Stop fighting for feminism | Minh Thuy Ta | TEDxBaDinh

  • Published on Aug 18, 2015
  • Feminism seems to be a hot trend with strong images of female stars. But do you really understand Feminism? Ms. Minh Thuy Ta shares her idea on Feminism from the perspective of her work life and personal life.
    Minh Thuy Ta (VJ Thuy Minh) is a journalist, TV host, a columnist, an author and a single mom.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Funstuff13613
    Funstuff13613 2 hours ago

    You know I went to a co-ed primary and high school, followed by co-ed university and employment, along the way I had male and female teachers and bosses - I am yet to understand why there is a degree of brainwashing and war coming from both sides of the camp regarding gender.
    I think it is part of a subterranean intention which manipulates animosity in individuals to band together for a cause they aren’t actually in control of, in likeness of the case of Evergreen State College and Bret Weinstein.

  • I have very small peepee but

    I give up already. Just let them lads destroy everything and I'll take the front row seat

  • Hunter Anderson
    Hunter Anderson Day ago

    white girls have never been to asia, they have no clue how easy their lives are

  • Cecil Evans
    Cecil Evans Day ago

    She did not have much of a message. Just rambling. At first I was really eager to hear what she said, but after a while I'm just like, "Wtf is her point?"

  • Candie W
    Candie W Day ago

    I love her talk. And she is right.

  • Craig Irvine
    Craig Irvine Day ago

    We need feminism don’t you know there’s a wage gap

  • Cecil Evans
    Cecil Evans Day ago +1

    "When I was still young and beautiful." Funny.

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 2 days ago +1

    2 billion homeless people in the world.

  • Asher schmidt
    Asher schmidt 2 days ago


  • Meta Mage
    Meta Mage 2 days ago

    Nail. On. The. Head.
    She gets it 100% right.

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 2 days ago +5

    Modern feminism is misandry in disguise.

  • Keimen Leary
    Keimen Leary 4 days ago


  • bbsonjohn
    bbsonjohn 4 days ago

    Most feminists don't know or don't convey what kind of man they what: a traditional, masculine man.

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 4 days ago

    Women empowering each other is what love is!!

  • Walter Lawrence
    Walter Lawrence 4 days ago +3

    So glad I've gone MGTOW. What women say is no longer relevant to my life

    • Walter Lawrence
      Walter Lawrence 3 days ago

      @Breakman Radio Women are worthless regardless of what you say. They bring nothing to the table

    • Breakman Radio
      Breakman Radio 3 days ago +1

      So a woman says, "LOOK OUT!!! THAT CAR IS ABOUT TO CRASH INTO YOU!!" And you reply, "Yeah, what you're saying is completely irrelevant. I've gone MGTOW beca- [KAPOWWW!!!!]" Anddddd you're hit by the car. Lollll 😉😉😉
      What if a female bank teller tells you you're low on funds and that you might wish to transfer money from your savings into your checking? What if a female scientist finds the cure for cancer?
      Your comment sounds like it's the reverse mirror of an SJW comment. In fact, I'm certain that there's tons of SJW women that have said or posted online the phrase, "What men say is no longer relevant to me."

  • Snow Man
    Snow Man 5 days ago

    modern women have lost the amazing urge to gossip while cutting veggies around a big wooden table, then one of them goes out and tells the men go start the fire. but she is flirting in her ways to the dude she likes, and grand mother is watching them. so a marriage is becoming made. .... what we lost......

  • pitbullman77
    pitbullman77 5 days ago

    no never ever Men never think they will lose power or anything because of woman 10:25

    • Dennis Richards
      Dennis Richards 3 days ago

      yeah I thought that was a weird moment at around 9:52. I can understand her point if shes on about women gaining the power of (ie or being used by) the state which ultimately has the power to incarcerate man over mere accusations or words and can and will use infinite force against us if resisted against.

  • Manny Gonzalez
    Manny Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Facts 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Güliz Polat
    Güliz Polat 5 days ago

    I don't understand her point. What's the point?

