Hashtags: #MomQuotes

  • Published on May 12, 2017
  • In honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MomQuotes.
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    Hashtags: #MomQuotes
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Comments • 842

  • Vicky Noneya
    Vicky Noneya 56 minutes ago

    Haters gonna hate. Hooters gonna hoot.

  • eStar Ra
    eStar Ra 5 days ago

    These are apparently middle class white mothers

  • Mohamed MELLAK
    Mohamed MELLAK 7 days ago


  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen 10 days ago +1

    Hooters gonna hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot!

  • leavemealone
    leavemealone 10 days ago


  • dragonheart8706
    dragonheart8706 15 days ago

    My mom (on driving): "if someone hits me because they were on their cell phone, they better hope to God I can't get out of my car, because I will stick that cell phone so far up their ass they'll have to pick their nose to dial it."

  • Paco martinez
    Paco martinez 15 days ago

    I like Fallon, but I had to dislike this video to be the number 666 🤘🏻

  • Rachel Berndt
    Rachel Berndt 15 days ago

    One time my brother pet the dog at the dinner table and my mom said, "don't pet the dog, she's full of dog hair. "

  • Amanda Titus
    Amanda Titus 17 days ago

    Didnt even read the second to last one 😒

  • shannon osullivan
    shannon osullivan 18 days ago

    Wait was that Fitbit joke about masterbation?

  • sabrina h.
    sabrina h. 20 days ago

    "OTAH" had me laughing for like two minutes straight 🤣 even more so because I can totally picture my mom say / text that.

  • Elizabeth Michelle
    Elizabeth Michelle 20 days ago +1

    Not my mom, my dad pronounces celebrity names wrong. My favorite is George Loony and Hoopi Goldburger.

  • JDines
    JDines 20 days ago

    Higgins needs to up his 3 way game apparently.

  • Katrina Wagner
    Katrina Wagner 22 days ago

    We used to live with my great grandmother, she lived down stairs and we lived upstairs and she was always losing her dentures. She would yell up the stairs at my mom, CINDYYYYYY, I CANT FIND MY TEEEEEEETH. Then my mom would go downstairs and usually half would be in her sweater pocket and the other half would be on the table or her bed or something haha.

  • Jen Warshawsky
    Jen Warshawsky 23 days ago

    Higgins is a national treasure.

  • Wonderful Mom
    Wonderful Mom 24 days ago

    The helper guy isnt my favorite

  • Colin Stevenson
    Colin Stevenson 25 days ago

    this is the only good hashtag episode where the bits in-between the tweets weren't cringe as fuck

  • Chasing A Murderer
    Chasing A Murderer Month ago

    Lol awesome show today

  • Isabel K
    Isabel K Month ago

    My mom couldn’t remember the that the movie was called “The Incredibles” so she said “The Dependables”. Now my friend and I have an inside joke about a frozone movie called the Dependables

  • Peter Siperki
    Peter Siperki Month ago

    Box wine, "goon bag" in aussieland

  • Bhavishya Patel
    Bhavishya Patel Month ago

    Steve Higgins at his very best..😂😂

  • Hamilton Levine
    Hamilton Levine Month ago

    5:28 song name?

  • Bailey Barnett
    Bailey Barnett Month ago

    Hooters gonna hoot had me rollin

  • Heather Marsters
    Heather Marsters Month ago

    There's an app called hooked and when you run out of time it says your all outta hoots. Every time I see it I get that "oh thats a hoot" thing from jimmy and higgins in my head lol

  • VFN556
    VFN556 Month ago

    Never mind the stupid banter! Just read the freakin hastags!!!

  • Timothy Pelletier
    Timothy Pelletier Month ago +1

    God Higgins is hilarious!

  • Akiza Izinski
    Akiza Izinski Month ago

    Whenever my siblings and I were fighting and the phrase. “That’s not fair!” My mom would tell us. “Life’s not fair, then you die.” She didn’t find it too funny when we started telling our friends the same thing.

  • melissa thompson
    melissa thompson Month ago +1

    The members of my family have "mouth dyslexia" and usually call him "Bon Jon Bovi."

  • Laniakea -000-
    Laniakea -000- Month ago +1

    My mom is on her phone 24/7 yet when I ask her what time it is she always reads it from the clock on the wall 😅 🤦‍♀️

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Month ago +1

    Still #OTAH #2019

  • Shades of Mindfall
    Shades of Mindfall Month ago

    otah could happen!!

