How to (Not) Handle an OP Character - Ft. Isekai Smartphone

  • Hey guys! It's been a hectic few weeks but we're back with a new video! This time I break down OP characters and how to do them correctly... by looking at a blatant example of how they can easily be done very poorly. The example I'm referring to is the protagonist of the currently wrapping up show, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Enjoy.
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Comments • 80

  • Austin Bailey
    Austin Bailey 14 hours ago

    The way I see overpowered characters is that it’s fun to watch people absolutely destroy someone. That’s why one punch man is fun, because we see him go up against these more and more insanely powerful people and just demolish them. But in smartphone, he beats everything, but that’s it. He just wins with minimal effort. This makes it not fun to watch, but also impossible to get invested in.

  • vamp ier
    vamp ier 2 days ago +1

    Favourite op anime is over lord

  • Aleggbry '-'
    Aleggbry '-' 3 days ago

    Best op character is naruto cause he worked hard to get where he is and had a motivation and a personality damn I love that show

  • Luxi carpion
    Luxi carpion 3 days ago

    Kazuma and Tanya:want a peaceful life
    Naofumi: want to go back to his world
    Ainz: want to find other player in the game
    Goblin Slayer:want to kill all the goblins and live a peaceful life

  • Robert Haavind
    Robert Haavind 5 days ago

    this is a story without a villain the manga does not touch the villain till maybe chapter 50 the conflict trying to deal with a social block head unfortunately a lot of Japanese women can relate the charter flaw is clear season one was all setup for a villain that would be equal to the hero but there is no season two

  • - DEVIL -
    - DEVIL - 8 days ago

    Well yeah in facts it's true it sucks that way but it was one of those anime I watched when I started watching Animes so I enjoyed all of it but when u watched lot of Animes and get a decent knowledge u will start knowing why this show was kinda like not so good enough cus of all the points in this video + he seems to be like have no difficulty like everything is easy for him that kinda sets the show off cus it makes the show predictable but yeah it was one of the anime I really enjoyed when I started watching Animes

  • Tucker Smith
    Tucker Smith 10 days ago

    It’s not in the anime yet, but I’ve heard he’s super op because god turned him into a low
    Level god.

  • Raphael Jeanluc
    Raphael Jeanluc 10 days ago

    House cat, so true

  • Brotuberplayer309 #LOGIC

    Normally you would use your magic on training but he doesn't

  • Dio
    Dio 12 days ago

    I agree but i still love it.

  • Alice Tagaro
    Alice Tagaro 13 days ago

    Ur kinda OP.

  • FatPodMan
    FatPodMan 16 days ago

    I'm actually curious about what the fans think about this video.

    Bois? You there?

  • Jcbrz
    Jcbrz 17 days ago

    One punch man? Ew in another world with my smartphone is better

  • Thanoid Macchinah
    Thanoid Macchinah 18 days ago

    Doomguy is the only op character I like because he LOOKS OP. I don't want a fucking normal person that one-shots everyone but a BEHEMOTH THAT SCARES DEMONS ONLY WITH HIS PRESENCE

  • ThanGuyOnYoutube _
    ThanGuyOnYoutube _ 22 days ago

    Not to mention he will get 9 wifes in the future

  • Shirley Munro
    Shirley Munro 23 days ago

    Imagine being dumped in another world with a smartphone that provides you with information about that world on a par with what your smartphone can provide you about earth. So google maps of the entire isekai world would give you a level of knowledge that would change that world over night. People who thought the world ended just over the hill would now realize that there is a ruined temple on a mountain top on the other side of the world surrounded by jungle or that there are cities nicer than the dung heap village they are confined to by their local tyrant just across the sea.
    He has a map of the entire isekai world and barely bothers to use it other than check out the local town map. I would have gotten a large partchment, cut down a dodecahedron 'globe' and drew a map of the world. Release a map of the world on that medieval isekai world and you will kickstart the age of colonialism.

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 23 days ago

    It is indeed a fairly bad anime but despite that, I kinda liked it. It's like the definition of you getting transferred into another worls with op powers. The tropes are so accurate it's bad.

