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  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
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Comments • 153

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 5 years ago +11

    Look at Tyson; young, happy and in good shape! It's such a shame to see him in the place he's in now and yet people are quicker to kick him whilst he's down rather than offer support. I can only hope he finds the strength in himself once more!

    • Iron Cote
      Iron Cote 2 years ago +3

      Andrew S He’s now the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World and the king of boxing. The best comeback in history.

  • Jaz man
    Jaz man 5 years ago +67

    That's a man with personality. Watch and learn Joshua. KING TYSON FURY!

    • Иван Старостенко
      Иван Старостенко 2 years ago

      @MR GAINZ what about now

    • MR GAINZ
      MR GAINZ 4 years ago

      Shane Levene Wait A.J sells out tickets than Fury and has more belts plus more money or and a better record yet your saying it's A.J that needs something haha 🤣😂 I'm sure if he seen your comment he would do what you say since your so import..... oh wait you ain't shit lol

    • Steaminator
      Steaminator 5 years ago

      rschild ddd who said I like fury

    • rschild ddd
      rschild ddd 5 years ago

      Yes i get that if they step in to the ring the competition starts,that statement was directed to sad fan boys.. Im convinced that Tyson Fury has nothing against AJ , he only talks smack because its good to hype a match up and he knows that as no other. But sheep fanboys without a life really are taking the words of boxers way to serious and use it to hate others, thats really low life stuff. excuse me for bad english but think you well get the point..

    • Shane Levene
      Shane Levene 5 years ago

      rschild ddd what the hell are you talking about? "It's not a competition" !??? Of course boxing is a COMPETITION!!! AJ seriously needs a personality implant! X

  • Dan The man
    Dan The man 5 years ago +85

    Crazy how much his voice changed. Hope Tyson makes a return he's good for boxing.

    • Jay
      Jay Year ago +2

      Whats ya thoughts now lol

    • Die Straße
      Die Straße 2 years ago +11

      The king is back on his throne

    • Iron Cote
      Iron Cote 2 years ago +11

      He’s doing pretty good right now!

    • FaZe Tfue
      FaZe Tfue 4 years ago +2

      Sure did. BOOOMBZQUAD

  • Trouble Tongues
    Trouble Tongues 2 years ago +3

    Coming back to this and reading the comments from 2 years ago. Like look at Tyson now, I wish he didn’t ruin his life etc. Now he’s back as World Champion Rated No.1 in the world!!!! Best of our generation ❤️💯

  • Makaveli The Don
    Makaveli The Don 5 years ago +89

    Miss this Tyson Fury

  • Chris Jennings
    Chris Jennings 5 years ago +3

    Nothing but respect for Tyson fury.

  • twoheadeddatascientist

    I miss this Tyson Fury. He aged too quickly in just several years.

  • Joker
    Joker 5 years ago +47

    Hughie really does look young here

  • Jud
    Jud 5 years ago

    Legend! Funny, genuine man.

  • The PeoplesPundit
    The PeoplesPundit 5 years ago +13

    Confidence and believing in yourself can take you a long way.

  • Callumbia Snow
    Callumbia Snow 5 years ago +42

    Fury made IFL TV. But never did teach Hughie how to talk😒 Let's hope he taught him how to fight.

    • Rakib 2
      Rakib 2 2 years ago

      ronoccc makes no sense

    • geo
      geo 4 years ago +2

      'learn him how to talk'

  • The Rhins Ranger
    The Rhins Ranger 5 years ago +52

    Makes you feel a bit sad for Tyson

    • Fook Feminists
      Fook Feminists 2 years ago +1

      He's back it ha Big Bang now

    • Boxing HQ
      Boxing HQ 4 years ago +2

      He’s back!! LEGEND

    • The Shed
      The Shed 5 years ago +5

      The Rhins Ranger me to mate, I miss this guy.

    • Carter Floss
      Carter Floss 5 years ago +3

      The Rhins Ranger and he still laughing all the way to his bank not feeling sorry for you

  • Patrick Morgan
    Patrick Morgan 5 years ago +39

    long live the king

  • Michael Jane
    Michael Jane 5 years ago +7

    Tyson a hell of a character

  • Reuben Caddick
    Reuben Caddick 5 years ago

    A natural born entertainer, a natural born fighter.

  • Jamie Astbury
    Jamie Astbury 5 years ago +29


  • L W
    L W 5 years ago

    Can we have this version of Tyson back please.

  • Sam F
    Sam F 5 years ago

    We want the greatest heavyweight of our generation healthy and fighting

  • Dean Wilson
    Dean Wilson 5 years ago

    Tyson always puts a smile on your face. Shame he ain't looking as well now in great shape there.

  • Sniper
    Sniper 5 years ago

    More Tyson, in the ring or in front of the camera talking shit. love this guy

  • Seldom Seen
    Seldom Seen 5 years ago +2

    I remember he said he'd be the youngest heavyweight champ ever. That never happened

  • kamran khan supahot
    kamran khan supahot 2 years ago +2

    Not gonna lie, Fury was a handsome bloke back in the day..

