Plus-size? More Like My Size | Ashley Graham | TEDxBerkleeValencia

  • Published on May 27, 2015
  • Internationally-known body activist, model and entrepreneur, Ashley Graham, describes her journey into fashion industry stardom. She doesn't leave out any gritty details, as she describes the challenging and rewarding progression toward becoming her own role model. Inspiring body confidence in the next generation, Ashley expresses the need for the universal embrace of body diversity as beauty paradigms continue to shift.
    Ashley Graham, 27, was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and discovered in a mall at the age of 12. Her natural beauty and effervescent personality led to her signing with an international modeling agency at the age of 13, launching her successful, diverse career. Ashley has worked in numerous areas of the fashion industry including editorial, catalogue, runway, commercial, television and film. Recently she stared in #CurvesinBikinis, a campaign with swimsuitsforall that made her the first plus size model to appear in an ad in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition. Recently, she was one of five models included in’s “The Best Lingerie Comes in All Sizes” feature. As a role model and body activist, Ashley is regularly invited to speak at numerous high schools and girls’ groups about body image, self-acceptance and female empowerment.
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  • Danielle Cristiane
    Danielle Cristiane 2 hours ago


  • shr00mhead
    shr00mhead 13 hours ago

    This girl is a very healthy kind of big. Some people are a very unhealthy kind of big. Even some people smaller than her are less healthy. But there is no reason we should promote an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Anna 3084
    Anna 3084 16 hours ago

    I went to her high school!

  • Andrew Dyer
    Andrew Dyer Day ago

    Well you can get skinny if you want. You just choose not to

    • Łoøña Máří
      Łoøña Máří 10 hours ago

      Yeah right u can choose to not eat then get eating disorder and then suicide from depression ....
      She's not saying "stop going to the gym and eat unhealthy" ...
      We need to love our bodies so we can get more motivated to go to the gym and eat healthy

  • FullHalfCircle
    FullHalfCircle Day ago +1

    Its called plus size because it’s the average PLUS some.
    If you want YOUR size, make your own clothes and don’t confuse body shaming with practicality and economics of mass production.
    Also, you could lose a few. Not body shaming, just giving friendly health advice.
    And this is NOT about being a woman. Overweight men need to lose weight, too.
    Mind you, there are people who LOVE thick, curvy people. That’s fine. Find one and be happy. Just don’t pretend it’s the holy grail.

  • Y Ara
    Y Ara Day ago +1

    Where I come from, men are fighting each other for women with bodies like this

  • chantelle asbury

    Shes great

  • WRATH9636
    WRATH9636 2 days ago

    Awesome, my kind of body

  • Alessandra Bastida
    Alessandra Bastida 4 days ago

    I wish I could love myself

  • Umar Chowdhury
    Umar Chowdhury 4 days ago

    damn those calves

  • guru moorthy AK
    guru moorthy AK 5 days ago

    She is amazing example for confidence with tonnes of self love.. I love you Ashley Graham...

  • Piet Klop
    Piet Klop 5 days ago

    she is overweight, get over it

  • Jimmy Wright
    Jimmy Wright 7 days ago


    ESTHER NJOROGE 9 days ago

    We in africa want to own her up. Those are our curves she looks just like me. Must be my lost twin😐🤓

  • Harshit Dwivedi
    Harshit Dwivedi 10 days ago


  • skankhunt 44
    skankhunt 44 10 days ago +1

    Graham more like ham gotem

  • Fancy681
    Fancy681 11 days ago

    Anyone who wants this video to stay POSITIVE= AVOID THE COMMENTS

  • Pritish Nandi
    Pritish Nandi 12 days ago

    It is curse on Indians that these people haven't seen such women and suppress other people conspirerers over female availability

  • Pritish Nandi
    Pritish Nandi 12 days ago

    Let's gather people

  • Pritish Nandi
    Pritish Nandi 12 days ago

    बेस्ट population बेटर than not me and I am all agog like u people

  • Pritish Nandi
    Pritish Nandi 12 days ago

    best population on earth should be available

  • Karisma Regmi
    Karisma Regmi 12 days ago

    I love you ❤

  • level
    level 12 days ago

    ted talk is a celebration of selfish, self center forum

  • Irfan Hasan
    Irfan Hasan 13 days ago

    Really bebby your size 🌎 only

  • Potta Sotta cini talkies Thvadiya payal

    i am a boy.. i am 54kg... I think she is heavier than me🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Mo' C.
      Mo' C. 9 days ago

      Potta Sotta cini talkies Thvadiya payal So ?

  • Damn Nevermind
    Damn Nevermind 14 days ago

    You really think she would be okay with a obese partner?

  • 進撃の13號
    進撃の13號 14 days ago

    T H I C C

    MATHİAS SAİHTAM 14 days ago


  • Fanny SAUTIER
    Fanny SAUTIER 15 days ago


  • Sweaty John Wick
    Sweaty John Wick 16 days ago

    Does she not know 80% of men like her body type not skinny hahaha

    • Reddot Sxul
      Reddot Sxul 2 days ago

      Sweaty John Wick I pretty sure that’s false

  • Darrell Lewis
    Darrell Lewis 16 days ago

    She is so fine!