  • FlyingSoul - Shots from Siberia!

    you just can't be straight and wear those clothes. No way

  • kumaranvij
    kumaranvij 6 days ago

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 6 days ago +6

    I think she's trying to say that we should not categorize feminism as "a woman who is strong and independent, and she doesn't need no man to live her life." Feminism doesn't come in a fixed form, it comes in various ways. And all of them should have the mutual goal of fighting for equal opportunities between women and men and eliminating the inequalities, not making women superior to men.

    The speech itself was clumsily put together because she went from one point to another real quick without really explaining much. Still koodos for the effort and the main idea.

  • Yan Rui
    Yan Rui 6 days ago +1

    MGTOW is freedom

  • Bengt Eklund
    Bengt Eklund 11 days ago

    Why did Elisabeth the first not marry? It was all about power.

  • Matthew Moselle
    Matthew Moselle 12 days ago +1

    A truly strong woman in every sense of the word. Wow how I wish more women thought like this and acted like this especially after going through such a painful history she came out a shining example of what a good human being and what a great woman is.

  • Amanda Clark
    Amanda Clark 13 days ago +2

    This lady definitely talks my language x

  • Amanda Clark
    Amanda Clark 13 days ago

    An excellent learning and revision exercise for everyone.

  • Tatherwood
    Tatherwood 13 days ago

    All this people saying she doesn't understand femininsm... are you sure you're not actually feminazis?
    There seems to be some confusion lately.

  • Random utuber
    Random utuber 15 days ago

    sometimes you have to get beaten by your boyfriend, no healthy human being should accept this idiotic idea,
    You have to fall for a rich, good looking guy to get married....does feminists says no to that? where?
    I'm sorry if you’ve fallen love with a wrong person, it's ur fault not because ur a women...It goes for men to.... I'm sorry if they want
    to fall for a wrong women..who says no to them...that's not the women's fault, It’s theirs.

  • Matty 934
    Matty 934 15 days ago +2

    Western feminism is a dangerous joke, they have no clue what women elsewhere have to deal with.

  • Dajuon Bowen
    Dajuon Bowen 15 days ago

    You look like a snack that's why he bit you

  • Lernen.Ohne. Angst.official

    People are just people. We have our obstacles, challenges, successes, failures, lucky breaks, tragedies, etc. etc. It's just the way it is. As long as people take responsibility for the work that is theirs to do, there will be no need for feminism, MGTOW, racism, sexism, ageism, or any other reason people experience suffering. If people want to start a movement that will changed the world, try supporting "Taking Responsibility". You've done an amazing job Minh Thuy Ta! I am 100% behind you on that choice!

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker 16 days ago

    Her grasp of English is too poor to give a TED talk. She contributes nothing, Asian or not.

  • Simpin' Aint Easy ! Ray Cis MGTOW

    And if a man gave a similiar about his own experiences....

  • Patman Patmanson
    Patman Patmanson 17 days ago

    2:07 she wore a nose-what?

  • Mass Extinction
    Mass Extinction 17 days ago

    I did it for a while 🕵️‍♀️ AI will replace you anyway
    Don't worry because lifes opinion of roles
    Only thing to take is Hacking and S.T.E.M
    Hypergamy 👌🤑 doesn't matter wtf you do
    . Magic!
    Ps I'd learn with the kids, Train them to be Digi Ninjas!
    Climb, run, swim
    You can go to a Gob 👌👽Nm Robots!

  • Amora
    Amora 21 day ago

    her accent is adorable, but i can't believe that only ten minutes through did i realise there were subtitles

  • Greg Spolar
    Greg Spolar 21 day ago

    For most women, having a child before marriage condemns both mother and child to a life of poverty. That's not sexism, it's reality.

    Every culture has it's own expectations of both men and women. These are often the result of centuries of testing behaviors and arriving at a set of rules that ensures the greatest chance of success in society. Sexism is not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes it shows people how to become happy, productive and successful members of society.

  • Kira Yagami
    Kira Yagami 23 days ago +2

    Just another woman who refuses to play the "Victim Card"

  • Arthur King
    Arthur King 25 days ago

    Feminism is out of control. A freight train with no brakes... Devours everything in its path until it.has consumed everything

  • the adorkable author
    the adorkable author 29 days ago +2

    "I want to be a single mom like you."
    Wow, aren't our aspirations high...

