Embarrassingly Dumb Ways People Died - Darwin Awards Winners

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • When Charles Darwin developed his Theory of Evolution he described the idea of Natural Selection. Long after he died, the Darwin Awards were created for the dumbest ways people died.
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    BE AMAZED  2 months ago +373

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    • Grunt Screwdriver
      Grunt Screwdriver 9 days ago

      Yo I see almost every year on the newspapers that police have stopped DUI and test shows over 3 per milles ( year or two ago I heard about the lady, who's DUI was over 4,2 per milles)

    • Ethan 600
      Ethan 600 11 days ago +1

      12 sounds like ironman

    • Nanna Mnnaa
      Nanna Mnnaa 12 days ago

      Good thing your genes won’t get passed

    • 83k301
      83k301 15 days ago

      YEET! I think it good with my boyfriend agreeing

    • 83k301
      83k301 15 days ago

      Number one

  • Lorraine butler
    Lorraine butler 3 hours ago


  • Ryan Cristales
    Ryan Cristales 3 hours ago

    can't you just rip the PLASTIC BAG

  • Tasty
    Tasty 3 hours ago

    *Final destination in a nutshell*

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 8 hours ago

    Who drinks hot sauce?

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 8 hours ago

    Where do you get a fucking grenade?

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 8 hours ago

    How much did them two DUMB CUNT PILOTS COST US FOR CRASHING THAT PLANE dumb motherfuckers.

  • Ho-rion
    Ho-rion 11 hours ago

    In the thumbnail he still has the latch on the grenade pulled down so it wouldn't go off until they released it

  • SophiaDraws Dragons
    SophiaDraws Dragons 12 hours ago

    Yeah. Natural selection is a really fascinating topic. I'm an AP biology student (well.. I was douring the school year) and I was just so obsessed with the topic when the class went over it. The only problem with AP classes is that they move really quickly so it's a shame we didn't spend more time on it! 😭

  • Rafe Lydamore
    Rafe Lydamore 16 hours ago

    this should be called 'Dumb Ways To DIE'

  • JJ Jamora
    JJ Jamora 17 hours ago

    stupidity at its finest

  • Fedellity Kynepawoh
    Fedellity Kynepawoh 18 hours ago

    So much are about grenades 💣💣💣

  • trustyaxe
    trustyaxe 20 hours ago

    There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots...

  • crystal 2019
    crystal 2019 20 hours ago

    This is all basically karma

  • David Dohrman
    David Dohrman Day ago

    So there all stupid in the head

  • Hasiu
    Hasiu Day ago

    Dumb ways to die so many dumb ways to dieeeee dumb ways to die...... So many dumb ways to dieeeee

  • comrade the space pimp

    awesome comrade

  • Rizza Mamita
    Rizza Mamita Day ago

    I think all of them are the dumbest

  • Abby Monster
    Abby Monster Day ago

    1 our of 20 were women

    SAGAR_G Day ago

    Does anyone realize that these are actually really good ideas to create back stories for murders. Make someone forcefully drink gasoline and then light him up, tell the police he was dumb. Similarly most other situations. 🤫

  • Angelica Animations

    All of them!

  • MikeySIN
    MikeySIN Day ago

    How did .47 kill him? I got a DUI a few days ago and my bac was 167.

    • MikeySIN
      MikeySIN Day ago

      Maybe it was 1.67 but it was still insanely higher than .47

  • Gyro
    Gyro Day ago

    *Casually lays on train tracks to hear if a train is coming but doesn’t realize he’s deaf*

  • Tokumeiツ
    Tokumeiツ Day ago

    Florida Man: are you challenging me?

  • The truth Don't deny

    You really shouldn't make fun of the Dead it may come back and haunt you

  • jim jim
    jim jim Day ago

    Number 5 came and went at the same time

  • Amr Olwan
    Amr Olwan Day ago

    Death must be respected.
    You are disrespectful.

  • Mehmet Bulut
    Mehmet Bulut Day ago

    -I am constipated
    -lets put garden hose to your anus.water will cleanse blockage in your bowel.
    (like sewage cleaner crews... water pressure in a manhole...)

  • Natural Selection

    I’m doing you guys a favor.

  • ThiccChungus BoiHeThicc

    Physics in everything in this vid: exists

    Humans: I should do this deadly thing that can probably kill me

    Also humans: dies.

  • Electricshrock
    Electricshrock 2 days ago

    The poor lady who just forgot to put the handbrake on doesn't belong in the same class as these numbnuts.

  • 1
    1 2 days ago

    The last one, what if it was a murder cover up? I would like to read about the details.

  • Justine Libu
    Justine Libu 2 days ago

    Did he just said gay over?