  • blasterblade1992
    blasterblade1992 28 days ago

    First off I disagree why does he need motivation in the start beginning he gets the 3 things u need in the world 1 money 2 stable income 3 a place to stay later on her gets a permanent place to stay so I see lots of motivation, basic motivation survival he makes a gun so that he doesn't have to use swords know more still helps people out so he doesn't have the motivation u want to see in the anime it's supposed to have but the motivation is still there in the end the main character is perfectly fine for what it is for the world he is in also doesn't matter if he has no flaws it's a harem anime who cares if u Wanna nitpick at something nitpick how he doesn't already know how to read and write God boosted everything he should be able to do that stuff already in the end he is a great main character that's my opinion.

  • Commander Minh
    Commander Minh Month ago

    If I handle an op char in smartphone isekai I would create a smartphone is a spellbook and dictionary and I make an Mc is op char with a insane trait (ex: he is rage warrior with the fear of girl because they so dumb the Mc make an confused screaming)

  • Skull Crusade343
    Skull Crusade343 Month ago

    Lmao, on another note of Isekai with an OP character, is Overlord.


    Ainz can literally stop time just to insta-kill an enemy. He could cast a single spell that wipes out an ENTIRE KINGDOM'S ARMY. The dude is an undead, therefore no need for sleep and food. And most of all, his whole country wanna FUCK HIM! Yet even with all of these, Ainz is a great character and Overlord as a whole isn't like this anime.

  • Let me take a Jörmungandr at that

    Is there an anime where there's a super OP character who's on a high horse, then loses all of their power and has to slowly gain it back on a quest? Because if not then I'll fricking make one.

    HD SINGH Month ago

    I like it..

  • Megatron Nyx
    Megatron Nyx Month ago

    Also sees Gintoki in the background

  • Frikismos
    Frikismos Month ago +1

    solo vengo a decir que touya esta mas roto, adios.

  • eh eh
    eh eh Month ago

    what’s up with isekais and alleyways

  • octylMan
    octylMan Month ago

    Isekai is the definition of trash. It's made by virgin, anti-social authors for virgins who are anti-social. The purpose of those MCs are so the viewer can put them in their shoes.
    Every shitty anime has the following, isekai, op, harem, no goal.
    Shield hero was a bit unique but it sunk to the generic level of trash as well.
    Only manga I can think of that's a good isekai is Re:zero.

  • Squidacus
    Squidacus Month ago

    How dare he talk about motivation and not talk about my main man naruto who wanted to be the hokage since he could talk

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 2 months ago

    Didn't he just copy a line from mother's basement?

  • Christina Ford
    Christina Ford 2 months ago

    All might

  • SpoopyTheScout :D
    SpoopyTheScout :D 2 months ago

    thought this show was good as it was one of my first isekais/animes ever, but after watching the first season (I'm mad hat I wont get that time on earth back) and some other much better shows wish OP main characters such as My Hero Academia and JoJo Part 3 (If you could count Jotaro as a OP character with the ability to stop time). Seeing this show now with much more opened eyes I agree with most if not all of the points in this video

  • Its COming
    Its COming 2 months ago

    guys isnt it obvious his goal was to get all the bitches and help anyone he sees as soon as he reincarnated thus the goal was set :)

  • kaue matheus
    kaue matheus 2 months ago +1

    I have a theory about why the protagonist is so ridiculously OP. in the first episode when god told him to choose something to have in the other world and he said a cell phone, god thought "he will die in the first 6 minutes, I better give him something more", but god exaggerated a little, and that's why he is so ridiculously OP

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager 2 months ago

    Aqua may be useless
    But she dumb THICC

  • Bart jeff
    Bart jeff 2 months ago +1

    This was the worst anime i’ve ever watched and i love it

  • KC Noel
    KC Noel 2 months ago

    You just gave mean idea for motivation for my main characters in the book I’m writing!! The main character is far from op at the beginning of the story. In fact, in a world where everyone can use magic he can’t. Why? Because of a medical condition having to do with the fact that he’s a twin and how twins work in this world.
    Part of his development is learning to control magical objects in place of normal magic. But I think his main motive should be trying to find his father.
    He and his twin brother never knew their real dad. They were “raised” by their crack pot mom and an officer who dated their mom to be able to protect and be a dad to the boys.
    Normally they wouldn’t care about their birth dad, but M starts to get curious once events begin happening. He gets help from his adopted dads closest friend and eventually comes to the conclusion that someone on the inner circle of the enemy might be his dad. And his brother comes along without knowing his motive. But he can’t let his little magic less brother fight crack heads alone.
    Does that sound like good motive? I’m still working on this, and have been thinking a lot about these relationships