  • Boxing HQ
    Boxing HQ 4 years ago

    He’s a good fighter we’ve just gotta learn him how to talk a bit more 😂😂

  • Lizard Licks
    Lizard Licks 5 years ago +1

    I like both these guys.tyson dead straight talking says things how they are .what's not to like tysons sing in was impressive as well ring I never expected that at all good luck both of you

  • James Hodgkins
    James Hodgkins 5 years ago +2

    I first started watching ifilm round about this time. Time flies.Good luck Hughie I believe you will beat Parker Saturday,, will done ifilm digging this up . Boxing needs Tyson back in the ring,,, comon Hughie

  • Andy G
    Andy G 5 years ago

    I love tyson such good fun 😂😂

  • TBE
    TBE 5 years ago

    Lmao Tyson you legend

  • LFC Shanks
    LFC Shanks 5 years ago +2

    For his size Hughie is very fast and slick he beats parker I think.

  • Char lie
    Char lie 5 years ago +2


  • Lieska78
    Lieska78 5 years ago

    Tyson Fury is The Man.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 years ago

    2 favourite boxers great guys

  • B.L. Tech
    B.L. Tech 5 years ago

    God Dam miss TYSON.

  • The I-N-I
    The I-N-I 5 years ago


  • Raz Anna
    Raz Anna 5 years ago

    this was a really fun enjoyable one. hope tyson get well soon

    TAZSCOTT 5 years ago

    Miss this serious needs to come back

  • East Belfast
    East Belfast 5 years ago +1


  • Sean Joyce
    Sean Joyce 5 years ago +3

    The greatest

  • Lordela
    Lordela 5 years ago

    This is why the game needs Tyson........

  • The Shed
    The Shed 5 years ago

    Back when Tyson sounded normal, kugan was in front of the camera and ifl used microphones.

  • A O
    A O 5 years ago +1

    Fucking loved this Tyson

  • J Duffy
    J Duffy 5 years ago

    My favourite sports personality ever. It depresses me watching this

  • Chucksdream
    Chucksdream 5 years ago

    Why did tyson fury get hate all the time? The man is an entertaining boxer and showman! Hope he makes a comeback

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion 5 years ago +4

    I wish Tyson could come back and embarrass AJ

  • devon alexandra
    devon alexandra 5 years ago

    crazy tyson was only about 23 here.

  • Humbledude37
    Humbledude37 Year ago

    Tyson the man

  • Carter Floss
    Carter Floss 5 years ago

    Shame the prediction will NEVER come true

  • Howard Send
    Howard Send 5 years ago

    Great stuff. Filmed in 120p film resolution.

  • The Gypsy King
    The Gypsy King 5 years ago +8

    Hahahahahaha legend

  • Daz Sewell
    Daz Sewell 5 years ago

    keep working on those predictions sunshine

  • TheInfiltrator101
    TheInfiltrator101 5 years ago

    The King

    vIMONST3RIv 5 years ago +6

    I miss this tyson

  • Alex Watch
    Alex Watch 5 years ago

    To be fair he wouldn't say any different

  • Ryan Richbees
    Ryan Richbees 2 years ago

    love it the man can sing !

  • MMLs27
    MMLs27 5 years ago

    He's not a world champion yet so he hasn't predicted anything

  • Big Ball McColl
    Big Ball McColl 5 years ago +2

    This is the Tyson wee hope to see back. Fuck the haters. Always be a team fury supporter 💯 they gypsy boxing is taking over. Fuck your corporate bullshit. Never underestimate real men

  • Sophie Wilkinson
    Sophie Wilkinson 5 years ago +1

    Kugan who would you want to win out if tyson and aj?

  • The Kickboxing Community

    He bloody sang Mario Let me love you

  • Rich B
    Rich B 5 years ago +1

    Love Tyson but why dose he lie about how tall he is he's 6ft4 tops....🤔

  • DNMevolution
    DNMevolution 5 years ago

    Tyson is the best

  • Henry Moore
    Henry Moore 5 years ago

    He's not quite a world champion yet, let's not get ahead of ourselves

  • Zerocool
    Zerocool 5 years ago

    Did they also say he would be the youngest heavyweight champion of the world? Hughie is a clown

  • The truth The real truth

    Your looking good Tyson for a sumo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alan Higgins
    Alan Higgins 4 years ago

    Tyson is back

  • The Homie Ricky
    The Homie Ricky 5 years ago

    jajaja 3:30 was fucken hilarious "multi talented" ;)

  • Paranoid Reggie
    Paranoid Reggie 5 years ago

    hughie fury only looks about 30 years old here lmfao

  • Patrick O'Donnell

    Some of people when peace and fool don't understand peace get it

  • Paddy Pup
    Paddy Pup 2 years ago

    Fury’s alright just a joker in a world full of serious politically correct cowards

  • Skijumptoes
    Skijumptoes 5 years ago

    Weird how he predicts Hughie to be champ AND says about premiership footballers fighting and Rio has announced that ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!
    I am officially now scared of gypsies! Lol :)

  • Danvers89
    Danvers89 5 years ago +4

    Them cheeky relevant re-uploads. I 👀 you Kugan...

