Ravens vs. Seahawks Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The Baltimore Ravens take on the Seattle Seahawks during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 3 867

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 11 hours ago +1

    Russ is clearly way better. Fanboys will say Lamar is MVP though.

  • Tavon B
    Tavon B 21 hour ago

    6:11 & This was the game changer.

  • Raman Singh
    Raman Singh Day ago

    You chevrlot company make this add.. gathered so many people just one word say you welcome..its look down 2 zero..

  • The Bagel Chief
    The Bagel Chief Day ago

    Lockett is a magnet! Every week he never fails to wow me

  • Lampton Family
    Lampton Family 2 days ago

    2:25 favorite call. HEHEHE

  • 12th man
    12th man 2 days ago

    Jackson is really good and I find it annoying our defense couldn't stop him. GG

  • Real Gambino
    Real Gambino 2 days ago

    Just stop by to say Lamar Jackson the 🐏🐏

  • Sven _
    Sven _ 2 days ago

    I’m a Seahawks fan but Seahawks had it coming to them Lamar Jackson is really good

  • Aconga McDonald
    Aconga McDonald 3 days ago

    Ravens qbs is a beast

  • Jetfire97
    Jetfire97 4 days ago

    I want a Ravens vs Seahawks Superbowl this season. 🙏

  • Jennifer Herrera
    Jennifer Herrera 4 days ago +2

    texans are going to lose

  • Gregorio Alvarez
    Gregorio Alvarez 5 days ago +1

    This game really came down to two big mistakes by the Seahawks, they don’t give the interception and fumble and it’s a wholeeeee different game

    • Gregorio Alvarez
      Gregorio Alvarez 5 days ago

      Especially bc the ravens aren’t a team designed to play from behind, so they don’t get that td off the interception and it’s a way different story

  • Malcolm Sanders
    Malcolm Sanders 6 days ago

    Lamar Jackson killed the Seahawks

  • Porkchop Gravy
    Porkchop Gravy 7 days ago

    They lost at home to ravens but beat niners on road

  • Garrett Warrick
    Garrett Warrick 7 days ago +1

    Seattle really has the worst fans. When they're down by a few scores half the stadium leaves... tragic.

    • Jetfire97
      Jetfire97 4 days ago

      I agree I was there. I'm from Baltimore and I'm a Ravens fan but also like the Seahawks as a NFC team. I went to this match-up and the one back on 12/13/15 back in Maryland. My mom was team Ravens but since I love both teams I wore seahawks since the game was in Seattle. I noticed alot of people got up late 3rd/ early 4th quarter. Unless it was an emergency, fans should stay the whole game and experience everything.
      It would be a dream come true if they played in the superbowl.

  • MJ 47
    MJ 47 7 days ago +1

    Lamar Jackson is the real MVP this year not Russell Wilson 👊👊

  • itsallgood3000
    itsallgood3000 8 days ago

    Jackson is a hundred times better than that 49ers quarterback!!!!!

  • Leah Araiza
    Leah Araiza 9 days ago +1

    Stadium was empty midway 4th quarter lol

  • Leah Araiza
    Leah Araiza 9 days ago

    College town lol

  • Wolf J Gamer
    Wolf J Gamer 12 days ago +2

    He’s looking like cam was in 2015

  • Piscean Dreams
    Piscean Dreams 14 days ago +1

    And Lamar doesn't even have as good as a WR core as Russel!!

  • penoyer79
    penoyer79 15 days ago

    That pick six was the difference in the game.

  • African Wonderer
    African Wonderer 15 days ago

    2:05 When this season is done and dusted, this will be my definitive moment, particularly if it's a successful one. A huge momentum gainer, this run.

  • ServantoftheoneTrueGod AlmightyGod

    I am beginning to support the ravens.

  • Rodney Sowels
    Rodney Sowels 17 days ago +2

    It absolutely HAS to be frustrating playing against Lamar dude is quick as lightning

  • James Lee-South
    James Lee-South 19 days ago +1

    Honestly this game would have been like 16-12 Seahawks if they didn't make mistakes. Ravens offense didn't play well.

    • Peso Edison
      Peso Edison 18 days ago

      Neither did Seattle offense.. and our offense played better than yours particularly our quarterback

    • Wilsonian Garveyite
      Wilsonian Garveyite 18 days ago +3

      Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

  • Mike Hardesty
    Mike Hardesty 19 days ago

    1:24 low key best play of the game

  • LÆ ZY
    LÆ ZY 20 days ago

    I'm from Maryland and I'm impressed with the Raven's win. Jackson's play of offense brought the team to the lead while the Seahawks were trying to go through the defense to gain a hometown victory.

