Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire, live stream

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • The historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has caught fire. Follow for live updates:
    Authorities have not yet released the cause of the fire or any further information as to how the fight to suppress the flames has progressed. The fire may potentially involve renovation works being carried out at the site, the fire service said.
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  • Shape Reinhardt
    Shape Reinhardt 3 days ago

    THEY thought they could stop the plan...

  • arabBRAZZERS
    arabBRAZZERS 9 days ago

    Varg Vikernes was that you? MAYHEM

  • Nathaniel Mooney
    Nathaniel Mooney 11 days ago


    HEADS TAILS 20 days ago


  • メロンパン
    メロンパン 23 days ago

    braindead drones regurgitating the same old meme instead of caring about history lost

  • Alien 0330
    Alien 0330 24 days ago +5

    "I'll find her, I'll find her even if I have to burn all of Paris down"
    Well he warned us

  • Alien 0330
    Alien 0330 24 days ago

    *H E L L F I R E*

  • Alien 0330
    Alien 0330 24 days ago

    Frollo caused this, just saying.

  • Dave Fisher
    Dave Fisher 25 days ago

    does anyone think this could be a sign? that something bad like this only much worse could happen in the near future?

  • Yolo Legendary
    Yolo Legendary Month ago


  • Akemi Art
    Akemi Art Month ago

    Massonic Attack.

  • 13 11
    13 11 Month ago

    Hands down best thing to happen in this age so far. I hope all of pissrael burns to the ground as well.

  • Fluffy The Tyrant
    Fluffy The Tyrant Month ago

    I went inside the day before it burned.

  • conflict
    conflict Month ago +6

    they asked a witness, and he doesn't know who started the fire, but he has a hunch.
    *I'm sorry*

  • Yo momma
    Yo momma Month ago

    We don’t need no water let the mother f$&@k burn

  • The Man on The Moon


  • Lotty Paria
    Lotty Paria Month ago


  • Edith Martinez
    Edith Martinez 2 months ago

    RIP Quasimodo

  • Jamey Leanne Cooper
    Jamey Leanne Cooper 2 months ago

    I just need to know is the hunchback alright

  • Blizzard Dasher
    Blizzard Dasher 2 months ago


  • Athazagora
    Athazagora 2 months ago +1

    *I had a little trouble with the fireplace*

  • Rambo Peace
    Rambo Peace 2 months ago +1

    It was built on looted money from india..

  • Storytime Kellan
    Storytime Kellan 2 months ago

    17:43 did he just call the spire the central building?

  • Tomislav Ivankovic
    Tomislav Ivankovic 2 months ago

    Umm don’t sue me or be mad at me on this because this is my dads account and in second grade I was making a story about how the Norte damn burnt down and I am still working on it pls don’t be mad 😰😰😰

  • Evan Miller
    Evan Miller 3 months ago +1

    Like fire Hellfire. This fire in my skin

    • Amber Medellin
      Amber Medellin 2 months ago

      You have seen "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" too much.

  • Stratan T.
    Stratan T. 3 months ago


  • MKG4M1NG
    MKG4M1NG 3 months ago

    9/11 in Paris!!😭

    Edit: I Know Notre Dame was Not at Fire at 9.11!

  • Piglet Philosophy
    Piglet Philosophy 3 months ago +1

    “France is a very catholic country” - are u forking kidding me?

  • Dave Fisher
    Dave Fisher 3 months ago

    they're lucky the church didn't burn down entirely, cause when Notre Dame falls, Paris falls, like when the banks of England fall, England will fall, that's just how it is

  • Sonic 27
    Sonic 27 3 months ago +1

    Did the hunchback get out please tell me he got out

  • Dove Watching
    Dove Watching 3 months ago

    Expect the swines and dogs to now build a mosque there

    • Kayla kudo
      Kayla kudo Month ago

      Relax dude. That's not gonna happen. Eventually we'll turn mosques into pubs

  • Fabulous John Cleese
    Fabulous John Cleese 3 months ago

    Wtf Varg Vikernes in France?

