Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire, live stream

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • The historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has caught fire. Follow for live updates:
    Authorities have not yet released the cause of the fire or any further information as to how the fight to suppress the flames has progressed. The fire may potentially involve renovation works being carried out at the site, the fire service said.
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  • smuel7
    smuel7 Day ago


  • K. S.
    K. S. 3 days ago

    It's just a building... Just material stuff. So what? Did someone die? No? Go on with live, then, stop crying...

  • Alvin Enyi
    Alvin Enyi 4 days ago

    Damn, my boi Quasimodo went a bit overboard don't you think?

  • FaceAche
    FaceAche 4 days ago +1

    Man this brokes my heart and Im not even frenchπŸ˜“

  • Allsek
    Allsek 4 days ago


  • Shantelle Grant
    Shantelle Grant 4 days ago

    lightning sstrikes are so cool not that nopt hta tnothtast

  • Shantelle Grant
    Shantelle Grant 4 days ago

    i dont have tikme for this


  • wuraola olagunju
    wuraola olagunju 5 days ago +2

    It was the gypsy girl, the witch who set the flame
    - Judge Claude Frollo

  • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

    Burn, Baby, Burn!!!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ’’πŸ”₯

    • Anders Breivik
      Anders Breivik 6 days ago

      Open your soul to Stargaze. Hear sounds of Eternitys Gate. World is yours!

  • Alice2035
    Alice2035 7 days ago

    Enter Angel Police: escorted by Joan of Arc, Cue dramatic music... and Lucifer getting yelled at, by St. Michael...

  • Pri winchester.
    Pri winchester. 8 days ago

    Queria que ela queimasse por inteira, sem ferir ninguΓ©m.
    Catedral satΓ’nica!!!

  • Patchouli von Darnassus

    the organ and the windows are ok

  • Zarko Djelevic
    Zarko Djelevic 8 days ago

    Deneris why?

  • StingerGamer
    StingerGamer 10 days ago

    Don't mess with Minister Frollo

    HATCHBACK 11 days ago

    daaaame mb i dropped my mixtape

  • Nika Keresa
    Nika Keresa 13 days ago +3

    Guys Watch "I Pet Goat 2" You Will Be Shocked.(it has so many predictions) It Was made in 2012

    SKOVERSK 14 days ago

    Wrong country won the war :)

  • Truth-Rationale Scientist

    Ladybug can't use her licky charm to save this.

  • Zwierzaczek AG
    Zwierzaczek AG 15 days ago +2


  • Aurora District
    Aurora District 15 days ago

    It would’ve been amazing if the bells were playing as the smoke billowed out in a blaze of glory with a foggy backdrop...

    Sorry, I’m a bit of an idealist...

  • Bob Motster
    Bob Motster 16 days ago +5

    The roof should be rebuilt using modern high tensile aluminium alloys and thermoreflective ceramics.
    The visual appearance may be as it was before, but not the material composition.
    Please do not cut trees that are hundreds of years old just to make another flammable roof!

    BRUGAR 16 days ago

    *Smiles in Varg Vikernes*

  • Raresch Orban
    Raresch Orban 18 days ago

    Only Romania doesn't care. :)))

  • A Guy In Love
    A Guy In Love 18 days ago +8

    Notre dame: *burns down*
    Parthenon: *laughs in marble*

  • Robert Evras
    Robert Evras 19 days ago

    I have respect for Each individual person, however.... Worshiping things or places is Idolatry. The destruction of a historical place is sad no mater the cause. But as true Christians we must keep in focus that we worship God & not supposed relics or buildings. None of those things are needed. Christ paid it ALL, so we could have a direct relationship in a saved state. If only each person will accept him, repent from his sin, and follow where he leads us. I am finding that the more I submit to our Father, the more amazing my life becomes. His purpose or me is so much better than my sinfulness. I hate to see these kind of actions in people who profess Christian faith. Kissing a β€œcrown” is not how we are told in the Bible to worship.

