10 Worst Gaming Injuries

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Worst possible GAMING Injury YOU could ever get! From Nintendo wii's dislocating your shoulder, slouching your shoulders, playstation thumb, pokemon go fails, carpel tunnel, eye injuries, and wasd!
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    Are video games dangerous? Well, if you know about all the injuries that can occur from them, you may agree that they are! Over the years, everything from Atari to the Wii have caused all kinds of injuries.
    One of the most common? Hand injuries. Overuse of Sony or Xbox controllers could result in pretty crazy injuries. Then there’s the injuries that occur when playing virtual games. Yep, we’re talking about the plethora of injuries that occurred due to playing the game Pokemon Go. Virtual headsets are not so innocent either. Plus, if you’re an old-school gamer, we’ve got some pretty surprising injury stories to guide you through. Besides the actual consoles, you cannot take your pets for granted, especially while you live-stream your gaming action online.
    So come and join us at The Gamer to find out about these injuries, how they occur, and ways you can avoid them yourself!

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Comments • 2 859

  • TheGamer
    TheGamer  3 months ago +932

    What's the biggest injury you've ever got!?

    • Aesthetic_roses
      Aesthetic_roses Month ago

      Getting whooped with the chancala

    • Carson B
      Carson B Month ago

      Not really an injury but I was looking at geometry dash for 3 hours and my eye started turning red

    • Abby Torres
      Abby Torres Month ago

      My hand hert

    • aungmi mi
      aungmi mi Month ago

      TheGamer i died

  • ZplatFr
    ZplatFr 9 hours ago

    6:33 huh... he was not playing Pokémon go... he was searching an tenratula hawk and failed a jump

  • Taryn Marie DIY
    Taryn Marie DIY 11 hours ago

    I dropped my Nintendo switch lite on my face worst headache I ever had

  • Randomly Dumb
    Randomly Dumb Day ago

    I saw ree kid

  • Araceli Zambrano

    i have never gotten hurt playing a game but my brother said one time he was playing with his friends and then he heard a pop or a small explosion come from one of his friends screamed in pain and so aparently what happened was that one of his friends earphones explode while they were wearing them and also my brother and all of his friends i think were laughing while he was screaming in pain i think that guy is deaf now

  • FLQ07
    FLQ07 Day ago

    1:30 - TheRelaxingEnd's video!

  • Scott Cline
    Scott Cline Day ago

    I was playing Mario kart eight deluxe for a long time and I thought I saw one of those cubes

    ENCRYPT3D Day ago

    WASD syndrome:exists
    PC Gamers: Mom i need ur credit card to buy a controller

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 2 days ago

    My head when I see sonic: SONIC

  • FaZe_ Kirchocite
    FaZe_ Kirchocite 2 days ago

    The last thing you say with the cats:Ihave no problem! I have a budgie!

  • Jessica Hutcheson
    Jessica Hutcheson 2 days ago

    Um..ima answer the comment below?I
    So, i have never broken a bone or had a nosebleed, ever.
    But the worst injury i've had would be a wipeout when i was 9. I was on a scooter and flipped off, scraping my elbow, chin, right knee and hands. So much blood.
    But i didn't go to the hospital. Accordingly, to my parents, "it wasn't too bad."
    so much blood...

  • nogard721 The Backwards Dragon

    I played a total of 2800hrs of gaming in 2019 an still have no issue with my hands...

  • x_sauce_xii GG
    x_sauce_xii GG 4 days ago

    Lmao stop caping

  • Cukt
    Cukt 4 days ago

    6:46 that almost happened to me lol

  • msxtrpla-yer
    msxtrpla-yer 4 days ago

    I don’t care...Gamers are respawning so It’s not our problem 😂

  • Oliver Mcknight
    Oliver Mcknight 4 days ago

    I'm scared now

  • Martynas Filickinas
    Martynas Filickinas 4 days ago

    I have a cat and im scared.
    Tho to behonest he does only three things, sleep, eat and go out side. O wait I forgot, sleep.. A LOT

  • Sash
    Sash 4 days ago

    That guy who fell off the clip was coyote Peterson from brave wilderness

  • Penji Plays
    Penji Plays 5 days ago

    You used a clip of @Nintendrew but didn't even try mentioning him? Wow.

  • Fruiti YT
    Fruiti YT 5 days ago

    i was playing xbox

  • Its TKB
    Its TKB 5 days ago

    How to not get VR injuries:
    1:only play games you don’t need to watch
    2: play on the toilet

  • Mega Link07
    Mega Link07 6 days ago

    I think the Wii remote injury is something we all experienced back then

  • Lamborghini Gaming
    Lamborghini Gaming 6 days ago

    Me : (Recording gameplay)
    Injuries : time has come

  • Floams GMD
    Floams GMD 7 days ago

    On pc I only use W key and look around with my mouse

  • George_LT
    George_LT 7 days ago +1

    I'm a diehard fortnite gamer and I'm really good. I've killed streamers that I've 1v1ed and I remember to stretch my hand

  • Hollie Marie
    Hollie Marie 7 days ago

    My partner has had 4 collapsed lungs 2 on each side and 2 surgeries but his was because he grew too quickly in such a short space of time and is now sitting at 6'5

  • Innos
    Innos 8 days ago

    Bruh im using a keyboard for 15 years.

  • XxSpooky_ PineapplexX
    XxSpooky_ PineapplexX 9 days ago +1

    Is it just me

    Me: uses a iPad to draw on and taps to fingers on to undo

    Also me: when drawing on paper puts my hand on paper it tries to undo with fingers

    • Samira Farah
      Samira Farah 6 days ago +1

      XxSpooky_ PineapplexX lmao all the timeeeeee

  • Kiruradasu Kunimitsu2nd

    I don’t rlly have a injury all I can say is that when I was playing overwatch I almost fell off the bed or maybe I did?