  • Zello Tutorials
    Zello Tutorials 2 months ago

    It was okay i guess i kinda liked the anime a bit

  • rafiul hasan
    rafiul hasan 2 months ago

    why do you juge isekai wa smartphone it is a good anime i mean it is kinda perv type i gusse but it is good i enjoyed it and dont juge me i have some word problem

  • craig Malhava
    craig Malhava 2 months ago

    Man your a geek just go with the flow of the anime don't ask questions it's anime nothing really has to make sense f u your. Not a real anime fan comparing real life to anime is stupid when you watch u some thing u don't just think everything will make sense and be normal do u😕😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😡

  • Chito Gamer
    Chito Gamer 2 months ago

    Now that that's over. Who do you guys think is a blank protagonist, but is much better than him.

  • Scarzone Gaming
    Scarzone Gaming 2 months ago

    Personally I like Isekai smartphone just because I like harem, fantasy anime’s 😐

  • Joy
    Joy 2 months ago

    His motivation is that he is in hell and he's an angel and the demons are doing community service and his girlfriend is pregnant and misses him.

  • Pundah
    Pundah 2 months ago

    I lowkey like it even though I'm aware of.. Yknow all the bad things about it. It's still a good anime to me.

  • Alex Schild
    Alex Schild 2 months ago

    Here's how you handle an op character. Dont make their problems solvable by their over powered nature.

  • Tri Force
    Tri Force 2 months ago

    he is the character in death march too XD

  • alex forbes
    alex forbes 2 months ago

    My fav OP mc is Rimuru from that time I got reincarnated as a slime

  • Chronic Sleepiness
    Chronic Sleepiness 2 months ago

    A great isaki story that has a op main character is ‘Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?!’ (Yes that’s the title) the main characters wanted to be average when reincarnated, but she is literally average. The very center of the scale so she’s half as powerful as the strongest creature. She just wants to be normal, but nope.

  • Yewro2000
    Yewro2000 2 months ago

    This is the Superman argument

  • Master Panda Bear Channel

    That Phone everyone need. unlimited battery

  • Synveon Ify
    Synveon Ify 3 months ago +1

    Well from the first few minutes of the show you can see he is already willing to just be dead; but has a second chance anyway with all new powers. He is just a teenager making stuff up as he goes and trying to be good.
    I agree that the show appears to drag a lot. But the whole season seems to be building the characters personality and core group; then it ends when thing should get interesting. From what I have learnt the MC does get a 'stop the destruction of the world' purpose eventually.
    Overall I think it is an okay show with potential for more.

  • Zackntor _
    Zackntor _ 3 months ago +1

    You know who's op Saiki K

  • Nightwingthegamer Amv
    Nightwingthegamer Amv 3 months ago +1

    I understood the characters but I just don't know how to explain it in words mainly mochizuki Toya understanded him a lot
    If you want to understand the character go back over the first episode of a couple times

  • バンジョベンジ
    バンジョベンジ 3 months ago

    I would argue a bland anime is worse than a bad anime. I would rather watch Eromanga Sensei than a non-descript isekai on the premise that I get to at least watch a dumpster fire as opposed to an amorphous blob that does nothing. That's why The Room is so great compared to most 'better' movies (that aren't great)

  • Tomtom Nuckles
    Tomtom Nuckles 3 months ago

    Late but overlord does the op isekai really good

  • Ninja Dino
    Ninja Dino 3 months ago

    What anime is the one with the mob guy.

  • June Sekai
    June Sekai 3 months ago

    i like this show not as an action show but as a slice of life, the events that follows are pretty mundane

  • Magne Barslev
    Magne Barslev 3 months ago

    Well, I'm sorry but the way that you tell us that the girls had no reason to accept the job is wrong, you will hear later why they accepted the job.