  • Justine Libu
    Justine Libu 2 days ago

    Did just said gay over?

  • how 2 simple
    how 2 simple 2 days ago

    This disproves evolution. I thought evolution was about people getting smarter. -_-

  • Kyle Provenson
    Kyle Provenson 2 days ago

    If I ever have to explain natural selection, I’m using this video.

  • Romeo Clarke
    Romeo Clarke 2 days ago

    Hey guess what, the scenarios are all made up.

  • James Gruber
    James Gruber 2 days ago

    Dumbass: drinks gasoline
    Dumbass: smokes
    Dumbass: blows up
    Me: 🤦‍♂️

  • ThePhantomGamer
    ThePhantomGamer 2 days ago

    Who here plays geometry dash

  • Louise Staats
    Louise Staats 2 days ago

    I wish Jim croche could have written songs about these. Remember "you don't spit into the wind,and you don't mess around with jim"

  • Louise Staats
    Louise Staats 2 days ago

    Proof you can die from stupitidiy.

  • JigglyBanana
    JigglyBanana 2 days ago +2

    If it was a plastic bag, freaking tear it open. Not that hard.

    • Learn Linux
      Learn Linux 2 days ago

      But then he'd have no protection from the bees!

  • Fei Ghdiri
    Fei Ghdiri 2 days ago

    Most of them... are men..

  • Tripple Deck
    Tripple Deck 2 days ago

    I got a flex seal ad when the vid started lol

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry 2 days ago +1

    If I accidentally drink gasoline I’m going to the hospital not lighting a cigarette

  • Christien
    Christien 2 days ago

    Fall of a cliff in minecraft

  • TZ3C
    TZ3C 2 days ago +1

    Why did you censored the text in the thumbnail like how the fuck can text get you demonetized XD

  • importedmusic
    importedmusic 2 days ago

    Most of these stories are bullshit and / or exaggerated

  • challenge gaming
    challenge gaming 2 days ago

    fuel im not in the states see.../GASOLINE MAKES U SUPER FLAMABLE

  • Twilis Twilight
    Twilis Twilight 2 days ago

    Drinking gas and then lighting i smoke. I mean come on dude what did you think would happen? Gas and fire do not mix they mix just as well as and oxygen tank and a smoke :(

  • Ben_YT
    Ben_YT 2 days ago +1

    The wheels on the bus hit a women hit a women the wheels on the bus hit a women while out the door smoking. Lol

    MIGHTY SPRIGHT YT 2 days ago

    The guy with the air pump basically got raped to death lmao

  • Nick Czerniec
    Nick Czerniec 2 days ago

    Light a cig near gasoline will create combustion from the fumes but a cig by its self burring will not... you can actually put cigs out in gasoline believe it or not

  • Rocco Probus
    Rocco Probus 3 days ago

    Why does he have a tv in his cell

  • megadon2
    megadon2 3 days ago

    If lawn chair Lary died during his "idea", he would be number one

  • megadon2
    megadon2 3 days ago

    Covered in gasoline? Great time to have a smoke

  • mMm Borgers
    mMm Borgers 3 days ago +1

    *_5:10_**_ You can say he had a Blowjob_*

  • Mihael the cat & Didi the Wolf

    Perfect, somebody idiot from my country,ROMANIA

  • K I
    K I 3 days ago

    When there is 7.7 billion people in the world and there is not enough deaths to even fill 13-minute video with totally stupid ways to die, people generally don't die in totally stupid ways. Forgetting handbrake happens, you wouldn't expect that heating lava lamp is so disastrous and getting heart attack while getting stuck to foot rest is just unlucky.

  • Get Lost!
    Get Lost! 3 days ago

    Lol romanians did the most stupid things. Not too proud to be romanian tbh

  • TheShadowKing
    TheShadowKing 3 days ago

    You are saying it’s a good thing these people died

  • MyNameIsALTUS
    MyNameIsALTUS 3 days ago


  • Mr. Biscuit
    Mr. Biscuit 3 days ago

    Hi I’m tony purgatelly you’re in purgatory you’re dead. Let’s see how you died. Um. You tried to saw a grenade in half. Well I quit my job.

  • Chadwick Glein
    Chadwick Glein 3 days ago

    I miss that show dumb ways to die. Missin you.