  • Mcvit12
    Mcvit12 17 days ago

    I have that exact mirror

    RIC HAYES 17 days ago

    Damn ashley G. Is soooooo fine Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  • kelly sinalzinho
    kelly sinalzinho 18 days ago


  • FeelGood Within
    FeelGood Within 19 days ago

    Yeah Love urself & Spread love 😍 ❤️

  • Nymeria Kayvee
    Nymeria Kayvee 21 day ago


  • janette butler
    janette butler 21 day ago


  • BTS _RM94
    BTS _RM94 25 days ago

    The society's point of view is that thin people are the only ones who are considered beautiful, well she prove them wrong.

  • Cali H
    Cali H 26 days ago +1

    I'm happy with my body, I love my body but I acknowledge that I have things I need and want to improve on

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen Month ago +1

    She is not representative of the typical "plus sized" person. I don't think she should be representing body activism because she won the genetic lottery.

    SAITAMA Month ago

    Im neither skinny or plus size. Thats why i dont belong anywhere.

  • Nada Benboubaker
    Nada Benboubaker Month ago

    I think all of this doesn't matter now cuz Ashley has been losing so much weight lately. I'm sorry, I'm a big fan of Ashley but that's really disappointing.

  • Björn Lukas
    Björn Lukas Month ago

    she’s beautiful but crazy

  • Lizzy xo
    Lizzy xo Month ago

    She’s beautiful but this was in 2015 she has lost so much weight since then & she let the industry get to her

  • Joseph Sciberras
    Joseph Sciberras Month ago

    1:24 Yeah your personality makes that pretty fricken clear... smh

  • Vegan Buddhist
    Vegan Buddhist Month ago

    Am I crazy or did she lose weight since this? Her stomach is much flatter now and she’s overall a bit smaller. I want her workout routine

    • maxxy paine
      maxxy paine 28 days ago

      eat less, move more, you're welcome.

  • nana
    nana Month ago +1

    you and I are beautiful !!

  • Molly and Kuku toy chanel

    Love Her!

  • J. Hayes
    J. Hayes Month ago


  • em745a
    em745a Month ago

    Plus-size? More Like OBESE!

  • tf1977sled
    tf1977sled Month ago +1

    You are at high risk of diabetes heart disease and a huge list of diseases. But you keep feeling great mentally untill your dead at 32...

  • adolfo ramirez
    adolfo ramirez Month ago

    She is a piglet !!!

  • Amir Ali
    Amir Ali Month ago

    Ashley love you 00201015226146

  • Ben Cart Wright
    Ben Cart Wright Month ago

    Gohhh dayumm....😵😥😥😥

  • linda williams
    linda williams Month ago

    I’m a 16/18. Things are getting better in 2019 there are better choices that are fashionable. You are lovely 😊

  • Emanuele Freitas
    Emanuele Freitas Month ago

    She has curves , a beautiful face and money. It’s easy to be body positive.

  • Asterismos
    Asterismos Month ago

    We don't only need to expand the definition of beautiful, we also need to stop thinking "beautiful" means "valuable." You don't need to be attractive to be worth something.

  • Komaljeet Kaur
    Komaljeet Kaur Month ago

    She is so beautiful 😊

  • nlytend1
    nlytend1 Month ago

    Lol, what is she talking about? She bad af

  • Qasem Albarazi
    Qasem Albarazi Month ago

    she's what Iranian people say it's a perfect body. they hate supermodels' body.

  • Tee Gee
    Tee Gee 2 months ago +17

    I could look at this woman all day long. She’s beautiful to me!

  • ARTTwear
    ARTTwear 2 months ago

    Ashley is awesome and great role model!

  • Jen Sanchez
    Jen Sanchez 2 months ago

    She’s hot and curvy. Nothing wrong with that!!!

  • EXO L
    EXO L 2 months ago

    She is so damn fine. Lord!

  • Sandeep Puar
    Sandeep Puar 2 months ago

    Lots of love 😍

  • B Ross
    B Ross 2 months ago


  • Bekere Kevin
    Bekere Kevin 2 months ago

    Freaking hot.......

  • B0gdaN
    B0gdaN 2 months ago

    She might be big or “overweight” but she is healthy and very strong, just watch one of her workouts.

  • Leshpurg
    Leshpurg 2 months ago

    I wish I had supportive parents growing up, ever since I was little and to this day, my mother and most of my family on her side have obsessed over weight, over their own, and over mine. Do you know how bad it feels to be told by your aunts and mother that you should think about "watching what you eat"and exercising when you're in elementary school? I've never in my life had a constant person there for me who loved themselves and knew that beauty is not defined by your weight, and I still struggle with self worth because I'm "not good enough". Ashley is definitely someone who inspires me to fight those negative thoughts I always carry with me, but I still need to find someone of somewhere to go to remind me that just because I don't look the way society or the majority of people want me to, I am not worthless.