  • Tariq Cook
    Tariq Cook 20 days ago

    The shehawks suckkkkk😂😂

  • Sal S
    Sal S 21 day ago

    These 2 still haven't faced.....
    GOLDRUSH 4, drop 7 😁
    They're on schedule

  • Pizzahead
    Pizzahead 21 day ago +2

    I am a patriots fan so what I noticed about the raven offensive when they catch they usually dive but I am not worried the patriots have the number one defense in the whole league go patriots

  • Aramis Dennard
    Aramis Dennard 23 days ago

    No more hating

  • Smash Fanatic
    Smash Fanatic 23 days ago

    7:00 is clearly the best call this year

  • dacosta0656
    dacosta0656 23 days ago

    Boogeymen gonna git ya

  • David Martin
    David Martin 23 days ago

    For all those who said he would not make it as a QB In the NFL......sorry to disappoint........Go Cards

  • Roberto Vargas
    Roberto Vargas 23 days ago

    F*** Seattle! 49ers gonna hand them their ass this year!

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random 23 days ago

    1st down... Touchdown

  • Jeff Jeffries
    Jeff Jeffries 23 days ago +1

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  • Matthew Rogers
    Matthew Rogers 23 days ago


  • samseng90
    samseng90 24 days ago

    Lamar > Trubisky
    Bears fan

  • Byong Yu
    Byong Yu 24 days ago

    I hope American Sports doesn’t have a problem with the island I was born on.
    I have a tattoo of “North Korea” on my left arm surrounded by the Holy Cross of the Holy Bible. The rest of the world is encased in the holy bible-South Korea.
    I lived in the USA my whole life. I’ve been a humble servant of our country my whole life.
    It’s not that serious with the NBA comments. But I’m good.
    GOD Bless

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised 24 days ago

    He reminds me of RG3 his Rookie year. We all saw how that went. Lamar has way too many plays where he's taking on Linebackers 1 on 1. It only takes one weird play, doesn't even have to be a big hit where a 260LB dude roles up the knee. Russell Wilson has never missed a game in 8 Seasons because he slides after the initial yardage. He said himself early on he used to fight and had some amazing runs breaking tackles. Then he played the 49ers with Bowman and Willis and realized that's not a sustainable option. Lamar will have that realization too, he's RG3 with a worse Arm and better mobility.

  • Evan Andrus
    Evan Andrus 24 days ago +2

    Lamar Jackson is a running back like the haters said, he's just an equally good if not greater quarterback

  • Jon Luis
    Jon Luis 24 days ago

    Anyone else see #23 on the ravens hit the wr after they catch it??

  • abudabi1995
    abudabi1995 24 days ago

    was at the games calling the hawks fans bandwagons they said nothing.....truth hurts

  • therage909
    therage909 24 days ago

    I was there. Disappointing but lots of fun.

  • opal johnsen
    opal johnsen 25 days ago

    Lets go Seahawks

  • ACEIS _
    ACEIS _ 25 days ago +2

    People out there defending SAM DARNOLD? He STUNK!!!! This guy was chosen BEFORE Lamar Jackson? Jackson ain't a NFL QB but Baker, Sam and the 2 Josh's are? No, the NFL seeing ghost! Ghost of a racist NFL past! hahahahahahahaa!!

  • ACEIS _
    ACEIS _ 25 days ago

    People out there defending SAM DARNOLD? This guy was chosen BEFORE Lamar Jackson? Jackson ain't a NFL QB but Baker, Sam and the 2 Josh's are? No, the NFL seeing ghost! Ghost of a racist NFL past! hahahahahahahaa!!

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 25 days ago

    Jackson toying wit them boys

  • SportsWrapTV
    SportsWrapTV 25 days ago

    A complete QB must be a good passer, runner,and smart. Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes are the future of the Quarterback position. Don't need a star running back when your quarterback is a stud runner!!!

  • Miguel Aguilar
    Miguel Aguilar 25 days ago

    "One of a kind WR"... Drops ball suddenly.

  • Daif RL33
    Daif RL33 25 days ago

    I was pretty shocked that they replaced Flacco with Jackson last year. Seeing him play this year so far shows great promise and one hell of a QB.

  • bignardo95
    bignardo95 25 days ago +1

    They should change the name of the position from "Quarterback" to "Passing back" if that's all they think should be done!!!

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 26 days ago

    Lamar is the next mike Vick mark my words

  • Vatesy
    Vatesy 26 days ago

    are we just going to ignore the magician with his legs call?

  • Shmony Panini
    Shmony Panini 26 days ago

    Lamar Jackson is a good quarterback but I don't think they're Superbowl contenders. If Lamar Jackson keeps on running the teams that make the playoffs aren't gonna let that happen. Again Jackson is good but feel like he still thinks this is college ball

  • Love Steelers
    Love Steelers 26 days ago

    Ravens suck. Seattle folded

    • ghoststrike
      ghoststrike 21 day ago

      Steelers suck, not the Ravens

    • ghoststrike
      ghoststrike 21 day ago

      Nah, Seattle simply got shut down by Ravens D and Action Jackson.

    • ghoststrike
      ghoststrike 21 day ago

      Nah, Seattle just got SHUT DOWN by Ravens D and Action Jackson.

  • FadeZ
    FadeZ 26 days ago

    tyler lockett is a great player..