  • Wryxa Copia
    Wryxa Copia 3 days ago

    Dumb ways to die

  • ThisIsPeyton
    ThisIsPeyton 3 days ago


  • Thomas Hoffstot
    Thomas Hoffstot 3 days ago

    My uncle was working on a car and got covered in gas then light a cigarette and went up in flames

  • Jack Attack3
    Jack Attack3 3 days ago

    Do you know how to spell governors

  • I love Fortnite
    I love Fortnite 3 days ago +3

    Ok I’m just being serious right now if you know that you just drunk gasoline why would you lit something 🤦‍♂️

  • Alma fraire
    Alma fraire 3 days ago

    The dumest is the gas

  • Fakir Jamal
    Fakir Jamal 3 days ago

    All these pepoel are a bunch of dumb ass and i the women whit the gun is the most stuped

  • Alfa_TheWolf9
    Alfa_TheWolf9 3 days ago +2

    Grim reaper: so how’d you die?
    Man: I jumped on to the train track to hear when the train was coming. Well, turns out I didn’t hear it....
    *Grim reaper has left the chat*

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 days ago

    He's too happy for the death taking place.

  • Roy epic
    Roy epic 3 days ago

    Who the hell would chug gasoline and thinks to themselves I wanna cigarette

  • Juan Carlos Segura Seijas

    WhAt Is FuCkInG wRoNg WiTh ThE rOmAnIaNs!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

  • David
    David 3 days ago

    This went on to long. 8:01 I just didnt care anymore.

  • YourBoy ChipsAhoy
    YourBoy ChipsAhoy 3 days ago +4

    This basically tells people "OY,CHAP!EXPLOSIVES EXPLODE! "

  • Abby Grubbs
    Abby Grubbs 3 days ago

    And the dude who planned on a tiger the other tiger was like:wtf is this human doing to you?

  • Abby Grubbs
    Abby Grubbs 3 days ago

    And please don't put pipes up your anus.... That's gross and you can die.... And don't pose with wild

  • Abby Grubbs
    Abby Grubbs 3 days ago

    1.You should never look down the barrel of a gun
    2.never lose with live grenades
    3.never smoke after you accidentally drink gasoline
    And 4. Never cut open a live grenade

  • Abby Grubbs
    Abby Grubbs 3 days ago

    And almost all the comments are ignoring the fact that a GROWN MAN put a PIPE up his anus and killed himself......

  • Abby Grubbs
    Abby Grubbs 3 days ago

    So sum idiot put a pipe that blows air in his butt? That's one of the worst ways to go and one of the most stupid and embarrassing. Some people are too dumb to live.....

  • Job Beeman
    Job Beeman 3 days ago

    2:59 that's someones arm not butt

  • Michael Lowry
    Michael Lowry 3 days ago +2

    I thought more Bigfoot hunters would be on this clip

  • TheDiscordingFrostByte

    Duuuummm waays ta die so many dumb ways to die

  • Hydro Virus
    Hydro Virus 4 days ago

    i don't need to sleep i need details

  • luca andrei
    luca andrei 4 days ago

    I love his voice.

  • NiVi OoF
    NiVi OoF 4 days ago

    It’s kinda of sad if you think. About it

  • 9 year old army
    9 year old army 4 days ago

    Half of these are grenade related why??

  • Jacob Molyneux
    Jacob Molyneux 4 days ago +2

    Mythbusters tested the lava lamp. It's not fatal unless you stand directly over the top of the lava lamp when it explodes

  • pyrocynical's smurf
    pyrocynical's smurf 4 days ago

    I love how this guy is just so happy about talking how actual people died

  • Allen Cohen
    Allen Cohen 4 days ago +1

    I personally love the Darwin Awards. Better than a comedy movie ! There used to be a saying for people who say the wrong thing at the wrong time -- Please engage brain before putting mouth in gear ! Now based on this video, the saying might be updated to say -- Please engage brain before putting hands in gear !!!

  • PokéMax Gaming
    PokéMax Gaming 4 days ago +1

    Not so sumb deaths
    oh wait I cant watch anymore cuz im 7

  • Ken Of Darkness
    Ken Of Darkness 4 days ago

    Was grenades like buying eggs from the store? Walked to his shed and found a grenade. What moles that big of a problem

  • #jacobfoxyjones
    #jacobfoxyjones 4 days ago

    All of them

  • Alex Hritcu
    Alex Hritcu 4 days ago

    He is no giving a fuck while sayng it

  • Duane Chipman
    Duane Chipman 4 days ago

    fuck sake...
    the voice coupled with the ear-itating fuckin' puns made me turn this dreck off at just over 2.5 minutes!!

  • Duane Chipman
    Duane Chipman 4 days ago

    why do so many of these videos have such annoying voice-overs?

  • Nikki Jones
    Nikki Jones 4 days ago +1

    This is why you always have MILLIONS of glasses with you :) LIKE MEH!

  • Funny Tv
    Funny Tv 4 days ago

    there are for this amount of stupidity🤐