  • Pam G
    Pam G 2 months ago

    I cannot believe that size 8 is considered 'plus size'!! I'm appalled and not totally surprised. I like my size

  • Lisa Pratt
    Lisa Pratt 2 months ago

    I just recently read her book, it’s awesome !!!!

  • Emil Kiskinov
    Emil Kiskinov 2 months ago +1

    I love you,Ashley !💋💋💋❤

  • Battle Ground
    Battle Ground 2 months ago

    + size is ok, BUUT +++++ size or more? Probably not. There is an average limit of everything and in reality it's not ok to exceed that limit. The pluses one gain after the default one it's not a beauty, it's Laziness and Negligence towards own health. And people who see's + size/ curvy girls or women negatively in society, has got the cheapest mentality of all. So it's ok to protest that kind of view but she should also encourage over sized women to have a balanced diet and physical exercise and it means a lot when someone like her level tells something.

    KGB SPDR 2 months ago +1

    No cap ashley graham is the hottest model ever.... she hella THIQUE

  • Brig Sushil Bhasin
    Brig Sushil Bhasin 2 months ago

    wow. Be your own role model. I loved that

    • Brig Sushil Bhasin
      Brig Sushil Bhasin 2 months ago

      I saw your website and your videos. You have a powerful story and a very strong message. I love your courage and onfidence

  • warren davis
    warren davis 2 months ago +2

    "Learning to love your self, that is the greatest love of all" Whitney Houston.

  • Elena M
    Elena M 2 months ago

    She’s a beautiful woman. She’s trying to encourage people to love themselves by trying new things, be who they want to be and accepting their own persona. She’s not encouraging to be “unhealthy”. If you follow her on her social media sites, she works out and eats healthy. She’s just trying to help people to love themselves and to not try to change for others. Be your own kind of beautiful. 💕

  • Namaslay 720
    Namaslay 720 2 months ago

    Atleast your mother told u that u were beautiful

  • erva efrahem
    erva efrahem 2 months ago

    She looks like eastern women .Eastern men like bold body women and i have read artice about bold body western men also like bold women too

  • Tim Johnston
    Tim Johnston 2 months ago

    shes just a big girl who is full of herself. In confidence that is.Not saying that is a bad thing, just saying some ppl have more confidence than others. I've seen other big ladies even more lovely than her but really low self esteem.. Just the way it goes. She has found a way to capitalize on it that's all..

  • Allysa Magarzo
    Allysa Magarzo 2 months ago

    thank u Ashely for inspiring to love myself.✨👑👏

  • happy little raincloud
    happy little raincloud 3 months ago +12

    “What shape are you? Apple, pear or hourglass?”
    “Shut up i’m awesome shaped”

  • Jackie blundell
    Jackie blundell 3 months ago

    My mother put it - Pretty is as Pretty does.

  • Anna Bella DeAngelo
    Anna Bella DeAngelo 3 months ago

    Beautiful speech! Ispiring!

  • Daniella Ingargiola
    Daniella Ingargiola 3 months ago

    and to the people that say "but its unhealthy being overweight" no one encouraged people to gain weight. They encouraged people to not feel like less of a human because they aren't the ideal size. WE ARE ALL HUMAN.

  • Daniella Ingargiola
    Daniella Ingargiola 3 months ago

    Yes she has beautiful proportions but imagine the mental damage being a model at 15 comparing all day having your peers even talk down on your weight. It's hard enough with us girls and social media IMAGINE it as her environment every day. You may look at her like she is a lucky plus size model but she's clearly been through horrible body shaming. LOVE this women.

  • NALU Dragneel
    NALU Dragneel 3 months ago

    She 8s sooooo beautiful

  • 이달의소녀 이브
    이달의소녀 이브 3 months ago

    Please be healthy ❤️

  • lovelyshine 2o2
    lovelyshine 2o2 3 months ago

    she is so pretty like honestly so pretty

  • Ice Sledge
    Ice Sledge 3 months ago

    What about short size male models? Or a height division in NBA one where short height is there like weight divisions in boxing.

  • Kontham Vinod
    Kontham Vinod 3 months ago

    I love you so much my beautiful baby please your mobile number please send me

  • CJ Andrian
    CJ Andrian 3 months ago +1

    She counts as plus size??? The world is ending.

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
    Crystal Pistey-Lyhne 3 months ago

    I💝!! Your A Beautful, Revaltion!😘😍👸💞

  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S. 3 months ago +1

    Thick in all the right places.

  • Wild Macrel
    Wild Macrel 3 months ago


  • Cyleni M. A.
    Cyleni M. A. 3 months ago


  • Independent Woman
    Independent Woman 3 months ago

    Oh my goodness she is NOT saying that being unhealthy is okay she is promoting body positivity. Those are two completely different things. Stop being so dramatic geez...

  • Anand Patel
    Anand Patel 3 months ago +1

    Idk she looks kinda chubby to me

  • Crazy Kk
    Crazy Kk 3 months ago

    I’m 14 and I wear a US 8 so technically I’m plus size and to me that’s a bit messed up. I’m considered at a normal BMI and this is making me slightly ticked off at the world.