  • Jada Robinson
    Jada Robinson Month ago

    I agree with the title already!

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila Month ago

    This isn't about feminism it is about common sense someone hits you....YOU GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KidCaribbean70
    KidCaribbean70 Month ago

    Feminism is a cancer that only benefits cats.

  • Zak Hunter-Gilbert
    Zak Hunter-Gilbert Month ago

    I can deal with her English, but I can't deal audio all over the place.

  • Taco Conch
    Taco Conch Month ago +1

    Them triceps.

  • Banni
    Banni Month ago +1

    that's the problem with feminism, they want to make everyone 'strong' 'independent' and what not, not everyone is like that though, so why do they keep trying to push it.

  • corey may
    corey may Month ago

    To sum up, there's nothing strong or independent about anyone who needs a personal trainer, nutritionist, a publicist and a personal assistant.

  • Ian Foote
    Ian Foote Month ago

    It was an interesting talk. I think she's developed a degree of insight that a lot of women need to hear. But, I also think she's a selfish person, and I feel bad for her son.

  • Social Mathematics
    Social Mathematics Month ago

    In the West someone goes to jail if harms a pet,
    but all the women on a relationship of any kind
    can make abortion of a healthy child
    without asking even the father of the child.

  • Olivia
    Olivia Month ago

    I do believe feminism is what you make it. However, I think she may have a very surface level view of what (Western) feminism is. It may be because she's from Vietnam and is pointing out portrayals of Western femininity that she may not be fully immersed in. I'm just annoyed that she thinks there are only two options for feminists. She can be what she wants to be, but to ascribe her own surface levels views of western feminism is what I disagree with. FYI I'm pretty moderate in my political beliefs and I hate what mainstream feminism has turned into.

  • Dee U
    Dee U Month ago +1

    Soo many “pretend” feminists triggered 😂😂

  • Quốc Bảo Phạm
    Quốc Bảo Phạm Month ago +1

    Làm miếng Dimsum không chị Minh? Không cay không về ;)

  • Vy Vy
    Vy Vy 2 months ago

    this topic is really a big big scale so it's hard to spread what she thinks ab this issue in just 15'. but she's doing great to show her idea on Feminism from the perspective of her work life and personal life. i understand what she want to tell us is that u dont need to push yourself in a way or have an appearance showing u r strong or tough (of couse, u can do that if u feel comfortable with the strong look u make). she wants us to be ourselves; we can be weak or we can cry sometimes or we can become whatever we want, just in a way that we are not somebody else and feel comfortable in our own skin. besides, i always think that when we need to fight for Feminism, we are still NOT being treated equally enough. therefore, be happy, be yourself! we are here doing what we want! every and each of us is the right! no need to fight!
    3 years pasted, have u still been fighting for it?

  • Felisha
    Felisha 2 months ago

    I understand her angle, but she's missing the bullseye by far. Feminism is the foundation, not the opinion of one or a few.

  • Hoa La La
    Hoa La La 2 months ago

    I love Thuy Minh and the way she chose

  • kaylie nguyen
    kaylie nguyen 2 months ago +1

    I think I agreed with her. A successful woman is not just a strong, independence, and powerful woman. You should be a smart woman, who know when they should be strong and when they should be weak. You’ll success when you got your dream job (or other job but you’re satisfied), you can control your relationship, be a clever girlfriend or wife. Success without men? Is it really a good idea? I think you may be say “Yah, I’m fine with it, doesn’t matter”, but “Are you lying?” Be true with yourself.

  • Invisibleguy1313
    Invisibleguy1313 2 months ago

    From what I could gather, she seemed to have this strange notion that Feminism is about women just suddenly changing what they do and taking the "man's role" in life, by fixing cars and working all the time, which jhst isn't really the case. Most feminists just want women to have equal opportunities to men, while also trying to break down the current gender roles we have in society today. This helps men and women alike, and seems like something worth fighting for to me.

