ago

    i watch videos like these only to see the innocence on coaches'' eyes,Am I a pervert? XD

  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago

    Breath control became much more impressive when Bruce running on stage from one side to anothe and climb on decorations with his 55+ (when I saw it last time) age.

  • Bob Robins
    Bob Robins 3 days ago

    You're spot on about the drums btw Clive burr died of ms one of the best drummers ever. R.I.P.

  • frank jennings
    frank jennings 3 days ago

    Seen Iron Maiden Jan. 4th 1985..
    My first concert..
    Will never forget hearing Bruce Dickinson live..

  • Sandy S
    Sandy S 3 days ago

    This is the cream of the crop in Metal ..I feel metal is underrated. They write their own songs and it's all about the live performance

  • Souranil
    Souranil 3 days ago

    Bruce Dickinson is a pilot, an author, a broadcaster, and an entrepreneur apart from a legendary vocalist. Respect for this man!

  • Hegemon59
    Hegemon59 3 days ago

    One of the best heavy metal vocalists and a pilot, what not to like about Bruce. Oh, and he is not arrogant! \m/\m/

  • unknown1
    unknown1 3 days ago

    Why is a kid talking about the way he sings? HE should be instructing her...He's the greatest!!!

  • MrBittlej
    MrBittlej 4 days ago

    Two best singers I've ever heard live are Sting, and Bruce Dickinson. Both sound so similar to their recorded voice it is amazing.

  • Jeremy Leik
    Jeremy Leik 4 days ago

    You're really getting into maiden. Snag some earbuds and give in to the temptation to do some headbanging!

  • Fatal Exception
    Fatal Exception 4 days ago

    RIP Clive Burr on drums.

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton 4 days ago

    Love the way she keeps saying wow sh3 knows her stuff

  • Guilherme Gobbo
    Guilherme Gobbo 4 days ago

    React Ghost of the navigator live rock in rio. iron maidem. Please!!

  • motor bear
    motor bear 4 days ago

    Clive Burr. RIp. Legend.

  • J TT
    J TT 4 days ago +1

    Didn’t you upload the clansman very recently or was it just in my dreams? Can’t find it now.

  • Lks Dm
    Lks Dm 4 days ago

    react sebastian bach

  • Wayne Drysdale
    Wayne Drysdale 4 days ago

    I stopped listening to what she was saying paying attention to the song of course they know what they are doing they're such a well put together band the suit fits n that's why they are millionaires n she's talking on RU-clip

  • The Chad
    The Chad 4 days ago

    This is what happens when you take classical opera as a child but are a rockstar on the inside

  • J T 1
    J T 1 5 days ago

    !!!!!! MAIDEN !!!!!!

  • Willyan Ribeiro Reis

    what you think about that :ru-clip.com/video/sNh-iw7gsuI/video.html

  • Gon Ferrer
    Gon Ferrer 5 days ago

    Does the like goes for you or for Iron Maiden ?

  • Jose Ignacio Catalan

    goosebumps !!!

  • Random Undead
    Random Undead 5 days ago

    Oh hey Beth I love the intro

  • Berke Sancak
    Berke Sancak 5 days ago

    His nickname is "air raid siren"

  • Anwar Ramlan
    Anwar Ramlan 5 days ago

    holy shit.. goosebumps!

  • Dave Mick
    Dave Mick 6 days ago

    You need some Judas Priest in your life.

  • DrFuNK
    DrFuNK 6 days ago +1

    You're just delightful and you're breaking down one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time.
    So many bands past and present have adopted sound from Maiden whether they realize it or not.

  • Dean Kaplan
    Dean Kaplan 6 days ago

    Fascinating to hear my favourite Metal song of all time broken down like this, thank you ❤️

  • Carlos Urzúa
    Carlos Urzúa 6 days ago

    The Freddy Mercury of heavy metal

  • Stefan Hoffmann
    Stefan Hoffmann 6 days ago

    A vocal coach that hasn't heard Bruce Dickinson before?????? You've been missing out girl.

  • M Banton
    M Banton 6 days ago

    Bruce was scary back in the day. Bruce is scary today. I remember the washed up stern and sharon going,"Bruce who?" A few years ago. Bruce Fucking Dickinson you nasty old trout. The best five ever and I can't rank anyone ahead of the other but for range and spine chilling pipes across all tastes that could rip the skin off of a crocodile, Elvis, Freddie, Bruce, Perry & Janis.

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 6 days ago

    please react to RATA BLANCA

  • Pelle Lindbergh
    Pelle Lindbergh 6 days ago

    If I remember correctly, Bruce Dickinson was trained in opera. All of the band members are highly skilled musicians. Their music is amazing and what I've always loved about Dickinson is that you can hear exactly what he's saying and he tells you a compelling story.

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence 7 days ago

    That was sweet got you banging your head iron maiden's awesome

  • James Gardner
    James Gardner 7 days ago

    Beth, have you heard ru-clip.com/video/sPxUJzJOhbo/video.html ? Same song, 36 years later, and after the singer had throat cancer.

  • Jim Theodorou
    Jim Theodorou 7 days ago

    Who cares we have JZ and Justin Bieber now. Much more success much more impact... Right? ahhaahah
    Guys Sorry to say this but since music became a "woman's thing" .... it went to downhill...
    Yes i know back in the day we could not get laid as easily so we had more time to explore other passions and music was one of them. Times have changed.
    Pink Floyd
    Iron Maiden
    Led Zepelin
    Black Sabbath
    To name a few that come to mind among tenths other greats have been sacrificed on the Justine Bieber alikes altar.