  • the man
    the man 19 days ago


  • Nadia Pautonnier
    Nadia Pautonnier 19 days ago

    Merci d'avoir fait plus de 4 h pour ELLE.

  • kreyton76
    kreyton76 19 days ago

    illuminati will destroy christianity soon

  • Wahrheitsrebell
    Wahrheitsrebell 20 days ago

    Yellow Smog by woodfire???????????? Its chemicl

  • Ghanashaym Raval
    Ghanashaym Raval 20 days ago


  • Xploit_Paradox
    Xploit_Paradox 20 days ago

    Spending all this money to fix a religious building when they could use it to clean up the ocean, idiots.

    • Xploit_Paradox
      Xploit_Paradox 15 days ago

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE your right if they wanna spend money on a building rather than making the environment healthy that’s their problem. But I just know what they want to be done and I know what actually needs to be done

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE 16 days ago

      It's a lot more than a religious building. People can do what they want with there money, billions is put into the environment every year by individuals. So stop complaining and just do your part.

  • Gogeta
    Gogeta 21 day ago +1

    Hail Satan.

  • Naty
    Naty 21 day ago +18

    Duolingo: *This was just a warning*

  • Mich Elle
    Mich Elle 21 day ago +1

    Notre Dame on fire or β€œNotre Dam set on fire”?

  • pennless8
    pennless8 21 day ago

    The poor HUNCH BACK he's homeless now.

  • stinky man
    stinky man 22 days ago +1

    thats a fat L that

  • I3L4CK SkILLZz
    I3L4CK SkILLZz 22 days ago +1

    Maybe it was an act of corruption, same like twin Towers in NY

  • Ashton Collier-Marsh
    Ashton Collier-Marsh 22 days ago

    rip da hunchback :)

  • Naw bad baw
    Naw bad baw 22 days ago


  • Aidan Ried
    Aidan Ried 22 days ago


  • Echter von Mespelbrunn

    you can delete my comment but not my ancestors build notre dame,ive you dont belive me come and see.thumbs down not for the fire but for cbsnews.bye

  • itsmeruben
    itsmeruben 23 days ago

    Notre dame is my homework

  • Eternal Soul
    Eternal Soul 23 days ago

    Why is this is news?

  • Finlay Walsh
    Finlay Walsh 24 days ago

    The gods and goddesses have taken their revenge.

  • isaiah moore
    isaiah moore 24 days ago

    Let it burn !!!!!!!!

  • isaiah moore
    isaiah moore 24 days ago

    Let it burn

  • Alex Sudarsana
    Alex Sudarsana 24 days ago

    Satan coming soon xiii leo pope vision

  • Keiron Kyelo
    Keiron Kyelo 24 days ago +1

    This is a place where two Gods are worshipped - The God of Heaven and Earth, and the French themselves.
    So it is written that you cannot serve two masters which may reflected the very reason the Lord allowed its part destruction.

  • Sharia Shit
    Sharia Shit 24 days ago

    This is how Muslims destroying western cultures. Thanks to France Present and Germans.

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari 24 days ago

    Call bob the builder

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari 24 days ago

    Call bob the builder

  • Billy Creations
    Billy Creations 24 days ago


  • Cynthia Stokes
    Cynthia Stokes 25 days ago

    The Romans stole it for their own...

  • Cynthia Stokes
    Cynthia Stokes 25 days ago +3

    Just went up in flames on Easter Sunday really..

  • Cynthia Stokes
    Cynthia Stokes 25 days ago

    Its bricks there's no wood inside what's burning it's an electric fire lasers..

  • Cynthia Stokes
    Cynthia Stokes 25 days ago

    At least they got some gargoyles etc statues out...

  • Vyas Karishma
    Vyas Karishma 25 days ago


  • Stefixnotvevo
    Stefixnotvevo 25 days ago

    this makes me happy and I cant stop it

  • Tjorven
    Tjorven 25 days ago

    πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ belgium army !!!!!!! RIP NOTRE DAME YEAH!!!!

