IELTS Speaking test (Band 8.5 - 9.0) - Sample 1

  • Published on Sep 14, 2015
  • This video is extracted for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It features an outstanding performance of a high-achiever who should score 8.5 or 9.0
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  • oneng kusumah
    oneng kusumah Day ago

    Either good looking = 8.5-9 or they downgraded the quality of band 8.5-9

  • Daiana Cossia
    Daiana Cossia 2 days ago

    can you really get that high score speaking like that ? he's got a strong spanish accent and i didn't hear him using contrast sentences like "however, despite, etc", quite simple sentences

  • Anasyub
    Anasyub 3 days ago

    9:49 ohoho interviewer wants sum o that havier

  • Anasyub
    Anasyub 3 days ago

    oh man javier must be in law now practising it oof... i luv this man- spanish boys r real freakin hawt dammit

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  • James Dorta
    James Dorta 7 days ago

    His English may be perfect. However, if he comes to countries like Australia, he will be rejected, insulted, and underestimated. Probably he wouldn't get more than 7.5 in IELTS neither.... Puta vida

  • Victor Paco
    Victor Paco 7 days ago

    Greetings from Bolivia guys

  • poyoles
    poyoles 8 days ago

    I was also expecting a more native-like performance, but i'm glad He got high score, i couldn't study enough ,and neither i had very good results, but was somehow fulfilling to know i have some start point, and also would be very excited to improve. I guess maybe to grasp a nearly C1 level, one important thing is to live days and days in full English, everyday situation, i mean, reading, composing phrases when you talking to people at street, job, home, and when having your own life reflections on spare time. Just one more thing, we're all humans, life is always a learning adventure, and we somehow shere this very world.

  • Strahinja Sestovic
    Strahinja Sestovic 8 days ago

    blaba bla bla aaaaaaaaaaaaa bla bla bla aaaaaaaaaaaaa bla bla bla aaaaaaaa so irritating

  • Dia R
    Dia R 9 days ago


  • emah black
    emah black 12 days ago

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  • danish ahmad
    danish ahmad 14 days ago

    Why he is always uesd. Aeeeee initially so much aanoying

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  • Jawwad Jalali
    Jawwad Jalali 15 days ago +2

    Great Exam Teacher I ever watch❤️ love the way she receive him. And when the 2nd part starts she didn't look at him all time. I think just for not to confuse him, bcz this part is so crucial for anybody. Simply amazing.

  • Aiyous Tamang
    Aiyous Tamang 15 days ago

    He is using too much awww unmmm

  • Akshaya Duraiswamy
    Akshaya Duraiswamy 16 days ago +8

    I took my ielts speaking test today and the person was the coolest instructor ever . It felt like I was actually conversing with him . It was so breezy and I did not feel like I was in a test . It went really well than I thought . I think there is a lot of hype around this speaking and if you are a decent English speaker , it should be easy . I am not a native speaker and I prepared for a day . I was also extremely scared before the test but did not turn out like that .
    Let’s see how I fare .

    • poyoles
      poyoles 8 days ago

      You mean "decent" as a person with good manners and morals?

    • استفد و تعلم
      استفد و تعلم 14 days ago

      Akshaya Duraiswamy When you get your result tell me how much you got I will tell you mine

  • Arjun Maheta
    Arjun Maheta 17 days ago +20

    I have IELTS speaking test tomorrow. Hopefully get 7 bands

    • Arjun Maheta
      Arjun Maheta 9 days ago

      @习习虫合虫合 1. They will clearly tell you what do they want you to say as they give brief instructions with the topic.
      2. If you are still unsure you can ask like by subject do you mean maths or science or something or anything else??? There is no harm in that.
      3. Even if you speak out of the subject they will give you marks if you have spoken well. But that's the last thing you want to happen 😀

    • sourav singha
      sourav singha 9 days ago


    • 习习虫合虫合
      习习虫合虫合 9 days ago +1

      @Arjun Maheta THX, I just worry that it may refer to other meanings such as factor or option in daily use and in economy...