  • Biker al peo
    Biker al peo 7 days ago

    Quedo la caga en el nacional de Chile con ese temazo de Iron Maiden

  • atislav
    atislav 7 days ago

    and she has no idea that he's a commercial pilot :)))

  • It's all Good man!
    It's all Good man! 8 days ago

    these guys are real musicians

  • Harley Pieffle
    Harley Pieffle 8 days ago

    Mind you, Bruce survived through cancer

  • Nikos Grigoriadis
    Nikos Grigoriadis 8 days ago

    My poor girl you've just listen one of 10 best songs ever written!!

  • AlanKey86
    AlanKey86 8 days ago

    Just watched the James LaBrie one before this and when Beth says "He's got such good diction" I thought "Yes! SOOOOOOOO much better than LaBrie"

  • Erin Chapman
    Erin Chapman 8 days ago

    Please watch and review Chris Cornell from Sirius studio doing princes , nothing compares to you. I believe that Cornell and Maynard from tool are the two best male vocalist
    Of my generation. Please make a video reviewing this performance

  • Anupam Alok
    Anupam Alok 8 days ago

    I enjoyed the video

    WOLFHEART. 8 days ago

    Iron Maiden ladies and gentlemen! 🤘😁

  • Andrés Miranda
    Andrés Miranda 8 days ago

    Love it Beth! great stuff.
    If I may send you a great band/song, please take a look at:
    Dark Tranquillity - Insanity's Crescendo


    Have a great day!

  • Bleno Junior
    Bleno Junior 8 days ago

    60 years Old

  • Nando B
    Nando B 9 days ago

    Thumbs up for The Beast then.....

  • Nando B
    Nando B 9 days ago

    Yap, this guy can sing....and the band is good too....I think they have some future....

    • Nando B
      Nando B 6 days ago

      +bingo warface I was using irony champ.....

    • bingo warface
      bingo warface 7 days ago

      Future??? Yes, 40 years

  • João Victor Pacífico

    Everything in this song is perfect! There are not many Iron Maiden songs I like, but that one is a masterpiece.

  • devon nicholson
    devon nicholson 9 days ago

    You need to hear tool pushit live saliva version

  • Hugo B.
    Hugo B. 9 days ago

    first time you heard hallowed be thy name? and you teach people how to sing?hmmmm....

  • Bone idol
    Bone idol 9 days ago

    7.42 the birth of a head-banger.

  • Banana
    Banana 9 days ago

    more importantly, don't talk when it comes to the solos ;)

  • Mick Hoving
    Mick Hoving 9 days ago

    Yep Bruce Dickinson has a voice of an angry angel, heavenly. Excellent video!!!

  • nomak
    nomak 9 days ago

    Pearl Jam - Jeremy - unplugged please.

  • posting id
    posting id 10 days ago

    Bruce Dickinson is FK'n awesome! He's had no formal vocal training, either. I've been following them from the early 80s and have seen them at around 15 times in my life. Up the irons!!!

    • posting id
      posting id 6 days ago

      +1991ClarkJames I saw him interviewed back in the early 80s and he stated that he's had no formal vocal training. He might have had some later in life, but I know what I saw and heard in that 1983 interview.

    • 1991ClarkJames
      1991ClarkJames 7 days ago

      I highly, highly doubt that. In fact I specifically remember reading somewhere he had to take advice on how to adapt the song "The Book of Souls" for their live set as he was struggling to hit some notes in the first leg of the tour.

  • VanDerLubbe
    VanDerLubbe 10 days ago

    Needs more Cowbell!

  • kevin brooks
    kevin brooks 10 days ago

    Its maiden! You can't get better a better singer! Someone orgasmed through the entire song!

  • Segev Krespi
    Segev Krespi 10 days ago

    10:36 nice orgazm face jajaja

  • orbithesun1
    orbithesun1 10 days ago

    Stop interrupting the master! lol

  • Der Altenbacher
    Der Altenbacher 10 days ago

    ru-clip.com/video/FjV8SHjHvHk/video.html Greetings from Germany... Michael Kiske is the Godfather in Germany, to sing like Bruce since 1987

  • Isabelle Davis
    Isabelle Davis 10 days ago

    not impressed

  • Roman Bobbin
    Roman Bobbin 10 days ago

    Could you speak american english, so I can understand.

  • Dustin Ripley
    Dustin Ripley 10 days ago +1

    Do some Heart - Barracuda

  • Moreno A. Hassem
    Moreno A. Hassem 11 days ago

    7:21 There right there. That's what heavy metal does for you.

  • mike hawkins
    mike hawkins 11 days ago

    Omg shut up and play it. Leaving

  • Gabriel Infante
    Gabriel Infante 11 days ago

    Up the irons!!!!

  • VexomNight
    VexomNight 11 days ago +1

    this band makes every other band look bleh
    Also, King Diamond next please LOL

  • jordannew thomas
    jordannew thomas 11 days ago

    Dear madam you should listen to more bruce has far better performances this wasn't even the best version of hallowed be they name he's done. Also may I say I am so happy you didn't skip around the video you took in the whole thing kudos, this band was my childhood and I could not help but rock out during this.

  • lulosequeira
    lulosequeira 11 days ago

    10:35 I identified myself so much with her face right there.

  • Scott Griffith
    Scott Griffith 11 days ago

    Plz react to the new Whitechapel song called when a demon defiles a witch

  • Κυριάκος Χαλκόπουλος

    All your videos are great :)

  • Ron Cosby
    Ron Cosby 11 days ago

    In the 80s and 90s I was lead singer In a rock metal band. I've never done anything in my life that was so physically exhausting as the iron maiden and gnr songs and at the same time not completely tearing your vocal chords apart almost nightly.

  • EJ Vymer
    EJ Vymer 11 days ago

    Duh Their on point, their only the greatest band EVER!!!!

  • Badlin84
    Badlin84 12 days ago

    I could look at her beautiful face for the rest of my life.