Will It Hot Chocolate? Taste Test

  • Today, we're asking the age old question... Will it Hot Chocolate? GMM #1655
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Comments • 80

  • Bella Altizer
    Bella Altizer 4 hours ago

    *Sings* I am basic person and I owe it all to you

  • Megan Crilly
    Megan Crilly Day ago +1


  • Jonas Olsen
    Jonas Olsen Day ago

    Okay Nice seen Many of your videos and have to say you guy's are my favourite youtubers ever! So much humor and strange food what not to like🤣😁

  • SiLenT366
    SiLenT366 2 days ago

    How could the first one not be called Pop Chocolate?

  • Sacred Wiccan Shamanic journey

    Where’s josh

  • Sacred Wiccan Shamanic journey

    Please wipe your beard.... it’s not hygienic

  • Kidex
    Kidex 5 days ago

    “Your face is hurting me so bad right now”
    Link: it’s my OCD

  • bestaboth Worldz
    bestaboth Worldz 5 days ago

    Well can't have first one in allergic to an ingredient

    RAV3 HRDCORE 5 days ago

    If anyone here has seen youalwayswin's channel then GMM reminds me of those guys.

  • Marley Canaday
    Marley Canaday 7 days ago

    Love this show

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 7 days ago

    Do will it bloody mary

  • Justin V
    Justin V 10 days ago


  • Big Dawg187
    Big Dawg187 10 days ago

    Evin in quarantine and chill

  • Tabitha
    Tabitha 14 days ago

    did this make anyone else nauseous????

  • alucardfu2
    alucardfu2 14 days ago

    *5:48** Rhett: I'm so tempted to just, Do That..*

  • Bailee’s Bookshelf
    Bailee’s Bookshelf 14 days ago

    14:50 Link looks genuinely terrified of Rhett in this moment

  • TheMolt
    TheMolt 17 days ago

    That's weird. V8 is definitely an airplane thing in my family...

  • Ricocheted Pluto
    Ricocheted Pluto 18 days ago

    We’re not bitter=we’re bitter

  • Austin Trelles
    Austin Trelles 19 days ago


  • Malik shield
    Malik shield 20 days ago

    So mr beast didn’t win a streamy but that random person did because they begged more?

  • toamouse
    toamouse 25 days ago

    I'd totally write a fanfic where you guys are serial killers. I think you guys suit it pretty well actually.

  • Ally Wenstrup
    Ally Wenstrup 26 days ago

    Will it applesauce or lasagna?

  • iiGothic Pinkii
    iiGothic Pinkii 28 days ago

    4:18 they did the exact same movements🤣

  • Aden's Channel
    Aden's Channel 28 days ago


  • Dustin Sullivan
    Dustin Sullivan 29 days ago

    10:29... when I step in something wet with my socks on

  • Carissa Sterling
    Carissa Sterling Month ago

    5:51 😂😂😂

  • Wilhariel Centeno
    Wilhariel Centeno Month ago

    4:18 they really like shredded cheese XD

  • Wheelbite Clothing
    Wheelbite Clothing Month ago

    4:18, thank me later

  • Connor Haggett
    Connor Haggett Month ago

    5:49 dude perfect best trick shots

  • Nia's Bae
    Nia's Bae Month ago

    I will not rest until I get my hands on that slime recipe

  • Trekkiejt
    Trekkiejt Month ago

    He “ope’d”

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +2

    me, a lactose sensitive and cocoa intolerant person: i should really make some of these

  • Average Channel
    Average Channel Month ago

    Okay tbh, I kinda want that slime hor chocolate recipe. That actually looked really good

  • Flix
    Flix Month ago

    12:40 I see pinkie has a new rainbow dash recipe

  • Maito Guy
    Maito Guy Month ago

    Reflex Rhett

  • Officer Sheep tart
    Officer Sheep tart Month ago

    ngl the 2016 intro was dope af

  • Miner of Skies
    Miner of Skies Month ago

    Well if Arthur the TV show taught us anything, is that tomato doesn't go with chocolate.

