Kyrie Irving & LeBron James HISTORIC Performance in 2016 Finals G5 vs GSW - UNREAL 41 Pts Each!

  • Published on Jun 14, 2016
  • Kyrie Irving & LeBron James HISTORIC Performance in 2016 Finals Game 5 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors - UNREAL 41 Pts Each!
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    Kyrie Irving & LeBron James HISTORIC Performances in 2016 Finals Game 5 vs Warriors - UNREAL 41 Pts Each!
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  • Mike More
    Mike More 2 days ago

    Hardwood classic shit. Legendary.

  • Dee Mill
    Dee Mill 4 days ago +1

    2019 I’m still watching this smh

  • The Payne Legacy
    The Payne Legacy 7 days ago

    Golden State fans are just Lebron haters. They boo him when he left Cleveland, now you boo him when he’s back

  • Kevian Price
    Kevian Price 9 days ago

    After this performance is when Dre was suspended and hit Kd on the phone like Bro Come to the Bay

  • CJ CJ
    CJ CJ 9 days ago

    this game was start of best summer of my life 2016 was different 💯💯

  • Anime Tenshou TV
    Anime Tenshou TV 10 days ago

    Kyrie was doing whatever he wanted, making Klay Thompson’s defending look poor, which is hard to do!

  • ben boykin
    ben boykin 12 days ago

    Cleveland had epic games in those black uniforms

  • Randy Jackson
    Randy Jackson 12 days ago

    Wow .. just wow. 👏🏽

  • Nyfancam01
    Nyfancam01 15 days ago +1

    Lebron James in this series IS THE MOST COMPLETE AND GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL FUCKING TIME! Period!!! HE IS THE G.O.A.T !!! JORDAN could have NEVER done this !!!!!!! Led both teams in 5 different stats (never happened before, never will again!)

  • Ben
    Ben 17 days ago

    Allow me to have this dance -Marc Jackson

  • love freee
    love freee 17 days ago +1

    4:59 7:49 this it`s how legend are made

  • gd131
    gd131 18 days ago

    this was one of the best times in my life.

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott 20 days ago +1

    David > Goliath

  • J Michael Barrett
    J Michael Barrett 22 days ago

    Poor iguodala, that man was traumatized by Lebron blocking him from behind all series 😂

  • Theron Wright
    Theron Wright 23 days ago

    Warriors would have lost in 15 if Kyrie plays. Lebron and Kyrie was nasty. If kd never joined warriors. Cavs win multiple

  • MLBIG Homie
    MLBIG Homie 23 days ago +1

    Kyrie and lebron > shaq and kobe

  • Vern
    Vern 25 days ago

    2:43 prime handles and ball control at its finest from Kyrie

  • R. Carats
    R. Carats 26 days ago

    Unbelievable tandem performance. Flawless.

  • Lucas Marin
    Lucas Marin 26 days ago +2

    The real Irving was in the Cavs

  • Jersey Gonzalez
    Jersey Gonzalez 26 days ago

    whats with the boos everytime lebron gets the ball?

  • Shabazz
    Shabazz 26 days ago

    James: “Alright 38 is enough scoring for me.” *Kyrie gets 41 points* James: “Huh?! Hell no!”

  • C3
    C3 28 days ago +1

    Nothing makes this victory sweeter than the fact that it was after Klay made the “feelings hurt” comment lol

  • wakwakwakwak wakwak
    wakwakwakwak wakwak 28 days ago +5

    2019 i want to reunite this two players

  • Barry McCockner
    Barry McCockner 28 days ago +2

    Man the best duo i ever have had the pleasure of watching in the 30 years ive beeen watching. These two dudes were just unbelieveable together. Just unreal

  • May I take your hat sir
    May I take your hat sir 29 days ago +1

    The entire rest of the Cavs really scored 30 points lmao

  • Kawaii San
    Kawaii San 29 days ago +2

    Never insult LeGoat

  • I.G13
    I.G13 Month ago +1

    kyrie was so damn quick and had that stop. and go ability but after the season rnr with the Cs i hope he gets back to his best

  • BLK ty
    BLK ty Month ago +1

    QUICK someone send this to Kyrie ASAP son must be reminded . Lebron x AD x Kyrie = 2020 champs

  • Michael Li
    Michael Li Month ago

    2:58 what a crazy fucking pass

  • カール
    カール Month ago +2

    "Lebron and kyrie vs GSW"

  • Richh Dienos
    Richh Dienos Month ago +2

    2016 was the best year

  • Shaun McClendon
    Shaun McClendon Month ago +3

    Kyrie needs to go on down to LA..