  • Nami MamaBee
    Nami MamaBee 2 months ago

    I can totally feel your shoe. I have a husband, two boys, I don’t drink don’t smoke but still my mom complains about her miserable life having a girl like me who can’t be a standard vietnamese woman with standard needs and standard frames like her :) peace out

  • RobGordon35
    RobGordon35 2 months ago

    Feminism has had its day. It was hugely successful. But it appears to be populated by angry sexist women these days.

  • mix -vip
    mix -vip 2 months ago

    She says that she does not live in the Middle East Western women shut up

  • Hưng Duyên Nguyễn Hữu

    It’s a good speech but I was expecting to hear more about gender equality. Like stop fighting for feminism but fight for gender equality. Or to see bigger view.

    • Hưng Duyên Nguyễn Hữu
      Hưng Duyên Nguyễn Hữu 2 months ago

      Tiago Ferreira I agree with you.
      But I meant if she mention more clearly about gender equality. Like what is it? How is it different to feminism? That’d be so wonderful.
      Most of us like the speech because we knew about gender quality before. But for some other girls didn’t know definition of Gender equality, this speech sounds like against Women (of course I mean the women thought they know Feminism that well).

    • Tiago Ferreira
      Tiago Ferreira 2 months ago

      That's what she was saying. We're focusing on something that doesn't matter at all, on assets that don't make sense.
      I'll give an example:
      A woman is a CEO of a company. She was born in poverty and her parents sacrificed everything they could so that their daughter could be successful. She (later) coincidently was married for a while, had a child but she and her husband got divorced.
      People instead of feeling inspired to fight hard to be everything they want to be dispite any circunstances, they'll just say right away that she is a "strong and independent woman and single mother" (although, in my opinion, such concept is preposterous) and she "can do anything that a man can do" although i don't think there's anything that a woman can't do (i know there's a few XD But that isn't the point. You know what i mean.)

      That is what i think that 21st Century feminism as ended in: a concept that is being used in places and people that simply don't give a **** .
      Idk if i made myself clear and i'm having a (what i call) a "phylosophical spasm". I would love to see your point of view :)

  • ankur negi
    ankur negi 2 months ago

    lier😄😄😄 totally just showing bad about society so how you are living here

  • Social Mathematics
    Social Mathematics 2 months ago

    After a few decades, there will be the first time in human history that women will
    have the opportunity to bypass men and bear their daughters without them.
    This will be a world with only women. All the problems related to men will
    disappear with them. Future will be fancinating.

  • Jesse McCoy
    Jesse McCoy 2 months ago +4

    She's right we need to start fight for REAL equality, no more feminism.

  • Hoàng Thị Lan Phương

    I’m from Vietnam, therefore I understand what she said about Vietnam society. And there still have an ridiculous behavior that we have so many days for women such as Vietnamese women day (20/10), international women day (8/3), even though valentine is for women first, and so on ... women receive flowers, presents but the remainder of the year, they have to come back to real life with terrible things (like she said). So I wonder why we still celebrate too much days for women but in fact, women still not have the honor of doing any things. I sad that almost Vietnamese women don’t realize the fact that their positions till lower more than they thought. I’m not strong enough to live a life without at least a man behind like Thuy Minh. I prefer a life which have women and men for balance and we understand our position enough to let no one could injure us.

  • chris steffes
    chris steffes 2 months ago

    while feminism was indeed fought for, men did much of this fighting.most women were against the idea. the goal, like all social movement esp now... was intentional. feminism was created by the ruling class as they know women were easily impressionable and think with emotions more than men and thus easily persuaded by simple propaganda and social issues to sway votes. Also so they wanted to get women into the workforce so as to tax the other half of the population, as the ruling classs are the bankers who control the govt.and steal our labor in the form of taxation. it was also pushed because getting women into the workforce got kids into the public indoctrination system earlier and away from parents and raised more by the govt authority. our whole society is engineered. and it has been written about over a hundred yrs ago by elitist affiliated with the powers that be.

  • Dieudonné K.J. Brou
    Dieudonné K.J. Brou 2 months ago

    This made no sense.