  • christian garcia
    christian garcia Month ago

    Yet everyone else was looking quite bitter when my bois got that streamy 🐸☕️

  • Larissa Davis
    Larissa Davis Month ago +1

    “I know it’s 2019, and everybody’s got something” so true 😬

  • The Universe Collective

    Life has been chaos and I'm only seeing this now and I feel bad because I would have voted for y'all for the Streamys every day if I had known

  • Gacha Master 67
    Gacha Master 67 Month ago

    5:48 you're welcome

  • Lucy Hale
    Lucy Hale Month ago

    I’m so happy they won. We did it mythical beasts!!! 💓

  • DinoDerp
    DinoDerp Month ago

    5:18 Me everyday Doing any activity

  • cam
    cam Month ago

    yall got jokes 6:07

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B Month ago +2

    6:37 cue flashbacks of every bad decision my parents ever caught me making

  • Luke Towery
    Luke Towery Month ago

    This episode is kind of disgusting

  • Grayson Graham Cracker

    At the beginning when you said the top show of the year, I immediately whined because you can’t like ten times.

  • Elizabeth Hackworth

    I have to stop eating when I watch these

  • Michael Scardino
    Michael Scardino Month ago

    I literally stopped watching because of Rhett's beard. So gross

  • Xamericanx Panda
    Xamericanx Panda Month ago

    I like her laugh it's adorable

  • Zaddy Phantom
    Zaddy Phantom Month ago +2

    *H O T P O C K L A T E*

  • Ozmëistrr TG
    Ozmëistrr TG Month ago

    @4:17 never seen them unconsciously sync that well

  • Sydney Slevin
    Sydney Slevin Month ago

    Can we talk about the synchronization at 4:15 to 4:23

  • Gacha Sweetie
    Gacha Sweetie Month ago

    Good job for winning show of the year guys, it’s great

  • xxgammaray
    xxgammaray Month ago

    1:09 - big comfy sweaters, slutty mishaps...

  • Kevin Montufar
    Kevin Montufar Month ago


  • Bella Rae Ellen
    Bella Rae Ellen Month ago +1

    Will it tootsie roll?

  • დAnu Kaliდ
    დAnu Kaliდ Month ago +1

    Have you done... *_Will it tea?_*

  • Ryan & Regan
    Ryan & Regan Month ago

    Can you please do a will it cobbler :)!!!

  • Josh Ganje
    Josh Ganje Month ago

    I'm gonna start sayin holy crumb now. Curb my swearing. Thanks Rhett.

  • Josh Ganje
    Josh Ganje Month ago +2

    Can I just vote here without making a Twitter account or somehow remembering my old account. Please. I vote. GMM show of the year. Streamies.

    • Gacha Sweetie
      Gacha Sweetie Month ago

      Josh Ganje the voting ended December 12th

  • OnFireBroncos
    OnFireBroncos Month ago

    Cant believe the hotpocket one passed

  • Cameron Barker
    Cameron Barker Month ago

    I laughed so hard at 5:49

  • Domi B.
    Domi B. Month ago

    6:10 Truer words have -never- been spoken.

  • Brad Haines
    Brad Haines Month ago

    dont pause at 15:07

  • xCyclonex
    xCyclonex Month ago +1

    Will it milkshake

  • VNR
    VNR Month ago +1

    Is this the first will it that link didn't gag ?!

  • hemanth sunitha
    hemanth sunitha Month ago

    I actually want to punch link in the face


    5:18 do they even have a norm at this point

  • Jack Merkel
    Jack Merkel Month ago

    Where did all of the vodka go?
    It’s in Rhett’s beard...

  • Sam Bromley
    Sam Bromley Month ago

    I feel they may be slightly bitter.

  • Infinity Breaker
    Infinity Breaker Month ago

    That first one is great!

  • Jesus Avila Romo
    Jesus Avila Romo Month ago +1


  • MattChats
    MattChats Month ago +1

    No gross one this time, huh? An interesting change.

  • Sami Northime
    Sami Northime Month ago +1

    *rhett’s biscuit falls into his mug*
    also Rhett: “I...I don’t even know what happened” 😂😂

  • Daryl Tunwarm
    Daryl Tunwarm Month ago

    Why is josh not making this stuff?

  • ßoi
    ßoi Month ago +1

    5:50 youresoloud clip incoming

  • Braced
    Braced Month ago

    We want josh

  • Amber Nicole Massey

    Slime looks like brownie mix texture

  • Hayden Nelson
    Hayden Nelson Month ago

    can we just get rid of Nicole and have the mythical kitchen run exclusively by Josh?