How to (Not) Handle an OP Character - Ft. Isekai Smartphone

  • Published on Sep 25, 2017
  • Hey guys! It's been a hectic few weeks but we're back with a new video! This time I break down OP characters and how to do them correctly... by looking at a blatant example of how they can easily be done very poorly. The example I'm referring to is the protagonist of the currently wrapping up show, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Enjoy.
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Comments • 14 497

  • Ray D.
    Ray D. 4 days ago

    Let me see: kirito Satou touyA shin wilford

  • Roshan Rai
    Roshan Rai 6 days ago

    Yeah only when the anime mic has problems than it become fun because if they don’t have any of them it will be not worth watching

  • -_Random content_-
    -_Random content_- 11 days ago

    where i enjoy is he got 9 wife in total some pet and 1 se6x doll troll (in another world with my smartphone) he got an incredible buff from god but the others one that similar dont lol sometime it boring lol btw the fun part is he got alot of money to spent lol

  • WaifuMaster17
    WaifuMaster17 17 days ago

    Isekai Smartphone have most unbalanced and worst OP character ever made,but anime itself is average rather than awful show. Not bad,not good,just average,enjoyable anime.

  • Robin Rem
    Robin Rem 18 days ago

    Isn't the photografic memory a part of the heightenend int stat?

  • Dylan Houlihan
    Dylan Houlihan 21 day ago

    Easiest motivation for a harem MC: Get da' bitches. That is a basic human desire. Basically built in.

  • Dark D’artanyan
    Dark D’artanyan 28 days ago

    I also thought that anime was weird but I enjoyed how op he was

  • othman tayach
    othman tayach 29 days ago

    what to bang his sister ?O_o!!!!?

  • othman tayach
    othman tayach 29 days ago +1

    If you want to see a good overpowered character check fist of the north star Kenshiro is the best overpowered character I have ever seen is reasonably strong like his is not stupidly exaggerated till the point where start to look immature like luffy's physical strength he does use tactics and he is not he just brainless warrior that goes auto pilote mode in battle he isn't too arrogant and he isn't ridiculously fast that he looks like he teleporting there no body of any creature that can perform such thing physically just it not possible you even have the time to do that let alone the ability to coordinate you're body movement while in such extremely that you can't literally anything in front if you are faster than light very near to the speed of light that just pure stupidly being than sound is acceptable or than air plain or jet or missiles or space ships or whatever but trying to make a character faster than light is just utterly silly even a computer wouldn't be able to simulate that properly an op should have reasonable amount of resistance and not like immune to anything be the creators cannot find another to make the battles interesting so what they do is they make it super cringy and boring and childish as hell

  • Mr jay
    Mr jay Month ago

    I like kenja no mago more than this

  • Zaurus Z
    Zaurus Z Month ago

    Still a good show though

    ONE MAN ARMY XD Month ago

    In another World with mu Smartphone I think is not OP becuz in S2 Touya have a rivalry or someone who can keep up with him

  • CROSSX 247
    CROSSX 247 Month ago

    isnt his motive to live?

  • jump knight712
    jump knight712 Month ago

    I mean, powerful characters are easier to write

  • Lolo
    Lolo Month ago +3

    Tazerlad's motivation: reachimg 10 min mark.

    Plz don't hurt me. The vid is great

  • Đèmóņ Slayer
    Đèmóņ Slayer Month ago

    Overlord is the best bro

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen Month ago +1

    The fact that my friends like this piece of junk

  • Alice Akosuta
    Alice Akosuta Month ago

    Why am I here? I'm not even a weeb

    • Nerdy Alien
      Nerdy Alien Month ago

      Maybe because it's a well edited video with a good point and tons of research....I don't know that's why I liked it

  • Desrae Aeschlimann
    Desrae Aeschlimann Month ago

    god this vi and the comments on it are gold

  • Matt Boi
    Matt Boi Month ago

    7:19 why??

  • ShadeDragon
    ShadeDragon Month ago

    This reminds me of Villain’s Rule. (Just the whole magic smartphone in fantasy world thing)

  • Latex Ti-Red
    Latex Ti-Red Month ago +1

    Why the fuck do you compare an anime that is for the harem plot, and the story is about a man that helps his next one using his good power, not for himself, but for the other ones. You are not even an animator or a writer or something like that so stop acting like you did 27 doctorats.

  • no one
    no one Month ago

    this is pretty good show, at least beteter than naruto one piece and fma

  • no one
    no one Month ago

    i really love this show, its one of my favorite and best isekai show, the girls are cute, and the mc is pretty good, i like the type of characters that overly lacks personality such as touya and Ooyama from angel beats

  • Glitch Dragon
    Glitch Dragon Month ago

    *Trapped in another world with Minecraft operator status*

  • SubzeroNr1
    SubzeroNr1 Month ago

    Completely correct.