  • Jay Vb
    Jay Vb 5 years ago

    Michael moorer would've beat him

  • 0121_ R.K
    0121_ R.K 5 years ago


  • Oggy Mills
    Oggy Mills 5 years ago

    Hughie too quiet

  • Flizzy
    Flizzy 3 years ago

    Hughie looked like Tommy a bit here

  • CiganoBoxer
    CiganoBoxer Month ago

    This is before kugan shoplifted the Pudi from a single mother.😂

  • Gordon Shumway
    Gordon Shumway Year ago

    this has to be 2012 right?

  • فارس
    فارس 5 years ago

    compare this with a joshua or hearn interview

  • Nathan Joce
    Nathan Joce 3 years ago

    Tyson is one funny chavy

  • La Lonesko
    La Lonesko 5 years ago

    Bro that was good

  • Hear Me Now!
    Hear Me Now! 5 years ago

    You predicted nuttin'

  • A.H
    A.H 5 years ago


  • Cpefc A
    Cpefc A 5 years ago +5

    Wrong if he predicted it then hughie would be would champion it hasn't happened yet so really he make a prediction he never predicted it. Good to see old tyson though he was happier without the money and the fame

  • jo blow
    jo blow 3 years ago


  • FitterFasterUK
    FitterFasterUK 5 years ago


    KM MINING 5 years ago

    Big T lookin good

  • NothingWrong WithThisName

    he doesnt predict dees tings . .

  • Intellect123
    Intellect123 5 years ago +1

    AND.... he was wrong...lol ..*facepalm*

  • Georgi Kostov
    Georgi Kostov 5 years ago

    I don't reckon so

  • jeweeeeee
    jeweeeeee 4 years ago

    he was wrong

  • lee fox
    lee fox 5 years ago

    Please get back to that attitude Tyson:(

  • steven kelly
    steven kelly 5 years ago

    He's not world champion yet dummy

  • LTasty
    LTasty 5 years ago +1

    kugan on cam fucking hell

  • CapitalConnections
    CapitalConnections 5 years ago

    He aint champ yet... fuck sake.

  • Nick Gurrs
    Nick Gurrs 5 years ago +1

    Request a song from him now

  • MrSkePtical
    MrSkePtical 5 years ago


  • Rammel Ceri
    Rammel Ceri 5 years ago +1

    Now his voice is all fucked.

  • Fuk the Haterz
    Fuk the Haterz 5 years ago +3

    Tyson greatest heavyweight ever if he had any dedication to boxing. Too big too smart too unorthodox. shame prime him vs Joshua would've decided greatest heavyweight ever. I know there was Ali and the others but these two would have the pinnacle of the sweet science of boxing. A prime Joshua with his monstrous speed power and combinations vs the most unorthodox heavyweight ever. Sad times. Hopes he's doing well regardless always have love for those who don't hide behind characters they create for the audience.

  • London Taylor
    London Taylor 5 years ago +123

    Before the coke voice kicked in

    • imoldgreg
      imoldgreg 5 years ago +1

      coke voice loool what are you on about. listen to his dad, his voice is the same

    • PDL
      PDL 5 years ago

      London Taylor
      Lol coke voice lol WTF is that? all men's Voices change over time guess what the body does to it's called growing from boy to man!! even if you don't get fat like fury you will see major changes from 25 to 30 plus you'll lose hair like teenagers from 12 to 18 when most start growing facial hair and their bollox drops guess what guys you'll find it hard to believe but females go through a very similar process through the course of life that's call going from girl to woman to grandmother lol he sounds and looks more and more like his dad as time pass's I don't understand the hate this guy gets even before the nonsense talk and coke fucked him up

    • Steaminator
      Steaminator 5 years ago

      dead donkeys banned for life for having some snow. nah mate

    • Joe Bishop
      Joe Bishop 5 years ago +3

      Excessive weight can narrow the air passage around the windpipe, so it can change the quality of the sound, making it a bit more strained,’

    • Bomba Clut
      Bomba Clut 5 years ago +7

      his throat got punched in sparring he is still recovering...

    ICON OF SIN 5 years ago


  • ulster2020
    ulster2020 5 years ago +11

    Once a coke head always a coke head

    • Needful things
      Needful things 5 years ago +1

      ulster2020 personally i don't touch the stuff, not my thing, but that's the opinion of a very sheltered man

    • PDL
      PDL 5 years ago

      ulster2020 "they tried to make me go to rehab but I said no no no"

    • Mikey Roberts
      Mikey Roberts 5 years ago


    • Steaminator
      Steaminator 5 years ago +1

      ulster2020 you support arsenal. lol