  • MinHa V
    MinHa V 3 months ago

    Sorry but the talk is just bad. At the end of the talk i can't focus on what she trying to tell me.I like her idea and the meaningful message she try to give, but for a famous talk show host in vietnam, the delivery is very poor. Maybe it'll sound better in vietnamese but still, very bad.

  • Trinh Huynh
    Trinh Huynh 3 months ago

    Pretty interesting point of view on a very trendy topic nowadays but sadly her thesis was pretty weak and boring sometimes. She didn't seem to be really sure about her point since she was partially an independent woman herself. I think this could be retitled: "Don't fight for Feminism anymore. Trust me, I'm an independent woman with a career and I'm still not happy."

  • Son Fan
    Son Fan 3 months ago

    Thank you so much ❤️

  • Alison Mihailovich
    Alison Mihailovich 3 months ago

    What is she talking about ? .....Most Brothels in Asia are own and run by women ! Also Western Feminism has nothing to achieve anymore . I make more money then my husband . If I call the police they will most likely take my side . They always protect women not the Men . In Canada women have more rights then Men !

  • Nicolás Ilari
    Nicolás Ilari 3 months ago

    This speech bring me peace, i don't know, women like this will make The world better

  • Phu Truong
    Phu Truong 3 months ago

    I agreed that you should be able to choose to fighting for femimism or not but if you have a daughter I hope you teach her “don’t ever let a man, any man to lay a hand on you” or if you have a boy then teach them “ to respect and not hitting girl”. That is the definition of feminism that we as parent should be leading to fight for the next generation in Vietnam. It is that simple

  • My New Obsession With
    My New Obsession With 3 months ago +3

    Synopsis: Don't do things to someone else which you don't want to happen to yourself.

  • Honest Intellect
    Honest Intellect 4 months ago

    FEMINISM IS CANCER ( in its purest form)
    It's never was , is ,& will be about equality .
    They use the word "equality" as a shield.
    I mean just look at the word it starts with "femi" wtf is that then
    If feminism was even near to equality then it should've been called EQUALISM

  • Sirje Mägi
    Sirje Mägi 4 months ago


  • Live your Values
    Live your Values 4 months ago

    feminism is cancer

  • Zen Tao
    Zen Tao 4 months ago

    Great... from11:00 absolutly great......!!!

  • J Palance
    J Palance 4 months ago

    It has never been more popular, more normal, and more acceptable to hate ALL men. Say it loud, and be brutal!
    Men will hurt and oppress all women again and again unless women take action while it's so easy to be heard and believed.

  • Usha Shanbhag
    Usha Shanbhag 4 months ago

    Modern feminists keep saying the definition of true feminism and do the exact opposite of it.

  • sfdoctorp
    sfdoctorp 4 months ago

    thank you! feminism today is not about equality.

  • Relyt345
    Relyt345 4 months ago

    Feminism should be refined as “women who exhibit the negative aspects of both men and women without the positive aspects of either.”

  • BLAIR M Schirmer
    BLAIR M Schirmer 4 months ago


  • Uyên Nguyễn
    Uyên Nguyễn 4 months ago

    Nose pin là gì ạ

  • Vathnea Toch
    Vathnea Toch 4 months ago

    feminism is gender equality. the definition has been tainted and it shouldnt. fighting for gender equality between men and women is feminism. feminazi is the irrational side of it where some women think they are better than men. we should fight feminazi, not feminism. these feminazi tainted the definition of feminism and its the true enemy to gender equality.

  • Xiao Mi
    Xiao Mi 4 months ago

    Of course she adores feminism. The point she was trying to make was how people misunderstand feminism and take it too far. We are strong women but we cannot survive on this planet without men.

  • Kevin Healey
    Kevin Healey 4 months ago

    It's vital to listen to what women have to say, let them make their own decisions and treat them well. When a society does not do that, it will not advance and have a low standard of living. For instance, a woman in the west would not marry a relative. To western women such behavior, is not only out of the question, but completely unthinkable. Western women realize the risk, as well as the consequences. There are countries where women from the day of their birth are treated as second class citizens, whereby the father or husband has the say so, of what will be done, and the woman herself has to abide or else. There are countries where intermarriage is generally practiced, with little next to no input or regard on the part of women. The outcome of intermarraige is catastrophic. In societies where women have rights, this is not done.