    • Arjun Maheta
      Arjun Maheta 9 days ago

      @习习虫合虫合 Subject means any single subject you studied at your school level i.e. Maths, Science, Social studies etc...
      I spoke about Maths btw

    • 习习虫合虫合
      习习虫合虫合 10 days ago +1

      @Arjun Maheta what does the subject means? Does it refer to the course in school ?

  • Khalid Khlief
    Khalid Khlief 18 days ago

    How many is your mark

  • Curtis Voyageur
    Curtis Voyageur 19 days ago

    So typical Spanish... It sounds like that he was speaking Spanish rather than English.

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  • Omkaar Kamath
    Omkaar Kamath 20 days ago

    Man says 'Dont suck my d tonite'
    Woman: 10:32

  • Reyhaneh Ansari
    Reyhaneh Ansari 20 days ago

    reseonable questions and nice examiner

  • Nadeem Mubarik
    Nadeem Mubarik 20 days ago

    I admire this examiner

  • ZLv S
    ZLv S 21 day ago

    This interviewer smiled a lot. It's psychologically encouraging to the examinee to feel and speak better.
    Whereas the native white examiners I met, whether in my own Asian country or in Australia, they were all trying to put on a smug, making the examinee subconsciously believe during the interview of being disapproved, even if that is not in the IELTS rules.
    So a tip for non-native speakers, just practice talking formal English to smug white faces on a regular basis so your focus wouldn't be bothered by any smug face on the speaking test.
    The ironic bigger challenge, however, is everyday white people do not like conversing in formal english. They rather hear everything in shortcuts!

  • HoangLinh HoangLinh
    HoangLinh HoangLinh 26 days ago

    Hai người này nói giọng nước nào hả ad

  • Miloš Ilić
    Miloš Ilić 26 days ago

    Here more than anywhere else I have noticed this "restless striving within" defined by A. Schopenhauer

  • kd singh
    kd singh 27 days ago

    the person is very intelligent with intelligent answers

  • Lalisse Horta
    Lalisse Horta 27 days ago

    The examiner didn’t even look at him on task 2. This is so uncomfortable! She just looked at the timer!

  • Mark Roy
    Mark Roy 27 days ago

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    • Mark Roy
      Mark Roy 25 days ago

      @Nidhi Upadhyay okay

    • Nidhi Upadhyay
      Nidhi Upadhyay 25 days ago

      Thanks Mark, I'll see to it😃

    • Mark Roy
      Mark Roy 25 days ago

      @Nidhi Upadhyay nah no extra fee, you can just hit him up

    • Nidhi Upadhyay
      Nidhi Upadhyay 25 days ago

      Did he take any charges for this?Just asking, in case I contact him

    • Mark Roy
      Mark Roy 25 days ago

      @Nidhi Upadhyay hell yeah i was so surprised myself just said i should try him buh he did it he is dam legit

  • abdurrahman çoban
    abdurrahman çoban 27 days ago

    he speaks with Spanish emphasizes , it makes the job unique

  • Abu Sayem Dosar
    Abu Sayem Dosar 28 days ago

    too much "Ayaaa aa ayaa aya aaa ayaaa"

    IELTS CONSULTANT 29 days ago

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  • Gangotri Jain
    Gangotri Jain Month ago +1

    He used so much 'um' and 'hmms' and 'aaas' and 'err' and yet he got so gud marks. Its just his casual attitude that is impressive otherwise he doesnt seem to adhere with the speaking dos and donts .
    Is it okay to make the um and aas sounds ...? I thought it wasnt a big no in the tips for speaking cause then the examiner would think that u r not confident. But the case here is completely different.

    • Wanjiru Macharia
      Wanjiru Macharia 27 days ago

      I think it is because English is not his dominant language, but he is good

  • oud master
    oud master Month ago +1

    thank you very much
    question, in task 2, during my speech, can I write something if came in mind?

    • aaa karl
      aaa karl Month ago

      @oud master yes u can, but eye contact is very important. Make sure u are not always see ur notes

    • oud master
      oud master Month ago

      @aaa karl thank you
      but at least can I see my notes during the speech?