  • Adolf Salgado
    Adolf Salgado 3 months ago

    I'm so glad someone thinks this to. I found it to be a bit boring

  • amarjeet kaur
    amarjeet kaur 3 months ago

    One another way can be is to have characters go through tough trails to get their power

  • Brandon Curviel
    Brandon Curviel 3 months ago

    You fucking suck i fucking hate you go to hell that show was one of the most funniest and interesting shows i've EVER watch and if you think it's bad it's probably because you haven't sat down and watch all of the episodes mind you he might op but he doesn't hog all the fame #waitingfornextseason #season2

  • Meena Pandian
    Meena Pandian 3 months ago

    So though I really like this anime & at first got mad that someone would even make this now that I've finished watching I'm gonna leave a like since well yano it's kinda just your opinion..
    So...yeah. but please take a look at Dororo it's kinda bloody & shit like that so if you're not a fan of that then don't. Please but if you're okay with that then please it's a really good story & Uhh well yano it Hyakkimimaru had All His Reasons..At lest in my eyes though I won't say what happens cause if someone or even you are reading this & never actually saw it then I don't wanna spoil😄
    Anyway have a good day dear reader♡

  • Moist_Balls
    Moist_Balls 3 months ago

    I don't like this anime since there was almost no zero plot

  • Majin garchomp
    Majin garchomp 3 months ago

    Is black star really the main character yes a main but not THE main

  • Ricky Sanchez
    Ricky Sanchez 4 months ago

    7:28 Name

  • Kevin Skywalker
    Kevin Skywalker 4 months ago

    We all know kazuma is stronger

  • Blofen Games
    Blofen Games 4 months ago

    How to nerf an OP character

    Make him a pervert

  • Ronan K.
    Ronan K. 4 months ago

    What i want is just one guy who actually questions whats going on and realistically reacts to everything like.
    "Will you go out with me senpai?"
    "Didnt you try to kill me 3 minutes ago for walking in your bathroom WHICH you didnt lock? Yeah, nah."

  • Kunal Pawar
    Kunal Pawar 4 months ago +1

    Thanks bro, I was actually going to watch that Smartphone series..

  • Syaq
    Syaq 4 months ago

    You should read the light novel. It is better than the anime. Actually the first season ended with the beginning of the actual plot.

  • Bibhujyoti Kashyap
    Bibhujyoti Kashyap 4 months ago

    Well it's not like dragon Ball z Goku always get Beat up no matter how far powerful he is

  • anthony messina
    anthony messina 4 months ago

    I agree that the anime was not the best, but the light novels go into way more depth. He gains lots of motivation for being strong and getting stronger, and his personality does grow a lot. The light novel is absolutely amazing and i highly recommend it, the anime is too rushed and doesn’t go into too much detail for many things.

  • Chaitanya Shende
    Chaitanya Shende 4 months ago

    Totally agree with you 👍

  • Marcus Korapaty
    Marcus Korapaty 4 months ago

    Jus roll with it

  • raveglory300
    raveglory300 4 months ago

    I hate his face. It reminds me of that guy in School Days.

  • Fem Nave
    Fem Nave 4 months ago

    LN 300+ in anime its only 50 chapter form LN

  • 平の侍
    平の侍 4 months ago


  • DTVemon
    DTVemon 4 months ago +2

    I kind did like smartphone because the last episode got me interested on going onwards

  • Aditya
    Aditya 4 months ago +4

    0:31 Hey that's me!

    (Btw Aqua is a great OP MC with her weaknesses and motivation)

  • Geni Blaze
    Geni Blaze 4 months ago

    An op character done right:
    Pucca (Pucca Funny Love)

  • Ryuuzaki Hasegawa
    Ryuuzaki Hasegawa 4 months ago

    This show is bad because you're in an Isekai world and you still play phone? Go out and be more healthy.

  • Order of Shadow
    Order of Shadow 4 months ago

    To the natraitor: No goal? Bruh if you die instantly and wake up in a weird place what would be your goal on the spot? Conquer the world? Get rich? No! Its to fucking live, find food, and survive. Improvise, adapt, overcome. Guess you’ve become tired of anime. Me and my peeps really like this anime without being an elitist prick.