  • Jenna
    Jenna Month ago

    My friend’s mom called Benedict Cumberbatch “Benedict Cabbagepatch”

  • Elliot Jabs
    Elliot Jabs Month ago

    Higgins was on fire in this one!😂

  • stay street
    stay street 2 months ago

    “Who’s the hottest Goober driver you’ve ever had?”
    “Umm, I never went to goovoo javer”

  • J Edwards
    J Edwards 2 months ago

    I'm definitely using otah every day

  • Sreeja Pottabathula
    Sreeja Pottabathula 2 months ago +1

    Who’s here after ‘charades’ where this ungrateful Jimmy laughs at a body shaming comment on Taylor Swift

  • Princess Diana
    Princess Diana 2 months ago

    I hate higgin’s inappropriate jokes about jacking off this is the 10th episode

  • angel narito
    angel narito 2 months ago

    when I watch jimmy fallon I feel like he's always forcing a laugh and is trying too hard to be funny. I used to love him though

  • KingVergil
    KingVergil 2 months ago


  • Marcos S Rojas
    Marcos S Rojas 3 months ago

    Lol!!! At the last one yes the 💩 emoji looks like a Hershey kiss

  • Marcos S Rojas
    Marcos S Rojas 3 months ago

    Lmao at Higgins fitbit joke yes dirty but subtle enough to where it can slip by

  • Kaitlyn P
    Kaitlyn P 3 months ago +1

    There's probably some college frat house called OTAH

  • mattyicedude
    mattyicedude 3 months ago

    My God the only thing that is funny with the show are the tweets the actual Stars aren't funny at all a

  • Rachel Dennison
    Rachel Dennison 3 months ago

    I'm out of hashtag videos to watch

  • bea kittelscherz
    bea kittelscherz 4 months ago

    das blabla vom sidekick nervt leider..

  • Lucy Pollock
    Lucy Pollock 4 months ago

    My mom once tried to boost my confidence when I got bullied. She said, "They're only mean because they are jealous. Don't know what they're jealous of, though."

  • Savannah Jones
    Savannah Jones 4 months ago

    The poop emoji was actually created to be chocolate ice cream.

  • Mandi B.
    Mandi B. 4 months ago


  • Fox Tkd
    Fox Tkd 4 months ago

    I find the second guy that’s standing very annoying. He ruins the show. 😒.

  • Aleksa Caruso
    Aleksa Caruso 4 months ago +1

    My mom was once trying to explain Big Bang Theory to me. She kept referring to it as "Sonic Boom"

  • Ethan Hollingshead
    Ethan Hollingshead 4 months ago

    Higgins is the funniest alive, sincerely

    NIGHT OWL 4 months ago

    I had a friend who insisted the poop emoji was ice cream. She didn't believe me either. She would text me and say, Do you wanna go get some 💩? I was like, Oh hell no! Lol I had to show her that when I typed the word "poop" that emoji would appear automatically. Then she finally believed me. 🍦😂

  • Allen Russell
    Allen Russell 4 months ago

    Love Higgins. OTAH

  • Mahrukh Saadat
    Mahrukh Saadat 4 months ago +1

    My calls Drew Barrymore "Barry Drewmore"

  • Shay B
    Shay B 5 months ago

    You didnt read the zilwackanator

  • Eman Imran
    Eman Imran 5 months ago

    You skipped Whacknatior! I feel really bad for the person who tweeted that!

  • Keava Bonner
    Keava Bonner 5 months ago +2

    I'm seriously gonna start using OTAH #OTAH

  • Kyrup Mc
    Kyrup Mc 5 months ago

    My momma is always telling me to look something up on "ebay", she means goggle...

  • tlali
    tlali 5 months ago

    My mexican mom's quote..."hay frijoles en la casa" while driving past a burger place.

  • Lozzie Cook
    Lozzie Cook 5 months ago


  • Meg McC
    Meg McC 5 months ago


  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 5 months ago

    The mom who called her son every time there was a link was actually right, most computer viruses spread by sending emails to the contacts in the infected computer from the infected computer so it looks like it is trustworthy. Although maybe not worth the time, she was technically correct in her paranoia

  • Cyra Strong
    Cyra Strong 5 months ago +1

    Respect the books so they can respect you~ mom

  • IntrepidFraidyCat
    IntrepidFraidyCat 5 months ago

    The fit-bit...OMG!

  • Caitlin Pierson
    Caitlin Pierson 6 months ago

    Higgins is the bomb.

