3 Vegetarian Holiday Main Dishes

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
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  • pamarty Himaja
    pamarty Himaja Year ago

    Make more vegetarian recipes

  • Tiana Hampton
    Tiana Hampton Year ago

    yes vegetarian is so good

    HAKEEM Year ago

    That's just some sad recipes.

  • Hanbl 1696
    Hanbl 1696 Year ago

    The happy Pear and Avantgardevegan have amazing recipes for stuffed butternut squash...tastys' looked boring

  • Gary
    Gary Year ago

    vegetarian? fucking disgusting....

  • Mrbink01
    Mrbink01 Year ago

    Vegetarians can go fuck themselves

  • What have I become my sweetest friend?

    No offense but some of these looked like actual logs of shit. Taste is not the only thing that matters in food. You have to make sure the texture and presentation is up there as well.

  • Marianne Feng
    Marianne Feng Year ago

    Why did they make the thumbnail look so unappealing? Its a bunch of brown things ):

  • Panthersprite
    Panthersprite Year ago

    hm, gross

  • Hamza Younus
    Hamza Younus Year ago

    and 3rd too

  • Hamza Younus
    Hamza Younus Year ago


  • Hamza Younus
    Hamza Younus Year ago

    and 2nd too

  • Hamza Younus
    Hamza Younus Year ago

    hate first one

  • wait what exactly in the world

    I think tasty's main goal here was to make vegetarian food look like meat and not care whether it tasted good or not

  • eli c.
    eli c. Year ago

    i fucking hate mushrooms but the first one looks delicious

  • noot stew
    noot stew Year ago

    lol you don't have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetarian meals. If you're having meat in every single meal, you're probably going to die at 50. Eat a fucking vegetarian meal once in a while and your body will thank you.

  • Ashrith Dubbaka
    Ashrith Dubbaka Year ago

    Tasty I like that you're making vegetarian stuff but why is everything an overly complex copy of a meat dish?

  • Webster Ann
    Webster Ann Year ago

    These look great!

  • Reinis Martinsons

    I prefer food

  • Nickie Gray
    Nickie Gray Year ago

    Can you do a Vegan Fried Chicken one as well.....

  • PsshIm2Cool GT
    PsshIm2Cool GT Year ago +1

    I'm sorry for everyone with this disease

  • Rafayil Rzayev
    Rafayil Rzayev Year ago


  • Bhuvaneshwari Mahesh


  • Potato Fish
    Potato Fish Year ago


  • Georgia Elaine
    Georgia Elaine Year ago +1

    PSA for fellow vegetarians: make sure you check the label of your puff pastry as many brands put animal fat in it for some dumb reason. i never knew this and was eating non-vegetarian pastry for years and so i was really upset when i found out

  • Mohd. Nishikata Sitohang

    This is why im not vegetarian

  • Angellius
    Angellius Year ago

    Everything here made me want to puke.

  • Korena Hoagland
    Korena Hoagland Year ago +1

    Okay this said vegaterian on the title, so if you eat meat I don't care if you watch but please keep the negative comments about vegaterian/ vegans to yourself.

  • Simply Shira
    Simply Shira Year ago +1

    IDK why I cried watching this. LMAO

  • Fleur de Lys
    Fleur de Lys Year ago

    That jazz.

  • Eboni Hanson
    Eboni Hanson Year ago +8

    wow that mushroom wellington looks amazing.

    • Jennifer Cavenee
      Jennifer Cavenee Year ago +1

      I'm not even a vegetarian and I'm considering making that for Christmas dinner.

  • stale meme daddy
    stale meme daddy Year ago

    why is this called "vegetarian" but the recipes are vegan?

  • Sadaf Zadan
    Sadaf Zadan Year ago +2

    Ouuuuh! Tasty finally getting on the seitan wagon!

  • awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf

    That meatloaf is actually super super good

  • Francesca L
    Francesca L Year ago +2

    Y’all done fucked up after the first one

  • Jiaqi Wang
    Jiaqi Wang Year ago

    this is shit. I personally hate vegans and most vegetarians but, those recipes are completely disgusting bullshit that should be given to hitler in hell as punishment

  • Sada Kalo
    Sada Kalo Year ago +1

    never show vegan recipe to your mom or she will make vegan at breakfast lunch and dinner


  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Vegetarian/Vegan gravy recipe please!!!

  • Lmjacoby
    Lmjacoby Year ago +2

    Could you pleeeeeaaasseeee (pretty please with sugar on top) give the gravy recipe from this video? It would be the best Christmas present!!! :D

  • alexis origuen
    alexis origuen Year ago

    #FelizNavidadMariale #FelizNavidadMariale

  • tabaks
    tabaks Year ago +2

    My favorite vegetable is lamb, closely followed by beef. However, I have no beef about having some crunchy stalks of pork of chicken.

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago

    Looks like a pile of shit.

  • Did you miss me?
    Did you miss me? Year ago

    All the food look fucking sad

  • Sreenanda k.s
    Sreenanda k.s Year ago +2

    Simply like to watch these videos even though i am not gonna try it ever in my life..... Cooking sucks... But watching others cooking is good.... However eating is the BEST..

  • nurhiks7
    nurhiks7 Year ago +2

    I mean, cows pigs and chickens are meant to be eaten, why there's "vegetarian" and "vegan"?