    • aaa karl
      aaa karl Month ago

      @oud master u can't write anything during the speech mate.

    • oud master
      oud master Month ago

      @aaa karl
      I mean during the speak

    • aaa karl
      aaa karl Month ago

      ofc u can, u have 1 minute to construct

  • Agent Hani
    Agent Hani Month ago

    dude really speaks like tony fr

  • Miriam Lezzi
    Miriam Lezzi Month ago

    She is so cuteeee

  • Zara Naveed
    Zara Naveed Month ago

    God, this guy is dull

    • Jason Faber
      Jason Faber Month ago

      But yeah I agree

    • Jason Faber
      Jason Faber Month ago

      Lmao, that's not what they're testing him for though

  • Lisa Hong
    Lisa Hong Month ago +1

    His english is dang good! wow!:)

  • Brown potato
    Brown potato Month ago +3

    ...I have nearly finished my career

  • Ting
    Ting Month ago

    Hi! Anyone want to practice English with me on

  • Jose Funes
    Jose Funes Month ago +2

    9:09 when people speak to me!

  • Lina
    Lina Month ago

    Su pronunciación es horrible, tiene que mejorar mucho en ese aspecto y también el ritmo y el tono que se adopta cuando se habla en inglés. Pero tiene buen vocabulario y lo utiliza con coherencia.

  • vanessa sanders
    vanessa sanders Month ago

    Great job. Excellent range of grammar and lexis with appropriate hesitation and discursive ability. In addition, his language was very natural and fluid.

  • Raman Boparai
    Raman Boparai Month ago +2

    Menu cue card bhut problem hundi aa some time 🙏 plzz help me


    Cool ! During the mock examination that I watched, I got knowledgeable things that can help me to improve my English skill of speaking 😎

  • Electric Engineer
    Electric Engineer Month ago +2

    Aaaaaaaam , like a donkey

  • Sarah Ashraf
    Sarah Ashraf Month ago

    I can’t get over how hot he is

  • K R
    K R Month ago

    Что то дохуя вопросов у нее

  • The Philosopher
    The Philosopher Month ago +45

    whomever did this IELTS are bunch of idiots who are simply looking for profits and nothing else! Why would someone need to prove he/she speaks english and pay up to 300$ to an organization when he/she has an assessed university certificate recognized internationally and then he/she has to do exams to register in a major or continue his/her studies in a University?
    Also the biggest joke is that the IELTS is only valied for 2 years! What happened after 2 years? i lost my ability to speak english or got Alzheimer or what exactly?

    • The Philosopher
      The Philosopher 7 days ago +1

      @xze This is Bullshit my friend.. i lived all around the world in places where you don't use English for months.. you are being dramatic and speaking non-sense
      And again.. it is not about the score it is about having an international certificate with all materials in English and then you do english test...
      beside that the evaluation process is not logic... when your profession is in medical field and then they ask you to speak or write or read about history... where's the logic about that?
      ask me to write in my field i would write for you Novels... but ask me to write about history of wars .. i barely can write 2 sentences....

    • xze
      xze 8 days ago

      In two years, living in a non English speaking environment, your ability could decrease significantly.
      I knew someone who got 7.0 but after four years, he only got a 5.

    • Trowa Chuwa
      Trowa Chuwa 12 days ago +1

      I feel you here. They have this passing score and Good Lord every mistake you make during the exam counts (hello! if its time pressure, what would you expect?) then when you got below passing score... here we are, non native speakers spend hundreds and thousands dollars to get it. I just think its so unfair, yet these native English speakers most of them do not speak other language. (no offense here) just stating the fact.

