Vocal Coach reacts to Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) Hallowed Be Thy Name

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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    Vocal Coach reaction to Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) Hallowed Be Thy Name
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Comments • 6 554

  • Andrew Osborn
    Andrew Osborn 9 hours ago

    Did anyone else want to shout "scream for me Long Beach, SCREAM for me Long Beach!"?

  • Gerardo Valdez
    Gerardo Valdez 11 hours ago

    I think I've been overrateing Slash for years after watching this video.

  • Carlos Gallegos
    Carlos Gallegos 14 hours ago

    Omg i love you so much.

  • Jose Anthony Quintero
    Jose Anthony Quintero 21 hour ago

    Beth, I love your reaction videos but, please never never ever interrupt a guitar solo... our souls ache when that happens lol

  • maquillatefacil
    maquillatefacil Day ago

    try wirh stratovarius...father time of any other...timo kotipelto is a great singer..hugga

  • Martin Schmidt
    Martin Schmidt 2 days ago

    if you want to see a good aging voice listen to him now... they look half dead but man they still Rock... incredible

  • ktehmok
    ktehmok 3 days ago +1

    Watching a Maiden fan born before your eyes: Priceless.

  • Mark Henry
    Mark Henry 4 days ago

    😁 bloody good init😚

  • Phil Escarrega
    Phil Escarrega 4 days ago


  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 4 days ago

    React on Manowar

  • David Orvik
    David Orvik 4 days ago +2

    High for a guy ?!
    Rob Halford - Judas Priest - Pain killer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Prentiss
    Matthew Prentiss 5 days ago

    I could watch those guys and her expressions and reactions all day.

  • Lionheart352
    Lionheart352 5 days ago

    “Lovey vibrato”
    Honestly it starts to get a bit old since he abuses it in like every song

  • Mehta Kya Kehta?
    Mehta Kya Kehta? 5 days ago

    If she could STFU for a bit and listen to bigger parts instead of analysing each and everything. We're the fans, we know what Bruce Dickinson is doing. The entire point of this exercise is to blow you away.

  • tripathigaurav
    tripathigaurav 6 days ago

    @7:25, "it's like an anthem"... No lady, it IS an anthem! Up the irons \m/

  • Mardenski P
    Mardenski P 6 days ago

    Bruce 'Air Raid Siren' Dickinson best metal vocalist ever (and yes I love Rob Halford)

  • Zarraf Rahman
    Zarraf Rahman 7 days ago


  • Amir S.
    Amir S. 7 days ago

    @ Runi, relax yeah? Roars, I absolutely love that you did a Maiden tune & specially this one! From US of A with many thanks!!!

  • HrSookoll
    HrSookoll 7 days ago

    Love you Beth, please more Roars!

    HARRIS COMMANDER 7 days ago

    Bombastic Best!!!!

  • embarkingolive
    embarkingolive 7 days ago

    You need to listen to Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden. If you thought this was impressive. Just wait.

  • stéphane A
    stéphane A 7 days ago

    Stop complaining about her stopping the video, she's talking about the vocals. Go listen to the song without commentary, you idiots. The way this woman speaks about vocals is just amazing.

  • Michel Visser
    Michel Visser 7 days ago

    he still is the only human airraid siren ;)

  • Christopher Sollano
    Christopher Sollano 7 days ago

    Your beautiful. The way you are. God bless to your husband amd family.

  • Rudyard Kipling
    Rudyard Kipling 7 days ago

    Do you know what is really really odd, the best guitar players never took a lesson, and the best singers never took a lesson the greatest are always natural talent.

  • Michel Alcantara
    Michel Alcantara 8 days ago +2

    He did the same thing like 7 days ago RIR 2019 - LOVE

    • Moredhel83
      Moredhel83 6 days ago

      I saw that show live on facebook, was awesome! And I'm also very glad that Bruce has long(er) hair again :D

    • Fernanda 🐱
      Fernanda 🐱 6 days ago +1

      I saw the vid and I got so damn excited!!!! Monday and Tuesday I'll be seeing them here in Chile

  • sam phi
    sam phi 8 days ago

    Bruce was given an honorary degree by the uni he quit to go sing. That is after 35 years, tens of millions of album sales and more real success than any of their actual graduates could ever dream of. Maiden was already really good before Bruce, he came and put the icing on the cake and made IM into a band that was even greater than its excellent individual sum of those parts. A real band that did it the real way from grass roots. No thanks to the press and radio who ignored or rubbished them. I'll bet POTUS 45 is a fan for that reason alone.

  • BadassRandomness
    BadassRandomness 8 days ago

    I was waiting for "Sream for me, (city)! Scream for me!"

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 8 days ago

    You should listen to Rime of the Ancient Marnier on Power Slave LP

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 8 days ago +1

    Believe Bruce was a opera trained singer growing up, don't remember if it was on his bio or just a rumour of the eighties. Seen them several times...

  • Rodolfo Alvim
    Rodolfo Alvim 8 days ago

    you should get a recent performance and compare... because is too much different and as much as great...