  • Cledja614 Gaming
    Cledja614 Gaming Month ago

    Miss this

  • My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but

    back here after warriors lost 2019

  • 哥智
    哥智 Month ago


  • Fernando Alberto de Leon Ramos

    Irving y james el mejor duo de la historia

  • Im Lucifirst
    Im Lucifirst Month ago

    Who are watching this in 2021?

  • TIME is on MY SIDE
    TIME is on MY SIDE Month ago +1

    Awe good times 😂

  • Admir Hajdarevic
    Admir Hajdarevic Month ago +8

    This shit so legendary man ... they had to drop 40 each to win and they did it... spine chills

  • Kevin Munson
    Kevin Munson Month ago +4

    I watch this just to shed some tears from time to time

  • Patrick Grimes
    Patrick Grimes Month ago +1

    Lebron and AD about to do this in LA next season

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen Month ago

    Watching this makes me miss playoff irving. Maybe he should go to LA with Lebron this summer

  • ikato kiyazaki
    ikato kiyazaki Month ago +1

    lebron and kyrie was such a dynamic duo.. u wouldnt need to worry about scoring when 1 of them goes to the bench

  • sosa mcd
    sosa mcd Month ago

    I hope these 2 hook back up in LA

  • Oxlade Edwards
    Oxlade Edwards Month ago

    Lebron James,Tristan Thompson,Kyrie Irving vs Stephen Curry,Kevin Durant,Klay Thompson

  • xStriker01x
    xStriker01x Month ago +2

    who here after raptors vs golden state game?

  • Ahmed Alariemy
    Ahmed Alariemy Month ago

    Who still watchin in 2019

  • Brian Patterson
    Brian Patterson Month ago

    This was beautiful basketball damnit!!!!!!

  • jay-jay moyo
    jay-jay moyo Month ago

    Kyries finishing around the glass in this series was stupid....

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever Month ago +2

    We need kd

  • Shawn Crider
    Shawn Crider Month ago

    I remember Mark Jackson telling that story. Years later the question remain: who cares Markkkkkkk????

  • Jonathan C.
    Jonathan C. Month ago

    Forget about Batman and Robin. The Warriors got struck by Wolverine and Iceman.

    SUGARAY T.B.E. Month ago

    They fucked them up bad,lol. Kyrie makes Curry look trash 🗑 Klay can play defense but can’t fuck with Kyrie. Lebron is Lebron. Greatest Comeback ever, facts.

  • david cone jr
    david cone jr Month ago

    there is nothing historic about these 2 clowns

  • Avatar Awesome
    Avatar Awesome Month ago +1

    Who’s here after warriors are down 3-1

  • Shane Cardoso
    Shane Cardoso Month ago

    Reunite this duo ‼️

  • Rodante Luzon
    Rodante Luzon Month ago

    without jr smith...these 2 could not be champion

  • 이홍규
    이홍규 Month ago +1

    Man.. we were about to watch a well-balanced epic rivalry between Cavs and Warriors for few more years......
    but This snake called KD had to step in and ruin everything!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shame on u........Shame on u..............

    • ZZZtentacion StunningSteph#30
      ZZZtentacion StunningSteph#30 Month ago

      U should be happy now the run is over and KD definitely gone just be thankful the raps didn't run into a fully healthy GS team

  • Tommy Texter
    Tommy Texter Month ago


  • gor9027
    gor9027 Month ago +29

    Warriors fans currently watching this and hoping their team can also comeback from down 3-1 in the Finals.

  • Utaha
    Utaha Month ago


  • Mista _Mask
    Mista _Mask Month ago

    2 players, 82 points combined. Wow. Thats just, wow. And I thought OKC’s big 3 hitting 80 points combined was a big deal.

  • Aubrey joseph Lizardo


  • Marios Mamalis
    Marios Mamalis Month ago

    I missed this intro so much

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur Month ago +1

    6:32 I remember watching this play and completely losing my shit. Kyrie was straight cookin!

  • Brett Butler
    Brett Butler Month ago

    Kyrie and Lebron was a perfect combination.

  • Ptr Smith
    Ptr Smith Month ago

    Does anybody knows why the warriors fans were booing LeBron??🤔

    • Ptr Smith
      Ptr Smith Month ago

      @Eric Lee thnx bro

    • Eric Lee
      Eric Lee Month ago +1

      Ptr Smith Because Draymond got suspended for game 5 for hitting LeBron in the groin area in game 4. Green tallied up enough flagrant foul points to warrant an automatic suspension. LeBron and the Cavs were reportedly telling the league office to review the play. Green then ended up with the suspension. The rest is history.

  • Drug Peclo
    Drug Peclo Month ago


  • Lawrence Day
    Lawrence Day Month ago +7

    Being from Akron, Ohio I watch this and get tears in my eyes. What a spectacular duo. The beginning of a comeback down 3-1 wow 2016 was a great year