    • Jennie Austin
      Jennie Austin 15 days ago

      Im wondering too,what is this ielts for🤣🤣🤣

    • Davidson Lawrence
      Davidson Lawrence 22 days ago +2

      I agree with you completely

  • Parvati das
    Parvati das Month ago

    He using lots of AHHH

  • DDXGaddini
    DDXGaddini Month ago +1

    14:19 I wish I could respond like that when a date is not going well "Thank you, that is the end of the date"

  • Amandeep Sohal
    Amandeep Sohal Month ago +1

    Best teacher ever👍

  • Gh Ghetto
    Gh Ghetto Month ago

    Cherry? U fuckin faggot gay

  • ESU KidsTV
    ESU KidsTV Month ago

    he is soooo handsome!!!! Looks like Iglesias!!! :)))))

  • Amr Wady
    Amr Wady Month ago

    Very bad interview without any eye contact. ;)

  • Jorge Andrés Palma

    I'm guessing this interview was part of the General IELTS exam, right? If so, do you have any examples of the Academic IELTS test? I don't think they will ask the same questions nor let me use the same vocabulary he used.

    • Tj Jamal
      Tj Jamal Month ago

      @Dobgang Roussel SCAM

    • Tj Jamal
      Tj Jamal Month ago

      The speaking test for Academic and General training are the same.

    • ThinkElectricAfrica!
      ThinkElectricAfrica! Month ago

      Speaking test is the same for both General and Academics

    ODILOV BLOGS Month ago +3

    the great examiner i've ever seen

  • Laniakea -000-
    Laniakea -000- Month ago

    I also got an 8.5 on speaking 2 years ago 😊 but it got expired so I need to sit the exam again. Don’t know what’s gonna happen this time.

  • harsha raghav
    harsha raghav Month ago +1

    He adds yeeah yeaah as a punctuation in his sentences, I just can't believe he made to 8.5...

    SERKAN AYDIN Month ago +1

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  • Juan DaVinci
    Juan DaVinci Month ago

    its was so rude that she wasn't looking at him during the process and the test could not be an excuse to justify that issue. that was what my linguistic policy teacher taught us, English become just a tool for business. Instrumentalization

  • Max Gaming
    Max Gaming Month ago +1

    Really he took 8.5 bands 😂

  • lagvin719ify
    lagvin719ify Month ago

    huh? is this band level 8.5-9? I'll score this as 7.0-7.5

  • saina subtle
    saina subtle Month ago +1

    He spoke really good

  • saina subtle
    saina subtle Month ago +3

    It’s my weakness.
    If I hear someone British, I stutter.

    • Salvatore Twin
      Salvatore Twin Month ago

      saina subtle so so, to be honest, could have been much better. The topic i was given pretty much sucked in my opinion. However, what is done is done

    • saina subtle
      saina subtle Month ago

      Salvatore Twin hope u did well

    • Salvatore Twin
      Salvatore Twin Month ago +1

      saina subtle Sam, and i am having my speaking part in an hour. However, i am trying to overcome this shy nature of mine and do my best!

  • Süleyman Güney
    Süleyman Güney Month ago

    I didn't like his accent

  • Matin _T
    Matin _T Month ago

    thumbs up if u think ielts speaking test is the hardest test in the world after test of listening to Justin Bieber for 5 mins ( that s a lot )

  • Matin _T
    Matin _T Month ago +1

    the way he speaks , gives me stress . 😂
    why i hate this test very much ? 😂

  • Siddharth S Alagh
    Siddharth S Alagh Month ago

    That's an informative and good video on all aspects. Thanks for sharing

  • Afanlynness
    Afanlynness Month ago

    they fucked after dat..i saw it on pornhub!

  • paloma master race
    paloma master race 2 months ago +1

    How can I answer if I don't have any friends xd

    • Robin Weird
      Robin Weird Month ago

      paloma master race watch a lot of shows & movies and pretend the characters are your friends in real life...made up a personal life with friends and family if you have none

  • kudos kailash
    kudos kailash 2 months ago

    Is it not too much Aaaa

  • Seun Akioye
    Seun Akioye 2 months ago

    I wonder why Anglophone Africans are made to go through this? If this guy has a high score, boy, my 10 year old would far better.

  • Aida Bartkauskaite
    Aida Bartkauskaite 2 months ago

    Better than the GoT finale!

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 2 months ago

    He makes really good sentences but as i think he has some kind of accent!