  • QsA Atomic
    QsA Atomic 9 days ago

    Bruce Dickinson, a perfect mix of theatrics and pure vocal skill. He isn't just a good voice, he knows how to make the songs come to life. Stuff like Hallowed be thy name, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Empire of the Clouds, and other more story songs (as I call them) really emphasise just how good Bruce is at depicting them vividly.

  • MrPanji9
    MrPanji9 9 days ago

    She thought it's just Loooooow, but it's LooooooooooOOOOOOOOOW

  • J Nava
    J Nava 9 days ago

    Beth, I love your sweet and tender voice, greetings from Mexico!

  • JakeIsWayBlack
    JakeIsWayBlack 9 days ago +5

    I wanna see Beth react to Ryme of the Ancient Mariner, especially that crazy scream "..comes the RAAAAAIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!"

  • Κωνσταντίνος Παυλόπουλος

    just the perfect band in the world!!

  • Miguel Alvarado
    Miguel Alvarado 9 days ago

    Wow! I'm so glad that you've just met Iron Maiden, you know, that guy is one of my favorite Frontman of all times, not only for his Powerful Voice and the control of it but for his own persona and he is an Amazing Storyteller as well. I've seen those guys several times, last one was on past july in Brooklyn and I tell you this, He's Still Singing Like That! Considering his age of course it's Awesome! You must attend a concert of them. You're gonna love it! They're all Amazing Musicians! And you are gonna love the theatricality of their show. This song it's my Favorite of Heavy Metal genre but there's a lot of good songs of Iron Maiden, and a lot of concerts of them that I can suggest you, but try to react this one: Run to The Hills Live at Donington! I hope you can read this! See you Gorgeous!!!! #UpTheIrons

  • craig t
    craig t 10 days ago

    Still gives me chills.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 11 days ago

    God your so so hot!!!!!

  • Sai Pranav
    Sai Pranav 12 days ago +2

    He has a PhD in music

  • N. H. Moreno
    N. H. Moreno 12 days ago

    You are awesome for covering this BETH!!!
    I was hoping to see THE SENTINEL by JUDAS PRIEST....back when Heavy Metal singers had to practice HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of takes, lest they waste precious recording time and money!
    Maybe, if I PATREON you some funds, you will CRITIQUE a live version with a provided link to the LIVE song?

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle 12 days ago

    What bands was Bruce in before iron maiden, because his personal background isn't the same as some of the other bloke's.....one of the many things is that he was good enough to be in the British fencing team...(jokes ready guys)..

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle 12 days ago

    Gone from listening to u.f.o to this ohh Judas priest in the middle....

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle 12 days ago

    When crowds would headbang,airdrum and air guitar.....

  • John Radz
    John Radz 13 days ago +3

    Bruce is the BEST! Up the Irons!

  • I love Paella USA
    I love Paella USA 14 days ago

    Listen to José Andréa from Mago de Oz
    Listen to poltergeist 2002 album live

  • Alastair Archibald
    Alastair Archibald 19 days ago +5

    When I was lead singer and guitarist in a metal band, I took a lot of tips from Bruce, such as what I call "falling off the note", and swelling into vibrato.

  • Nykterion_667
    Nykterion_667 20 days ago +1

    Too many interruptions.. you must LISTEN to the guitar solo before you say it’s great for fuck sake lol, HOWEVER, it’s obvious that you’re good and you know what you’re talking about (vocals) AND you’re so f@cking cute so.. I subscribe! :))

    • Beth Roars
      Beth Roars  20 days ago

      Well I’ll be talking on all of them...

  • Tflight2
    Tflight2 20 days ago

    Gotta react to the video and meaning, then the vocal details, would make it much more interesting 👍🏽
    Edit: Nvm you’re a vocal coach, why wouldn’t you be talking about the vocals through out the video🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rangi Namana
    Rangi Namana 21 day ago

    Clive Burr! STURDY as F*ck! RIP.

  • Sutekh 23
    Sutekh 23 21 day ago

    Up the Irons's, nuff said.

  • Steve Quinn
    Steve Quinn 21 day ago


  • Jorge Antonio de Oliveira Pinto

    Nice - I suggest Renaissance - Can You Understand - 5/21/1976 - Capitol Theatre (Official) ru-clip.com/video/3GflblLNM5k/video.html

  • fher meneses
    fher meneses 22 days ago +1

    It is very annoying to interrupt the song. I do not think you have singing lessons for the best voice of the metal. Mr. bruce dickinson ... Listen to the song then please do not interrupt you think.... 😠😠😠😡😡😡😡

  • Dominic Lorenzo
    Dominic Lorenzo 22 days ago +3

    Our vocal coach is so pretty. 😊
    PS: Bruce Dickinson has one of the best voices in history. 😊

  • Daniel Son
    Daniel Son 23 days ago

    Dragonforce is my favourite band. But this is my favourite song. His lyrics tell such an awesome story. Poetry in metal.

  • Bradam
    Bradam 23 days ago

    Let me hear the goddamn solo then

  • diazs achlan
    diazs achlan 24 days ago

    You're cute..

  • curt mcguire
    curt mcguire 25 days ago

    30 years and bruce dickinson still impresses me

  • Gary Moore Jr.
    Gary Moore Jr. 25 days ago

    You're cute