  • Tjorven
    Tjorven 25 days ago

    Hahaha iTS me i have de notre dame moehahaha

    • elidrawz
      elidrawz 25 days ago +1

      this is not funny.

    ENKI'S FUN TECHNO STUFF 25 days ago +2

    That is the biggest fire that I seen.

  • Heath Young
    Heath Young 25 days ago

    It all should of burned. Burned with all the BS that was stored in it.

    • Nicholas_X
      Nicholas_X 25 days ago +1

      Why, what exactly are you calling "BS"?

  • CalebMcGuire
    CalebMcGuire 25 days ago

    β€œWe are now going to take you to the BBC”

  • Spoopy Duck
    Spoopy Duck 26 days ago

    For gods sake it’s just a church. You can do more with the money than rebuild a church

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE 15 days ago

      +Spoopy Duck that is not at all what I said. What a terribly skewed way to manipulate my point, rather disgusting and pathetic attempt as I find it hard to believe you have that little comprehension.

    • Spoopy Duck
      Spoopy Duck 16 days ago

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE so you think that since no single person can make a huge different to anything, nobody on the planet should do anything? Good logic mate nice

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE 16 days ago

      +Spoopy Duck you completely missed my point. People with money... give money to a lot of things, in comparison this is minuscule you have no critical and comprehensive thinking and completely missed the bigger picture. So no, that is irrelevant.

    • Spoopy Duck
      Spoopy Duck 16 days ago

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE the amount of money being put into charities has nothing to do with the ridiculous about of money being put into 1 church. But nice try kiddo

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE 16 days ago

      +Spoopy Duck except it completely is but calling that irrelevant is a good scape goat. Good job buddy.

  • MrDolan94
    MrDolan94 26 days ago

    I bet the muslims set it on fire

  • Emma Ward
    Emma Ward 26 days ago

    it is just crazy how i supossibly started

  • MehDubzzz
    MehDubzzz 26 days ago +2

    Cersei had some wildfire left...

  • Heath Young
    Heath Young 26 days ago

    Just a church. A place where sheep go for their accepted slavemaster

    • Heath Young
      Heath Young 25 days ago

      +Spoopy Duck nature rules this world,not humans. Flora and fauna was here before humans. We are the aliens here.but the weak,needy,and mindless need their slavemaster god. Sheeple will be sheeple for life.

    • Spoopy Duck
      Spoopy Duck 25 days ago +2

      Heath Young exactly! They’re so ridiculous. It’s like a high school prank gone too far. Shame that so much money is being put into rebuilding this 1 church when you would use that to save millions of people in poorer countries

    • Heath Young
      Heath Young 25 days ago

      +Spoopy Duck i have always known this.since i was a kid. Religion and gods were created to control people.

    • Heath Young
      Heath Young 25 days ago +1

      +Turkish Devastator a church isnt anythjng special either,it is just a building. If you ever knew what religion really was,you would know that you dont need a building for any kind of worship. The building is where the sheep goto be controlled even more.

    • Heath Young
      Heath Young 26 days ago +1

      +Turkish Devastator what? Fake artifacts from a bs thorn crown? The church has you sheep for life. Slaves get on knees to pray to a man created god.just sheep.

  • MΓ©g Γ‰desebb ErdΓ©ly

    If France will correct its historical felony - TRIANON - in this case the world famous Hungarian carpenters of Transylvania will rebuild the roofing of Notre Dame free of charge!

  • robin roberts
    robin roberts 27 days ago

    Take a look at i pet goat

  • mijael brush
    mijael brush 27 days ago

    No han hecho nada esos bonberos franceses, tanto aviΓ³n, tanta perfume, tanta moda y no pueden proteger algo q los identifica como paΓ­s y como sociedad.