  • Jace Harris
    Jace Harris 9 days ago

    Coyote Peterson wasn't playing Pokémon Go when he fell of the cliff

  • Goliath
    Goliath 9 days ago +1

    Me: Plays games every single day
    Me: Sees this
    Me again: Ha, this was funny... come at me

  • PLayer
    PLayer 9 days ago +1

    dude that cat tho if i had a cat and my cat did that u would kick my cat out of my home and never see him again

  • FBI Train
    FBI Train 10 days ago

    Parents: I knew it!

  • Liamm1212 12
    Liamm1212 12 10 days ago

    Game transfer phenomenon... remembers when I played Dbd and runned irl then stopped cause I was leaving scratch marks 😂

  • AustinNoob613
    AustinNoob613 10 days ago

    Ive broke my hand i hit my desk so hard

  • Jamie Stewart
    Jamie Stewart 10 days ago

    To be honest I do end up looking in the wrong direction because I just keep turning my head to see what gos on in the game. Could anybody relate to that?

  • Nat Forsh
    Nat Forsh 10 days ago

    This is fake like at 6:33 the guy isn’t playing Pokémon go and it’s a RU-clip called brave wilderness just search brave wilderness falls of cliff ( don’t worry he was fine ) this guy is making money of lies and it’s not just this 😡😡😡

  • Jsj Jsj
    Jsj Jsj 11 days ago

    Collapsed lungs rip Nickmercs

    HELENA [REDACTED] 11 days ago +1

    Boomers and the Media: Note that down, note that down!

  • CurvyPotato
    CurvyPotato 11 days ago

    The worst and most annoying injury I got wasn’t from video games it was from chess I spent time and juvie and one fun way to occupy my brain was chess and I played all the time and it got to the point where I could look at something and see it like a chess move like a tile on the floor and where I was standing would be converted into where to move and how to move and especially with the horse pice since it moves in an “L” pattern and there were different ways to get to the same spot lol

  • George_LT
    George_LT 11 days ago +1

    OMGthe second one with the shoulder I've done before it hurt so much and it was in a boss fight it wasn't with a wii though it was with the PS3 medieval moves I could play again though

    PATOPADRE 11 days ago

    I am IT and a lot of these problems are actually common in my profession. People that are working a lot with computers or gaming a lot are adviced to go to swimming pool at least once a week, get ergonomic mouse and keyboard. At my work I am also adviced to solve rubic's cube or some fidgety things to make my fingers healthy. Sorry for my english xD

  • or3mane
    or3mane 11 days ago

    me: *see skate 3 at intro*
    also me: *sheds a tear*

  • Junior Lara
    Junior Lara 12 days ago +1

    Dont let any boomers see this

  • Annick Price
    Annick Price 12 days ago

    This is why parents say *dont play video games* they saw this vid

  • domokingawesome 16
    domokingawesome 16 12 days ago

    The worst gaming injury I ever had is when I left my 11 and a half foot ball python out of her terranium and she constricted my left leg and killed the nerves in my leg, but its okay I'm all "right" now XD XD XD XD

  • Invasion YT
    Invasion YT 12 days ago

    Glad I'm a mobile gamer

  • Memes. I love memes-einstein

    In my opinion it isn't the wiis fault it's the people fault for being stupid like who plays Wii with a person on a ladder like🤪I'm brain dead who cares what will happen and if your gonna do that ski game be good at balancing just don't be sooooo sssstupid😏

  • Evan J Rodriguez
    Evan J Rodriguez 12 days ago

    A long time ago me and my brother were playing the Wii and Where playing that stupid cutting game that you cut stuff like clocks diamonds bread ECT anyways he hit me in the nose and I was gushing blood for like an hour💢😫😫😫😐.........👃🌋RRRRR👃😐😶😶 👃 🔛⛲🚣🚤🚧⚠⚠⚠⚠

  • aRandom Person
    aRandom Person 12 days ago +3

    The guy who fell of a cliff is coyote peterson

  • Jainko’zz Stuff
    Jainko’zz Stuff 12 days ago

    I am usdjjing myh dicvk tgo typled cuhzx i hawd sdex

  • Whittiere Breightley
    Whittiere Breightley 13 days ago +1

    Me :* plays playstation on my old TV*
    Mom : is i am a joke to you

    The worst addiction of mine is God of war

  • MitFlake Productions
    MitFlake Productions 13 days ago +1

    You trying to really stop us all playing games with this video... shame on you

  • My Acting journey!
    My Acting journey! 13 days ago +2

    The guy that fell of the cliff is real but the vid is of a brave wilderness vid and it’s cayote Peterson

  • Jack dark
    Jack dark 13 days ago

    I'm scared to play vr now wait can I still vr games if it isn't 3d games

  • Matsie
    Matsie 13 days ago

    The injurys in vr are just too stupid

  • I am thepanda
    I am thepanda 14 days ago

    The falling off the cliff in Pokemon go was fake that was a clip from kyotie Peterson another RU-clipr

  • Bald Balf
    Bald Balf 14 days ago

    Bullshit, 6:34 was a youtuber that thought he could make a jump but couldn't and fell. Brave Wilderness

  • golden slime gaminge
    golden slime gaminge 14 days ago


  • bag of freakin memes
    bag of freakin memes 14 days ago

    on 6:32 that was Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness and he was just climbing a rocky mountain. That had nothing to do with Pokemon Go