  • adelfa Tan
    adelfa Tan 3 months ago

    O may god worry lord

  • Ulysses Fontaine
    Ulysses Fontaine 3 months ago

    *And some say the soul of the city's the toll of the bells, The Bells of Notre Dame...*

  • gacha poop loser
    gacha poop loser 3 months ago

    I read this is the news paper

  • Bixxlly
    Bixxlly 3 months ago

    This is really sad.

  • Shadow Sweetheart
    Shadow Sweetheart 4 months ago +1

    Claude Frollo wasn’t lying about the hellfire.

    • Amber Medellin
      Amber Medellin 2 months ago

      He made a point, but that bad boy was an old man.

  • Ben Harrison
    Ben Harrison 4 months ago +2


    A few years ago, while visiting or, rather, rummaging about Notre-Dame, the author of this book found, in an obscure nook of one of the towers, the following word, engraved by hand upon the wall:--

    The man who wrote that word upon the wall disappeared from the midst of the generations of man many centuries ago; the word, in its turn, has been effaced from the wall of the church; the church will, perhaps, itself soon disappear from the face of the earth.

  • jass ack
    jass ack 4 months ago

    Anyone seen Quasimodo lately ?

  • Ugo Lam
    Ugo Lam 4 months ago

    Notre Dame Cathedral Replaced by Madame Tussauds Paris

  • - I CoaSSiA BoA -
    - I CoaSSiA BoA - 4 months ago +1

    Dovevamo approfittare e riprenderci la gioconda! (Italiani sto scherzando)

  • Peter Dejong
    Peter Dejong 4 months ago

    Illuminati site of satanic rituals burned to the ground. Shot across the bow from the forces of good.

  • Syeda Afsana Tithi
    Syeda Afsana Tithi 4 months ago

    Qayamat closed.. Hazrat Ysa (A) coming soon

    VALLEYD 4 months ago

    2 words “VARG VIKERNES”

  • Horse.gymnastics.swim.repeat

    Git yer pish outa here get to the rainforest that’s covers 20% of our earths oxygen 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😔😔

  • the shaman of enterprise
    the shaman of enterprise 4 months ago +9

    This might be bad timing but every time I see this footage all I hear is hellfire playing loudly in my mind

  • PandaRaptorTV
    PandaRaptorTV 4 months ago

    Notre Dame: Burns


    Amazon Rainforest: burns

    Media: I sleep

  • Ramiro Zamora
    Ramiro Zamora 5 months ago

    On this day I seen these Satanic Beings on those illuminated Glass Some say I’m crazy but I feel I unlocked a spirit from its Prison.... Joan Of Arc

  • Kelly Valle
    Kelly Valle 5 months ago

    Yo late to the party but prayers from Puerto Rico- hope they fix it with non flammable material this time 🙄

  • Jose Tovar
    Jose Tovar 5 months ago +15

    What about the Amazon forest

  • RaniShahrukhKajol
    RaniShahrukhKajol 5 months ago

    Nunca una iglesia nos va a dar de comer o de vivir, Amazonas se está incendiado desde hace 16 días y solo les importó reunir dinero para una Iglesia insignificante para todo Sudamérica. Cuando nos quedemos sin árboles quiero ver como podrán vivir ahora que tienen una Iglesia reconstruida. #PrayforAmazonía

    K-POP & CLASSICAL 4 LIFE 5 months ago +1


  • John waffle WV
    John waffle WV 5 months ago


  • Well thats Sad
    Well thats Sad 5 months ago +1

    when you leave the pizza rolls in the oven

  • The Hooeys
    The Hooeys 5 months ago +4

    The sight of the spire falling made me die a little. Then the irony of the commenting theology professor's name hit me... Her name is Candida Moss. I bet her smile is infectious.

  • John M
    John M 5 months ago

    What a beautiful sight :).. Christianity deserves far more worse than this but it's a good start.

  • Dad
    Dad 5 months ago +12

    Notre Dame: **on fire because of renovations**
    Big Ben: ***Heavily sweating***

  • Samuel Ludwig
    Samuel Ludwig 5 months ago


  • lovesick
    lovesick 5 months ago

    Disney what did you do this time

  • Nandi
    Nandi 5 months ago

    C’est la faute à Frollo ça.