  • Hugo A. Nava
    Hugo A. Nava 27 days ago

    EU:Bans memes
    God:Take that back or you will burn
    *Notre Dame starts catching fire*

  • A L B E R T O -canal nou

    Wanted to Ilie's vlog's

  • abr s
    abr s 27 days ago

    Love you France . Jesus give more and more strength to French People from India

  • Vural Vural
    Vural Vural 28 days ago

    cok gecmis olsun.

  • John dawson
    John dawson 28 days ago

    not everything is as clear cut as it seems, the main architect says it shouldn't have gone up so quickly (english subtitles)

  • Patryk Rogala
    Patryk Rogala 28 days ago +1

    None who live may survive the flame.

  • Myself
    Myself 28 days ago +1

    God bless the fire

  • Paul Fernhout
    Paul Fernhout 28 days ago

    a billion dollars wow considering the chruchs rep right now better spend that Money on kids?

  • Hans Laurentius
    Hans Laurentius 28 days ago

    To my opinion this type of Monuments do not get the attention, security, and maintenance, they deserve! Last time when I was in Germany/KΓΆln, I was surprised how easy it was to enter the Dom(Built in August15.1248.)Even with a backpack or another small back nobody says anything! Only the day when it makes buuuuummmmm, or a little fire brakes out ,everybody jumps, or gives his nonsense comments? And it is not only the Dom!!!

  • Felipe Santos
    Felipe Santos 28 days ago

    and all returns to nothing....

  • αŠ₯αˆαŠα‰΅ ምሡ ግα‰₯αˆͺ αŠ α‹© αŒ½α‹΅α‰‚

    I am from eritrean but i am very sad by this disaster

  • Bela Kovacs
    Bela Kovacs 29 days ago

    Reichstag 2 lol

  • Michael & Paula
    Michael & Paula 29 days ago


  • Deyan Dachev
    Deyan Dachev 29 days ago

    Macron is the second Nero.

  • Artyom Harutyunyan
    Artyom Harutyunyan 29 days ago +4

    Omg i love you Notre Dame de paris

    • Safe Diamond268
      Safe Diamond268 27 days ago +1

      I love for Notre dame de Paris! I'm sed very sed!

  • Frost Fabre
    Frost Fabre 29 days ago

    Watching this video and listening track Paris FROM HOTLINE MIAMI EXCELLENT?!!!

  • Moises Remus Majan
    Moises Remus Majan 29 days ago

    Notre Dame is over 800 years old yet some people specially atheist is stupid enough to make fun of it's. Seriously I thought they are smart but majority of them is low I.Q people who happen to like the idea of "living without God" which turn them into idiots.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    donation to notre dame BTC 19ovNXJoNwrexJ86kqWThfZ597PoM3d4up

  • AurΓ³ Vernet
    AurΓ³ Vernet 29 days ago


  • Lando Oliver
    Lando Oliver 29 days ago

    God is mad.

  • Π½Π°Π·Π°Π΄ Π‘Π‘Π‘Π 

    I am really happy because French burns YUANMINGYUAN in China and Damascus.BOTH OF THEM are the treasures in the world but you do not feel sad even happy. WHEN Russian's plane got down with many artists, French government laughed at them with a picture.You should be shamed on yourself.You should deserve it.

  • M M
    M M 29 days ago

    Omg this video is 4 hours & 19

  • Jason Schmidt
    Jason Schmidt 29 days ago

    Im part french and this is so heartbreaking

  • SpeedbirdConcorde
    SpeedbirdConcorde Month ago

    People still worshipping a fictional character in the 21st century. Why?

  • Grineer lancer
    Grineer lancer Month ago +2

    This is so sad
    Can we hit 2 likes

    • Grineer lancer
      Grineer lancer Month ago

      I liked my own comment to make it easier for you

  • Virtual World Gamer
    Virtual World Gamer Month ago +9

    Like fire
    This fire in my skin
    This burning
    Is turning me to sin

  • m S
    m S Month ago

    couldnt be better time to put it in fire with all this scaffolds around the cathedral:)Any1 who feel sorry for something and think it was an accident.You are brainwashed donkey