  • 겨울`Cloudy
    겨울`Cloudy Month ago

    Hinata is my fav anime guy and ais for girl fav

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      Itsuka Shiori is my fav guy and girl

  • Arese Festus
    Arese Festus Month ago

    My favorite opmc is my hero academia deku

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @HighWay Star saitama cant even scratch Ban with his hardest most serious punch

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @HighWay Star Ban can wipe his ass with saitama, plus ban has one of the best back story and character development

    • HighWay Star
      HighWay Star Month ago

      @no one yes

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @HighWay Star no

    • HighWay Star
      HighWay Star Month ago

      Saitama is better though

  • WagnerColt
    WagnerColt Month ago

    I kind of get what you mean, but at the same time, being OP and having a motivation don't always walk together in the same road, I know some people that with the right motivation would probably be OP, but they just don't give a fuck. That being said, I didn't watch the show yet, so I'll do that first, and then form an opinion if its boring or not.

  • Darianl812 63
    Darianl812 63 Month ago

    Overlord is my favorite

  • LimitPro
    LimitPro 2 months ago

    This is why I prefer weak to strong because they had to work hard to get strong

  • Serren Blaze
    Serren Blaze 2 months ago +1

    I think you're being to harsh on the show, but I agree with most of the points stated in your arguments.

  • Tanner Kelley
    Tanner Kelley 2 months ago

    I was about to throw hands because I saw Kirito but I was relieved.

  • derek wassenaar
    derek wassenaar 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ hospital motivation is to help people in need while living his, you couldn't figure that out some how

  • WitherFN
    WitherFN 2 months ago

    Saitama with his lack of intelligence

  • Devin Whitsett
    Devin Whitsett 2 months ago

    Missing a lot of story in the anime that's in the light novels

  • Killmaster 21
    Killmaster 21 2 months ago +1

    I mean socially and all that seems to be his weakness, also not quite understanding the world not all of its language or magic.

  • Catherine S
    Catherine S 2 months ago

    Regarding motivation: At the end he mentions he doesn't know what he wants or where his life is going. I was kinda like "same bud, I get it"

  • Alice Theblackrabbit
    Alice Theblackrabbit 2 months ago

    Heros have a super Flaws.

  • Jechew
    Jechew 2 months ago

    Ha. Him vs saitama

  • pip sqeak Ed
    pip sqeak Ed 2 months ago

    Meliodas and mob are not op everyone is just weak both have been beatin before

  • YrnYounggod
    YrnYounggod 2 months ago +1

    Konosuba 2 lookin kinda trash

  • Wandering Warrior-kun
    Wandering Warrior-kun 2 months ago

    It’s no lie the idea seemed interesting on surface level at least to me but sadly reality hits harder than truck-kun

  • kathy taco
    kathy taco 2 months ago

    First i got mad but i heard him out and its TRUE. I thought about his motivation and he doesnt really have one he cant aim to be king because he is basically already in line to the throne

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway 2 months ago

    Way too OP without hard training and receive it from the beginning + a bunch of thirsty harem who would dedicate their life to you + everything is way too easy for you to handle without any challenge = trash anime

  • UGN 454
    UGN 454 2 months ago

    Does the FBI count?

  • Thatz Razin
    Thatz Razin 2 months ago

    i liked Smartphone because i could just turn off my brain and pass time.

  • xX_6H05T_Xx
    xX_6H05T_Xx 2 months ago +2

    i actually had fun with the show but i totally agree... i can't seem to understand what's the story all about... just random stuff... going anywhere...

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 2 months ago

    3:25 anime name of the charakter above in the middle with white hair?

  • Christian Trogdon
    Christian Trogdon 2 months ago

    75k: why are you gay?
    7.5k: 0-0 tiddies

  • KEI$EI
    KEI$EI 2 months ago +2

    The part in the beginning with aqua crying on the phone got me 😂😂

  • ᒍᑌᒪIET
    ᒍᑌᒪIET 2 months ago +1

    Subaru From Re;Zero is too OP but the Author know how to handle it

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @vol khorov how about every characters from Angel Beats? they are more op than subaru, since they cant die and have actual combat abilities

    • vol khorov
      vol khorov Month ago

      he's kinda OP he cannot die

  • Kaneki Ghoul
    Kaneki Ghoul 2 months ago +3

    Touya actually does have one fatal flaw. If you read the light novel. Touya can use multiple spells at once BUT, he can't use high quality magic.
    O also touya does have a motivation which is to help those around him.

    • no one
      no one Month ago

      @This name triggers youi dont think that you have a clear motivation and goal in your life anyway

    • This name triggers you
      This name triggers you 2 months ago

      That's not a motivation.

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 2 months ago

    Wow his personality is just like mine hallow

  • David doda
    David doda 2 months ago

    What would you do if you were in his place

  • HypeNesta
    HypeNesta 2 months ago

    another sao season lmao

  • Electar Nezar
    Electar Nezar 2 months ago

    Death March.

  • Yui Nurahilyon
    Yui Nurahilyon 2 months ago

    It's quite boring to say the truth not only the MC sucks but the plot twists and antagonists are all a bunch of wimps.

  • Mark Major
    Mark Major 2 months ago +2

    What is the anime at 3:29 ("wants to bang his sister)

    • Mark Major
      Mark Major 2 months ago

      @I Want Coconut just because you said that you're going to force me to watch that episode. You're welcome

    • I Want Coconut
      I Want Coconut 2 months ago

      Don't watch it it's trash but if u insist i recommend you oreimo anime just dont watch the 3rd last episode

    • Blank Blank
      Blank Blank 2 months ago +1

      Mark Major Eromanga Sensei

  • Anand Chaudhary
    Anand Chaudhary 2 months ago