  • shade shade shade
    shade shade shade 2 months ago +4

    I was shook when I heard him call tortillas a dish

  • birdsndogsTV
    birdsndogsTV 2 months ago +1

    i can score 9000

  • birdsndogsTV
    birdsndogsTV 2 months ago

    what the fuck?

  • JJ Wo
    JJ Wo 2 months ago


  • Martin Christian
    Martin Christian 2 months ago +1

    ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh emmmmmm ammmmmm

  • R C
    R C 2 months ago

    This is NOT an example of an 8.5 to 9. At best, an 8. Let's break it down. Fluency and coherence, is a 7 or 8, based on how much he elaborates. Vocabulary is also a 7 or 8, based on the variety of collocations, synonyms, and ability to speak on new subjects. His grammar is his strongest point, an 8 or 9. Lastly, his pronunciation, while good, is NOT native speaker level. At BEST an 8. These scores are misleading.

  • Imran Sahir
    Imran Sahir 2 months ago

    In India and Pakistan, the examiner doesn't pay any attention to you while you're talking. Sometimes they're scratching their head and other times looking at their feet. It affects you psychologically when you know that the person who asked you a question is not interested a bit in listening you.
    I've got 7 twice but I wanted to point this out.

  • EGCK Go
    EGCK Go 2 months ago

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    KUKA - KULDEEP KATIYAR 2 months ago

    Words repeat ...not impressed with 1st round

  • I only speak Latin
    I only speak Latin 2 months ago

    Another horrible false teacher is Jason Kelty


  • Regibelle Bright
    Regibelle Bright 2 months ago +1

    This is the best speaking interview I watched so far... I just love his easy way of talking and self confidence too... I wish I could talk so freely and less frightened lol

  • Zynp AS
    Zynp AS 2 months ago

    Omg he is hot!

  • Zeynep Eryaman
    Zeynep Eryaman 2 months ago +2

    is he speaking ispanyol or arabic during the examm :)

  • Fazan Hafeez
    Fazan Hafeez 2 months ago

    Among all the videos done for the speaking test on youtube, I think she has a wonderful voice, it's not only just comfortable but somehow stress relieving as well!

    AVVS IVS 2 months ago

    how can you break him of the upspeak :P

    RITISH SHARMA 2 months ago

    he is doing lots of aah aah aah aah aah aah aah aah

  • Ch. Hratleih
    Ch. Hratleih 2 months ago

    She is the one who did recording for listening test.

  • you393
    you393 2 months ago +5

    if this is band 9 answer. i am going to get 10 tomorrow. I have been practicing for the speaking test for years in bars without realizing it.

    • you393
      you393 2 months ago

      @Betül thanks

    • Betül
      Betül 2 months ago +1

      @you393 so good. congratulations!

    • you393
      you393 2 months ago +2

      @Betül bro here is the update. Result came speaking 8.5 listening 8.5 reading 9.0 writing 8.0 overall 8.5

    • Betül
      Betül 2 months ago

      you393 congratulations:)

    • you393
      you393 2 months ago +1

      @Betül i will update it once i get it. I gave it on this Saturday 27 april. It takes 14 days for results. Ill update it here lol once i have it. My test went well though. Expecting good result.

  • Bakil Aldhubaibi
    Bakil Aldhubaibi 2 months ago +1

    Hi everyone, if anyone wants to practice more and more IELTS tests this is a precious and real website where u can practice. This website has helped me a lot and I'm confidently taking the test in two weeks.
    Try it u would never regret it!!
    Hope u the best with ur IELTS!

  • psevdobitard
    psevdobitard 2 months ago

    Seems like he deserves 9.0

  • Rafi Mohamed
    Rafi Mohamed 2 months ago

    9:45 She's being mean!!

  • Tom Pri
    Tom Pri 2 months ago

    I m is xavi aaah....

  • Khurt Russel Lopez
    Khurt Russel Lopez 3 months ago +3

    i like this rather than other ielts video, the examiner seems happy and quite interested.

  • Ravjit Kaur Sodhi
    Ravjit Kaur Sodhi 3 months ago +1

    OK so this is 8-9... I'll be fine