    • Sara Ozuna
      Sara Ozuna Year ago +2

      Because the Bible isn’t everyone’s source of information. You can’t state that animals are meant to be eaten; that’s ignorant. Animals are sentient beings and some people understand that.

    • Jun Savella
      Jun Savella Year ago

      it may be for poeple with dietary restrictions based on medical issues. but they still want good food.

    • nurhiks7
      nurhiks7 Year ago +1

      popruns inmyveins no Bible didn't say that

    • April McCall
      April McCall Year ago +3

      Vegan is someone who doesn't eat ANYTHING that is a biproduct of an animal (this includes: eggs, milk, etc). Vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, but may consume eggs, milk, butter. And, honestly - why does it matter if people want to eat meat or not? So what? It's not your body lol. Why is everyone so triggered by what other people put in their stomach? Awkward.

  • Karen Lau
    Karen Lau Year ago +3

    Seitan Roast
    Me: Satan Roast

  • Jovan Rachel
    Jovan Rachel Year ago +1

    That mushroom Wellington looks awesome!

  • Storm Arashi
    Storm Arashi Year ago +19

    I feel a little confused with the 100% vegan model of this video yet it's titled "vegetarian"
    Vegetarians are allowed to eat dairy if I recall right. Veganism is when you don't consume any.
    Y'all deserve to eat good food I just think Tasty mislabeled it.

    • 3M_M__4_ r
      3M_M__4_ r Year ago

      Karen Lau I LOVE YOU😘😘😍😍😍

    • stale meme daddy
      stale meme daddy Year ago +5

      i think they stopped saying "vegan" because the commenters were being little fucks about it, but yeah, as a pescetarian i really want actual vegetarian recipes. like meatless stuff but with cheese and eggs and milk and all that good shit.

    • Storm Arashi
      Storm Arashi Year ago +2

      Yeah, so maybe tasty needs to rename this to "vegan holiday main dishes". More power to them, honestly these look really yummy.

    • Karen Lau
      Karen Lau Year ago

      Storm Arashi yea Vegetarians can eat dairy and eggs but vegans can’t.
      So I’m guessing they meant vegan since they’re not using any eggs or milk.

  • juicy freak
    juicy freak Year ago +21

    Needs more meat 🍖

  • Megan Saper
    Megan Saper Year ago +13

    I’m a vegetarian because I hate the taste of meat but I don’t understand why vegetarians make things taste like meat

    • L L
      L L Year ago

      Megan Saper and i also was quick to judge because a normal vegetarian actually gets the point of imitating texture, taste and looks of meat and fish soooo i hope you now know why

    • L L
      L L Year ago

      Megan Saper well then include that in your original statement so people actually get what u are trying to say. And not eating meat because you have a lot of animals isn’t relating to the main moral reasons to be a vegetarian. So yes, judging by your second comment, you probably are a vegetarian. But for weird reasons

    • Megan Saper
      Megan Saper Year ago

      Lol Lol I AM a vegetarian. I also choose to not eat meat because I have a lot of animals so I guess for moral reasons but I know the world won’t change so if it makes me happy to eat it I would. It’s not worth it to eat something that doesn’t please me though and so since I dislike the taste, I find it’s not worth it to eat an animal. I don’t eat gelatin either, I have a plant based substitute but that’s because I’m allergic to gelatin. So yes, I’m a vegetarian

    • L L
      L L Year ago

      Lol you‘re not a vegetarian you‘re someone who doesn’t like the taste of meat. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle, and by your comment i’d assume that you still eat tasteless non-vegetarian foods like rennet or gelatin. So stop pretending to be something if you’re really not

    • Irene Storm
      Irene Storm Year ago

      Angel Vega I do?? I didn’t know that??

  • migbds col
    migbds col Year ago +8

    Gordon ramsay must want to kill himself after the first recipe

  • s d
    s d Year ago +1

    As usual....on way to bed +tasty video =returning back to kitchen😢😢stop making so tasty foods

  • Marine Giselle Bogarian


    • Erica
      Erica 10 months ago +1

      These recipes are both vegetarian AND vegan! It's cool that Tasty is being inclusive. 👍

    • Marine Giselle Bogarian
      Marine Giselle Bogarian Year ago +1

      Mark Torres okayy that was funny😂 but slightly offensive to us vegetarians.. we eat pizza people!!!!

    • Irene Storm
      Irene Storm Year ago +6

      Mark Torres apparently you care enough to comment.

    • Mark Torres
      Mark Torres Year ago +2

      who cares about the difference just eat your boiled kale and go

  • ziggy starbucks
    ziggy starbucks Year ago +10

    The Mushroom Wellington needs a layer of bacon in there

  • Chocolate Unicorn

    srecan sveti nikola svima koji slave 🤗❤️

  • Renata Salasar
    Renata Salasar Year ago +2

    Viva México!!

  • Becca
    Becca Year ago +17

    *uses vegan egg wash and a non vegan pastry* nice

    • Acolyte of Steel
      Acolyte of Steel Year ago +3

      They did, check again when they say what they're using. There's text that appears - briefly, but it does - that says they used vegan puff pastry.

    • Charlene Liuchen
      Charlene Liuchen Year ago +17

      they wrote that they used a vegan pastry

  • GTR Wendy
    GTR Wendy Year ago +2

    The thumb triggers my phobia

  • yuuue
    yuuue Year ago +1

    The first one 😍😍😍

  • Zaan Esterhuyzen
    Zaan Esterhuyzen Year ago +1

    Thank you