  • Đỗ Đại học
    Đỗ Đại học 4 months ago

    Thuy Minh !!!!

  • AthenaHemingway
    AthenaHemingway 4 months ago

    I tried to follow the explanation but totally lost. Not because of her idea but because how she explained was utmostly confused me. Thank you for your presentation. You can make it better next time. Still my favorite host. Cheer

    • Hunter Anderson
      Hunter Anderson Day ago

      she says men and women need to work together to fix problems, not alienate each other because our problems are the same

  • Alisson Siri
    Alisson Siri 4 months ago +14

    That woman nailed it.
    Real strength is being able to show your emotions, to recognize your weaknesses and understand you need someone with you.
    That applies to both women and men.

    • Robinson Joe
      Robinson Joe 16 days ago

      My mother believes that you be the person you are and you will attract the people who match that personality. She's a strong powerful woman, stunningly so. People who meet her are shocked by how the world just seems to conform to her because of the confidence she has is that powerful. She's not that way because of feminism or because something someone did allows her to be that way. She's that way because she decided a long time ago she was going to be herself and who cares about anyone else. The thing that shocks me is that women want to be like my mother and think that my father is with her despite her strength and confidence in herself. It's stunning how they just don't get any of it. They don't understand her or him, their relationship and who they are and why. She doesn't care what you think. It's irrelevant to my mother what anyone thinks because it's her life and she's going to live it how she wants and she believes in herself because that's what matters to her. She's not concerned with what people think or how they react to her. It's that simple for you to have that same confidence and strength.

      My Father is a complete paradox to feminists. They think he's weak and powerless. They act like he has no other choice but to go along with my mother. They think he's less of a man and she's more of a woman. They think those gender roles in my parent's relationship are reversed. They think that because they don't get it. My Father doesn't deal with my mother being Powerful and confident. He's proud of it and admires her for it. He loves her personality and finds it amusing that people don't understand. It's not about people making the world ok with powerful women so women can be powerful. That's the problem with feminism. Be that person and the world will conform to you. My father is with my mother because she's the kind of woman he wants in his life. She's with him because she loves how he adores and supports her. She's not with a man who beats her because she won't allow it. She doesn't try to conform to the world, she becomes the person she wants to be and the world conforms to her.

  • Chan Cuong Huynh
    Chan Cuong Huynh 4 months ago

    To be honest I am not really understand what she trying to say. The stories she tells not really link to gather and not really make any sense to me. May be I am not good for understand, so sorry

  • Nguyen hong ngoc
    Nguyen hong ngoc 4 months ago

    Oh this is Thuy Minh. Never thought that she was on TED Talk. She deserves it and everything else. Much love and good wishes to Thuy Minh.

  • Pham Hayden
    Pham Hayden 4 months ago

    So truee 🇻🇳💋

  • The Algorithm
    The Algorithm 4 months ago

    She doesn’t need feminism because she’s attractive and intelligent.

  • vu huy
    vu huy 4 months ago

    She blamed what others did badly to her life, her wish. Then what she did, traveling abroad, writing books, .. were what she was proud of herself. I think she wanted to share her life to others. Let’s others understand and probably follow her conclusion: be yourself. However, the chaos of life is not as simple as only be yourself. :)

  • Casey
    Casey 4 months ago

    With all the mic issues she's having, you'd begin to wonder if TEDx talks just wanted to sabotage the speech because they disagree with her views.

  • Malcolm Thorne
    Malcolm Thorne 4 months ago +2

    I saw the title and immediately went; " Don't fight for it here, sure(the western world).
    We crossed the finish lane several years ago as far as women's rights go; anything further is about women's privilege.
    The issues percieved as women's issues in the west are class issues and nothing else. Men in the working and lower classes have it just as rough.
    Out east/southeast though? Forward march by all means, feminists. They need it."

  • cramer floro
    cramer floro 5 months ago +2

    14:15 Kung fu Panda would be proud

  • Jesse21
    Jesse21 5 months ago

    Amazing talk!! We need more women like her@