  • Sadie Yung
    Sadie Yung 6 months ago

    “Goober”...that killed me tho😂

  • bananabear
    bananabear 6 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks higgins so fucking annoying

  • Melissa Da Costa
    Melissa Da Costa 6 months ago +2

    Higgins is precious 😂🙌🏾💖

  • Vlad Segundo
    Vlad Segundo 6 months ago +1

    he didnt read the zwackinator tweet, guess he didnt have time to write the tweet, if u know what i mean X)

  • Julia Gaduła
    Julia Gaduła 6 months ago

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with the goober one anyone?

  • Sharita Martin
    Sharita Martin 6 months ago

    My mom use to say "I was driving her up a wall." I was like you can't drive on the wall, you gotta drive on the street.

  • Mystic Thunder
    Mystic Thunder 6 months ago

    Hooters gonna hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot

    I'm not sorry

  • Alicia Hoffman
    Alicia Hoffman 7 months ago

    You gotta love Higgins😂😂

  • j barlow
    j barlow 7 months ago

    Why am I forced to watch a 15sec commercial first?

  • Jamie S
    Jamie S 7 months ago

    Who else can't stand Steve?

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess 7 months ago

    Half of these videos are bad jokes and annoying banter between jimmy and higgins -.-

  • Chelly Herrera
    Chelly Herrera 7 months ago

    2:05 my favorite

  • Amelia Snelling
    Amelia Snelling 7 months ago

    #OTAH oh that person is from Minnesota or is a Yooper! XD

  • Feast Kiwi
    Feast Kiwi 7 months ago

    "I want my haters to know what's up". SWAG!

  • Susanna Julia
    Susanna Julia 7 months ago

    Till this date, I still don't understand why *Steve* stands there????

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame 8 months ago +1

    Hershey's kiss for all of you.

  • Amurry 24537
    Amurry 24537 8 months ago

    Don't mind this comment, I'm just checking something about how it appears, have a wonderful day!

  • Paige OShaughnessy
    Paige OShaughnessy 8 months ago


  • liz osborne
    liz osborne 8 months ago

    What a h00t!! :-) :-) :-)

  • HerRoyal Bano
    HerRoyal Bano 8 months ago

    My mom told us that when we are naughty god gets angry and the Sky turns red/orange. Imagine my surprise when the teacher in school taught us about SUNSETS!!!

  • Zelma Jēgere
    Zelma Jēgere 8 months ago

    Anyone noticed how smoothly he advertised "FANTA" ?

  • Elena Pina
    Elena Pina 8 months ago


  • neetz5684
    neetz5684 8 months ago

    Higgins .. definitely funnier !!

  • YamteQ
    YamteQ 9 months ago

    My Mom thinks KFC is called "KVC". I've tried to explain to her that the F is for fried and that it can't be called KVC because there's no such thing as "vried chicken". She really doesn't care and like many other things, she calls KFC whatever she wants.

  • Lavender Frog
    Lavender Frog 9 months ago

    I once was babysitting a little girl and she said she needed to go to the bathroom. I said “do you need to go number 1 or number 2?” She looked up and said, “number 7”

  • Lavender Frog
    Lavender Frog 9 months ago

    Haters gonna hate hooters gonna hoot #OTAH

  • Kathlyn P.
    Kathlyn P. 9 months ago

    when Steve Higgins does retire, they should make a compilation of all the times Steve pretend-retired 😁

  • Barnaby Williams
    Barnaby Williams 9 months ago

    Isnt otah an American state?

  • al so
    al so 9 months ago

    My mom didn't know how to turn on a computer so I told her she has to rub it.....and now I'm grounded

    • Cyndi Duncan
      Cyndi Duncan 8 months ago

      When my mom had computer problems, back in the early days of desktops, she asked my husband how to fix them. One time he told her to turn the computer off, walk around the house three times, pat her head four times, and then turn it back on.

  • PoIicy
    PoIicy 9 months ago

    Haters gonna hate
    Hooters gonna hoot..

  • Laoise whiteSHINee
    Laoise whiteSHINee 9 months ago

    My mom says it's a growing pain to any pain even if you have the flu "It's a growing pain you'll be grand"

  • HeyitsGina!
    HeyitsGina! 9 months ago

    my grandma always confused playboy & gameboy too lol

  • Olalekan Magbade
    Olalekan Magbade 9 months ago

    I have always wondered what the sidekick is for? Now I know. He is great in these segments!

  • Naqeeb Naushad
    Naqeeb Naushad 9 months ago

    I think fallon hates higgins cuz he annoying

  • Valeta Merrifield
    Valeta Merrifield 9 months ago